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What is Moment Marketing and Some Interesting Moment Marketing Examples

Moment Marketing is an exciting new way to connect with your customers. It involves using the moment of truth – that split-second when a customer is making a decision about whether to buy or not – to your advantage. By capitalizing on this moment, you can create powerful connections with your customers and increase sales. Learn more about how Moment Marketing can work for your business in this blog post.

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We are all familiar with the expression “moment Marketing.” It has become ubiquitous in business culture, and its definition can be a little fuzzy. So what is moment marketing? In essence, it is the idea of capitalizing on opportunities as they present themselves. This could mean taking advantage of a trending topic on social media or seizing an opportunity to connect with a potential customer. Whatever the case may be, moment marketing requires agility and a willingness to capitalize on opportunities as they come up. Needless to say, this can be difficult in today’s rapidly changing world, but it is also where the greatest rewards can be found. By being nimble and opportunistic, businesses can create powerful moments that have a lasting impact.

An enormous billboard around Akshardham caught my friend’s attention one busy morning in 2014, while the entire metro crowd was busy talking on the phone at the top of their voices and listening to music, saying – ‘TRY WITH HAIDER BREAD OR ROTI’ with a picture of Shahid Kapoor, and the noseless Amul girl who was this time–for a change–was wearing a warm jacket, but the polka dot red hairband was quite evident. 

The Amul girl has taken the position of Shradha Kapoor this time and has come up with a clever punchline: Modern Day Classic.

Moment Marketing Example - Amul

Needless to say, the billboard was promoting Shahid Kapoor’s latest release ‘Haider,’ also known as desi Hamlet, which was receiving a lot of positive press. Taking a quick glance at the billboard became a habit for me after that. Amul billboards, on the other hand, never let you down. 

They used to come up with something relevant, unusual, and humorous every two weeks. It was either about Deepika’s Cannes style, celebrating Virat Kohli and Anushka’s wedding, or remembering George Clooney’s wedding with the slogan Clooney ne promise pe Amaal kiya. My friends and I had no idea that was a great example of Moment Marketing at the time.

Let’s fast forward to the end of 2021. Moment marketing has become a buzzword, and many companies have begun to test it. And the reason is simple: it allowed them to reach their target demographic at a low cost swiftly. Everyone is making use of new developments to communicate with their clients, from Netflix to Burger King to Surat Police to Mumbai Police. 

Continue reading this article to know more about Moment Marketing and a few best Moment Marketing examples.

What is Moment Marketing, and How Does It Work?

No matter how aesthetically beautiful, nerve-wracking, or innovative your advertising campaign is, it will be ineffective if it is delivered at the wrong moment. You must wait for the right opportunity to make an effect, and this is when Moment Marketing comes into play.

Moment marketing, in textbook words, is the capacity to use an event to give relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous, and frequently ephemeral connections with clients in real time.

Initially, businesses employed a lot of disruption marketing in their marketing strategy. To put it another way, businesses used to interrupt the plot of the TV show you were watching, generate urgency through advertising, and then push their product. So, what are you going to do if your plan A, interruption marketing, fails? Shifting to Attention Marketing is one viable option. That is precisely where instant marketing enters in.

Few Advantages of Moment Marketing

Connection, Conversation, and Conversion are the three Cs:

Moment marketing is a terrific way to start a discussion and build a real-time connection with your customers when they search for or read about a specific trend or topic. It enhances the likelihood of being discovered by customers while also increasing recall. Create an organic relationship with your followers because they are more inclined to convert on their own terms.

It helps you save a lot of money

A marketing effort is only effective if it reaches the appropriate individuals at the right time and in the right location. Moment marketing efforts, on the other hand, are not like that. It’s about grasping (or even inventing) the moment and making the most of it. And you don’t have to break the bank or spend a fortune on advertising to do this.

Instantly Meets The Needs of The Audience

Your client is all about the latest news! They enjoy reading tales, keeping up with current events, and discovering what their brand has in store for them, and here is where Moment Marketing comes into play!

Moment marketing allows you to quickly match client expectations by providing the exact information that they’ve been looking for.

The Town Talks About You

All it takes is a single moment and some excellent content that resonates with your audience and communicates your brand value. People are more likely to engage with a company if they express their thoughts on a trend in a certain way. If your material is good, but you can’t deliver your point adequately, you’ll become a phenomenon, and engagement will skyrocket.

People have a limited attention span, making engaging with your business a significant problem. Moment marketing is the most incredible way to overcome this obstacle.

Now, let us understand a few Moment Marketing Tips that will help you market your products more effectively.

Here are a few quick marketing ideas that might help you and your company:

  • ‍Organically becoming a part of people’s trend/newsfeed guarantees that your marketing message reaches them at the optimal time for them to listen, engage, or interact.
  • Use current memes or create your own because “memes” is becoming a more popular search word than “Kim Kardashian,” according to Google Trends. Meme marketing is an excellent approach to reach out to millennials, who spend an average of 211 minutes each day online. Because millennials despise conventional advertising, utilising memes to make people laugh or smile while making a light reference to your business is a fun method to capture their attention without being annoying or too promotional.
  • Adopting the present moment and creating creatives that smartly place you on whatever is going on in the globe at the time. This offers your brand a competitive advantage, allowing it to stand out and be remembered.
  • Engage in wordplay and banter because companies that do so already have a lot of success. Engage in some lighthearted banter, fast comebacks, and Twitter battles. These strategies keep viewers interested and wanting more.
  • Keep your primary brand message truthful and honest; the last thing you want is to lose credibility. Don’t jeopardise your brand’s message or compromise the principles you and your company stand for and believe in merely to appear fashionable at a particular event.
  • Keep sales at the forefront of your efforts, and ensure that your communications tie back to your product or service offers to persuade customers to buy.

Now, with no further wait.

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10 Best Moment Marketing Examples By Top Brands

1. Burger King is the King of Good Moment Marketing

As the name implies, Burger King is not just the king of burgers but also of capturing moments. When Kanye West claimed that McDonald’s is his favourite spot to eat a meal in November 2018, Burger King mocked him with their iconic “Explains a Lot” tweet. West’s statements that his eyes are now “wide open” as he separates himself from politics prompted Burger King to respond with the tweet “Eyes still closed I guess.”

The advertisement that took place on Valentine’s Day just adds to the mix. Burger King, on the other hand, coined the phrase “breakup season.” This campaign encourages its clients not to compromise and to strive for something more extraordinary by avoiding the mushy aspects of the event. Sima Taparia, the matchmaker phenomenon, was featured in the advertising film, persuading people to end their present relationship and go on to something better. The camera then pans, revealing the true story.

Moment Marketing Example - Burger King

2. Pepsi – The Swaggers 

PepsiCo India is another company that has embraced the concept of instant marketing. Even better than its arch-rival and official sponsor of the competition, Coca-Cola, the hype produced around the ICC Women’s T20 helped it gain discussions. They signed Shafali Verma, a 16-year-old cricketer, as a new brand ambassador ahead of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup final, which fell on International Women’s Day. 

Pepsi advertised her as the new ‘Swagstar’ for the Har Ghoont Mein Swag campaign aimed at young people. They [Pepsi] even carried on the moment marketing wave after the match ended with their #HarWomanMeinSwag campaign, honoring the spirit of femininity.

Moment Marketing Example - Pepsi Swag

3. Netflix – Featuring Excellent Stiletto Sarcasm Rather of harsh criticism,

Netflix, an OTT platform, is another company that has benefited from Moment Marketing. They’ve been utilizing Twitter to communicate with their fans on a daily basis. If you go to their Twitter account, you’ll see tweets discussing anything from Mumbai’s wet weather to the Jal lijiye joke, all of which are related to binge-watching.

Moment Marketing Example - Netflix - Featuring Excellent Stiletto Sarcasm Rather of harsh criticism,

4. Amul – Extremely Buttery and Perfectly Timed

Amul, the dairy brand, would be the leader in the ‘moment marketing’ field if there was one. Amul is possibly the only brand with a campaign concept and aesthetic that has remained consistent for over 50 years. The wonderful thing about Amul commercials is that just when you think you’ve found your all-time favourite, another one will appear the next week that will be just as fantastic. In fact, the Amul Girl has been entertaining Indian audiences with her incredible one-liners practically every day since its release.

They gave an honorable tribute to the late athlete.

Moment Marketing Example - Amul Milkha Singh Honorable Tribute

5. Faasos: Intriguing yet Upbeat

Faasos did not miss out on this marketing opportunity while Mumbai was undergoing a power outage. To promote their delivery service, they came up with the amusing one-liner: ‘Andheri or Andhera, we’re still delivering.’ Another was in the context of the famous web series- sacred games. 

The freshly introduced #SacredWraps line is another excellent example of Moment marketing. All of the wraps were renamed after characters from Sacred Games. As a result, the campaign received 47 million impressions and over 45k engagements across all social networks.

Moment Marketing Example - Faasos: Intriguing yet Upbeat

6. Zomato – You Can’t Avoid Them

When the iPhone 11 Pro with three cameras was released, Zomato, known for its creative and amusing advertising, turned to Twitter to comment on the much-discussed iPhone launch. The slogan for the ad content was ‘for less than 199,’ while the caption accompanying the tweet was – Do it like a Pro. Another excellent example of moment marketing was when they took part in the #RahulBoseMoment with the clever slogan, “You could buy a banana milkshake and banana split for less than the 52-year-old actor spent for his bananas.”

Moment Marketing Example - Zomato - You Can't Avoid Them.

7. Oreo & Fastrack

Titan’s Fasttrack chose the quickest route to reach out to Game of Thrones fans by releasing items during the show’s final season. The limited Game of Thrones Edition Merchandise was a terrific illustration of how to strike while the iron was still hot, and how to exploit the moment not just in messaging but also in the items themselves.

Oreo took advantage of the show’s enormous popularity by reconstructing the opening scene using its product.

Both businesses demonstrate how the allure of a hot issue or event can work wonders. They chose timeliness, were ready to enjoy the moment, and, in the end, they displayed the ace under their sleeves and triumphed.

Moment Marketing Example -  Oreo & Fastrack - Game of Thrones

8. Fevicol – Sticks Like It Was Never Broken

Fevicol, an Indian adhesive company, has been performing Moment Marketing even before the phrase was coined. From digging into Nasa’s first-ever blackhole photo to taking part in the #10YearsChallenge, the brand has delivered some of the most humorous and imaginative commercials in history.

When cricketer Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement, it took up the bat(on) once more. We admire the brand’s take on occasion because of how basic it is while yet being effective. It is always successful in striking a balance between the brand’s basic value and the currently popular subject. For example, much like its other efforts, it used the hashtag ‘MazbootJod’ for this one. Their in-the-moment marketing strategies leave an indelible impression!

Moment Marketing Example - Fevicol – Sticks Like It Was Never Broken

In Conclusion,

Whether it’s the Amul girl’s sense of humour and the way she gets away with everything with her wide-eyed innocence, twirly red polka dress, and stinging wit, or Zomato’s tribute when Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement, or Netflix’s gripping, grilling, and grasping reaction to almost everything, brands are making a real-time connection with customers through moment marketing these days. Because clients are always searching for a specific trend or news on social media, their chances of being discovered have improved and produced a strong recall.

We hope through this article you’ve understood the ins and outs of moment marketing, with a few best examples to date.

If you have any queries or questions related to moment marketing, or do you have any other examples of moment marketing that just took place at the right time and relevant moment?

Do let us know in the comments section below. We will be delighted to have a conversation with you.

All the best!

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