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10 Best Multimedia Software For All Operating Systems

With the right multimedia software, you can create engaging content that will capture your audience’s attention. But with so many different software programs to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will go over the 10 best multimedia software programs for all operating systems. We will also provide you with a comparison chart to help you make your decision.

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What is Multimedia?

Multimedia as the name suggests, it’s a way to represent information attractively and interactively to make it easily understandable to all. Multimedia is created with the help of combining different elements of design like text, audio, video, graphics, and animation to make the entire content look presentable.

Best multimedia software

Multimedia is like a modern method to interact with others where we deliver our message more productively so that it leaves a long-lasting impact on the receiver. The use of multimedia software has become intense over the past one or two decades, and looking forward to this we are writing this article on the 10 best multimedia software.

Applications of Multimedia

1. Multimedia in Marketing and Advertising

In the field of marketing and advertising no one can deny the importance of multimedia, right from static ads, gifs, videos, and icons, all the aspects of multimedia are vividly used in different areas.

Whenever we want to promote our product in different sources, whether it is the traditional method of promotion or it is a digital method of promotion, multimedia has a special place everywhere.

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The use of multimedia can greatly boost the beauty of the ad campaign and enhance its effectiveness when it reaches the concerned audience.

2. Multimedia in Hospital

To monitor the real-time condition of the patients and to keep a track of the patients in critical situations, multimedia can prove to be handy for hospitals. During critical surgeries, multimedia make it possible to connect online with experts from various corners of the world to take suggestions.

Hospitals can also circulate DVDs and Images containing records of previous ailments which were treated by others and can be useful in the learning process.

There can also be animated videos related to different diseases stating what are the symptoms, how to diagnose, how to operate, and more.

3. Multimedia in Entertainment

The marketing of a new product gets beautified if the elements of multimedia are added to it. In the field of entertainment, multimedia software has all the roles to play right from creation to the very end of the promotion.

Talking about entertainment, we have television, movies, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc all varieties of platforms providing entertainment to the masses, and all of these tools are loaded with multimedia.

Can you think of a movie being made without the use of multimedia, absolutely not! The whole movie itself is multimedia, as it’s a recorded and edited format of a long video.

4. Multimedia in Bank

Bank and other financial institutions are yet another place where we can see vivid use of multimedia tools as now banks are getting more digitalized and most of their core processes are conducted online.

Use of multimedia software in banks

As of now, banks are not limited to just deposits and withdrawals, neither they only deal in offices. They have enhanced their working areas with SIP, mutual funds, insurance, and more which needs promotion.

For promoting their various activities, the bank also depends on multimedia tools to reach their customers at ease and make an impact related to their product in the mindset of the customers. 

5. Multimedia in Education

Education is a great field to explore the implications of multimedia, and after the emergence of Corona, when the whole world is conducting online classes there is a manyfold increase in the utility of multimedia in the field of education. That’s how the online digital marketing course started booming up & the people who took advantage are now enjoying high-paying jobs or started freelancing.

If a child is interested in painting, with the help of multimedia tools, he can improve himself to the next level. He can make use of drawing tools like MS paint, and Procreate for IOS users and also there are many illustrator tools like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc. and to add to this we have tools like Adobe Photoshop, Photopea, where we can show our creativity.

best use of multimedia software in education

If you are on to some online teaching platform, the utility of our classes can go to the next if we use multimedia, like PPT, GIFs, Videos, Images, etc to explain the concept to your students.

Hope that you understood the importance of multimedia in our day-to-day life in this list only a few major areas are listed and there are numerous other places where multimedia is extensively used.

So, before we know the 10 best multimedia software, we need to know what is multimedia software and which types of multimedia software are discussed in this article.

What is Multimedia Software?

In general, multimedia is a combination of different types of texts, graphics, sounds, effects, animations, images, and videos that can be effective to deliver our content.

So, any software which helps us to deal with any of the above can be considered multimedia software, like Adobe Photoshop, which is used to create an amazing effect in images, and Kinemaster is used for editing videos.

As there are diverse multimedia-related tasks and there are numerous tools available to fulfill those tasks, it won’t be possible to discuss all tools related to a different task in one article, so in this particular article on the 10 best multimedia software, we will mainly focus on the multimedia players.

Here is the List of 10 Best Multimedia Software

1. VLC Media Player


The reason behind keeping VLC media player at the first position in the list of 10 best multimedia software, is because it’s my personal favorite.

VLC being an open-source multimedia player, it’s capable of playing every format of videos and audio, with the lowest resolution to 8k resolution. Also, the fact that it is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Android, and it is available free of cost as well, increase the productivity of the platform.

Here are the stunning key features of the VLC media player which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • Supports almost every kind of format like MPEG-4, MPEG-2, WebM, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • Videos can be played across all kinds of operating software with all the available hardware.
  • Though free it doesn’t contain any kind of spyware or ad, and also, gives the option of video filtration.
  • Additionally, the package can stream from popular websites like Disney+, Hulu, Gaia, and Netflix and also accepts live video from PlayStation Live, Xbox Live, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

2. PowerDVD

Power DVD-multimedia-software-for-all-operating-system

The second in the 10 best multimedia software is PowerDVD, which allows you to enjoy 8k, 4k, Blu-ray, etc crystal clear with this platform, and to add to this you can also download your favorite video to be played later.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • It can provide a cinematic effect to your videos with surround sound and Dolby sound compatibility features.
  • Help you to keep your videos in an organized format where you can even create your library, and also cast your videos to nearby compatible devices.
  • It is supported by all the platforms like Windows, Android, IOS, etc, and gives you a free cloud space where you can keep up to 40 HD movies.  

3. DivX


At number three among the 10 best multimedia software, we have DivX which is software to play diverse formats of videos and even offers UltraHD 4k resolution to play the videos through this platform.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • Users can stream online videos with the help of this platform as it allows DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance).
  • It has its own media library which is capable of keeping a record of our previous visits and also entrusting us with the facility to create our playlist.
  • With this tool, you can track your private and purchased videos and even you can bookmark your favorite scenes, which you can jump on to whenever you are in the mood to do so.
  • It offers you to play free HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) playbacks but only supports the Windows platform.

4. GOM Media Player


Just like VLC, GOM Media player is an open-source application that supports numerous file formats including MKV, MPG, FLV and more one of the best options available on PC is to play 360 video views, a unique style of video recording that enables every direction to be recorded.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • The overall design is user-friendly with a well-designed and optimized control panel to play all varieties of videos.
  • To give a better viewing experience, it also enables you to change the skin of the player and you can also cast the video to nearby compatible devices.
  • It also supports all platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS and is available free of cost on all these platforms.
  • Unlike other media players, it comes with an additional function to allow you to do some basic editing on your videos.

5. MediaMonkey

Media Monkey-multimedia-software-for-all-operating-system

MediaMonkey is a multimedia software enabling you to keep all your videos in an organized format with tools that can enhance your viewing experience and also support varieties of plugins if you feel something is missing.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • It gives you the facility to record or download videos that you want to keep for a longer time and comes with the function to automatically look for album names, file names, and more.
  • The platform is supported by Windows, Android, and IOS and you can synchronize your videos on devices like Android, iPod, iPhone, and more.
  • It also comes with a cloud storage synchronize option where you can sync videos across different storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • It also gives you a quick option to eliminate duplicate videos from your library and saves a lot of time for you.


These are the first half of the 10 best multimedia software, out of which one option must be capable to fulfil your needs, but somehow if you are still not satisfied, we have some more coming.

6. Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player

Multimedia Software-  Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player

Using the DirectX Video Acceleration integration, Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player is specially designed to watch movies and enjoy a theatre-like experience. It can play a variety of formats including MPG, m2TS, MP4, etc, and also supports Window Media Dual Stream (WMDs) files.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • It enables the users to convert MTS to MP4 and play live videos directly from a camcorder, TV card, etc.
  • Users can manage their video library, and import and export stereoscopic metafile but the only problem is that it only supports Windows operating system.

7. MPV

Best Multimedia Software- MPV

Available as an open-source free multimedia software MPV can be downloaded under General Public License (GPU) as it supports MPV and MPEG-2 video formats to increase its utility.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • Give you the option to play HD quality videos with very light-weighted software.
  • The overall user experience is nice and simple and the platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

8. SMPlayer

SMPlayer- Best Multimedia Software

Another good option among the 10 best multimedia software is SMPlayer which is a free and open-source player that has the potential to play media files of any format.

The specialty of this software is its ability to stream YouTube videos in different ranges of quality from 240p to HD quality.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • With the ability to change skins at will, it comes with a built-in codec that encodes or decodes a digital stream.
  • The player is available in different languages, like English, German, Chinese, etc, and is compatible with Windows and Linux.

9. Kodi

Kodi- best multimedia software

Compatible to play formats like MIDI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4, Kodi is a free-to-use multimedia player, designed specially to play movies as it supports a full-screen interface.

Here are the stunning key features of the platform which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • It runs on all kinds of devices like PC, Mobile, tablets, and IOS, and enables you to change the entire appearance of the platform.
  • The software is accessible to all operating systems, and also offers a TV shows library to enhance your viewing experience.

10. Miro

Best Multimedia Software- Miro

Developed by Participatory Cultural Foundation, this player is capable of playing videos of all formats and even videos downloaded from YouTube or Amazon can be played.

Here are the stunning key features of the Miro which make it an amazing choice for a multimedia player, playing all kinds of videos.

  • It enables users to share media if connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • It is available free of cost and the overall user experience is good, allowing it to play on all types of devices containing a variety of operating systems.


Multimedia has changed the way we interact with our friends and now it’s not only concerned with words. I still remember when we used to send SMS to our friends which were nothing more than text messages.

These text messages failed to carry the emotion but now with tools like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, etc the concept of messaging has reached another world.

The importance of these multimedia software can never diminish and inspired me to write this particular article about the 10 best multimedia software.

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