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MBA Salary in India for Different MBA Specializations

If you're planning to pursue MBA and are searching for information about MBA salary in India, we have provided a blog on MBA salary in India according to different specializations. Please check this blog for more detailed information about MBA salaries in India.

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With the Graduate Management Admission Council reporting that 9 out of 10 recruiters are set on hiring MBAs, now is as good a time as any to earn a Master of Business Administration.

These postgraduate programs are two years long and are known to provide a career boost. However, not all MBA degrees are the same.

MBA Salary in India

Institutes in India offer over a dozen different specializations, and it can be confusing for candidates to narrow their options down. 

Choosing between options gets much easier when you know what to expect academically and financially after getting hired post-degree completion. 

We’ve broken down all the details you need below.

MBA Salary In India: Salaries Disclosed By Specialization

In today’s market, specialized MBAs hold more value than generic ones. Here’s a look at every major MBA specialization and their corresponding salary ranges:

1. MBA in Marketing

As far as specializations go, an MBA in marketing is quite primitive. However, it remains one of the more popular MBA specializations even in today’s market. 

Candidates can expect to learn about consumer behaviour, product creation, marketing research, advertising, sales and services, branding, consumer behaviour, and leadership and management skills. 

Some subjects candidates will come across in the course include Retail Management, Marketing Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, and Pricing. 

Earning the degree offers job opportunities in business marketing, customer relationship management, retail marketing, digital marketing, brand management, and product management. 

MBA in Marketing Salary In India

Per the latest data collected by, the average salary for an MBA in marketing in India is ₹8,08,000 annually. 

Marketing Salary In India

The starting salary for an MBA in India for those with a marketing specialization ranges between six to eight lakhs per annum.

However, the highest MBA salary in India for those with a specialization in marketing goes up to 25 lakhs per annum and beyond. MBA in marketing management holders tend to earn the highest MBA salary in India.

MBA holders specializing in marketing are typically hired by eCommerce, retail, and FMCG brands. These graduates can also find work in financial, entertainment, and marketing firms. 

The top recruiters for MBA in Marketing graduates include Amazon, Samsung, Flipkart, Vodafone, and Hindustan Unilever.

2. MBA in Digital Marketing

In today’s always-online world, digital marketing has become an essential part of the marketing strategies of both small and large businesses. An MBA in digital marketing enables graduates to effectively apply traditional marketing principles in the digital domain. 

Candidates have the option to take an online digital marketing course instead of enrolling as full-time students.

Earning the degree equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to create potent digital marketing strategies. Besides enhancing the learner’s creativity, taking this course also provides the technical know-how required to operate digital platforms and reach target audiences. 

MBA in Digital Marketing Salary In India

MBA starting salary in India for MBA graduates specializing in digital marketing is approximately ₹45,000 (₹5,50,000 annually).

However, depending on the position and the institute the graduate earned their degree from, the salary can range between 10 and 25 LPA.

Graduates can expect to get hired by companies such as Reprise Media, Social Kinnect, and Resultrix.

3. MBA in Finance 

An MBA in Finance is one of the most popular specializations in India. An MBA in Finance opens the doors to roles in the business and finance sectors. Besides learning about the various facets of finance, students also learn about management, investment, and control.

Candidates interested in earning this post-graduate degree can expect to learn to analyze reports, forecast trends, minimize risks and maximize profitability. Managing capital investment is another key skill graduates master by earning this degree.

MBA in Finance Salary in India

Per the latest data reported by, the average salary of an MBA in India with a specialization in finance is ₹7,52,000 annually. 

MBA salary-finance management

Students of the top institutes attract an MBA finance salary in India of over 20 lakhs per annum. Most students can expect to earn between seven and ten lakhs a year initially after graduating.

Companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and KPMG hire MBA finance graduates.

4. MBA in Human Resources Management

The growing number of startups in India has increased the demand for HR professionals that can manage workforces effectively. Every business has unique values, visions, norms, and methodologies. An HR professional is responsible for cultivating a company’s culture, hiring top talent, and retaining employees.

MBA in Human Resources has become more valuable as a degree in recent years. Earning a degree provides professionals with the training necessary to manage a group of professionals.

MBA in Human Resources Salary in India data indicates that the MBA salary in India for those specializing in human resources management is ₹6,70,000 per year. However, MBA starting salary in India per month for top graduates in this specialization is upwards of eight lakhs per annum.

MBA in Human Resources Salary in India

Top recruiters include Reliance, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Larsen & Toubro, and WIPRO.

5. MBA in Business Analytics 

Specializing in business analytics equips MBA graduates with management and computer science skills, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for businesses.

The syllabus of this specialization includes statistical analysis, providing students with the skills required to derive insights from data and make actionable recommendations. Students can also expect to learn about big data and data visualization. 

MBA graduates with this specialization typically get hired in banking and financial service companies. However, the demand for MBA in business analytics graduates is also high in the eCommerce and retail sectors. 

MBA in Business Analytics Salary in India

MBA salary in India per month for those with a business analytics specialization averages ₹63,000 (₹7,60,000 annually).

MBA - business analysis

Graduates from the top institutes in India attract packages in the ballpark of 18 lakhs per annum. 

Companies such as Amazon, Reliance, American Express, and Larsen & Toubro hire MBA in business analytics graduates.

6. MBA in Entrepreneurship Salary in India

Earning an MBA in entrepreneurship is considered the best way to get a holistic perspective of running a business. The course provides students with all the knowledge and skills required to develop business ideas and build them into products and services that people want to pay for.

It also equips graduates with the analytical thinking skills required for growing a company. Getting an MBA in entrepreneurship is the right move for professionals looking to move into senior management roles.

MBA in Entrepreneurship Salary in India

According to the data collected by, the average MBA salary in India for those with an entrepreneurship specialization averages ₹8,83,000 annually.

MBA - Entrepreneurship

Graduates from India’s top institutes with work experience attract salaries ranging in the 20 lakh per annum range. JP Morgan, WIPRO, Dell, and Deloitte are some of the top recruiters for this specialization.

7. MBA in Operations Management

If you’re interested in getting involved in the production of goods and services, earning an MBA in operations management is the right step to take.

The course will train you to handle all the different aspects of a business, including everything from planning to manufacturing and maintenance. Operations professionals work closely with engineers, researchers, and marketing professionals and form the bedrock of a business.

One of the best parts of earning an MBA in operations management is that operations professionals can work in virtually any sector – from automobile to hospitality. 

MBA in Operations Management Salary in India

Latest data indicates that the average salary of an MBA in India for operations management graduates is ₹9,70,000 annually.

The MBA starting salary in India for these graduates ranges from ₹5,00,000 to ₹8,00,000 yearly.

MBA in Operations Management Salary in India

Companies such as Blue Dart, WIPRO, Amazon, and Maruti Suzuki continually look to hire operations professionals.

8. MBA in Information Technology Salary in India

Information technology courses combine management and technology disciplines, providing engineering and science graduates with an opportunity to move into rewarding management roles. Of course, business graduates can also enrol in these post-graduate programs.

Students can expect to learn about telecommunication, data mining, system security, and everything there is to know about project management.

Graduates typically find work in positions such as IT project manager, system manager, and program manager.

MBA in Information Technology Salary in India

The MBA salary in India per month for IT specialization graduates averages ₹83,000 – ₹10,00,000 annually, according to data.


It is common for entry-level MBA in IT graduates to earn five to six lakh per annum. However, as professionals progress into roles such as IT managers, they can expect a salary of upwards of ten lakhs yearly.

Infosys, Apple, Microsoft, ESPN, and WIPRO always hire MBA IT graduates.

9. MBA in Event Management Salary 

Managing any event requires planning and expertise, whether a business promotion or a wedding party. Earning an MBA in event management trains students to manage events of all sizes and purposes. This post-graduate degree is typically earned by individuals that hold a bachelor’s degree in event management.

Students can expect to learn venue management, catering, and presentation management skills. The syllabus is focused on improving students’ communication and presentation skills.

Most of the course involves practical, hands-on learning, which is appropriate considering the hands-on nature of event management. Graduates can find jobs in positions such as public relations officer, trade manager, client servicing executive, and more.

MBA in Event Management Salary in India

The MBA starting salary in India for those specializing in event management is ₹1,50,000. However, this figure only indicates the base pay. According to data provided by, MBAs with an event management degree have an average base pay of ₹2,16,000 annually.

MBA in Event Management Salary in India

As graduates grow professionally, they can expect to move into senior-level roles and earn an annual salary of upwards of 18.5 lakh per annum.

Companies such as Bajaj Auto, IDIB, Sita Conferences, and WizCraft hire professionals with an MBA in event management.

10. MBA in Healthcare Management 

Managing a hospital (or any healthcare facility for that matter) is no small task. Earning an MBA in healthcare management equips students with the skills required to manage the day-to-day operations and budget of a healthcare facility. 

Furthermore, those holding an MBA in healthcare management are also trained to ensure the goals of the practitioners in the facility are met, and the needs of the community are fulfilled. 

It’s interesting to note that some institutes require candidates to have an MBBS degree to earn an MBA in healthcare management. 

These graduates find work in clinical project manager, hospital administrator, and healthcare finance manager positions.

MBA in Healthcare Management Salary in India

Per data, the average MBA salary in India for professionals specializing in healthcare management is ₹8,75,000 annually.

MBA in Healthcare Management Salary

If graduates have previous work experience, they may get a higher package in the ballpark of 12 lakhs yearly.

Some top recruiters for MBA in healthcare management graduates include KPMG, Apollo Hospitals, AIIMS, and Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

11. MBA in Management Consulting

The rise in demand for management consultants has made earning an MBA in management consulting a more popular option. The syllabus of these MBA programs typically includes strategy, management, and operations, teaching the student the ins and outs of how an organization functions.

Management consultants are needed in various sectors, including marketing, finance, and IT. Regardless of which sector the graduate finds work in, they will need to back up their decisions with analytical research in addition to solving the client’s problems.

Earning an MBA in management consulting opens the doors for professionals to attend to the business of international clients.

MBA in Management Consulting Salary in India Data indicates that the average management consultant earns an annual salary of ₹11,91,169. The top 10% of professionals in the field take home a salary of over ₹30,00,000 yearly.

management counsultant

Top recruiters for management consultants include Accenture, Infosys, and Deloitte.

12. MBA in International Business

If you’re interested in international organizations in India or want to work abroad, earning an MBA in international business will give you the edge you need. 

Completing the post-graduate course will familiarize you with the demands of the global market. Additionally, you will also learn to analyze business trends.

Businesses that want to expand their operations overseas prefer hiring those with an MBA in international business since these graduates are trained to deal with international scenarios.

Furthermore, growing companies require professionals trained in business development, advisory, and management. 

MBA in International Business Salary in India

The MBA salary in India for professionals specializing in international business averages ₹8,51,000 annually (

MBA in International Business Salary in India

Top recruiters for MBA international business graduates include TCS, JP Morgan, Accenture, Capgemini, and Standard Chartered Bank.

13. MBA in Telecom Management

More people in India own smartphones than ever before, and with the implementation of 5G technology imminent, the demand for management professionals in the telecom industry is bound to rise.

Enrolling in an MBA in telecom management course will help you learn about how telecom networks work and how their operations can be managed effectively. Students can also expect to learn about marketing strategies for data services, VOIP, and video conferencing systems.

Some of the subjects you will come across include Wireless Technology, Organizational Behaviour, Service Marketing Management, and Broadband Communication. Live projects and training are also typically a part of the course.

MBA in Telecom Management Salary in India

The latest data on indicates that the average MBA salary in India for telecom management specialization is 10,00,000 a year.

MBA- Telecommunications

In the early stages of the graduates’ career, they can expect a salary of ₹8,00,000 per annum. The top recruiters for MBA in telecom management include TCS, Accenture, and WNS Global Services.

14. MBA in Logistics Management 

Enrolling in an MBA in logistics management course teaches professionals to combine analytical and management skills to ensure proper transportation, inventory usage, and customer service.

The catch with completing this degree is that the job roles can vary widely post-graduation. While the most common roles graduates will find include industry analyst and project manager, it’s also just as simple to become an international logistics manager.

MBA in Logistics Management Salary in India data reveals that the average base salary for this role is ₹7,08,000 yearly. However, initially, graduates can expect a salary of around ₹6,00,000 per annum. Experienced professionals holding this degree earn upwards of 15 lakh per year.

MBA in Logistics Management Salary in India

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Blacksoft, Biomax Fuels, DTDC, and Nestle are the most popular recruiters of MBA graduates in this specialization.

Top 4 Factors That Influence an MBA Graduate’s Salary


The biggest factor influencing the salary you earn after graduation is the institution you get your degree from. Getting a seat in a top business school such as an IIM guarantees a yearly salary of between 8 and 28 lakhs.

Today’s market is extremely competitive; therefore, the more prestigious the institute, the higher your salary. It’s best to do your due diligence and research placement figures before enrolling in any program.

Work Experience

Your work experience in years and the relevance of your work to your job post-graduation directly influence your package. Employers seek loyal and experienced professionals and are willing to pay top dollar for them.

Job Profile

MBA graduates can get hired in virtually any sector. However, the kind of job you get will influence how much you earn. Getting a good return on investment on your degree is critical. Therefore, it’s vital that you know what kind of job profile you’re looking for from day one.


While the factors listed above play a big role in how much a graduate earns, the location of the job is another often factor that’s often looked over.

The pay scales can vary widely based on the job location’s cost of living and market value. Getting a job in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai is your best bet if you want to secure the highest possible package.

MBA Salary in India Based on Experience

Freshers with no experience and an MBA can expect a salary in the 3-4 lakh per annum range. Graduates with between one and four years of experience earn anywhere between four and five lakhs yearly

The salary bumps up to the eight lakh per annum range for graduates with five years of experience. Professionals with over ten years of experience can expect to earn well over ten lakhs a year.

MBA Salary in India Based on Qualifications

Qualifications also play a role in the salary a professional earns: + MBA Salary in India

Given that a professional earns 2-3 years of experience after completing their degree and then completes their MBA, it’s reasonable to expect a salary of between 7 and 8 lakhs annually.

BBA + MBA Salary in India Per Month

BBA degrees are considered quite lucrative and add value to your resume. Given that a professional gets their BBA from a well-known institute such as an IIM, they can expect a salary in the 18-lakh per annum range.

CA + MBA Salary in India 

Earning an MBA after becoming a CA will allow you to climb the corporate ladder quickly. An experienced CA + MBA graduate can expect to earn between 20 and 25 lakhs yearly.

Executive MBA Salary in India 

The salary for this degree ranges between 2.5 and 8 lakhs per annum.

Do Online MBA Programs Offer the Same Salary Packages as Offline Programs?

In today’s market, an online MBA is worth just as much as the one you’d get if you studied on-campus. That said, it’s vital to ensure that the university you get your MBA from is approved by the UGC.

Conclusion: Which MBA Specialization Will You Pick?

With all the details of every major MBA specialization laid out, you’re set to narrow down your options and select the one specialization that appeals to you most.

Remember to do your due diligence when picking out colleges and ensure that you take a close look at the packages offered before enrolling in a program. Check out this detailed list of Mba specializations in India that suits you the best.

Thanks for reading!

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