10 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Digital Marketing Growth in 2022


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Digital marketing has become a popular stream that fosters businesses to enhance their competitive strength. Brands invest in consumer campaigns, and learning digital marketing helps to monitor the track of your campaigns. It ensures better employee engagement and cost savings.

Digital marketing growth in the post covid world has undergone various changes. There is a rise in vernacular and video content. New platforms have risen in the digital spectrum during 2020. FMCG and retail companies are relying on digital marketing channels. Since the pandemic, there is a massive surge in brands/ companies adapting to digital mediums, creating engaging content, and grabbing the consumers’ eyeballs.

The consequences of the pandemic have been reflected on the industries, and they have created an unfounded fear. The result is a subsequent fall in advertising revenues. As per sources, digital spending had just been 5% of the expenses, and post-pandemic, it is expected to rise by 40% in every business. On the other side, those who have first-party data are going to be benefitted. For example- media houses, large internet brands with first-party data/user base entities will benefit from the changes in 2021-22. 

Top 10 Deadly Mistakes That Are Killing Digital Marketing Growth

1. There is no proper knowledge regarding the target audience

It is crucial to segment your target audience and understand them. Ascertaining the target audience’s needs wants is essential, and that can be done by analysing demographics, psychographics. Understanding the target audience can help in framing and executing marketing strategies and capturing relevant leads. Adequate market research aids in creating viable personas, and tracking the target audience can be done through content creation and email marketing. Most marketers fail to break their market segments, prioritize their target audience and concentrate their marketing efforts on the target audience. 

2. Blogging

Undoubtedly, social media is essential, but organic traffic is created through your blogs. Most marketers understand the importance of social media but forget that having their website can drive more organic traffic, and they can avoid losing potential – loyal customers. SEO-friendly content can create more engaging content and increase the conversion rate. This is one of the mistakes that hamper your digital marketing growth

3. Social media marketing

Ignorance of the social media influences by experts and organizations can cause deadly consequences. This can become an everlasting liability when it can be an essential asset to the firm. It is striking to hear someone unaware of social media’s widespread significance and influence, like Twitter and Facebook. It is vital to be active and interact with consumers as it enhances brand visibility, trust, and reliability. 

4. Market testing

Some marketers test only certain variables but ignore the crucial factors. Testing needs to be conducted on social media and content marketing campaigns. There are specific predominant tests that need to be undertaken before launching the new product in the market. Sample, online surveys can be conducted. Marketing testing helps in your digital marketing growth. The various other factors which marketers become ignorant are as follows:

  • Keywords– It is essential to understand that the audience responds to specific keywords in different ways and can enhance their brand awareness. Some professional help is required who can bring to the paper the expertized knowledge and experience. Using such keywords on the company website can drive traffic and enhance the conversion rate. Inappropriate usage of keywords can cause repercussions.
  • Call to action– They can be creative, engaging, and fascinating. Indeed, marketers fail to use them effectively, which can make it monotonous for the audience. 
  • Captions and headlines– Solid, interesting captions and pictures can create a spark for the reader and enhance their impression by retaining the reader. Mostly such engaging content is found more diminutive, and that can lessen your digital growth. 

5. Allocation of resources

Allocation of the marketing budgets and timely communication within the department is significant. At certain times, misallocation of resources can lead to overspending and wastage of human resources. Spending on digital tools or software can be helpful, but it is vital to identify whether such devices are beneficial and whether they will work for the product category. Most marketers make this mistake which can hamper their growth in the digital spectrum. 

6. Too much or too little

Some marketers find it challenging to balance the proportion between social media analytics, tools, and other variables. They either focus on one platform or completely ignore such media, which can be an essential source of converting leads. Example. Suppose you are focusing on B2B sales. In that case, Linked-in is necessary to grow more contacts, and sometimes marketers lose focus on other platforms which can cause the mouth to mouth communication, and this is one of the mistakes which kills digital marketing growth. 

7. Quantity over quality

It is essential to provide daily content, but the most critical part is to provide appealing and captivating content. This is an era where innovation and creativity widen people’s horizons and make them come with new perspectives. Most marketers need to keep this in mind and work accordingly.

8. Marketing in wrong channels-

There are various platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook. If you are marketing a product that is for the age group above 35, then Instagram would not give you more leads. Most people are convenient using Facebook, and then the strategy needs to focus on that channel. Most of the time, marketers promote in the wrong media.

9. Influencer marketing

If you are not using Influential Marketing in your marketing endeavours, you are making a big mistake. It is imperative to have influencers as they can increase your follower base.

10. Image and videos

It must enhance your message, which you are trying to convey, and not look cram- full. They help create visual aesthetics to the website and help in framing a favourable impression in the minds of consumers. Most marketers make a mistake while choosing images and videos, trying to uplift the company’s idea. Experts can be taken to avoid such errors.

Bonus point.

11. ROI

Don’t spend money on digital marketing strategies without ascertaining a return on investment. Adopt specific metrics which can help you ascertain ROI. It is one of the points to be kept in mind while working; otherwise, it can lead to consequences of not knowing whether that strategy is appropriate or not and can cause losses. 


We hope these points are helpful. These are some of the mistakes which marketers make when it comes to their digital marketing growth, and it is essential not to repeat them. Set your target audience, goals, and marketing objectives and achieve the goal by making modifications in the strategy and not changing the plan! If it can bring so many positive results, then why not use it effectively and efficiently to enhance the vision and the mission of the firm. 

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