Top 20 Trending Micro-Influencers on Instagram

Micro-influencers are becoming increasingly popular due to their multifaceted skills, talent, and passion. The community of micro-influencers is rapidly expanding. Their enthusiasm has grown, and the followers are enthusiastic about their work. Do you want to become a micro-influencer? This blog will leave the sparkle of all the top micro-influencers taking their passion to new heights.

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 What Do the Word ‘Influencers’ Mean?

Someone who has acquired a large number of followers is active on social media, and gives services for brand promotion can be regarded as an influencer. These Influencers are active on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

These Influencers are contacted by the brands with the motive of promoting their entire brand or a particular product because hiring an influencer cost much less than signing up celebrities to shoot ads for the brand or product.

Another interesting factor why brands love to hire these influencers is that they search for influencers connected to their business’s niche. On social media, there are abundant such influencers.

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Connecting to influencers who are close to the Niche of the business increases the importance of the business and makes the ad more relevant.

Who are Micro-Influencers?

In social media, you will find a variety of influencers like Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, Micro-Influencers, and Nano Influencers. In this blog, the top 20 Instagram Micro-influencers to follow will solely talk about the micro-influencer whose number of followers ranges from 1k to 40k.

The micro-influencers are highly important for a business to grow. Though they have limited followers, at the same time, they can be hired at a cheaper price, and a group of such influencers can be hired at a time.

The combined force of such influencer’s followers can be a game changer as they belong to different corners of the world with different interests, as well as giving a better opportunity for the business to grow.

As we have acquired some knowledge related to Micro-influencers, let us begin the journey of the top 20 Micro-influencers on Instagram to follow.

Who are Micro-Influencers?


At number one in this list, as he is got 35.6K followers, we have one of the top Fashion niche micro-influencer, Valentin Bruneau, who is well known for his fashion brands and lifestyle.

Valentin Bruneau, a cabin crew turned into a micro-influencer, loves to post fashion trends related to a street fashion store but also loves to talk on topics related to modeling, lifestyle, and more.

As a follower, you get to experience his lifestyle closely and stay upright through his motivational posts, which the followers love to see.


Another fashion niche-based influencer at number 2 in the list of top 20 Instagram Micro-influencers to follow has got follower count of 35.7K; She is known by the name of the Black arrow on her Instagram handle and is known for posts related to fashion and travel.

The account belongs to a New York-based fashion genius, Alli Schapel, who has an exclusive taste for luxury fashion wearables for women.


For a change in the list of top 20 Instagram Micro-influencers to follow, we have a travel blogger, Dan Carter, who loves to post exclusive traveling pictures. He has a follower count of 33.5K, speaks through his photography, and his profile is breathtaking.

Dan Carter is a Cape Town-based professional photographer, who has an amazing taste for photography, and the high-quality pictures taken and uploaded by him are beyond any words to describe.


Arianne Witt is a name in the fashion world who is known for creative designs, styling, and Content production. She is a dynamic personality her followers adore her.

Arianne Witt, best known by her name famous on social media, Lola Jagger, is a Sydney-based digital creator with a high reputation; she has 31.8K followers on Instagram.

Due to her passion and dedication, brands like Adidas, ECCO, Versace, COS, etc., are working in partnership with her.


Something not related to the fashion industry but without this fashion is incomplete Geena Lee Pache is a Beauty product influencer who is a photographer as well as a make-up artist.

Geena Lee Pache is a German make-up artist and photographer gaining popularity through her amazing skills, which are good enough to mesmerize all. She has the potential to make any creature on the planet look beautiful, and so as a follower range of 31.6K, she captures them, which can’t be described with words.


The influence of the posts from Sofia Krarad can be understood by the fact that with just 156 posts, she has managed to gain 40k+ followers.

Sofia Krarad started her career as a flight attendant who turned into a travel and fashion influencer and lived most of her life in dream destinations. She loves to travel, which is certainly loved by her followers. This micro-travel influencer has 46.1K followers, as evident from her account highlights, which are loaded with pictures from most geographies of the world.


Even the dead can come to life to taste the food made by number seventh in the list of top 20 Instagram Micro-Influencers to follow. Kalin is a must to check out if you are a foodie.

Promoting a vegetarian lifestyle, Kalin from Chicago has posted so many amazing dishes which are not only good in taste by good for health as well. Through her blogs and posts, she has constantly spread the thought of eating vegetarian food, which has helped her get rid of many kinds of medication. Through her motivational eating habits, she has gained 37.1K followers who eagerly look out for her recipes. 


Adding to the top 20 Instagram Micro-Influencer list, we have an interesting artist to follow, Daniel.

His name Daniel can be common and widely used, but his art can’t be considered as common by any means, and he loves to post a different lifestyle on Instagram. The engagement rate for Daniel on Instagram is pretty high as he is in partnership with leading brands like Becca Cosmetics, Morphe, Nyx, etc. Daniel is unique in his style and fashion and has a follower count of 25.3K


An Influencer with great taste and health conscious is what we need in today’s scenario, as our food habits are getting plundered daily.  

Not only a food blogger, but Russ Crandall is also NYT bestselling author who loves to cover traditional and international cuisines. His way of presenting food is unique, as they are gluten-free and paleo-friendly, which in the race for taste are hard to come by, thus gaining 38.8K followers. His health-conscious recipes are sure to help many out there adapt to healthy eating habits.


As the world is getting busy, people are struggling more with health issues, presenting an alarming situation in front of us and demanding to focus on health.

Halfway through the list of top 20 Instagram Micro-influencer to follow, we have Tom Bliss, a coach, athlete, and team player. He is crazy about his fitness, and he is spreading the same message to all through his posts on his Instagram account and has 35.3K followers who are crazy about his fitness regime.

Tom is a retired professional Rugby player from Longborough, England, and loves to share his fitness practices routine.


If you are among the people who love to travel and explore nature, you are certainly going to fall in love with what Davis Paul has to share with their followers.

An NYC-based movie director, Davis is a passionate wanderer who takes inspiration from the places he visits. The vivid colors in the pictures he shared show his uniqueness as a creator and traveler and why people love to stay connected with him. The wanderlust has 25.8K followers who are pretty lost while scrolling through his feed.


We all are in love with technology, and Matthew Moniz knows exactly how to attract tech-crazy people as his followers.

A Canadian tech lover, Matthew is known for his unbiased reviews related to the latest launches in technological fields, like mobile, computer, gadgets, etc. He will provide his follower’s detailed reviews about all the gadgets he comes across, and he always tries to remain unbiased. The tech-geek has 24.3K followers.


Another amazing food blogger at number 13 in the list of top 20 Instagram Micro-Influences to follow, Amanda Holtzer, is a food blogger and a health & wellness advisor.

 Amanda Holtzer is an MS & RD and is known for her advice on simple, sustainable, and inclusive nutrition. She loves to share the daily diets she takes and shares a wide range of gooey chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate-covered almonds, snacks, etc. The conscious eater has 37.2K followers.


Home, lovely home! If you are also thinking similarly and want to make your home the best place for yourself, you must check out number 14 in the list of top 20 Instagram Micro-Influencers to follow, Francesca Stone.

Francesca Stone is an amazing artist and creator who carries a unique idea for DIY crafts and shows the world that even simple things can look beautiful. The home decor artist has followers of 40.1K. Based in Birmingham, UK, she started her journey as a DIY artist in 2013 and has never looked back since then.


Traveling to luxurious destinations is the uniqueness of traveling blogs posted by Chelsea Martin.

A New York-based travel advisor, Chelsea Martin is a honeymoon and bespoke luxury travel influencer who discovered her passion for traveling at an early age. The micro-influencer traveler has 27.2K followers and has covered astounding destinations that are jaw-dropping.


For a change, we have a home and garden organizer at number 16 in the top 20 Instagram Micro-Influencers to follow, Krista Aasen, a blogger, DIY creator, organizer, wife, and teacher.  

Krista Aasen is one of the top-rated micro-influencers active on Instagram, with 25.8K followers, notable for her interior designing, DIY craft, and lifestyle blogs.


The account of Emily Tashjian is as sweet as her candies which juices up your mind as soon as you enter her blog.   

The amazing-looking candies and cakes made by her are scrumptious to everyone around the globe, and no one can stop them from following the outstanding baker. Emily Tashjian is a self-trained baker and confectioner who is known for customized cookies and sweets. The super talented baker has followers of 26.3K who are fond of her dynamic baking skills.

18. ERIN

Spicy but healthy is the motto of the tasty-looking dishes displayed in the posts of Erin, who cherishes her account because of the new dishes she creates and posts.  

A food blogger and a photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Erin is a self-experimented cook who knows how to add flavors to the dishes. Her versatility gets all the love pouring in from her followers, who are fond of her recipes. The yummicilious food blogger has 41. K followers.


A digital creator and tech wizard Stefan Warecka is adding great value to the followers, giving them amazing reviews related to new upcoming gadgets.

Stefan Warecka is a Tech-based blogger originally based in Austria and owns his YouTube channel, TechMagnet. He is updated on all the latest technology and gadgets and is a pro. The tech-savvy leaves everyone speechless with his research and updates and thereby has got 27.5K followers.


The last entry in the top 20 Instagram Micro-Influencers to follow, Julia Alexander is an interior designer and home decorator.

The London-based interior designer has a great taste for her designs, and all her posts on Instagram are eye pleasing. The skillful designer provides all the deets of design, interiors, styles, and everything that will make your home look exquisite.


I am sure that after reading so many successful and fascinating stories about Micro-Influencers on Instagram, you are jumping on your seat and determined to become an Influencer too. If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel and reach a larger audience, check out the blog of YouTube influencers, it will five you a fair knowledge of how to become one.

It does look easy while reading others’ success stories but requires a lot of effort and dedication to succeed in this type of career mode. More, it requires precise knowledge on how to do it, as there are millions of people trying to cherish a career as an influencer, but only a few have successfully achieved it.

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