Digital marketing case study on NYKAA

Case Study On Nykaa’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Nykaa makes use of all the digital platforms to reach its target audience, including content marketing, influencer marketing, social media, email marketing, and many other SEO techniques that keep them on top of all cosmetics-related google searches.

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Do you know what’s the meaning behind the name of our most-loved brand, “Nykaa?” Nykaa is derived from the Sanskrit word Nayaka which translates to “the one in the spotlight.” Well, they sure have been in the spotlight for the past few years and have a promising future in the cosmetics and e-commerce industry.


Nykaa has grown through leaps and bounds ever since its inception. Their growth is evident by introducing their own makeup and skincare line, their successful IPO release, and much more! Even when the Covid 19 pandemic brought many businesses to a standstill, Nykaa continued to thrive and make its way to one of the largest e-commerce platforms. 

Get to know more about Nykaa’s Founder – Indian Entrepreneur

The question we’re looking for an answer to is how Nykaa, a startup nobody had ever heard of, entered the cosmetic industry and quickly even monopolised it?

About Nykaa


Nykaa is one of the first E-commerce beauty platforms, having launched in 2012. Falguni Nayar, the former managing director of the Kotak Mahindra Company, came up with the brand’s concept first. She then converted the store into an E-commerce portal and added all of the necessary cosmetics and skincare products.

Nayyar achieved her goal in a short period of time, and it is today one of India’s most sought-after and well-known brands.

To provide services to clients, Nykaa primarily uses an inventory-based methodology. Additionally, it serves as a well-organized company listing platform for beauty and skin products. 

Nykaa’s Tagline is Your Beauty, Our Passion


Nykaa Luxe and Nykaa on-trend are the two offline retail layouts for the company. The Luxe format focuses on the in-house collections, as well as all other national and international brands. The e-commerce store has three major warehouses in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, from which it ships products across the country.

In 2015, the company debuted its own product line, which customers received well. The brand first introduced bath and body care items in 2016, quickly becoming popular. The demand for the products is a significant factor in the store’s expansion.

Here is a small clip of Nykaa’s Journey;

Now, Let’s understand what Nykaa’s Digital Marketing Strategies are, Keep reading to find out;


What Can Marketers Learn from Nykaa’s Digital Marketing Strategies? 

Nykaa was founded in 2012, and it started earning crores in the first four years. They generated a revenue of INR 220 crores in the year 2014-16 with 95% of the customers being repeated ones. 

Delivering something new to customers is a significant component of Nykaa’s marketing approach. Nykaa was a novel concept in Indian marketplaces at the time, and it now has a significant following.

1. Providing Value

Another element that other marketers can take up from Nyka’s marketing strategy is the importance of providing value in whatever way imaginable. Nykaa’s goods, customer service, social media material, YouTube videos, and blogs all provide value. Furthermore, the brand’s entire marketing strategy is geared around ensuring that clients are completely satisfied even before they try out the product.

A brand’s marketing approach should not be focused on persuading people but rather on providing a fantastic experience even before they purchase it.

2. Posting Deals

Who doesn’t love being bombarded with deals? Nykaa knows their audience definitely loves being pampered. Hence, they don’t leave any occasion behind to introduce new deals and offers for their customers. Additionally, since online e-commerce brands are always offering discounts, Nykaa took a step forward to keep up with the competition and ensure their customers stay loyal to them.


3. Expansion

Nykaa initially started as an online store where one could find cosmetics. However, after a few years, they launched their own line of skincare and beauty products with their brand name. They also launched Nykaa fashion with a wide variety of dresses, Nykaa Men with products exclusively for men, and many more expansion aspects. 

4. Innovation

Nykaa always brings innovation to its brand and its strategies. From introducing new products to their line to working with influencers and posting creative content, they always stay on top of trends and implement new brand strategies.

5. Celebrity Endorsements

By collaborating with popular celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Janhvi Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt to endorse their products and brand, Nykaa establishes pathos and hence gains people’s trust through it.

Janhvi Kapoor


Katrina Kaif


Alia Bhatt


6. Sending Birthday Gifts

If a Nykaa private member places an order in their birthday month, they get a free birthday gift sent to them along with their order.


This is an interesting concept unique to Nykaa alone and one that has been very successful. Doing this motivates customers to make more purchases and order something during their birthday month. 

Nykaa’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Nykaa’s digital marketing strategies are super amazing, in every digital platform they have different strategies. 

1. Nykaa’s Social Media Marketing Strategies 

Nykaa’s Instagram and Facebook Marketing Strategies 

Nykaa is dominating the social sphere with its great content, which is bite-sized and easy to consume. The company has accounts on a variety of social networking sites. It has ten official accounts: Nykaa Fashion, Mynykaa, Nykaa Beauty, Nykaa Man, Naykd by Nykaa, Nykaa Naturals, Nykaa Wellness, Nykaa Fashion Kids, Nykaa Pro, and RSVP by Nykaa, all dedicated to the main brand.

The team makes certain that the Nykaa marketing strategy is executed properly in order to deliver timely, useful, and interesting content. Influencers and live sessions with experts help them generate a lot of talk before their special Pink Friday sales.

Nykaa's Instagram Page

Their main account, @mynykaa, has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, where they give away makeup tips, collaborate with influencers, publish contest-related information and offers, and show off their products. 

Influencer Marketing

As compared to more traditional platforms, influencer marketing remains one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to engage with clients and is thus an important part of Nykaa’s marketing strategy. Despite having actor Janhvi Kapoor as its brand ambassador, Nykaa largely relies on influencers and content creators to promote new brand launches and sales.

Influencers are an important aspect of the company’s content marketing strategy since they help customers educate and make the best decisions for themselves. Nykaa believes in developing long-term relationships with influencers to increase consumer trust and engagement. Through this method, it has built a community of people who share ideas and suggestions, become inspired, learn, and watch new videos. The organisation has devised the best plan for maintaining consumers and acquiring new ones by executing this approach. It serves both affluent and middle-class customers.

Nykaa's Influencer Marketing - juhigodambe

Nykaa Network is an interactive beauty website that allows users to communicate with other beauty fans. It also gained international notoriety as a result of its well-publicized collaboration with Indian star Katrina Kaif. Expert beauty guidance is also available. To make customers happy with their purchases, the business frequently includes presents with special orders. It’s a fantastic way to keep customers coming back.

Nykaa's Influencer Marketing - Katrina Kaif

YouTube marketing

A comprehensive YouTube marketing campaign is part of Nykaa’s marketing strategy. Nykaa has a YouTube channel calledNykaa TV that offers video tutorials on how to use cosmetics and fashion products, as well as how to keep current in society. The company does not sell its products; instead, it focuses on offering consumable content such as beauty, personal care tips, cosmetic hacks, and more to its target customers.

Nykaa’s YouTube playlist features a variety of topics such as beauty horoscopes, bridal makeup techniques, celebrity beauty secrets, and more. They provide a variety of how-to films to aid users and consumers in picking the right products and correctly using them. Additionally, the company advertises on YouTube to reach out to its customers. 

2. Nykaa’s SEO Strategies

Nykaa uses search engine optimization (SEO) services to increase organic traffic and brand visibility. Nykaa has used SEO to improve its content by including keywords that are likely to rank higher in search results. The cosmetics company has also streamlined its blogs and articles so that Google can index and search them rapidly. It has also been in front of the competition by keeping up with industry advancements.

Website Overview

Nykaa has an “amazing” website overall. With a domain authority of 57, they have the edge over their competitors and get an abundance of organic traffic to their website. 

Tata Motors website SEO Campaign - Domain authority and backlinks

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of Nykaa’s most effective techniques for attracting customers. Nykaa converts its audience into customers by providing them with a range of consumable materials. 

Nykaa produces blogs on beauty, cosmetics, and personal care on its own site, “Nykaa beauty book.”

 Nykaa's Content Markeitng

Additionally, the brand produces video content such as cosmetic tutorials, DIYs, and more. The company has a staff of young professionals who know their target customers’ tastes and likes and develop content for them.

3. Nykaa’s Email Marketing Strategies

Nykaa has gone to considerable measures to advertise, whether on its website or through its mobile application, as part of its vast marketing plan. Nykaa places a high value on brand positioning via the website, ensuring that the target audience has access to new and updated content on a regular basis. 

Nykaa's Email Markeitng Strategy

To boost online sales, the company uses blogs, tutorials, and targeted ads on its main platform. The website aspires to create a positive impact on the beauty and fashion industries. It has also focused on providing customers with high-quality goods and services at deeply discounted prices. The platform appears to have a lot of room for expansion and supremacy in the future.

Nykaa’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns 

1. Nykaa Femina Awards

Nykaa has its own wings with ramps and glamour, thanks to its large population of famous artists and professionals. It also has a cooperation with Femina India, a fashion show beauty runner. It does provide the company with a lot of possibilities in terms of sponsorship and large-scale advertising.

Nykaa Femina awards

Deepika Padukone received the powerful performance of the year award

Nykaa Femina Beauty Cream

Every year, this event is held to honour the love of beauty and body confidence among various trends and body kinds. Nykaa benefits from a lot more than just a ramp walk with a professional tie-up like this one. It’s a way for many brands and products to get recognition and guide people to buy the best products.

2. #AllThatYouLove with Nykaa!

Nykaa Beauty launched a new campaign featuring Janhvi Kapoor, the brand’s brand ambassador. The ad, “All That You Love,” celebrates every Nykaa woman’s unabashed relationship with her beauty products while simultaneously paying homage to the brand’s relationship with customers. Nykaa has become a trusted partner and a source of joy for women across the country to find and access all that they love, at the press of a button, after playing a vital role in fueling the beauty goals of Indian women over the years.


Nykaa uses every platform to provide value for their customers and ensure they all keep coming back for more. Do you wish to devise a similar but better strategy? Enroll in an online digital marketing course to boost your company’s digital marketing tactics, just like Nykaa’s digital marketing strategies. This course is for anyone interested in learning everything there is to know about digital marketing and how to apply it to their own company.

Nykaa Beauty Kit

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What do you think about Nykaa’s digital marketing strategies? Please share your thoughts in the section below!

Get to know more about Nykaa’s Founder – Indian Entrepreneur

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