Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies

Mama Earth’s Digital Marketing Strategies: A Case Study

As one of the most trusted brands in India, Mamaearth offers the best-in-class skincare products to help you discover the essence of beauty. This is a detailed case study on Mama earth's digital marketing strategies, Read Further to know more about digital marketing strategies of mama earth.

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Consumers are frequently concerned about the procedures used in the cosmetics industry’s production of goods. Because of this, a new era of organic cosmetic goods is emerging, manufactured without the use of toxins or other chemicals and using natural ingredients. Mama Earth is one of these brands that promised the goodness of organic and took over the cosmetics industry! 

This case study will discuss the digital marketing strategies used by Mama Earth. It will also discuss the strategies they use to optimise their websites for search engines and how they perform in search engines.

About Mama Earth


Mamaearth was founded in 2016 by Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh. Honasa Consumer Private Limited was incorporated, and in December, the Mamaearth line of toxic-free products was introduced.


When the couple was in India at the time, Varun and Ghazal discovered that the baby care products they came across were dangerous to their infants and that there were no safer options. Ghazal Alagh made the decision to improve the quality and price of infant items. They worked through the night to develop a new brand, choose an R&D team, and acquire the required certifications. All these circumstances led to the creation of Mamaearth, which quickly established itself as Asia’s first company to market safe, natural baby goods without toxins.

Case Study: Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies

When Mamaearth began business in 2016, its catalogue contained only six items. More than 80 natural, toxic-free items are used by more than 1.5 million Indians. Additionally, more than 500 cities worldwide currently provide it.

Mama Earth’s SEO Strategies

Mama Earth’s Website Strategies

Today, all businesses must make sure their websites are optimised for search engines. Let’s look at how Mama Earth performs in search engines and the results they can get from doing so. The authority score of Mama Earth’s website is 51, and it receives 2 million visitors from organic search and 219.2K paid search traffic.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies -DA

They use the following tools for their website to ensure they optimise it well.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies -WP plugins

A file called an SSL certificate is installed on the primary server of a website. It is merely a data file that includes the public key, the name of the website owner, and other details. TLS cannot encrypt a website’s traffic in the absence of an SSL certificate. Below, you can find the SSL Certificates installed by Mama Earth.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies -SSL

Mama Earth’s On-page SEO Strategies

As of July 2022, the last time Mama Earth posted a blog was on February 2022. Their blogs primarily consist of text and also has space for one to leave a comment below each blog. 

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies -blog

Mama Earth’s Off-page SEO Strategies

Enhancing search engine and user views of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority is referred to as off-site ranking factor optimization. Each month, 1.5 million people visit Mama Earth’s website, which prioritises 91.5K terms.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - stats DA

According to the graphs below, Mama Earth’s number of backlinks has increased since September 2021 and has continued to increase ever since. 

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - Backlinks

Mama Earth has been gaining the same amount of backlinks as they have lost except in March where they lost a significant number of backlinks and experienced a hike in May. 

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - new and lost

Business and industry as well as internet and telecom are the two key sectors that make up the majority of Mama Earth’s backlinks. Others include shopping, arts and entertainment, web services, and more.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - reffring doamins

Mama Earth’s Social Media Strategies

Mama Earth’s Instagram Strategies

Mama Earth’s Instagram account has over a million followers as of July 2022. 

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - Instagram bio

These are the different kinds of posts you can find on their Instagram account

Influencer-based: They collaborate with influencers to increase their reach and get first-hand reviews to influence their followers.

Product-based: they also have posts that talk about their products and their specialisations. 

The engagement rate of Mama Earth’s Instagram page is 0.15% and receives an average of 1,610 likes and 43 comments.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - Instagram engagement

Mama Earth’s Facebook Strategies

Mamaearth first concentrated on client acquisition because it is a brand that prioritises digital media. Its customer base increased to 5 million during the first two years of operation, with Facebook playing a significant part in this growth.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - Fb bio

Mamaearth relies on Facebook Discovery Commerce solutions, which include targeted communication, dynamic advertising capabilities, real-time optimization and measurement, and flexibility across various mobile-first surfaces, to boost brand discoverability and company growth.

Mama Earth’s Google Ads Strategies

Mama Earth also uses Google Ads to get more visibility for its website. They have bid on 186 keywords to date, and received 218.9K traffic. According to the statistics below, you can see that they spend $319.2K on Google Ads.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies -Traffic

These are the following keywords and their positions. 

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - Keywords

In the graph below, you can see the paid search trends for Mama Earth.

Mama Earth's Digital Marketing Strategies - search trends

Mama Earth’s Target Audience

Mothers and their babies make up the majority of Mamaearth’s target audience. They also target women and teenage girls through their range of skin care products.

Mama Earth’s Best Campaigns

Beautiful is not how we look, instead, it is what we do.

Mamaearth has always thought that the decisions we make should be good ones. And the campaign actually accomplishes this goal. Mamaearth has established itself as a purpose-driven brand that rewards acts and gives customers a sense of belonging through #BeautifulInDeed. The brand movie follows a little girl as she discovers that what truly makes us beautiful are the things we choose to accomplish.

The movie does an excellent job of establishing the idea that true beauty is found in one’s actions rather than appearance. They inspired discussion among all age groups by narrating the tale of a young girl, and we also intend to give the term “beautiful” a deeper meaning.

Get to know more about Mamaearth’s Founder – an Indian Entrepreneur


Mama Earth used these strategies to protect and improve its reputation in the digital economy. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy for your company.

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