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Case Study on Meesho’s Digital Marketing Strategies [2024 Updated]

Meesho's innovative digital marketing strategies have been a key factor in the company's success. By leveraging social media platforms and influencer marketing, Meesho has been able to connect with its target audience and build a strong brand presence in the e-commerce industry. Their focus on data-driven marketing techniques has led to a 4x increase in their user base in 2020 alone. This case study provides valuable insights for businesses looking to grow and increase brand awareness through digital marketing. Read the full blog.

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As humans, we have many requirements. Some requirements like food and medicines are integral for our survival, while others are for our happiness and satisfaction. Whether it is day-to-day goods or a rare necessity, people have shifted to online modes of purchase. This shift has been accelerated by the development of technology and the pandemic. 

One such domain, which is thriving because of this is e-commerce.

We have several e-commerce businesses which have evolved into a necessity rather than a privilege. Groceries, clothes, home décor, accessories, books, and anything else that you can probably think of, chances are are all available online. 

One such platform which sells a wide variety of products at extremely affordable prices is Meesho.

Meesho Founders

Meesho is an e-commerce platform founded by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in the year 2015, created to connect local sellers with buyers.


This helps to make the products affordable by removing the plethora of middlemen.

Meesho stands for ‘meri shop’ or ‘my shop’ and seems to exude a sense of belonging. They have a versatile inventory that includes kitchen products, cleaning supplies, jewelry, toys, clothes, footwear, gadgets, home décor, and so on.

Meesho is successfully operating in 5000 cities with over 1 crore resellers and 7 crore consumers. Unlike the other platforms, 80% of their consumers are from tier 2+ cities in India.

Hence, their marketing and advertising are specifically catered to their needs.

With its headquarters situated in Bangalore, Meesho has successfully emerged as the largest reseller platform in India by acquiring over 100 million users in a short span of a year.

With so much progress being achieved in such a short duration of time, it only makes sense to analyze the marketing tactics of Meesho. This will facilitate us to understand the unique and personalized strategy that has aided them along the way.

Before we dwell deeper, let us first understand the importance of analyzing successful marketing tactics of businesses. And how marketers can benefit from them.

Why Should Marketers Study the Latest Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital marketing helps to promote the goods and services of a business online, with the help of the latest technology and tools. And those who engage in this form of promotion are digital marketers.

With competition on the rise and businesses seeking their services actively, it has become crucial for marketers to one-up their game.

This means constantly learning, unlearning, and adapting to the latest demands and trends.

So let us discuss a few important reasons why marketers should equip themselves with updated knowledge.

Since digital marketing is a dynamic field and technology is constantly evolving and new methodologies are being implemented, the demand for well-informed and diversified marketers has increased.

When you are updated on the latest strategies and tactics, more opportunities come knocking. And this also facilitates the generation and implementation of unique, creative, and effective ideas.

Studying digital marketing strategies also helps the development of other valuable skills like communication, negotiation, presentation, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Better knowledge equals better opportunity. A better opportunity for a diversified portfolio and attractive salary packages curated just for you.

It also equips you with valuable insights about the business and puts you in a better position to choose the style of work you wish to engage in. Provides you with flexibility.

Knowledge of digital marketing allows you to create and promote a personal brand which may be ideal if you wish to start your agency down the line. And finally, this line of work rarely faces any recession.

Hence, it makes sense to invest time and resources into developing a strong knowledge base and skillset to thrive in this field.

Lets, analyze the top-performing digital marketing campaigns of Meesho

Meesho’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns – Case Study 2024

Meesho Campaign #1 – “Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number”

Meesho’s campaign titled ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ is an initiative to change the perception that sellers have regarding online shoppers.

It acts as an extension of the ‘Meesho promise’ where the Meesho sellers are provided with benefits and information to rapidly increase their sales on the platform.

This campaign launched in June 2022 is proving beneficial due to its implementation in two phases.

0% commission is the first phase and a no-penalty feature, and a 7-day payment scheme is embedded in the second phase.

Along with this, to engage with small businesses on an even playing field, they have introduced the concept of ‘Meesho seller Express’.

This functions as a mobile engagement center that introduces Meesho as an e-commerce brand to small businesses through help desks and virtual games.

These innovative features are new in the Indian e-commerce market and encourage more and more business owners to sell their products through Meesho, thereby increasing engagement and brand promotions.

This is a very clever marketing tactic as they are directly communicating with their top consumer base, who are sellers or resellers.

By designing policies and benefits for their ideal clientele, they are persuading their choices to be favorable to Meesho. This helps with brand awareness, builds brand value, and even helps in lead generation and high-quality conversions.

Meesho Campaign #2 – #mystorymystory

Meesho has a unique and highly specific marketing strategy. In this particular campaign, they are targeting women in their consumer base as an ideal client.

Particularly homemakers. By naming the initiative as “not just a homemaker, a Meesho entrepreneur”, they are adding value and providing a sense of encouragement for women to become financially independent.

By focusing on women’s empowerment, they are directly communicating with a niche group and establishing their brand values and identity.

This is great for creating awareness and also for setting expectations for what the domain of their future projects might be.

Under this initiative, a particular campaign titled ‘#mystorymystory’, resonated with its target audience due to its simple yet powerful message.

Encouraging homemakers and women seeking financial independence to become Meesho resellers without any investment cost. Their tactic was simple, talk directly to consumers and give them exactly what they are looking for.

By focusing on women from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, they curated their strategies to strike a chord with this clientele group.

With clear and simply-articulated marketing campaigns, they were able to effectively communicate and help these women understand the benefits one can enjoy by joining forces with Meesho as a reseller.

An innovative and engaging marketing campaign with a simple yet powerful message driving it to success.

Meesho Campaign #3 – #ArreyWaah

Meesho launched a marketing campaign titled ‘Arrey Waah!’ in March of 2022 to tap into a versatile and new consumer base.

By utilizing the excitement and engagement that circulates IPL and cricket in general, they were able to successfully market their products.

They generated high-quality leads and also had successful conversions by tapping into a consumer base of men, women, and young adults.

They wanted to create a moment of utter surprise for their consumers by introducing them to a wide variety of products of good quality at never-before-seen prices.

Affordability meets quality.

Unlike other marketing campaigns, extensive resources were invested to target hyper-local sellers and consumers.

By building on the excitement of cricket, they marketed in several vernacular languages like Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, and others across various platforms.

On major television networks like Star Plus, Zee network, Sony group, YouTube, and other OTT platforms, 12 different yet cohesive ad films were released.

Each ad film was created with a different target audience in mind and hence conceptualized and shot in a highly specific and custom way.

Their mission with this campaign was to ‘democratize e-commerce’ for consumers throughout India, especially those living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

It added to their brand value, and identity and promoted their brand awareness.

Social media marketing, content marketing, and various other consumer-centric tactics were implemented to facilitate the best possible outcome.

Meesho’s Target Audience Segments

Meesho’s primary target audience consists of men, women, and young adults. Based on the interaction,

Meesho’s target audience includes homemakers who wish to start a small business, women seeking financial independence, consumers from the tier 2+ market first-time time online shoppers, and anyone looking for affordable deals.

Meesho target audience segment

Males are responsible for 51.48% of engagement, while the remaining 48.52% of engagement is initiated by females.

The age group of 18-24 forms 46.54% of the audience and those between 25-34 forms 32.60% of the ideal consumer group. These include direct consumers & resellers.

Based on these broad target groups, Meesho curated its marketing strategy effectively targeting each group for the best results.

Although broad categories do exist, they customize each marketing strategy with a highly specific target audience in mind.

For example, their campaign, ‘Loon ya na loon’, targets value-seeking customers who are on the fence about making an online purchase.

Hence, conclusions can be made that consumers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, small business owners and aspirants, homemakers, and young adults are the ideal target audience for Meesho.

Let us discuss a few effective digital marketing strategies successfully implemented by Meesho to increase their revenue and reach, year after year.

Meesho’s Social Media Marketing Strategies – Case Study

Social media marketing is a great tactic to market to a wider audience while still staying true to your target group.

Although it seems like a shot in the dark, it is based on highly thought-out and well-planned calculations.

Meesho has optimized its social media game by specifically curating content for different segments of its target group.

Since their audience includes men, women, and young adults, they have designed and marketed content on specific platforms to target each segment.

Meesho has selected Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter as the primary platforms for their social media campaigns.

Each of these platforms targets a specific segment of its target pool to maximize leads and conversions.

PlatformNo. of followers
InstagramMeesho2.1M Followers
Facebook Meesho Supply775K Followers
FacebookSell On Meesho India19.5K Followers
TwitterMeesho Official20.6K Followers
YouTubeMeesho1.18M Subscribers
YouTubeMeesho Supplier Hub94K Subscribers

Since Meesho focuses on small businesses, women entrepreneurs for their sellers, and consumers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, their social media campaigns are designed to attract them specifically.

Regional campaign slogans, locally recognizable faces, and the advertisement of great opportunities and endless benefits are the central idea.

Social media campaigns are created in several vernacular languages to ensure maximum reach and engagement from consumers across the country.

Meesho also has an active blog that focuses on social media and how it can be mobilized to provide a side income.

From articles on earning through Facebook and Instagram and the best strategy to become a successful seller or reseller on Meesho, they got it all covered.

An active Facebook page for constant updates on deals, offers, sales, and tips and tricks to become a successful seller on Meesho is actively marketed by them.

They also focus on their official Instagram page which is currently riding on the latest “meme creation” trend.

Meesho social media marketing strategy

By curating funny, relatable, and highly specific content in the form of posts and reels, Meesho is tapping into the young adults’ category effortlessly.

With over 1.18 million subscribers on YouTube, it is one of the most engaging and profitable platforms for Meesho.

Their YouTube content mostly includes advertisement videos categorized by language.

Each campaign like “array waah”, “loon ya na loon”, and “Sahi Sahi lagaya hai” are arranged in Meesho youtube playlists to make their location easier to access.

Meesho’s Twitter mainly focuses on the urban crowd and manages to grab their attention through honest, warm, and wholesome tweets.

Meesho's Twitter marketing strategies

Meesho’s Influencer Marketing Strategies

Since Meesho is India’s largest resale platform, with over 20,000 manufacturers and over 2.6 million resellers, influencer marketing has always been at the forefront for several reasons.

It is a budget-friendly, highly flexible, and extremely effective tool that brings in quality leads and conversions through specific targeting.

Having launched an updated framework in October 2019, Meesho’s influencer marketing plan has evolved with time.

Meesho designed its influencer marketing campaign to promote brand awareness, create quality leads and conversions, encourage app installations, and update the audience on the latest offers and deals.

Although initially, Meesho teamed up with giant influencers on YouTube, they faced setbacks as views were not converting to leads and conversions.

Hence, they switched to medium-sized and micro-influencers whole followers were 1-2 million. And were able to generate immense traction and conversions.

By mainly tying up with Lifestyle, Beauty, and fashion influencers, on YouTube, they began curating and marketing their content to consumers across India.

The content was developed around the concept of affordability, customer experience, and the ease of becoming an entrepreneur on Meesho.

Detailed and highly informative topics were delivered in a simple yet clear manner to spark the curiosity of consumers.

The influencer marketing model is extremely beneficial for Meesho as it allows audiences to make purchases based on reviews and word-of-mouth.

It is a great tactic for seeking help from the loyal consumer base that these influencers have amassed over the years.

And hence has emerged as one of the most profitable and long-standing marketing models of Meesho.

Meesho’s Website Strategies

Meesho needed a simple yet impactful website design to connect with all groups of their target audience. A cohesive design in pink and other bold colors that exude a sense of culture is their approach.

Simple terms and categories to describe the versatile inventory and a simple navigation system were created to be compatible with all age groups.

They needed a way to market their latest mission statement along with provisions available for their clientele to become entrepreneurs and resellers on Meesho.

They successfully blended consumers and sellers and created individual banners and ads targeting each group separately on their website.

Meesho's website organic traffic strategies

Their website also displays a wide variety of filters, pricing options, and products organized alphabetically, all to improve the customer experience.

By highlighting their main business focus, which is to prioritize affordability, versatility in products, and empowering women and local businesses, Meesho has successfully created a functioning website to help them along the way.

Meesho’s Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Having an impeccable online presence is crucial for improving the online visibility of any business. SEO refers to the process of optimizing the online ranking and visibility of web pages to generate more organic traffic.

This is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies due to its cost-effectiveness, reach, and high conversion potential.

Meesho organic & paid search traffic

Meesho has a very successful SEO strategy which is reflected in its performance and reach.

Since its creation in 2015, Meesho has evolved into the top e-commerce site over a span of just 7 years.

A huge factor that facilitated this successful conquest is SEO. By optimizing their web pages through keyword analysis, and technical and on-page audits, they were able to rapidly increase their reach and brand awareness.

With more than 30.3M visits a month and generating an annual income of around 200 million dollars in revenue, Meesho has become the most popular retail business in the country.

It occupies the 103rd rank in terms of site visits in the country and the 11th rank in its domain.

With viewers interacting for an average of 3.59 minutes, and a bounce rate of 51.69%, it has slowly gained traction and improved its engagement.

Meesho website keyword type & traffic trend

Based on an extensive analysis it was found that Meesho uses more informational keywords to reach its target audience, & non-branded keywords of over 984.53K help to reach more, however, it still needs to optimize its keywords, embedded links, backlinks, mobile compatibility, and site load speed.

Although they have an exceptional meta description, data encoding, and mobile friendliness, they still need to optimize all aspects of their online presence for the best results.

Meesho’s Organic Competitors

Due to the endless possibilities that come with e-commerce, many businesses are taking shape and many more are switching to a hybrid model.

This creates stiff competition and a need to stand out emerges ever so frequently.

Like many other businesses, Meesho has several competitors who are also investing time and resources to emerge as the top retail platform in the country.

Meesho Organic Competitors

The top five organic competitors for Meesho are:

  • Myntra
  • Snapdeal
  • Etsy
  • Ajio
  • Jiomart

But regardless of the stiff competition, through innovative marketing strategies and a one-of-a-kind mission objective Meesho has outperformed many of its competitors and continues to emerge victorious.

Meesho’s Paid Advertisement Strategies

Paid ads are some of the most common and heavily utilized digital marketing strategies. Due to the flexibility and customizable nature of these models, an innovative and unique solution can be designed for each business that requires them.

The reasons why business giants like Meesho often prefer them are due to their ability to create immediate results, generate consistent leads, and target the specific consumer pool almost instantly.

They are great for optimizing online presence, and branding, and also matching and fitting into your allotted budget.

Meesho's Paid Advertisement Strategy

Meesho has created and marketed several paid ad campaigns in the form of PPC on several different online sites. Catchy slogans, flashy colors, and a simple message seem to be their go-to.

With their objective clear, Meesho curated ads for encouraging women to become entrepreneurs, ensuring consumers’ affordability and versatility, and also widening the scope of small businesses across India.

They designed a series of ads and banners and placed them at strategic points online to get the attention of their ideal consumer base.

By placing their ads primarily on YouTube, Google, and Facebook, they generated high-quality leads which converted resulting in successful revenue generation.

Ads like ‘India bhar pe chayega’, ‘Budget pe no load’, and ‘Sahi Sahi lagaya hai’ are just a few examples of successful paid ad campaigns run by Meesho.

The main paid ads competitors of Meesho are:

  • Walmart
  • Flipkart
  • Restream
  • Wix
  • Shopify
Paid ads competitors of Meesho

Some top paid keywords of Meesho out of 245 ranking on top are:

Meesho seller

Meesho supplier panel

Meesho supplier

top paid keywords & positioning  of Meesho

Meesho’s E-Commerce Strategy

Meesho is an e-commerce giant and has an engaging and impactful e-commerce strategy. This strategy keeps evolving with the latest trends and developments happening in the realm of marketing.

A strategy is an inclusive and holistic approach to promoting the products or services of a business. It needs to be created by considering the ideal target audience, time duration, budget, and other necessary factors.

With all this in mind, Meesho has developed a user-friendly application that can be adapted to any device seamlessly.

Meesho ecommerce website strategies

Over 75% of consumers prefer shopping on their mobile phones and hence Meesho has invested resources into developing a simple yet inclusive mobile app.

Having an efficient tracking system in place to shadow the customers’ activities on their site and suggesting possible options to those who want to make a purchase and generating leads for those casually browsing has been great for increasing its sales.

Good quality photos with accurate descriptions of their versatile inventory have proven effective as well.

Creating a consumer-centric experience by personalizing the home page for online shoppers is a great tactic to install loyalty and recurring sales.

Over 69% of shoppers prefer personalized pages linked with their accounts as they receive apt suggestions that help in their decision-making.

Most of the users land directly or organically on Meesho’s website compared to similar websites.

Meesho's E-Commerce website traffic source strategy

Meesho has done so with flexible filters, payment facilities, and personalized cart suggestions as well.

Meesho has also developed a highly-functioning social media marketing strategy to help resellers and manufacturers on their platform through Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups.

Content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing are just some of the ways through which Meesho has upped its e-commerce game which is reflected in its revenue and reach.

Meesho’s Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a great tactic to establish a strong bond with regular customers and also facilitate the acquisition of newer quality leads. Creating custom content for consumers reflects the brand’s value and helps with awareness.

61% of consumers almost always prefer businesses that develop custom content and it is proven to generate 54% more leads than any other traditional marketing tactic.

Hence, Meesho has a holistic and innovative approach to content marketing. Being known for identifying a business gap in the Indian economy and creating an entire enterprise based on the idea of connecting consumers to small-scale business owners, Meesho has been able to capitalize and grow.

Curating custom articles on how to become a Meesho seller and start a reselling business, informative pieces on the idea behind the online retail giant, and engaging social media content pieces have gained immense traction.

Creating consumer-centric campaigns and marketing them through their blogs and social media platforms like YouTube, and Facebook has been a pivotal point in their strategy.

Content created by influencers on the versatility of products, affordability, and the satisfaction that comes with supporting small businesses has struck a chord with the audience.

All of these factors have optimized Meesho’s content marketing strategy and immensely contributed to their conversions, establishing loyalty, and sales.

Meesho’s App Strategy

From the success achieved through influencer marketing Meesho was able to implement certain key features into their application to reach and satisfy a much wider audience. In 2022, Meesho launched an integrated e-commerce app with the sole aim of digitization of small business owners across the country.

Meesho's App Strategy

With technological upgrades, consumers could now shift between their seller and buyer profiles with just a click.

Meesho optimized its application features for the seller to adapt to a mobile device.

Features like payment and order tracking, inventory management, and other business-related features are easily accessible on mobile devices.

Reviews and testimonials, seller and business details, consumer support, and clear return policies located in an easy-access location in the app have been extremely beneficial.

Smooth navigation with a versatile filter system that tracks and records activity to facilitate a seamless consumer experience has been the main goal of Meesho’s app strategy.

Along with that, a unique design pattern, and a hassle-free app is proving to be a win.


Although Meesho may seem like any other e-commerce platform, several unique factors set it apart from the rest. A dropping shipping model which allows its users to resell products of listed suppliers, a hyper-local business model which focuses on the upliftment and digitization of small and micro-scale businesses.

A two-marketplace approach with both sellers and buyers, and features like 0% commission and investment provide Meesho a competitive edge and truly establish its unique identity as a social e-commerce platform.

The focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities, a unique blend of sellers and buyers, and a credible and transparent approach to empowering women and small businesses are exactly what makes Meesho unique and provide great strength to the brand.

What makes them unique also poses a challenge for them. Lack of large-scale suppliers may result in reduced quality of products, inability to meet the high demand, and a less technologically seamless application which may affect the quality of their consumer pool.

Meesho’s approach to social e-commerce provides it with ample opportunities to expand and improve its inventory and marketplace.

But having said this, with new businesses coming along so frequently, it is crucial to evolve and continue to innovate to stay successful and grow in this highly competitive world.

In this ever-shifting and changing digital marketing industry, keeping up with the latest advancements and changes is essential. If you want to improve your digital marketing skills for your fashion brand, enrol in Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course and improve your online business’s ROI.

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What marketing strategy does Meesho use?

Meesho uses a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy that includes social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing, among others.

What are digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing strategies refer to a range of techniques and tactics that businesses use to promote their products or services online, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

What is the unique selling point of Meesho?

The unique selling point of Meesho is its innovative business model that allows individuals to start their own businesses by reselling Meesho’s products on social media platforms. Meesho provides a platform for sellers to connect with customers and manage their businesses, which has led to its rapid growth and success in the Indian market.

What is the target audience of Meesho?

The target audience of Meesho is primarily women in India who are looking for flexible and convenient ways to earn money from home. Meesho’s platform allows users to start their own businesses through social media reselling. It’s ideal for stay-at-home moms, students, and anyone looking for a side hustle. Meesho also caters to customers looking for affordable and unique fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products.

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