digital marketing case study on Nestle

Case Study On Nestle’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Nestle’s digital marketing strategies revolve around people - bringing them together, wishing them well, and selling their products through that. All their campaigns hold an underlying sentiment that allows them to connect with the audience. They have a well-optimized website that brings them conversions and works to the fullest.

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Be it in the smell of a hot coffee, in the form of a break, or in delicious noodles in a bowl – we have all enjoyed the wonderfulness of Nestle’s products. Nestle, today, is a brand that everybody knows and uses. They have come a long way, overcoming many hurdles on the way, to smell success and constantly grow. 

We’re curious about the know-how. 

In this blog, we deconstructed the factors through which Nestle has gained success through digital marketing channels. Read on to find out how they distinguish themselves from the competition and shine through the crowd.

First, let’s take a closer look at Nestle’s history and how it started. 

About Nestle 

A subsidiary of NESTLE S.A. of Switzerland. Nestle India is the provider of all our favourite products, namely, Nescafe, Nestea, Maggi, Kit Kat, Munch, Milky Bar, and many more! With over eight factories and many co-packers, you’re sure to find Nestle on the shelves of every store.

Honesty, Integrity, and Fairness are at the core of Nestle’s values, which has notably made them among India’s “Most Respected Companies” and the “Top Wealth Creators of India.”

With more than 2000 brands and production in 191 countries, Nestle’s umbrella keeps widening by the day. They’re not just the world’s largest food and beverage company; they’re also one of the best companies to seamlessly collaborate with the digital world and be successful in it. 

Why should marketers study Nestle’s digital marketing strategies?

Nestle’s marketing strategies can teach you how to create and build marketing strategies that work and get a huge response from consumers. Here are four things one can learn from Nestle’s digital marketing strategies: 

1. Collaborate with influential celebrities

Nescafe collaborates with celebrities to put forward their word and create more buzz around their brand. They announced Bollywood actress Disha Patani as their brand ambassador a few years ago. 


They recently also launched a campaign with popular content creators called “Karne se hee hona hai” (Only doing will make it possible). They introduced this campaign amidst the pandemic to motivate people and urge them to keep working hard toward their dream despite the circumstances. Through this campaign, they encourage the youth to dream, act, and achieve. 

2. Implement campaigns that foster connections and bring people together 

Arnaud, an ordinary 37-year-old with 1,200 Facebook connections, was challenged by the company to meet and catch up with his pals over a cup of coffee. He filmed these encounters and turned them into a 42-minute web video documentary. During these encounters, Arnaud had a cup of Nescafé with his friends.

On social media, the initiative was an instant hit. On Facebook, it had almost 8 million views, 63,050 Likes, 5,550 shares, and 4,850 comments. In addition, the Nescafé Facebook Page saw a 400% rise in fans.

Fans of the video were enthralled by the documentary and wanted to learn how to turn their online friendships into real-life relationships. As a response, it established the ‘le Défi Nescafé’ Facebook campaign to give winners the chance to recreate the same experience. Over 26,000 people applied, 19,000 people liked it, and 1,725 people shared it.

Nescafe became an internet sensation by marketing itself as a product that stimulates friendships and connections.

3. Engage in a variety of social media platforms

Nescafe has a sizable online following. It has more than 30 million Facebook fans. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Periscope are among the sites where the business has grown. The brand produces a unique combination of graphics, interactive GIFs, and user-generated movies. Snapchat has launched over 40 campaigns.

Hence, by engaging in this variety of platforms, they can connect to the audience everywhere. 

4. Be trendy to attract attention

To launch its “Good Morning World” campaign, Nescafe capitalized on the 360-degree video craze and the “Cup Song” movement. The Cup Song was an online trend in which millennials sang while using cups as musical instruments.

Nescafe’s take on the “Cup Song” featured a diverse mix of people who began their day with a cup of Nescafe. These people sang Madcon’s “Don’t Worry” using cups as an instrument. In this way, they used trends to make their advertisements more popular and loved by the mass audience. 

Nestle’s digital marketing strategies 

1. Nestle’s social media marketing strategies

Nestlé has a strong social media presence across the board, but it is particularly active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The company uses social media sites to interact with customers and strengthen its brand image. The food company launched regional social media pages to engage with its global clientele for its wide range of products.

Nestlé uses social media to boost its marketing, innovation, and leadership capabilities. Nestlé has 95 social media profiles, with 36 on Facebook, 21 on Twitter, and six on Instagram. The brand generates various pieces of content customised to the nuances of each platform.

Nestle’s Instagram marketing strategies

Nestle India’s Instagram page (@nestle.instagram) has 42.7K followers and has increased its follower base constantly over the past year. Nestle posts many different types of content, like CSR posts, new launches, engagement-related posts, and off late about their internship opportunities. Hence, it is safe to say that their strategies have been working for them. 

CSR post

Nestle Internship Post

However, one obvious and noticeable factor on Nestle’s Instagram page is their comments. Their comments are often unanswered and filled with backlash and complaints.

Nestle's Unreplied Negative comments

As a digital marketer, you must reply to at least two comments per post and solve your followers’ queries. 

What is Nestle’s Instagram engagement rate?

Nestle’s Instagram engagement rate is 1.02%, with an average of 409 likes and 47 comments per post. 

Instagram Engagement Rate - Nestle

Nestle’s Facebook marketing strategies

Nestle India’s Facebook page (@nestle.instagram) has 11,629,660 followers and has increased its follower base constantly over the past year. Nestle posts many different types of content, like CSR posts, new launches, engagement-related posts, and lately, about their internship opportunities. Hence, it is safe to say that their strategies have been working for them. 

Their posts are generally the same as the ones on Instagram, like this CSR post that’s published on both platforms:

Nestle’s Twitter marketing strategies

According to Socialinsider, Nestlé has 26.7k Twitter followers and excellent overall performance. Nestlé has attracted 2,456 new followers in the last six months, with a 0.009 per cent average interaction rate per tweet. Even though its Twitter profile isn’t very different from its Facebook or Instagram profiles in terms of content, it’s worth noting that Nestlé appears to use Twitter as a means of connection with its audience.

2. Nestle’s SEO strategies 

Website overview

Nestle acknowledges the importance of having a strong web presence and curates strategies to strengthen its visibility on search engines. With so many brands under Nestle, they have a separate website for each brand. Since the website for each brand is customised to the respective niche, it leads to a better ranking.

Most brands constantly create campaigns through which they can spread awareness on social media and increase brand visibility. Nestle, however, aims at driving traffic from all sources to its website.  


According to UberSuggest, Nestle’s domain authority is at 50, rated as ‘Great.’ This is a testament to their strategies and how they position themselves through their website. 


With over 29,005 organic keywords, Nestle’s website is very well optimised and drives 2,05,443 monthly traffic. These are their top organic keywords in India that cause the most traffic on their website.

Nestle Top Keywords - ubersuggest

2,90,430 is an amazing estimate for backlinks. This is much higher than their competitors and other FMCG brands in India. Hence, they are way ahead in their SEO game and only keep getting better. 

Nestle website SEO Campaign - Domain authority and backlinks

Nestle’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns:

1. #WeMissYouToo-Maggi Campaign 

Maggi had a huge hit after it was banned because it had high monosodium glutamate (MSG) levels and lead content – more than what was permitted. To hope for a comeback would have been impossible, but Maggi did so and did it in a way that gave them back promising sales. The volume and value of the product now are even greater than before the ban. 

They did so through marketing campaigns, one of which was called #WeMissYouToo. They released a set of videos portraying how much people miss Maggi and how their lives were better with Maggi. Here are some of the videos that were included in the campaign:

It establishes how Maggi has been a staple meal for many people and how its absence has affected their lives. In each of these campaigns, the protagonists address Maggi as “yaar” or “a friend” who is there for them and eases their life. Hence, they stated Maggi’s return to be a celebration which meant bringing back people’s lives to normalcy.

By ending each of these ads by saying #WeMissYouToo, Maggi was able to connect to people and give them hopes of their comeback. 

2. Celebrate the breakers – A campaign by KitKat

Around the world, 12 billion KitKat fingers are consumed each year. KitKat is one of Nestlé’s most popular chocolate products in India, and the company just released KitKat Senses, a premium “slow-churned” chocolate.

Nestlé sought to leverage Instagram to promote its ‘Celebrate the Breakers’ campaign by increasing awareness and message association (via website clicks and video views) among passionate 15 to 34-year-old Instagram users.

Nestlé has developed a new global advertising campaign that takes a different approach to the well-known slogan “Enjoy a break, have a KitKat.” “Celebrate the Breakers” was a new concept that recognised the many various forms of breaks that ‘breakers’ take. The concept was beautifully conveyed through animated films in which KitKat’s fingers were used to bring each break to life.

Instagram was the appropriate venue for Nestlé in India to tell this narrative graphically. The firm posted a series of photo ads with the hashtag #mybreak over seven weeks, showcasing people enjoying various types of breaks, such as sleeping at their work, listening to music, and partying all night. KitKat’s images resonated effectively with its audience because Instagram is already a place where people go to share their daily experiences and moments.

3. Good morning world – The Nescafe campaign 

In social media, 360-degree films were all the rage. Millennials enjoy watching 360-degree video vlogs because they get a comprehensive picture of everything going on around the vlogger.

To launch its “Good Morning World” campaign, Nescafe capitalized on the 360-degree video craze and the “Cup Song” movement. The Cup Song, for the uninformed, was an online trend in which millennials sang while utilising cups (even speed stacks!) as musical instruments.

Nescafe’s take on the “Cup Song” featured a diverse mix of people who began their day with a cup of Nescafe. These people sang Madcon’s “Don’t Worry” using cups as an instrument.


As you can see, Nestle has made inroads into the digital sphere to sell its products and brand. Do you want to create your own killer strategies? You can enrol in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course to improve your company’s digital marketing strategies. This course is for anyone interested in learning everything there is to know about digital marketing and how to apply it to their own company. To discover more about them, visit

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Which campaign by Nestle is your favourite? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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