New Zenler Review

New Zenler Review 2024 – Pricing, Features, and a Complete Overview

Here's a review of New Zenler if you're looking for one. Today, we’ve got you covered. It's challenging to figure out how to create an online course. You’ll waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a course online. Creating a course is a multi-step process

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In recent years, online education has seen a significant rise in popularity, with more and more individuals turning to the convenience and flexibility of digital learning. 

With this surge in demand, numerous online course platforms have emerged, offering various features and services for course creators and students. 

However, one platform that has been gaining attention and traction in the market is New Zenler. 

But before we delve deeper, we must answer some crucial questions. Is New Zenler genuinely worth your consideration in the already saturated course hosting? What features does it bring, and how do they measure up?

To address these inquiries, we took the plunge and signed up for New Zenler, subjecting every aspect of the platform to rigorous testing. Our goal? To comprehensively understand its capabilities, strengths, and potential shortcomings.

All in one course platform - New Zenler

This New Zenler review will leave no stone unturned. We’ll explore the platform’s offerings and provide insights from our hands-on experience. 

So, whether you are considering launching your first online course or looking for a new platform to take your existing courses to the next level, read on to discover what New Zenler offers and how it can help you achieve your online education goals.

Disclaimer:  This blog utilizes affiliate links that may generate a small commission from clicks that result in a purchase. You can contact if you want to report or complain about something.

About New Zenler

Imagine a platform that empowers educators, creators, and entrepreneurs to unlock the full potential of their online courses. 

New Zenler is a tool that helps you create, advertise, and sell online courses and memberships all in one place. You don’t need to use other apps – it’s like having everything you need for your online teaching business in a single spot.

New zenler - Course platform

New Zenler is your all-in-one solution for creating, hosting, and delivering online courses. 

With New Zenler, you can effortlessly create engaging courses, streamline email marketing, ensure a smooth checkout process, conduct live webinars, build a community, and offer mobile learning convenience, which we will cover shortly in the upcoming session.

It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for educators, packed with many features to enhance your teaching journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, New Zenler has your back.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this comprehensive New Zenler review, closely examine the platform.

History and Evolution of New Zenler

New Zenler appeared after some time. It started in beta, a promising newcomer rapidly building a dedicated user base. Early on, it caught the eye of educators and creators, drawing them in with its innovative features and affordable pricing.

Over time, New Zenler has evolved, continuously adding new tools and enhancements. It has matured from a budding platform to a severe contender in online teaching. While it’s not without its quirks and bugs, the developers are hard at work, focused on improving the platform’s user experience.

However, In 2023, New Zenler even introduced a game-changing mobile app, making it even more convenient for students to access courses on their phones.

Also, recently added community support helps many course creators understand how to build up a supreme online course quickly.

Overall, New Zenler is the future of online teaching – a feature-rich, affordable, and steadily improving platform to meet the needs of educators and creators. It’s a revolution poised to reshape our online teaching and learning.

Why is New Zenler Beginner Friendly?

Before in detail what New Zenler is and why it’s so important, let’s go over some of the benefits of an online course platform. 

That will enable us to understand what is expected of such tools and, eventually, how to fulfil those expectations. 

1. Create and market your own courses

Zenler Studio allows you to create several courses with New Zenler. 

The Zenler Studio has the best capabilities to create a high-quality course and integrate it into your website. This contains course themes, narration tools, screen recordings, attachments, and YouTube links, among other things. 

You can put it on your website and, if necessary, your Android app. This feature is only available to the Pro Plus plan. Then, you may sell these courses to your audience via your website. 

2. Easy course management for users

Once they’ve completed their purchase, your consumers can conveniently manage their courses (plural). 

They can choose from all of the courses they’ve purchased and keep track of their progress in each one. This allows them to pause and continue courses whenever they want, making it an extremely flexible learning environment. 

3. Track user progress

You can check how far each user has progressed in their training as an administrator. 

This is handy for categorizing people based on their courses and how far they are in those courses. When sending burst emails specific to each user’s progress, you’d use this grouping. 

4. Get real-time statistics

You can get a broad overview of course-related data. 

This is useful if you want potential leads to know how many people have signed up for your courses, how many people have completed them, and so on. 

5. Integration with other tools

If you can’t use it to lead your marketing plan, all of the categorization and back-end functions are useless. 

To fully implement all of the information at your disposal, you must integrate with technologies such as email automation systems. 

What can we do with New Zenler?

In this section, we will look closer at the various features New Zenler offers educators and course creators, showcasing the platform’s diverse Add features in New Zenler 2023.

  • Host and design courses effectively
  • Manage course assignments effortlessly
  • Implement email marketing and automation strategies
  • Set up a cart system and affiliate program for course sales
  • Create stunning web pages and marketing funnels
  • Foster community and forum interaction
  • Utilise blogging capabilities for content sharing
  • Access courses on the go through the mobile app
  • Host webinars and live events for real-time engagement

Okay! But what makes New Zenler a unique course-creating platform? 

Don’t worry. I have the answer for you!

Firstly, move your cursor down to understand the new features added to the Zenler recently!

Zenler Key Features

In this section of the New Zenler Review, Let’s see some of the interesting features of the Zenler!

The core elements of New Zenler address all aspects of managing and creating online courses. Zenler provides a comprehensive toolkit for educators and course creators to thrive in the digital education landscape, from course hosting to marketing, engagement, and even mobile learning.

The list also includes the new features which were recently added in 2023,

1. Drag-And-Drop Page Builder

A solid landing page is required to sell any digital goods. When it comes to course platforms, this is frequently overlooked. A course platform’s role is to host and manage courses. New Zenler isn’t like that. To get the job done, you’ll get an incredibly easy-to-use, feature-rich drag-and-drop page builder. Their builder has all of the items you’ll ever need for a landing page. This is due to their devotion to incorporating feedback from their beta testers. 

New Zenler - Drag and drop builder

The countdown timer for your landing page is a brilliant option. Any online content creator will tell you the same thing. There are several things that I can add in a few minutes and post right away that are appealing. There’s even a great deal of attention to detail with each part. 

The countdown timer, for example, can be set to a specified time or made evergreen. You may even programme it to appear 5 seconds after the visitor arrives. 

New Zenler countdown timer for landing page

After a few attempts, you’ll be an expert at creating high-converting landing pages. You can also design and publish additional landing pages for split testing or different target audiences

This, too, demonstrates an emphasis on scale. 

The fact that these are pre-made blocks makes the builder excellent. The idea was that you, the user, could picture what you wanted a visitor to see and quickly construct that website. 

As a result, the page builder’s elements aren’t your typical set of blocks. They’re built around high-converting design elements that come together to create a killer landing page. 

There’s also the option to make the page mobile-friendly. Some blocks may appear fantastic on a computer, but they stick out horribly on a smartphone. 

When viewing the page on a mobile device, there is an option to hide such blocks. The devil is in the details. 

Takeaway: With Zenler, you can create stunning landing pages. 

2. Updated course creator

Not only is the main product improved, but it is also enhanced. 

The course developer accepts videos, audio, PDFs, PPTs, downloadables, and, very soon, live videos! 

New Zenler course creator

You can also develop membership sites and course bundles with this. 

3. New Zenler Includes Marketing Tools

One of New Zenler’s key goals in developing the new version was to make it possible for course designers to market and sell their courses using the same technology they used to produce them. 

Pop-ups, page elements like newsletter subscriptions, and free downloadables are other cool features of New Zenler. 

A pop-up can be made to appear after a visitor has been on your page for 5 seconds or has scrolled through half of your homepage. 

Here’s how a pop-up looks when created using New Zenler: 

New Zenler marketing tool

It’s a terrific way to collect subscriptions or inform people about a course discount

Newsletter subscriptions are a terrific method to develop community by regularly keeping in touch with your students. This is also feasible with the help of New Zenler. 

Take a look at this example of an Email list invitation. 

Zenler Newsletter subscription option

Free downloadables are small bites of wisdom that you give out for free in exchange for an email address from a visitor. 

Here’s an example of what downloadables might look like: 

Freebies and offerings

This email ID is then added to the marketing funnel as a lead, allowing you to send them emails and offers. The fact that they requested the free PDF or mini-course demonstrates that they are interested in the topic you’ve chosen. 

New Zenler marketing allows you to monetize in the most effective way possible. 

4. Make A Visual Representation Of Your Marketing Funnels

Marketing funnels are a fantastic tool for planning and executing a marketing strategy. It provides you with the necessary information, such as conversion rates, from step to stage. 

You wouldn’t have any actual data to work with if you didn’t do this when trying to improve the performance of your funnel. 

This usually entails signing up for a service like ClickFunnels, a fantastic marketing tool. 

New Zenler, on the other hand, is a little fixated on being the only tool you’ll ever need. 

Funnel types in zenler

You may currently design two types of funnels. A video series or a lead magnet are also viable options. 

Once the user submits their contact information, the lead magnet offers a freebie such as an Excel blueprint or a complete PDF with a step-by-step breakdown. 

With a set of free videos sent daily for a week or so, the video series adds value to the audience. The series comes to a close with an offer for your paid course. 

New Zenler video series funnel

The most pleasing aspect is examining how your funnel appears and how each stage performs. 

The attention to detail is exceptional here as well. The number of possibilities you have when designing this funnel is mind-boggling.

5. New Zenler Covers Opt-in page and Thank You Page

New Zenler Covers Opt-in page and Thank You Page

New Zenler covers any page templates, such as different versions of the opt-in page, several variations of a video step, and thank you pages to match each of the potential opt-in pages based on actual campaigns that convert effectively. 

This means you may create a funnel tailored to each specific population you’re targeting rather than settling for a generic one-size-fits-all funnel. 

6. Setting up Email campaigns

The email campaign is another stunning development in the online course platform model. 

Instead of collecting data on your course tool and then sending it to an email marketing tool, you can now do everything in one place. 

It all begins with the leads you’ve gathered through your funnel or imported from your previous system. 

New Zenler email campaign settings

Once you’ve found out how to categorize your leads, you can create email broadcasts that are tailored to each case. 

It might be a list of people who have enrolled in your free course and completed at least 75% of the material. 

You’d create a sign-up email exclusively for these people. 

Note: The benefit of this setup is that leads from your funnels may go straight into your email campaigns. 

Email broadcast

You’ll agree that two elements are significant concerns for small enterprises. 

Automation is responsible for the smooth operation of the system. Someone gives you their email address in exchange for a free PDF? They’ll be added to a lead list you’ve made. 

You may set up a timetable for when and what kind of mail they get. Perhaps you’re just saying hello. Maybe you’re informing them that a free 1-hour training linked to the PDF they downloaded is available. 

It all comes down to coming up with a funnel concept and bringing it to life on New Zenler. 

Takeaway: This significantly reduces the cost of your tools and the time it takes to put up a campaign. With Zenler, you can create the most effective email campaigns. 

7. High-Converting Email Scripts

New Zenler will also use its beta user base to compile a list of tested email scripts to make setting up your email campaign even easier. 

They are not only delighted to supply us with the tools we need to succeed, but they are also doing everything they can to ensure that we achieve our goals. 

8. Create your community. 

Community is an incredible feature for an online course designer to have

Access to fellow students for guidance and general discussion is one of the upsells or just an add-on option that is highly frequent in online courses. 

As part of your training, New Zenler allows you to create room to grow and engage! 

This is usually addressed by a different tool or a one-size-fits-all solution, making the whole thing a little boring. 

Create community using New Zenler

You can add a subsection of your students’ group to a community after you’ve created it with a name, logo, and description. 

Members can freely post and comment on each other here. Something that would have required a separate membership and learning curve before now only take minutes on your course platform. 

This works with the students on your course list. For each of your courses, you can create a separate community. 

You can assign a new course to an existing community that covers a comparable topic or expertise when you create it. 

This is a fantastic approach to increasing student involvement and enriching the educational experience. 

As platforms like MemberVault have demonstrated, engagement is essential for any successful online business. 

To top it off, there’s a live chat feature. 

Takeaway: With Zenler, you can grow your teaching and Learners community. 

9. Zoom Integration with New Zenler:

New Zenler connects with Zoom’s webinar delivery platform, allowing you to save money on your Zoom membership.

  • With either the monthly plan ($47/month) or the Pro Annual Plan ($447/year), you can host up to 300 people and have 100 sessions each month, lasting between 2 and 2.5 hours. 
  • The Platinum Annual Plan (1167$/year) allows you to host up to 500 individuals and have 100 sessions each month, ranging from 2 to 2.5 hours each. 

Note 🡪 The above discount offer is available only when you sign up here!!! 

Special Benefits:

  • You can now hold Live classes just for your enrolled students, with no one else in the webinar or meeting room. 
  • You may use the LIVE webinar feature to run marketing webinars to promote your courses, and this will bring in all of your key targets and prospects. 
  • You’ll also be able to live-stream directly from Zoom to your Facebook Group or YouTube channel, which will save you money on streaming providers such as 
Zoom intergration with New Zenler

Let’s compare the Zoom and New Zenler price plans to see how much money you’ll save overall!

FeaturesPricingZoom Attendees
Zenler Pro plan47$/Month or 447$/Annual300
Zenler Platinum Plan167$/Month500
Zoom Meeting$19.99/Month300
Zoom Webinar$140/month500

Zenler’s New And Improved Features 

New Zenler has been crushing it for at least a year in terms of new features. 

10. Live classes & webinars

The option to do live classes and webinars within the platform is the most recent feature of the tool. 

It’s a simple process of filling out a form with information. You’d have the session’s title, description, start time, maximum duration, maximum attendance, and host’s name. 

Then you simply walk into the session 15 minutes before the stated start time and double-check the audio and video setup. 

You also double-check that all participant permissions are in order. The ability for the audience to chat, share their screen, rename themselves, and unmute themselves, for example. 

The premium plan, which costs $1167 a year, allows you to sponsor up to 500 people at once. 

Zenler live classes and webinars

For the most part, the classes and webinars are the same. The distinction is found in 

When creating a class, you must choose between on-site registration and people already registered for the session. 

Ideally, you should be doing live lessons for your current students to offer value or sell them on a new course. As a result, you can select whether or not to grant access to students in a specific course or bundle.

New Zenler live class

On the other hand, a webinar is more open to the general public. You’ll be given a link to the webinar, which you can share wherever you choose. You can share it on social media and let others know when what, and for how long it will be available. 

You can also send an email blast to leads who have already expressed interest and offer them a demo lesson. 

Note: You can also use Facebook to broadcast a lecture or webinar. 

11. Facebook and YouTube live streams are available. 

You may generate more traffic to your social media profiles or landing page by live-streaming a webinar or class session on Facebook or YouTube. 

This would be done during the class’s preparation stage. You have the option of creating a Facebook or YouTube feed. 

Because you can record the native session and preserve it solely on the local host device, storing the session in the cloud provides the added benefit. 

New Zenler Cost & Pricing

Having explored various facets of the platform throughout this New Zenler review, let’s now delve into the subject of pricing.

New Zenler offers two annual options on its website, making it one of the most cost-effective available platforms. A ‘Pro’ Plan costs $647 per year, and a ‘Premium’ Plan costs $1447 per year

The qualities that these plans offer are what distinguishes them. As a course offers, you can select a plan that meets your needs. Let’s compare the two plans using the information on their websites. 

Cost- $ 647 Cost- $ 1447
No Transaction FeesNo Transaction Fees
Unlimited CoursesUnlimited Courses
Unlimited StudentsUnlimited Students
25000 LeadsUnlimited Leads
100,000/month Emails500000 /month Emails
100 Marketing FunnelsUnlimited Marketing Funnels
3 Sites10 Sites
10 Site Admins20 Site Admins
20 Instructors/Course Admins100 Instructors/Course Admins
10 Assistants50 Assistants
10 Support50 Support
3 Custom Domains10 Custom Domains
Coupons AdvancedCoupons Advanced
Advanced Page HTML/CSS EditingAdvanced Page HTML/CSS Editing
Page Editor Design Blocks(Full pack)Page Editor Design Blocks(Full package)
Advanced Quiz/SurveyAdvanced Quiz/Survey
Priority SupportPriority Support
Import & Export UsersImport & Export Users
Bulk EnrollmentsBulk Enrollments
Drip ScheduleDrip Schedule
Automation100,000/month Emails
 Custom Roles (Coming soon)
 Single Sign-on/API

Considering the features included in both options, it’s evident that this platform is well worth the money. This is a beautiful place to start if you’re a beginner because it combines various tools into one platform. 

Note: If you want to get New Zenler much cheaper than usual, Sign Up Here!!! 

Why Should You Choose Zenler for Your Courses?

Is there a reason for getting New Zenler now rather than waiting for it to mature into the tool it aspires to be????

Apart from the obvious thrill of being a part of the development of a super-tool, there are a few practical reasons to get it right now. 

The most obvious benefit is that the sooner you begin generating courses, the faster you will grow an audience and earn money. And in my opinion, New Zenler is the best tool available, which is comparably cheap compared to the other LMS platform we will cover later in this post. 

Current Price:

Presently costs $647 per year or $67 per month(Pro plan). Live seminars and webinars are possible. 

New Zenler yearly plan
New Zenler monthly plan

The basic plan is $647 per year. However, it only allows you to send 100K emails and store information for up to 25K prospects. 

Discount Price:

But what if you join with us,

Here’s What you get in the 447$/Year Plans:

  • 3 Custom Domains 
  • 3 Separate Schools 
  • No Transaction Fees 
  • Unlimited Courses 
  • Unlimited Communities 
  • Unlimited Students -25000 Leads 
  • 100000 /month Emails
  • 100+ Marketing Funnels 

      Bulk Enrolments And Many Many More…

Once you sign up, you can send a mail to to get the link for 47$/Month, or you can avail of the $ 447$/Year Plan!

Note: If you purchase through the above link, you can send an email to to receive all of the incentives listed above (only for confirmed paid participants) Here are the Bonuses from my side if you book New Zenler from me:

1) ClickFunnels – Three fully functional Share Funnels for Consulting, Coaching, and Agency owners worth 1997$ (Complete Funnels, Just plug and play, this is of Great Value)

2) Content Calendar For 60 Days for Social Media  

3) 25+ Professional Canva Templates  

4) 30+ Engaging Captions for Your Social Media  

5) Complete the Email Marketing Course ( Learn how to set up lead generation and create your ebook from scratch in less than 10 minutes and learn how to get started with email marketing.

6) 10+ Email Templates for you to get started immediately.

7) Get Exclusive Access to Pabbly Lifetime Deal ( Your Automation Partner, Not available anywhere on the Internet)

So go ahead, Test as much as you want in the free trial, and let us know at once you’re ready for the next step.

New Zenler Pros & Cons

As a next part in this New Zenler review, let’s now delve into the pros and cons of the tool.

We are unearthing the Advantages and Drawbacks. New Zenler, a rising star in online education platforms, boasts numerous advantages and a few pitfalls. 

This analysis dissects its strengths and weaknesses, helping you make an informed decision for your online teaching journey.

SI.NoPros of New ZenlerCons of Zenler
1. Adaptable course builderThe system is still in beta testing.
2. Strong educational toolsThe user interface has visual problems.
3. Offers live lectures and webinarsNo web themes
4. Using the built-in funnel builderEmail marketing resources could be more extensive.
5. Building a website with a blogging toolNo live chat assistance
6. Deals with sales taxes
7. Extremely reasonable prices

Pros of New Zenler

  • Simple to use – Outlining and establishing a course on New Zenler is a quick and straightforward procedure. They have a 5-step explanation of making a course on their website. 
  • Suggestions are welcome. – Zoom has previously been asked to be used for live webinars by users. For the first time, this functionality was included in the New Zenler toolset in April 2020. To see which ideas are the most popular, they maintain a very active feature request forum. 
  • Facebook Community – After you join New Zenler, you can access a private Facebook community. The total number of members is presently 2.2k. This group is highly active and supportive of one another. Rakesh Vallil, the CEO of Zenler, has been quite involved here from the beginning. 
  • The pricing strategy – New Zenler’s prices will rise as the company expands. Realistically, New Zenler is creating a product with no direct competitors. So if you sign up now for Premium at 1447$ per year, you’ll be able to utilise the tool for the same price every year.
  • Support – Anyone who invests considerably in a tool should be concerned about the support team’s effectiveness. The New Zenler crew has been highly responsive in fixing concerns and dispelling any customer questions. Although Intercom states that they do not provide “live” service, the turnaround times have been excellent. 
  • Implementation is quick. – If you have any minor bugs, iterations, or issues, they quickly respond with a solution. This image exemplifies this point. The New Zenler team quickly identified the issue with their video source and assured the user that it would be resolved promptly.

Cons of New Zenler

  • New to the market – Because New Zenler is a newcomer, its brand name is not well recognised. This also means that the number of users will be significantly reduced. 
  • Slow interface – Compared to Teachable and Thinkific, the platform is slightly slower overall. There have been challenges with uploading videos to the platform in the past. 
  • They have, however, shown signs of progress in recent months. 

Overall, considering the price it offers for the entire array of capabilities, these drawbacks can be overlooked since they are constantly improving in response to user feedback. 

New Zenler Integrations

In this section of the New Zenler Review, we’ll dive into some of the exciting new integrations that are revolutionizing the platform.

With only a few clicks, you may link your Razorpay account to New Zenler. 

Please take the following steps;

  1. Go to the Zenler Admin Integration page and click Integration.
New Zenler integration

From there, you’ll get the Key ID and Key Secret. (copy and paste the link on the browser)   

You’ll need to build a webhook in the Razorpay dashboard to allow recurring transactions (Subscription plan and Payment Plan). 

Please take the following steps;

Active events New Zenler

If you’ve connected your New Zenler Site to Razorpay, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  1. Razorpay will require you to register your new Zenler site URL (DO NOT use the site – use your site). Please get in touch with Razorpay support for further information. 
  2. On the contact page, you should include your address.
  3. The course currency can be any currency. However, it will be converted to INR before submitting, and your report will be in INR.
  4. For recurring Plans, only INR is accepted. To enable regular international payments, contact Razorpay support.
  5. Only Time plans are eligible for coupons. The voucher is not valid for Subscription Plans or Payment Plans
  6. For order bumping, only One Time plans are supported. 
  7. EU-VAT does not handle Razorpay. 
  8. Recurring plans are not allowed to have daily plans. 
  9. To enable recurring payments on debit cards and UPI, you’ll need to contact Razorpay support

Support & Community for New Zenler

Effective support and a vibrant community are vital for any platform, especially during its early stages. New Zenler excels in this aspect of 

1. Responsive and Competent Support

New Zenler’s support team is known for its responsiveness and competence. They are always ready to assist you with any queries or technical issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

2. Helpful Knowledge Base

To aid users in harnessing the platform’s full potential, New Zenler provides a comprehensive knowledge base. It’s a treasure trove of tutorials, guides, and best practices that empower you to make the most of the platform’s features.

3.  Engaged Facebook Community Group

The New Zenler community on Facebook is a hub of engagement and collaboration. Educators and course creators come together to share insights, strategies, and success stories. It’s a valuable resource for networking and learning from peers.

4.  Support and Community: Essential Ingredients

In the early stages of using a platform like New Zenler, having reliable support and an engaged community is akin to having a compass in uncharted waters. They guide you through challenges and celebrate your victories, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

New Zenler Alternatives – Zenler vs Podia vs Teachable vs Thinkific

Before we wrap up the New Zenler Review, let’s evaluate New Zenler in comparison to the leading course creation platforms and determine its position in the market!


New Zenler has to compete with Podia, Teachable, and Thinkific regarding online course systems. 

These three were chosen because they are well-known names among course creators—however, there are some newer entries to keep an eye on, such as Invanto and Simplero. 

Kajabi was left out because of the significantly higher price points it operates in, with no notable features to show for it. 

Podia’s monthly subscriptions begin at $39 per month. That works up to $468 each year. 

Shaker, their premium package costs $79 per month. This works out to $948 each year. 

Podia, unlike its competitors, does not add transaction fees to your membership. That’s a potent motivator in and of itself. 

New Zenler Alternative - Podia

In this field, Podia is a market leader. It allows you to create memberships to attract more leads and an embedded checkout to make sales smoothly. 

Affiliate marketing is also supported. You can produce codes for your fans to use to make sales for you using Podia. 

Podia keeps it simple for course creators by including only the core functionality and not overburdening you with frills. 

In addition, their customer service is excellent. This is crucial, especially when you’re first starting and attempting to get your course off the ground. 

Podia can provide you with the most significant course assistance. 


Teachable pricing ranges from $29 per month for the basic plan to $399 per month for the business plan

Over a year, that ranges from $348 to $4,788. On the other hand, the business plan does not cover individual course creators. As a result, we’ll concentrate on the Basic and Pro programmes. 

As a result, the price range is $348 to $948. 

The New Zenler versus Teachable duel is interesting because of their similar cost. 

It’s an established rival offering a lower price against a newcomer seeking to shake up the course creation area by charging more. 

New Zenler Alternative - Teachable

The basic plan is a highly cost-effective alternative, although it includes a 5% transaction fee on all sales. Teachable offers immediate reimbursements and supports an unlimited number of students on all plans. 

Teachable includes some great tools, such as graded quizzes and drip course content, that help fill out the course experience. 

There’s an excellent function that allows you to create course certificates for students who put in the effort. 

If you browse through the Teachable reviews online, you’ll see that many users mention trying out alternative course makers before settling on Teachable. 

Teachable is a cost-effective choice. 


Thinkific is one of the pioneers of online course development, with a long and illustrious history of successful course developers. 

They even have a free plan for those just getting started. However, we’re considering more severe solutions. 

The Basic and Pro plans are what I’m referring to. 

New Zenler Alternative - Thinkific

The annual cost varies between $588 and 1188 dollars. Thinkific has many excellent features, such as drip material, memberships, and course bundles. 

Both of these programmes allow for an infinite number of courses and students. Advanced customization of the look of your course page is available with the Pro plan, which is essential for branding. 

One of New Zenler’s significant advantages is the ability to establish communities for your course students with the Pro plan. 

A brief search of Internet Thinkific reviews revealed that this program has a steep learning curve. 

This is a crucial advantage for New Zenler over Thinkific, as the New Zenler team focused on making it user-friendly for those who aren’t tech-savvy. 

However, the support crew was mentioned in the same Thinkific reviews as being available to assist them. 

New Zenler Review – Final Verdict

New Zenler Is It Worth?

Of course, creation has been a problem for you or a field you believe could be bettered; I’m confident the features of New Zenler will pique your interest. 

We’re delighted to tell you what we know about New Zenler. 

So don’t put it off any longer, and use Zenler to boost your online course as soon as possible. 

With all of the outstanding features available for the price, it’s easy to conclude that New Zenler is the best online training course builder for beginners. 

The platform is still in development, but it already has many excellent features. They are constantly improving, taking into account the comments of their current users

Key Takeaway: New Zenler is proven to be the best and beginner-friendly tool in the market, even more than intriguing products on the market. If you’re just getting started and want the best, then New Zenler is an excellent option; it’s also cheap and best as compared to any other LMS platform.

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New Zenler Review FAQs:

1. What is New Zenler, and Why Should I Consider it for Online Courses?

New Zenler is an all-in-one online course platform known for its feature-rich environment. Consider it if you seek a platform with powerful course creation tools, integrated marketing features, and affordable pricing that caters to educators and course creators.

2. What Sets New Zenler Apart from Other Online Course Platforms?

New Zenler stands out with its robust course creation tools, website builder, eCommerce capabilities, and marketing funnel builder. While it’s feature-rich, some areas, like the funnel builder and email marketing tools, may need improvement for it to be a trustworthy, all-in-one platform.

3. What is the maximum video size supported by New Zenler? 

They can handle videos that are up to 1GB in size. They usually recommend utilizing a Handbrake to cut down on tape length without compromising quality. This can reduce the measure by a tenth. 

4. Is it feasible to upgrade to Premium at the same level I signed up for? 

You are locked in at the level you join as a founder member perk. As a result, you have the option to switch from Pro to Premium at any moment. This means that founding members can upgrade to Premium at a discounted fee at any moment in the future if they join Beta at a discounted price. 

5. Is there a monthly subscription option? 

They don’t have a monthly plan accessible right away. As a result, pricing for original members is already considerably discounted. However, if necessary, can set you up every month; however, a year would save you the most money. 

6. What are the limitations of having a free Beta account? 

The only restriction during Beta would be a maximum of 1k marketing emails and 5k prospects, aside from White labelling, Live and Custom Domain, and custom domain name design. The transaction cost for New Zenler Beta (Free plan) is 10%, but there is no transaction cost after you subscribe to a premium plan (Pro/Premium Plan).  

7. Is it possible to use PayPal to set up Subscription Plans? 

Paypal does not currently support subscriptions. Once Paypal’s new API is online, they may consider accepting subscriptions. 

8. When Will The Payout For The Partner Program Be Made? 

The platform pays out on the first of every month only if the 30-day money-back guarantee is met. Otherwise, it will be carried over to the next month’s rewards. 

9. Is It Possible for the New Zenler To Customize System Emails? 

Yes, all of your system emails can be customized. You have to follow the instructions: Site-> Language-> System Emails. 

10. Which strategy for implementing third-party resources like WordPress On The New Zenler is the most effective? 

When it comes to integration, Zapier is the most acceptable option.  

11. Is New Zenler Suitable for Beginners, or is it More for Experienced Course Creators?

New Zenler caters to both beginners and experienced course creators. Its user-friendly course builder is great for newcomers, while advanced features like content dripping and live classes appeal to those with more experience.

12. How Affordable is New Zenler, and What are the Pricing Options?

New Zenler offers budget-friendly pricing, with options like the Pro plan at $647/year and the Premium plan at $1447/year. There’s also a flexible monthly plan. This affordability makes it an attractive choice for those on a tight budget.

13. How Can I Access New Zenler, and Is it Open to Everyone?

New Zenler operates on an invite-only basis. You can request a special invite through the platform’s website to get access. This exclusivity adds to its appeal as a platform for serious course creators and educators.

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