MBA Vs Digital Marketing What’s Best for You?


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Many marketing enthusiasts, after finishing their undergraduate degree, are usually clueless about the question, ‘What next?’ They usually have 2 options in mind. Either do an MBA and continue with the marketing field or go for a separate marketing course to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills.

But off-late, the demand for Digital Marketing services has grown tremendously and that is why there is a major shift in demand for Digital marketing courses.

An MBA or a Digital Marketing course? If you are looking for an answer for the same, this discussion may help you in your decision-making process.

Why is MBA preferred?

Since the advent of many hundreds of private sector companies in India in 1991, there was a surge in demand of people who could escalate their sales, bring in clients, manage their finance and the organization as a whole. And that is when the need for people to pursue management studies started. And among them, marketing turned out to be the most popular one as one of the major needs of any organization was to convince people to buy their products in a time where all this was new.

Major highlights of MBA:

A course of MBA usually stretches for 2 years, which gives enough opportunity for a student to test out their skills on different hands, and knowing about a few core subjects at the beginning of the course, helps the student to decide the stream of career he might choose in the future.

If done in a reputed and well-established B-school, the graduate gets a competitive advantage over the other Job seekers in the market.

Sharing the 2 years with many other management graduates gives a great opportunity to network and connect with future entrepreneurs.

Why is Digital Marketing preferred?

The barrage of Digital Marketing in India began in the early 2000s when the concept of online ads started getting traction. More and more people started jumping aboard to use the online services and the organizations realized the potential of targeting people using them. It was easier, convenient, measurable and a derived lot more sales than traditional ads.

And when the Social Media trend started in the mid-2000s, the number of people who had access to the internet grew tremendously. And with time, the internet started getting cheaper, Digital networking grew from an idea to a trend and a person’s existence online grew from a choice to a necessity. Currently, with the number of audience being at the peak, the need for Digital Marketers has never been more.

Major Highlights of Digital Marketing:

It gives hands-on training by enabling a practical approach to the curriculum.

The industry runs on whatever is trending, so a Digital Marketer under training is always taught whatever the latest running trend in the industry is.

A digital marketing course gives you experience through its practical way of teaching and hence can be helpful if one decides to start freelancing.

Why should you opt for Digital Marketing?

Let’s face it. MBA market is saturated. And the problem is not just that there are far too many MBAs, but the mindset of MBAs too. MBA as a 2-year course is too wide for people to narrow it down to a particular specialization. Apart from the IIMs and IITs, not many B school guarantee 100% placements, and even if they do, they settle for an amount far too less for their capabilities.

And the debate on education system on which the Indian colleges are run is still heated up. With only bookish knowledge being thought and minimal on-field experience, as many as 93% of the MBAs are unemployable. And out of those who are employed, many settle for an income as less as 8,000-10,000/month.

Digital Marketing on other hands is still budding and has a hot demand in the market. Apart from various Digital Marketing agencies, looking for fresh talent every now and then, almost every company in every sector is looking to build its own Digital Marketing team.

Slowly but surely, many Digital marketing courses have surfaced that helps the new breed of marketers equip with the latest the industry has to offer. While in MBA, the only practical exposure a student gets is a summer internship programme that stretches for 1-4 months, a Digital Marketing course starts and ends with practical industry methods.

Things and trends in Digital marketing platforms can change every day. One method that proved to be a mega-hit today can be totally worthless the next day. So bookish knowledge has no relevance here.

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Agreed, an MBA programme can reward you with a degree that could be prestigious and can be used to acquire a job. But again without any knowledge of how things are being administered in the real world, it would be almost foolish to apply for any position and no degree or certificate can change that.

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While both the choices come with knowledge and help the students to level-up, there is always a need for an X-factor within them to make it work.

So did this discussion help you make up your mind?

What are your thoughts?

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