Male Fashion Influencers in India

Top 18 Male Fashion Influencers in India to Follow

Fashion is a trend, style lives within in a person. If you want to keep up with current Men's fashion, this blog will connect you with male fashion influencers in India who are always updating their style to reflect the hottest trends. The blog will also inspire you to update your wardrobe to reflect the latest fashions.

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India’s well-known Fashion Influencers and Bloggers have delighted millions of followers with their distinct flair. Here is a list of the top 18 fashion influencers to follow on Instagram in India.

In recent years, there’s been a sudden and dramatic rise in the popularity of male fashion bloggers and male fashion influencers in India. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the country, and it has surprised many people.

So, what’s behind this sudden rise? And what does it mean for the future of fashion in India?

A few factors have contributed to the rise of male fashion bloggers and influencers in India. Firstly, there’s been a dramatic increase in men interested in fashion and style. This is likely due, at least in part, to the growing influence of social media.

In the past, fashion was something that was largely restricted to women. But thanks to social media, men now see that they can also be fashionable.

Another factor is the growing number of men working in the fashion industry. In the past, this was a field that women dominated. But as more and more men enter the industry, they’re bringing a new perspective on fashion.

Finally, there’s been a change in the way that Indian men view fashion. In the past, fashion was seen as frivolous and not worth paying attention to. But now, more and more men are beginning to see fashion as a way to express themselves and their individuality.

Male Fashion Influencer- Gif

As the number of male fashion bloggers and influencers continues to grow, we’ll likely see even more changes in how fashion is viewed in India. This is an exciting time for the country’s fashion industry, and it will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few years.

Top 18 Male Fashion Instagram Influencers in India

You’d be wrong to claim that women are in charge of the fashion industry, especially considering that these top 18 male fashion bloggers in India have certainly stepped up their style game and made it one to be reckoned with. Following them will help you improve your dressing sense in the most effective way possible. Their avant-garde style will blow your mind the moment you lay eyes on it.

Male Fashion Influencer India - Illustration

Does the term “Male Fashion Influencer” sound strange to you? When we think of fashion, our minds immediately associate it with things like dresses, attractive women, full lips, shimmering eyes, stunning stilettos, etc. However, Generation Y has successfully defied this stereotype. Although women continue to hold the majority of leadership positions in the fashion industry, men are quickly gaining ground. The men’s fashion marketplace has been completely disrupted by various bizarre styles and looks that make statements.

SI No.NameInstagramFollowers
1.Usaamah Siddique@usaamahsiddique99.8K followers
2.Akshay Sharma@xshaysharma38.5K followers
3.Jatinn Jay@thestyledoodler152K followers
4.Tejeshwar Sandhoo@blueberryblackout115K followers
5.Karron S Dhingrra@theformaledit713K followers
6.Allen Claudius@bowtiesandbonesblog22.3K followers
7.Shakti Yadav@thefebruaryboy107K followers
8.Parakram SJB Rana@parakramrana72.3K followers
9.Param Sahib@parambanana55.3K followers
10.Ranveer Allahbadia@ranveerallahbadia543K followers
11.Abhinav Mathur@abix135K followers
12.Nikhil Kandhari@iamnkhl66K followers
13.Sandeep Rai@basicallymenz79K followers
14.Dhruv Madan@dhruvmadanofficial15.8K followers
15.Arpit Pahwa@arpitpahwa10K followers
16.Amaan Armaan Vivek@soboguys73.1K followers
17.Arshad Ahmed@iamarshd31.5K followers
18.Karan Menghani@karanmenghani20.9K followers

1. Usaamah Siddique

Male Fashion Influencer - Usaamah Siddique

Usaamah Siddique, the founder of The Dapper Label, has truly captured our attention in the first look with how he is redefining the fashion for Indian men. His blog is a significant wellspring of ideas for anybody interested in stepping up their style game.

He does this regularly and shares ideas for outfits, advice on accessorising, and takeaway looks. It would help if you didn’t miss out on following him because he’s one of India’s most influential men’s fashion bloggers. His food and travel posts are a welcome bonus.

When he decided to launch his own blog, he was a degree holder from Bombay, working for a celebrity stylist. Currently, Usaamah runs his label known as The Dapper Label, the name of his blog. In addition, he has worked with various internationally renowned fashion brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein, and many other names.

The topics of his regular posts are all about accessorising and putting together outfits. In addition to that, he shares pictures from his travels as well as the culinary experiences he has had. His advice on dressing is offbeat and simple, and anyone can put it into practice.

Choosing the appropriate outfit (you can’t just wear anything when 76.5k people are following you!), linking it with the best and modest accessories, and selecting the right destination are all key factors that keep his posts relevant to his followers. His posts surely show the effort that goes behind becoming an influencer.

2. Akshay Sharma

Male Fashion Influencer - Akshay Sharma

The only word that adequately describes his manner is “unique.” His sense of style is not afraid to take risks, is audacious, and is what the majority of us call “unconventional.” One of the most influential male fashion bloggers of our time, he is known for his unconventional experiments with formal and casual attire.

In many of his outfits, he has also played around with different types of makeup and undergarments and pulled off each look.

You only need to look at Akshay to realise that this man can pull off any look imaginable. This guy has unconventional style advice and ideas you should diligently follow if you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

On the other hand, he didn’t have an easy road to travel to get where he is now. Before Akshay decided to work on himself and get over his low self-esteem, he went through a rough breakup and struggled with his body image and mental health issues for a long time.

That’s the kind of pick-me-up we’d all give our hearts for! We can’t deny that Akshay Sharma’s style has caught our attention, and it doesn’t matter whether he is wearing a beach or a formal outfit. If you want to try some unconventional styles, you have no choice but to take his advice and follow in his footsteps.

Because of his eccentric sense of style, he is one of the most influential male fashion bloggers, and you should follow him to get the kind of ideas you need.

3. Jatinn Jay

Male Fashion Influencer - Jatinn Jay

We are completely blown away by his sense of fashion; Jatinn Jay has to be on the list of the best Indian men’s style bloggers because the way he dresses is an excellent example of how to wear today’s trendiest looks.

A fashion stylist by trade who is passionate about street style; if you want to improve your wardrobe, you should follow him.

4. Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Male Fashion Influencer - Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Sandhoo came up with the idea for Blueberry Blackout while working on an assignment that required him to locate a male fashion influencer. What surprised Sandhoo was the fact there were not many of these individuals. That point marked the beginning of his journey.

Sandhoo, who had been harassed because of his sexuality since a young age, disclosed his orientation to his family for the first time when he was sixteen. His sister has been the person who has helped him the most throughout his life.

She has been there for him no matter what, and he often thinks fondly of her. Sandhoo is an outspoken member of the LGBTQ community, which inspired him to use fashion as a tool for rebellion. He thinks that sexuality and fashion are two sides of the same coin. In addition to that, he was considered for the Cosmopolitan award.

Tejeshwar Sandhoo’s outfits are exactly what you require for a total change in your wardrobe. The point is to experiment, and he has unquestionably nailed every look featured on his feed. His Instagram feed is guaranteed to blow your mind, and we can’t stop drooling over his incredible sense of style. Follow him to get the latest takeaway that looks appropriate for almost any situation.

5. Karron S Dhingrra

Male Fashion Influencer - Karron S Dhingrra

When discussing the most influential male fashion bloggers in India, we can’t leave out Karron S. Dhinggra because he has the kind of style and edgy looks that can serve as inspiration for day-to-day outfits.

He can help you achieve any look you want, from casual to formal, and everything in between. Experimentation is the key, and he has mastered it, which is one of the reasons we are so taken with his sense of style.

He began his career as a corporate attorney but has since transitioned into a full-time professional role as a lifestyle influencer and fashion stylist. Karron is among the most watched male fashion influencers in India.

He has 242k followers on Instagram, making him one of India’s highest followed male fashion influencers. Karron frequently advises his young audience on the type of fashion that they can choose to wear to give an edge to their charisma.

His primary area of expertise is business attire, and in addition, he offers advice on low-cost grooming hacks and the most recent fashion trends. He opposes the idea that grooming is something that only applies to women and abides by the belief that “when you look better, you feel good!” In honour of his contributions to the fashion world in 2019, he was honoured with the title “Leading Fashion Influencer.”

6. Allen Claudius

Male Fashion Influencer - Allen Claudius

Allen worked in the business world for nine years before realising that working as a fashion influencer was his true calling. Following this, he concluded that he would produce content for himself through his loneliness.

His dog, Scratch, inspired the name of his Instagram account, Bowties and Bones. You will notice that one thing consistent throughout his (amazing) feed is reality; he makes fashion look like something that you and I can both do with ease!

Allen claims that the idea of “fashion” first came to him due to his mother’s efforts to ensure that both he and his brother were appropriately dressed.
Allen is a huge fashionista who owns fifty pairs of sneakers.
His collection includes the most recent Kendrick Lamars as well as Yeezys. On the other hand, he always keeps 50 pairs on hand, and if the total number of pairs exceeds that, he gives some of them away.

The Instagram profile of Allen Claudius is a delight for anyone who has an interest in fashion because his feed is filled with posts on fashionable outfits, accessories, and, of course, SNEAKERS!

When it comes to cutting-edge men’s fashion, his blog, Bowties and Bones, is unquestionably among the most influential fashion blogs online. Follow him to get inspiration for your style and plenty of travel posts.

7. Shakti Yadav

Male Fashion Influencer - Shakti Yadav

We consider Shakti Yadav, also known as “The February Boy,” to be the person who most effectively redefined the urban look for us; his impeccable fashion sense has completely won our hearts.

Shakti’s website is undoubtedly one of the best male fashion blogs to draw inspiration from because it both curates looks that are currently on trend and experiments with fashion in the best way possible.

8. Parakram SJB Rana

Male Fashion Influencer - Parakram SJB Rana

Rana is an extremely well-known lifestyle and fashion blogger who is known for having styled several Bollywood celebrities. His incredibly adaptable sense of style has attracted the attention of many young people, both male and female, and he is a bona fide celebrity on Instagram.

The topics he covers in his posts include travel, family life, fashion, and advice on beauty and grooming. He was born in Nepal and came from a royal family that has been there for generations. He is an unwavering believer that street style is here to stay and emphasises comfortable clothing choices.

Additionally, he has worked together with several industry heavyweights, including Tommy Hilfiger, Hermes, Amazon Fashion, and Jimmy Choo, to name a few.

In addition to being a blogger, he is also a popular fashion stylist and has previously held a position as a fashion trainee at Vogue. In addition to that, he is an outspoken part of the LGBTQ community.

9. Param Sahib

Male Fashion Influencer - Param Sahib

Out of the Box and Quirky are two words that, when combined, provide the most accurate description of Param Sahib’s sense of style. An avid follower of men’s fashion who also runs his clothing line under the name “Param Sahib Clothing,” he serves as a source of motivation for many people.

Param Sahib is the top fashion blogger to follow if you’re interested in experimenting with male fashion takeaway styles because he consistently posts on-trend.

10. Ranveer Allahbadia

Male Fashion Influencer - Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer is a prominent figure in the world of online physique and fashion, and he has amassed a massive following of more than 3 million people across the platforms of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Check out his fitness-oriented channel on YouTube, which goes by the name “BeerBiceps.”

Later, he expanded his YouTube channel to include content in various genres, including fashion, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. In addition, he is a co-founder of the digital media firm known as “Monk-E,” which offers services including media consulting, influencer marketing and branding.

In addition, it offers back-end support to many of the most prominent digital content producers in India. In addition, Cosmopolitan India has recognised him as the “Best Fashion Blogger 2019” for the award he has received.

A youth icon, a fitness expert, an entrepreneur, and a fashion icon all rolled into one! Is there anything at all that you feel is lacking about this individual?
Ranveer disproves the conventional wisdom that a man’s closet consists solely of jeans and t-shirts. He believes that one should experiment with various fashions until one discovers the look that complements their personality the most.

Then one should begin to make small adjustments to that look as well. This is the mantra that he repeats to himself to generate content.
He is known to wear a wide variety of clothes, and his attire typically ranges from bright and formal to that of a casual nature. Following the encouraging response he received, he changed his mind and decided to investigate Instagram as well. Originally, he intended to launch a channel on YouTube to document his journey toward better health and fitness.

He is frequently seen in sherwani and kurtas. Monk Entertainments is a 360° creative media organisation that works in various verticals, such as digital talent management, social media management, and other similar fields. He is one of the company’s co-founders. In addition, he has worked together with a large number of artists from other countries.

11. Abhinav Mathur

Male Fashion Influencer - Abhinav Mathur

This fashion influence will have your heart, and you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from his Instagram feed. Abhinav Mathur has completely reimagined men’s fashion, which is something that we can’t deny.

Do Follow him to get ideas for what to wear every day because his curated set of looks includes everything from casual attire to formal wear. Because of his eccentric sense of style, we have no choice but to include him on our list of India’s most influential male fashion bloggers.

12. Nikhil Kandhari

Male Fashion Influencer - Nikhil Kandhari

His fashion-related interest began to develop during his time at college when he took part in several fashion shows held in conjunction with various college cultural events and even won a few awards.

This influenced him to pursue a career in the fashion industry full-time. As a result, he is now a fashion designer and consultant, in addition to being a musician and blogger on the side.

Although he typically uses his own iPhone, he frequently collaborates with Mohit Varu to capture the perfect shot. His Instagram followers are insane, and he has also been interviewed for various fashion blogs and magazines.

Nikhil is more interested in street fashion and makes it a point to make sure that the content he creates is always unique compared to that of his contemporaries. The London College of Style awarded him a diploma in fashion styling when he attended there.

Nikhil’s incredible fashion sense and impeccable taste will undoubtedly inspire you to make some changes to your own wardrobe.

13. Sandeep Rai

Male Fashion Influencer - Sandeep Rai

Sandeep is another ace attorney on the list, and in 2018, he launched the company Basicallymenz.’ As well as his enthusiasm for production, his success can be attributed to his interest in sartorial and vintage fashion.

Although he works with several brands, he is a one-person operation. Sandeep is responsible for every aspect of the planning and execution of his shoots, and he has even taught himself how to use various editing softwares to produce superior photographs.

In an interview with a well-known online publication, Sandeep admitted that he needs to plan his shoots and partnerships because he tends to be a control freak. This explains why he feels the need to organise everything in advance.

The fact that Sandeep has a deep-seated commitment to being genuine is what sets his feed apart from others. He doesn’t endorse any brands or participates in any snaps that he does not feel are in line with who he is because he does not do either of those things. He approaches each assignment with an open mind and an eye for creative potential, and the results can be seen throughout his posts.

14. Dhruv Madan

Male Fashion Influencer - Dhruv Madan

Because that’s how he rolls, Dhruv Madan is not only one of the most successful male fashion bloggers in India but also a Fitness Consultant and nutritionist. We can’t get enough of his edgy yet sophisticated sense of style, which he always keeps looking fresh.

If you want to try out the best looks, you should imitate him and follow in his footsteps because they are worth stealing.

15. Arpit Pahwa

Male Fashion Influencer - Arpit Pahwa

You can get some ideas for what to wear daily by following Arpit Pahwa, whose style is simple but distinctive. His carefully curated takeaway looks include everything you have been searching for.

A new account to gaze forward to, which, when it arrives, will provide you with some big fashion goals.

16. Amaan Armaan Vivek

Male Fashion Influencer - Amaan Armaan Vivek

We are COMPLETELY in agreement that the number three is superior to the number one. Specifically, we are referring to this ideal combination of the top three male fashion bloggers who are hogging all of the attention.

The Sobo Guys — Amaan, Armaan, and Vivek — have a sense of style that has impressed all of us. If you follow their profile on Instagram, which features a feed that is both visually appealing and full of style ideas, then you will never be behind on the latest fashion trends.

17. Arshad Ahmed

Male Fashion Influencer - Arshad Ahmed

A look so distinctive that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it – Arshad Ahmed has unquestionably rethought our understanding of what constitutes “style” across the board, from formal to casual attire.

If you are interested in trying something new, he is the ideal influencer to follow so that you can keep up with the most recent developments in men’s fashion. You have to let this one serves as a source of fashion inspiration for you.

18. Karan Menghani

Male Fashion Influencer - Karan Menghani

Karan Menghani can pull off any look, from edgy and hipster to laid-back and relaxed. You have to look at his feed to get unique ideas for your style that you can steal from others.

Follow him for styling tips and looks that will make you want to experiment RIGHT AWAY if you want your curiosity to stay intact. His feed is interesting enough to keep your curiosity about staying current with fashion styles, and he has to be considered one of the most influential male fashion bloggers.

Here’s how the evolution of Men’s fashion changed over time

Male Fashion Influencer India- Conclusion Image
Source – five 5


Male fashion bloggers and male fashion influencers in India are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great source of inspiration for Indian men who want to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

These bloggers and influencers often collaborate with leading brands and designers to promote their products and looks. In addition to providing fashion tips and advice, they also serve as excellent role models for Indian men who want to aspire to a stylish lifestyle.

We hope our top 18 list of male fashion bloggers and male fashion influencers in India has inspired you to start following some of these stylish men. Online digital marketing training is available in the market to help you upskill your knowledge in this field. If you would like to know more about the trending fashion influencers in the industry check out this blog.

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