Mommy Influencers on Instagram in India

Top 20 Popular Mommy Influencers on Instagram in India

Mothers are nothing less than superhumans. They are dynamic, talented, and enthusiastic in every endeavour they undertake. They multitask everything from the kitchen to the needs of their children and family to their career. This blog is for you if you're new to motherhood or want to learn more about these inspiring mommy influencers in India. Let's get started.

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To get your regular intake of extra motivation, follow these Top 20 Mommy Influencers and Bloggers on Instagram in India; whether it’s creative ideas, entrepreneurship, DIYs, fashion, or fitness, these moms are on top of their Instagram game.

When you have to juggle the day-to-day responsibilities of your home with those of your children, your family, and your career, you might wonder why there aren’t more than 24 hours in a day. If that isn’t enough to get you thinking, when was the last time you sat quietly with a cup of coffee and just thought about who you are and what you want out of life? I am aware of how difficult it is to recall.

 Even though “the mom’s life” is an incredible gift that cannot be adequately expressed in words, it is still important to remember that you, as an individual, need to get the appropriate amount of attention and time that you deserve. And it really couldn’t get any better than this if the moms listed below become your daily dose of inspiration because they are doing so well on Instagram and in their personal lives.

Being a woman means balancing the feelings of love, joy, responsibility, and sacrifice for their family’s well-being. 

Being a mother comes with many rewards and challenges, including but not limited to: belly laughs, finger painting in the kitchen, caterpillars on the coffee table, stubbed toes, gap-tooth grins, and sleepless nights.  

Being a good mother requires recognizing that there is no steep learning curve, knowing when to speak and when to listen, and knowing that these are all necessary components. The mommy influencers in India encompass these sentiments on Instagram and help you to achieve how beautiful motherhood is.

Even though there is a significant debate about whether it is safe for women to travel alone in India, many courageous mothers still do it anyway. Everyone has a few sage things to impart, and they do so on their personal blogs or their social media channels. 

These Indian mothers also own a blog about their incredible travel experiences, offering advice on parenting and various other topics along the way. There are these Indian mom influencers who tell incredible tales while toiling away all by themselves in a country where women’s freedom is at risk and where a significant number of politicians and members of society blame women for the entirety of the injustice that they are forced to endure. 

When you consider that India is the embodiment of unity in diversity, putting yourself in a woman’s shoes there is quite challenging; it is difficult for women to travel on their own in India.

Therefore, it is without a doubt that a few of the mommy influencers and bloggers on our list deserve a lot of praise. They must violate some social norms to carry on with what they are doing.

You can find many mommy influencers online today; they are currently writing blogs on various topics and subjects. We will provide you with a list of the Top Mommy influencers in India if you are interested in lending support to their journey and working toward effecting social change in our society. Do you find it inquisitive, continue to read.

Moms juggle their roles as homemakers and working professionals simultaneously. It is not unusual in today’s world to see a mother juggle multiple responsibilities, including that of a housewife and working professional. 

You won’t have any trouble finding a lot of mommy influencers in India; all of them offer a variety of interesting content you can check out. 

Suppose you are also a mother and are thinking about beginning a new blog to share your passion. In that case, we hope our list of the best mommy influencers in India has motivated you to take the plunge and start immediately. It is not unusual to come across a mommy influencer from India in the modern day, so there is nothing strange about the fact that you are one. 

Being a mommy influencer is probably the best way to make money while staying in the cosiness of your own home, and what more could a stay-at-home mom or housewife ask for?

Check out the list of top 20 mommy influencers on Instagram in India

1. Garima Bansal

Mommy Influencers in India- Garima Bansal

Garima Bansal is a well-known, most popular mommy influencer in India and has over 50,000 Instagram followers. She was recently ranked among the top 100 women influencers in India. 

She is a digital content creator, a lifestyle vlogger, a food vlogger, and many other things. In addition, Garima has worked on several projects in collaboration with well-known Indian brands such as LuvLap, Pigeon, and others.

2. Riddhi Deorah

Riddhi Deorah is a certified life and parenting coach who maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. She is the founder of the Easy Parenting Hub, where she helps first-time mothers and parents of young children navigate the challenges of parenting even while hosting workshops for businesses. 

She is a well-known mommy influencer in India with 145 thousand followers on Instagram, thanks to the fact that she is a mother herself. Currently, she is endeavouring to assist mothers in living a joyful, holistic, and spiritually-centred life.

3. Roopal Shard Bajaj

The COVID-19 lockdown marked the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Roopal Shard Bajaj, a women’s influencer based in Assam. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and a digital content creator, and she has been showcased in the startup India magazine. 

As a result of the fact that she serves as a model for all of the mothers living, she has over 7,000 followers on Instagram.

4. House of Misu

House of Misu was established by Mitali and Summiya, two women who are both innovative businesswomen. Mitali, one of these two creator girls, is also a mother, and she has catalogued and shared her journey through motherhood, the most genuine beauty that can be found anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, her kid has an Instagram profile under the name “babykrispy,” and browsing through it is just as wholesome activity as viewing the family’s photos and videos together.

5. Bhumika Bajaj

She has a following of over 14,000 people and is well-known for assisting her audience in solving the day-to-day problems associated with parenthood. 

Bhumika Bajaj is a mom influencer, an artist, a teacher, and a genuine writer. Her profession is teaching, and she is also a teacher. She is involved in several collaborations with brands such as PureOnly, Adiveda Natural, and others.

6. Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi is not only a well-known content creator and a mommy influencer who has won awards for her work. Because of the 2.7 million people who follow her on Facebook and the 346 thousand people who follow her on Instagram, Chhavi has earned our admiration. 

She does produce a great deal of content about motherhood on Facebook, which unquestionably is of assistance to a great number of mothers. Moreover, being the founder of @beingwoman and the cofounder of @shittyideastrending, her vast array of skills positions her as a valuable influencer in the industry.

7. Vaishali Sharma

In May 2014, Vaishali Sharma conceived the idea for her parenting and motherhood blog, now known as The Champa Tree. Vaishali also gave birth to her son around the same time, making it a triplet

Every mother and father can come to The Champa Tree to get answers to specific questions that they feel are too “silly” to ask out loud in public.

Vaishali is a dynamic mommy influencer, a doting mother, an avid reader, a lover of acid jazz, and a die-hard fan of Nicolas Jaar. She is also a sucker for authentic Italian food and a sucker for authentic Italian music. Vaishali is a communication consultant.

Sharma began her professional career as an Accounts Executive with Rediffusion after completing her undergraduate degree at Delhi University and her master’s degree in international public relations at Cardiff University. 

After that, she worked for other companies, including Vox Public Relations, Edelman, and Bloomsbury. In addition to managing her blog, her current responsibilities include working as Vice President for Wholsum Foods.

8. Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Saru Mukherjee Sharma is among the prominent mommy influencer, bloggers,s and online content producers. She has defined all social media expectations and made a living off of her celebrity status. The year 2017 marked the beginning of her journey as a pioneer in the mom blogging community in India. At the time, her son Rudraksha had just turned six months old. 

It was to positively influence people’s perspectives on parenting in India that she started the blog Diapers and Lipsticks. Everyone became interested in what was being discussed on the blog, which contributed to Saru’s gradual rise in popularity among Indian mothers. The blogger spent his childhood in Ludhiana, Punjab, but his family hails from Birbhum in West Bengal.

9. Ruby Goel

Ruby is a blogger who writes about fashion, motherhood, and lifestyle topics. She has over 25,000 people who follow her on Instagram and regularly shares advice and thoughts with them. 

Additionally, she advocates do-it-yourself projects and has worked with communities such as MommyWize, Pampers India, Mother Sparsh, HERA, and others to share her innovations and collaborate on projects.

10. Tripti Sharma

Tripti Sharma is a hardworking mommy influencer who enjoys communicating with the 5,000 people connected to her on Instagram regarding her experiences as a mother and her reflections on the journey of motherhood. In addition to that, she enjoys doing her makeup, crafting, and cooking. 

Her most well-known partnerships have been with companies such as COCO SOUL, The Moms Company, Mother Sparsh, and BIODERMA, among others.

11. Sameera Reddy

Because she won’t let bullies tell her how to live her life, Sameera Reddy has spent a lot of time on social media advocating for self-love and acceptance of oneself. 

The actor and mother of two publish approachable content on her Instagram page. She discusses parenthood, her idea of beauty, and the significance of preserving your authenticity online. She is a super inspiring celebrity who flaunts her positive aura on her social media platforms.

12. Teejay Sidhu

Users of Instagram may be familiar with a popular account called “Twin Baby Diaries.” This account captures the world as seen through the gaze of fraternal twins Bella and Vienna and is titled “Twin Baby Diaries.” Now that we’ve had the chance to introduce you to one of the most important people behind the account, we’d like to introduce you to their mother. 

Teejay is a multi-talented personality who has appeared in various roles throughout her career. These roles include those of an actor, TV host, traveller, and others. In this episode, Teejay gives a sneak peek into her life, focusing on the festive and family-oriented activities behind the scenes of her family, twins, and home.

13. Haajra Fareen

You won’t find an image like this on many motherhood-related social media accounts. The Instagram account that Haajra maintains is enchanting; one does not come across many mothers who take such beautiful pictures. This mother’s account showcases stunning flat-lay photography set against stunning backdrops and templates, sure to put a smile on your face due to the creativity it displays. 

In addition to all the responsibilities of being a mother and a teacher, Haajra is also a teacher by trade. She does “The Mommy Blog” because it is her passion, and she hopes you will be motivated to discover your hidden abilities by reading it.

14. Juhi Bansal

After spending several years in the business world, Juhi was finally able to fulfil her potential by pursuing a career in the fashion industry. One piece of guidance that this mompreneur offers to all of the world’s fashionistas is to experiment with something new every single day. 

The fashion choices demonstrate the fact that she’s known for the creative approach that she makes. In addition to her full-time position as an Associate Director at Ahmedabad University, the author of this blog, a mother of one who writes about travel, health, and fitness, exemplifies how to pursue one’s dreams with a great deal of dedication and perseverance.

15. Harpreet Suri

This happy mother has a bubbly personality and a positive outlook on life. She adores everything fashionable and beautiful, and her favourite beverage is coffee. As seen from her Instagram profile, she and her husband have raised two children, Arhann and Aayat, to be very responsible and active family members.

She provides a glimpse of her everyday life through her stories to provide a little more motivation about how you can achieve your goals even when you have babies by your side. Specifically, she focuses on how she manages her time while caring for her children. Naturally, the fact that her username is “Mom Wears Prada” draws attention to the reality that this mother will be the one to establish some primary fashion goals – and that her daughter will follow in her footsteps!

16. Ishna Batra

Ishna Batra is a mother, a social media influencer, and a blogger on the side. She is also an avid supporter of physical activity. Her handles on various social media platforms reflect that she is a mother, an influencer, a blogger, and a fashion lover. 

She has been savouring the time she gets to spend as a mother with her two adorably cute children. Because of her lifestyle and travel blogs, she has inspired other women on social media to take action toward living the lives they have dreamed of living. She has demonstrated that the adage “nothing can extinguish the light within” is accurate. What an enthusiastic mommy influencer to follow!

17. Anupriya Kapur

Anupriya Kapur, who struggled with postpartum depression, decided to start running to make a change in her life. In addition, she started a blog under the title Mom On The Run. 

She quickly became enamoured with the idea of exploring new places and began documenting her travels on Instagram, where she was able to inspire a great number of other women. She is indeed a mentally strong mommy influencer who’ll leave you in awe.

18. Mili Jhaveri

Mili is a mommy influencer & blogger based in Mumbai, and she is the mother of a child who is two years old. Her professional work consists of dance and makeup application and writing a blog about the challenges and joys of being a mother.

 She would be more than happy to provide you with a personal response to your questions regarding these subjects because she understands that being a new mother and raising children is the most challenging time for any parent. On Instagram, she is widely regarded as one of the most influential mothers.

19. Shruti Acharya

Shruti, an Indian mother and influencer, write a blog that provides information, ideas, and motivation to encourage you to enjoy art and craft activities with the children in your life and to do so together. She shares articles on kids’ art ideas, crafts for the different seasons, and other fun activities. This blog for parents features games, crafts, and art projects that children of all ages, from toddlers to school-aged children and even those just starting elementary school, can participate in and enjoy.

Engineer by education from the Gogte Institute of Technology, in her previous incarnation, Shruti worked as a software engineer for Globe Edge Software and Nass Technologies. Today, she is considered one of the most successful Indian mommy influencers.

Shruti held immediately before establishing Artsy Craftsy Mom most recently held the position of Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle India. She currently resides in Bangalore, India, with her family.

20. Priya Sachan

Priya Sachan is the one who came up with the idea for Shishu World. This blog aims to fill that information void and provide everything a parent might require to know, including how to provide care during pregnancy, how to care for newborns and safe and effective home remedies that have been forgotten over the years.

The Internet, where one can learn about the experiences of other parents and parents-to-be, is the best place to lean on when going through this difficult time. However, Sachan had the impression that most of the information that could be found on the Internet was written from a Western perspective, which, despite being pertinent and helpful, could sometimes feel foreign. 

The idea behind Shishu World was to provide Indian parents and people who are planning to become parents with a resource where they can learn about parenting the Indian way.

Before establishing Shishu World in 2011, Sachan worked previously as a faculty member for NIIT Limited and as a Technical Lead for HCL Technologies.

The monthly Food Charts for Babies found on Shishu World are their most read articles. These charts provide in-depth meal plans for infants starting at the age of 6 months and going all the way up to 2 years.


Many other mommy influencers on Instagram are making waves in the social media world thanks to their talents, enthusiasm, and effort. 

Therefore, this list is not yet complete, but it is certainly something, to begin with and use as a source of inspiration. Who knows, maybe you will be the next mom influencer whose name will be added to the list that was just presented.

How India’s Mommy influencers have created their distinct brand to secure a place for themselves in everyone’s hearts.

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If you also know the other Mommy influencers in addition to those mentioned in this blog, please don’t forget to mention the names of others in the comments section.

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