Nippo had two primary aims for marketing their bats: creating consumer awareness and influencing and triggering purchase decisions.

To achieve this goal, we utilized FMCG advertisements and campaigns spread over multiple platforms. We incorporated a solid digital marketing strategy into their marketing mix, which proved to be the most effective and helpful component. Using this approach allowed us to fulfill Nippo’s goals and objectives through powerful digital marketing strategies. We reached their target audience through social media platforms and influenced their customer’s purchase decisions.


Influencer Marketing

  • Our first step was to categorize influencers based on the type of audience they serve.
  • Then, we defined the 5 USPs of the product and the brand based on their profiles.
  • The next significant step was choosing the suitable medium of communication for Nippo (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) based on their audience.
  • We then tapped into micro, macro, and mega influencers from different segments like mommy, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers.
  • Finally, through these influencers, we established Nippo’s bat as a household essential.

Mega Campaigns

We drove two mega campaigns for Nippo with the hashtag #BatItWithNippo.

  • For the first one, people showcased their best cricket shot, and the top ones were given a chance to meet Rohit Sharma.
  • We collaborated with influencers for the second campaign, where they posted using the hashtags.
  • We also reached out to popular meme pages to share and promote our TVC on their platform.


  • Through an integrated effort of influencer marketing and other activities, we could drive ten times more traction for the brand.
  • We worked with more than 200 influencers, and almost every one of them gained massive reach through these posts.


To fulfil any business goals, companies need to use digital marketing strategies in their marketing mix. It’s essential to understand the brand’s target audience and market the product to them on the respective platform.

It is also essential to collaborate with influencers whose followers are your target audience. Ensuring this helped us fulfil Nippo’s second objective – to influence and trigger purchase decisions.

In this way, we have helped Nippo reach its target audience and increase its sales through digital marketing strategies.