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Top 20 Mental Health Influencers on Instagram

Are you looking for mental health support? Check out our top 20 mental health influencers on Instagram. These inspiring people are making a difference by sharing their stories and helping others. From health professionals to everyday people, these mental health influencers are changing the conversation around mental health.

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Mental health has now become a topic of discussion. Now that the world and the doctors are evolving and understanding the human mind in-depth, we are now realizing and exploring several varieties of mental health problems that have their own unique titles. Back then, in the 80s and 90s, there were fewer opportunities, there were less career and social pressure, and there was no need to participate in any unwanted race of life the way every teenager today does.

Mental health issues are not limited to just sadness and despair. There are a ton of emotions and feelings that increase the complexity of understanding what depression, anxiety, and OCDs really mean. Several of these emotions vary from person to person and affects a person’s behavior, cognitive abilities, and daily life. A simple way to understand if you are facing mental health issues is by evaluating how long you have been stressed. Prolonged stress can make mental health conditions worse and leave a being feeling miserable. A person facing mental health issues may find it challenging to keep up with the normal day-to-day life, become reclusive, and also might stop eating and maintaining a healthy diet.

Because of the lack of support and lack of communication, teenagers now try handling their mental instability by their own selves. Teenagers in this stage start self-medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol and try to escape the feelings that hurt them. Little do they realize the fact that after the high of the drugs they are consuming and are into lessens, they will come back to the back place where they consumed the drug in the first place, feeling the same terrible emotions AGAIN.

Despite the fact that mental health issues are physically seen or discovered like a physical wound that bleeds from our skin, these mental issues aren’t something to be overlooked and certainly and necessarily need medical attention. Several of the depressed people who could never find appropriate help ended up in committing suicide. Yes, there are people who find solace and relief with the help of anti-depressants and other mental health medications, but moreover, people need a combination of assistance that could help them boost their motivation and inspiration to get out of their beds in the morning and live again.

Here is where the several mental health influencers on Instagram come into the picture. So who are these mental health influencers on Instagram, and what do they really do? –  In simple terms, mental health influencers are people who are certified medical professionals who assist people in coping with their day-to-day lives from anywhere around the globe. With the help of social media and other social networking sites, it has now become easier to connect with anybody from anywhere around the globe. These certified professionals upload short videos and reels that contain tips to overcome and cope with a variety of mental health problems.

So, keep this context in mind! Let us now dive into the crucial part of this article

The Top 20 Mental Health Influencers on Instagram 

Let’s explore them.

1. Lindsay Braman- @lindsaybraman

With a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Lindsay Braman is an artist, therapist, educator, and visual interpreter living in Saint Louis. She tries to ensure that everyone has access to mental health education. She treated kids at a mental health clinic in the Rainier Beach district of South Seattle before she became a well-known figure. Currently, Lindsay Braman has over132k followers on Instagram.

2. Minaa B

A mental health consulting company called Minaa B. Consulting offers workshops, keynote speeches, and other services that are supported by research. She has a team of experts that support her in managing social crises, burnout, and workplace stress. These qualified mental health specialists have successfully treated thousands of patients all across the world. To date, Mina possesses over 263k followers on her Instagram.

3. Yolanda Renteria

Another Instagram influencer in mental health who serves on the Verywell Mind Review Board is Yolanda Renteria, LPC. For more than 9 years, Yolanda has provided individual and group therapy to kids, teenagers, and adults. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s in social work and a master’s in community counseling. Presently, she has an impressive 216k followers on Instagram.

4. Dr. Christina

Another Instagram influencer that specializes in mental health is Dr. Christina, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology and a B.A. in child and family psychology from Azusa Pacific University in the United States. She routinely helps families, couples, and single people overcome their difficulties. Dr. Chrstina has an outstanding Instagram following of 274k followers.

5. Brittany Burgunder

Brittany is a best-selling author and certified professional life coach (C.P.C.) with a focus on eating disorders. Many individuals benefited from her 2016 book Safety in Numbers: My Battle with Eating Disorders. She conquered her own obstacles before deciding to assist those in need. All the 91.7k followers on her Instagram are amused and inspired by her assistance and follow her to fight their challenges.

6. Dr. Emma Hepburn

Clinical psychologist Dr. Emma Hepburn is the “We Care” project leader for NHS Grampian. A Toolkit for Modern Life: 53 Ways to Look After Your Mind is another book written by Dr. Hepburn. She aided and helped thousands of individuals in need with their qualified staff, and as a result, the UK Prime Minister gave her the Points of Light Award.

7. Let’s talk about mental health (Jessica Walsh)

Let’s talk about mental health is an Instagram influence page managed by Jessica Walsh. The page contains 83.1k followers at the moment. Timothy Goodman is a designer and artist with his own studio, and Jessica Walsh is a partner at Sagmeister & Walsh in New York City. “Let’s talk about mental health” was founded by them both. They also are the authors of the blog and book 40 Days of Dating. Eventually, they made the decision to advance human assistance toward mental health.

8. Yasmine Cheyenne

Born and reared in Brooklyn, New York, Yasmine Cheyenne is an author, lecturer, and proponent of self-healing. Yasmine concentrates on both her writing as a published author and her self-healing seminars. She often records podcasts and has her own mobile app to raise awareness and provide assistance. With 152k followers, she is one of the best mental health influencers on Instagram.

9. Kevin Hines

The top Instagram influencer for mental health, Kevin Hines is a mental health advocate. Millions of people across the world were motivated by Kevin’s best-selling memoir, Cracked Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After A Suicide Attempt, which was published in 2013. The Clifford W. Beers Award, the highest accolade bestowed by Mental Health America, was given to Kevin.

10. Cat Sims

Cat Sims is another London-based mental health influencer on Instagram who assists people with their difficulties. She runs a platform and website named “NOT SO SMUG” with the intention of promoting love and support for parents and women. Focus areas include adulthood, parenthood, and motherhood. A huge number of people use this site for help.

11. Ellen Hope

It is widely known that Ellen Hope is the proper story and an example of what the term HOPE really means. Ellen herself was extremely going through mental health instability and failed several times to provide for her own family. Being a mother of 3 daughters, the girls somehow inspired her to become something of her own and presently, she is totally healthy and mentally stable. Moreover, their organization’s goal is to avoid homelessness by empowering people and families to achieve financial independence via Housing and Prevention.

12. Dr. Vassilia Binensztok

Vassilia Binensztok is a Ph.D., LMHC, and NCC-certified counselor with success. She specializes in a variety of therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Culturally Sensitive (CS), Dialectical Behavior (DBT), Existential, Gottman Method, and Mindfulness-Based (MBCT). She has helped countless individuals restore their personal power. She also offers her own personalized courses online.

13. Tara Kemp

Tara Kempt is an expert on self-love, a mental health advocate, a health and lifestyle coach, a writer, a speaker, and a researcher. Her advice on engaging in “inner labor” and nurturing one’s inner child is incredibly enlightening and applicable to everyone. She emphasizes on how mental, physical, and spiritual connection is essential for recovery.

14. Brittney Moses

Christain Mental Health which is handled by Brittney Moses is an Instagram supportive page for people seeking help and guidance. Born and bred in California, Brittney was raised in Los Angeles. She is a research assistant at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA while also studying psychology there. She has been a blogger for the past ten years, and at the moment, she is thoroughly examining traumas and anxiety. The page presently has more than 47.4k followers on Instagram.

15. Dennis Simsek

The well-known “anxiety guy,” Dennis Simsek, is a Certified NACBT Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. He concentrates on supporting people and organizations in identifying the difficult challenges they have in life, then he mentors them as they work toward their objectives while being inspired to live fearlessly and without self-doubt. He is also the author of “Beyond Anxiety & F*ck Coping Start Healing”. He frequently engages in Self-help podcasts. His Instagram page has an impressive growing following of 34k followers

16. Dr. Justine

Dr. Justine is a professional psychologist, certified fitness coach, and wellness speaker who is another mental health influencer on Instagram. She is a specialist on issues relating to women’s mental health, trauma, and anxiety. She has been featured by several businesses, including Best Life, Elle, and Vogue. She has helped thousands of people who have experienced tremendous anxiety and helped them return to a healthy way of life. The entire 76.3k followers on her page are satisfied with her help.

17. Beth Brawley

Another Instagram influencer in the field of mental health is Beth, who focuses on using evidence-based Therapy to treat OCD, anxiety disorders, and body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs). She is the owner of the website “Life without anxiety,” a group that offers support to those who are dealing with concerns with the help of other licensed, qualified professionals in the field of mental health. Moreover, Beth gives presentations on OCD, BFRBs, and exposure and response prevention (ERP). With 21.1k followers on Instagram, she regularly posts inspiring and helpful quotes to fuel your day ahead.

18. Dr. Therese

Dr. Therese is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in mental health and well-being. She is Filipina-American and a native of Santa Monica, California. She has appeared in several publications, including Vice, HuffPost, Women’s Health, POPSUGAR, Women’s Day, Create & Cultivate, HelloGiggles, and others, both domestically and abroad. She is the CEO and Founder of Exploring Therapy, a health community that helps individuals live life to the fullest. She consistently uploads reels that contain short tips and tricks to be happy and worry-free.

19. Allison Mark

A clinical psychologist with licensure who works in Florida and New York is Allison Mark, PsyD, PA. She specializes in individual, family, couples, pediatric, adolescent, and young adult therapy. She serves as the Miami-Dade Monroe Chapter secretary for the Florida Psychological Association. Her whole 13.1k followers on Instagram are pleased and happy with her presence and activeness on the network site.

20. Joanna Konstantopoulou

Award-winning London Psychologist Joanna Konstantopoulou founded the Health Psychology Clinic in the Harley Street medical area. She is also a health psychologist and psychotherapist. She holds degrees in B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, M.Sc. Health Psychology, M.Sc. Child Development Psychology, Dipl. RECBT, and HCPC.


So here they are! The top 20 mental health influencers on Instagram are right in front of your eyes. Considering their reviews and testimonials, we are certain they have assisted in a total of millions of people around this globe.

As stated before, Not merely melancholy and hopelessness are associated with mental health problems. Understanding what depression, anxiety, and OCD actually entail is more challenging due to the abundance of emotions and feelings that are involved. A person dealing with mental health concerns may find it difficult to go on with daily activities, isolate themselves, and cease eating and keeping a balanced diet.

Thanks to these professional mental health experts who can help us come back on track in life.

Are you aware of any other mental health influencers on Instagram? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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