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Top 20 Makeup Influencers on Instagram in India

Discovering different looks on yourself and experimenting with new advances in makeup are sure shot ways to demonstrate self-care and confidence. If you love to experiment with new beauty trends, this blog will inspire you with the top Indian influencers flawless makeup skills.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of fashion and style bloggers to assist you in finding your ideal image. Start your blog about makeup and cosmetics if you feel so inclined. We have combined a list of the top 20 Indian makeup bloggers and influencers in India for you. 

If we talk about Indian Makeup Bloggers and Influencers, our blog must be about makeup bloggers and influencers on Instagram. They have amassed significant influence recently and emerged as the go-to authority for young women and adolescents.

Every person has untapped beauty within them; all it takes is the right catalyst to reveal it. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of specialists with relevant expertise. Top Indian beauty makeup influencers on Instagram use their skills to inspire their followers to improve their appearance. Makeup tutorials, home remedies for blemish-prone skin, and product recommendations from these individuals significantly impact a wide audience. Furthermore, due to their extensive followings, makeup influencers act as a brand’s entry point to consumers.

Several factors have combined to make India a huge market for cosmetics and hygiene products. Social media has undoubtedly contributed to the country’s current ranking of #4 in terms of revenue ($22.3M). 

Indian makeup influencers use both local and international brands in their work. Indian beauty influencers regularly share their content online, potentially trying to reach hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, cosmetics lines from style icons are often launched in conjunction with brands looking for spokespeople.

Even though these digital content creators are not professional beauty experts or makeup artists, they still manage to amass a sizable fan base thanks to their refreshingly honest approach to the beauty industry. Similarly, beauty influencers frequently use social media to maintain engagement with their audience by talking to them, answering questions, etc.

Makeup blogger and Influencer Image

Their followers and the companies that want to work with them are hungry for beauty influencers in the Indian market. For what reason is this happening? 

Mostly, these influencers are regular people who have built a following by projecting an image of trustworthiness and approachability; as a result, their audiences pay attention when they promote specialized products, often leading to increased sales.

Famous and widely followed top 20 Indian makeup bloggers and influencers are compiled here.

Those with a sizable online beauty community are called “makeup influencers.” They have considerable sway over the purchases of cosmetics and beauty services made by their devoted fans. This is because they can capture and maintain the attention of their target demographic.

 They may provide makeup how-to’s, tutorials, reviews, and endorsements through their blogs, vlogs, videos, and other social media content. 

Top 20 Indian Makeup Bloggers & Makeup Instagram Influencers

Here is the list of makeup influencers on Instagram to follow. Let’s get started!

SI No.NameInstagramFollowers
1.Mrunal Panchal@mrunu4.4M followers
2. Shreya Jain@shreyajain26456K followers
3.Deepika Makeup@deepikamakeupandhair111K followers
4.Parul Garg@parulgargmakeup2.5M followers
5.Kaushal@kaushal987K followers
6.Kritika Khurana Chhabra@thatbohogirl1.7M followers
7.Malvika Sitlani Aryan@malvikasitlaniofficial576K followers
8.Komal Pandey@komalpandeyofficial1.8M followers
9.Naina Ruhail@nainaruhail38.2K followers
10.Anmol Bhatia@anmolbhatia_1M followers
11.Vasudha Rai@vasudha.rai71.3K followers
12.Swati Verma@swativerma1.7M followers
13.Aashna Shroff@aashnashroff969K followers
14.Fizza Abdi@faby_makeupartist863K followers
15.Guneet Virdi@guneetvirdii23.8K followers
16.Leena Bhushan@facestoriesbyleenabhushan808K followers
17.Himanshi Tekwani@thatglamgirl__714K followers
18.Kriti Dhir@kritids672K followers
19.Bhumika Bahl@bhumikabahlofficial848K followers
20.Divya Sharma@divyamakeoversofficial67.3K followers

1. Mrunal Panchal

Makeup Influencer - Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal Panchal, aka “menu”, is a stylist and makeup artist from Gujarat, India. She is famous for showing off her stunning appearances on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. 

She started as a TikTok lip-sync artist, but after the app was taken down in India, she shifted her focus to Instagram as her primary social media platform. 

Mrunal is one of India’s most well-known top makeup bloggers and makeup influencers, and she has a passion for exploring the world. 

She frequently demonstrates how makeup is applied in various settings, such as photoshoots, movies, and other types of productions. On Instagram, Mrunal has amassed a sizable following of 4.1 million people. She has the finest engagement rate among her peers, which is 3.75%, even though she has a large audience base. 

The ratio between the number of likes and comments on her posts is 240 to 1, with an average of 154 thousand likes and 750 comments. F furthermore, to a mountain of content relating to makeup and beauty, Mrunal also has a sense of humor and will occasionally post humorously content on their website. 

The video clip featuring her boyfriend was viewed 29.3 million times by 22.6 million unique users and garnered 1.3 million likes and 3559 comments. Mrunal is also the owner of a channel on YouTube known as “Gujju Unicorn.” Her posting is about hair care tutorials, face care tutorials, seasonal skincare essentials, and travel vlogs on the platform she has reserved.

2. Shreya Jain

Makeup Influencer - Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain is a prominent makeup influencer, blogger and Youtuber and one of India’s most influential influencer on Instagram. Shreya had excellent taste in terms of her appearance and how she always kept herself groomed. 

During Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week, Shreya demonstrated her prowess as a stylist by creating stunning looks for her clients. In addition, she styled models for editorial photo sessions published in well-known women’s magazines.

 In her blog titled “beauty in the third world,” Shreya shares her insightful observations with her readers. 2010 marked Shyam’s introduction to the world of YouTube with the publication of her first video, “DIY facial mask-fuller earth (2010).” Since then, she has significantly increased her influence through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

The Indian beauty influencers on Instagram have amassed 456.6 thousand followers and a rate of engagement of 2.0 per cent. Her posts receive 8.9 thousand likes and ninety-five comments on average, bringing her total reach to 151.2 thousand. She provides her audience with content showcasing a wide range of different makeup looks, reviews, and recommendations of beauty products. 

Shreya’s bridal look is featured in the top reel, and the post that features it has received an overwhelming response, with 2.1 million views, 68.9 thousand likes, and 305 comments. In addition, the Influencer discusses topics such as chemical exfoliation, skincare routines and dupes, hairstyling, eye-styling, affordable products, do-it-yourself ideas, and other related topics.

 Aishwarya Rai, Shreya is well known for her ability to imitate the appearances of well-known Bollywood stars such as Priyanka Chopra. Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor, and Aishwarya Rai. 

3. Deepika Makeup

Makeup Influencer - Deepika Makeup

If you are sick of only seeing the lip shades that work well on white women, you should immediately follow Deepika’s Instagram page. She is an Indian makeup blogger who shares great advice on lipstick shades that work amazingly well on Indian skin. She provides incredible makeup tutorials that any Indian woman can follow and benefit from.

In addition to that, her Instagram is an excellent resource for finding understated, everyday looks. Deepika is the person to look up to if you want to learn how to pull off uncomplicated, modern, and wearable looks. Another one of her passions is wearing sarees, and if you visit her Instagram account, you will see some truly stunning outfits.

This is the place to be if you’re looking for makeup and fashion that puts comfort first and is designed with everyday activities in mind; in other words, if you want to look your best but still feel like yourself.

4. Parul Garg

Makeup Influencer - Parul Garg

On Instagram, Parul has 2.3 million followers, and the engagement rate for those followers is 1.9%. The vast majority of her posts include content relating to Indian street fashion, bridal sarees, jewellery, makeup, and photoshoots. Karva Chauth and Diwali are two examples of well-known Indian celebrations reflected in Parul’s makeup and clothing options. 

The makeup Influencer never fails to deliver fresh and engaging content every week, which is one of the reasons why Internet users adore Parul’s videos. The first video that loads when you visit her Instagram account is of a joyful couple getting married. The video was viewed 1.7 million times by unique users and received 2.7 million plays overall. Additionally, it received 283 comments and 117 thousand likes.  

An educator, Makeup artist, and former lawyer Parul Garg hails from the city of Gurgaon in the Indian state of New Delhi. She provides services that span India and the rest of the world in makeup and hairstyling. Her services include makeovers in addition to bridal, style, occasional, and editorial makeup applications. 

Her client base has praised Parul for her capacity to make them look gorgeous on their special day by concealing blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, patchy skin, and blemishes on their faces. This is something that Parul does exceptionally well. 

Parul can comprehend their requirements, which enables her to devise individualised approaches to beauty care for every happy event. Her work has appeared in well-known publications such as the Hindustan Times, Times of India, and Deccan Chronicles because she is one of India’s most influential beauty bloggers. 

In addition, Malaika Arora, Amisha Patel, and Karishma Kapoor, all well-known figures in the Bollywood entertainment industry, were the ones to bestow awards upon Parul. The doyen also operates an academy where she teaches students how to self-groom and professional makeup and hairstyling techniques.

5. Kaushal

Makeup Influencer - Kaushal

She is one of the most skilled makeup bloggers and makeup influencers in the area, and her work ranges from teaching fundamental makeup techniques to developing stunning and intricate looks. Her videos are highly entertaining, and she takes every opportunity to play up the desi girl in her.

Kaushal is the beauty blogger you should look up to if you want to try out some daring color combinations. She frequently creates looks that are extremely dramatic and eye-catching, as well as extremely trendy, without going to extremes. Check out the products she recommends if you are looking for a glittery eyeliner in a deep purple hue just right for you—her Instagram account doubles as an excellent travel diary.

6. Kritika Khurana Chhabra 

Makeup Influencer - Kritika Khurana Chhabra

After we have fully accepted all of the ridiculous beauty standards, there are times when we stand in front of the mirror and view ourselves through the lens of those same standards. When we have low self-esteem, it ripples through our entire lives and affects everything we do. 

The same thing transpired with Kritika Khurana, also known as the bohemian girl, but she worked hard to turn anything around and was successful in doing so. The Indian makeup Influencer, travel blogger, and YouTuber Kritika Khurana are among the most influential in her field. On June 19, 1993, Kritika entered New Delhi’s world. 

The Boho Girl, the fashion and lifestyle blog she maintains, is largely responsible for her rise to prominence on the Internet.

The Instagram account of the woman, who is 27 years old, has more than 1.7 million followers. She uses it to communicate with her audience by posting photographs of her fashion trends, tutorials, beauty tips, and travel adventures. Amazingly, her Instagram profile has an engagement rate of 11%, which reflects the relationship she has indeed been capable of keeping with her viewer and how much investment they have in her. 

Her audience is very interested in her. The highlight reels produced by Indian makeup influencers are frequently featured in the trending section and easily accumulate more than one million views. The standard of the content she posts is never boring and consistently exceeds that of the one that came before it in terms of quality. 

Because of this, she is extremely well-liked among audiences and brands interested in forming collaborations. In addition, Cosmos India bestowed upon her their “Lifestyle of the Year” award.

7. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Makeup Influencer - Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Malvika Sitlani Aryan is a prominent beauty influencer with many followers on both YouTube and Instagram. She is a formidable force to be reckoned with who helps brands establish their reputation by creating new, significant, and popular stuff.

Malvika has many ways of introducing her beauty in makeup to the crowd.

She can effectively interface with influencer marketing using simple depictions, witty inscriptions, and step-by-step instructions.

Malvika has actively pursued any form of hence; she became obsessed with make-up and soon began creating material on the subject. Her YouTube account currently has 576K subscribers.

Her love of makeup inspired her to create her amazing image, Masic perfection. She has been spotted wearing NYKAA, Smashbox, Elle India, The Face Shop India, Loreal, Nudestix, and Dyson.

Her featuring achievements are Malvika prepared her path to grandeur by exhibiting in the first season of India’s Next Top Model and Lakes Femina Miss India 2013 and then performing in Meri Pyari Bindu.

8. Komal Pandey

Makeup Influencer - Komal Pandey

The fashion industry has unquestionably been disrupted as a direct result of Komal Pandey’s remarkable transformation throughout her lifetime. It is fun for Komal to try out new hairstyles and makeup looks, and she can style a single piece of clothing in ten different ways. 

Recently, Komal has been experiencing a healthy dose of self-assurance, and it’s clear that her approach to beauty is capturing the attention of many admirers. She is not afraid to take risks with her already-head-turning wardrobe choices. Her films are about how to present oneself in the most flattering light and dress appropriately for the occasion. 

The level of engagement achieved by Komal Pandey is 7.09 per cent. She frequently discusses the significance of proper skincare care products. Also, She recommends the appropriate products for you to use in her reels, etc., which is one of the reasons why she is featured in the trending section on occasion. She has launched several products in collaboration with well-known beauty companies. 

Furthermore, as one of the most popular makeup influencers on Instagram in India, whatever she uses or wears, becomes a popular choice for everyone. The fact that her videos have over 5 million plays and thousands of comments is just further evidence of this.

9. Naina Ruhail

Makeup Influencer - Naina Ruhail

This handle belongs to Naina Ruhail, the person who posts under it. Naina, based in Delhi, is an excellent bridal stylist who creates splendid looks. 

Nevertheless, that is not the only area in which she excels Naina is a multitalented makeup blogger who is equally adept at applying makeup for weddings as she is at creating traditional sporty looks, adventurous looks and feminine looks. 

The concept of “clean beauty” is at the centre of her work as the founder of Vanity Wagon. If you are a mother, you will love her style because she manages to be chic and age-appropriate. She always highlights looks that are comfortable to wear in real life. If you are a mom, you are going to adore her style.

10. Anmol Bhatia

Makeup Influencer - Anmol Bhatia

Many women find that applying makeup helps them feel more confident. Likely, many of you have never left the house without at least some trace of makeup on your face. Most women do not feel comfortable letting anyone see them until they’ve first applied makeup. 

Even though many women acknowledge that wearing makeup helps them feel confident, many other women think they don’t need to wear much of it. 

Because of this, the amount of makeup a woman needs to wear to feel confident is highly variable from one person to the next. It would help if you had a comprehensive understanding of it to have a sense of how much would look good on you or how to apply it most effectively. Anmol may be the best make up influencer and makeup blogger to guide you through that process.

Anmol Bhatia was a celebrity on the Indian platform TikTok. She is a model who has made several appearances in various videos. She has an incredible personality to go along with her stunning good looks and adorable grin. She is now well-known among the most prominent Indian beauty influencers. 

She is an influencer who posts tutorials, suggestions, and recommendations regarding cosmetic products, as well as a variety of styles that you can draw inspiration from. She has a following of one million people and an engagement rate of 0.84%, which results in an incredible number of views for her reels. You can find some incredibly helpful information on her Instagram, so check it out.

11. Vasudha Rai

Makeup Influencer - Vasudha Rai

The former makeup director of Harper’s Bazaar India is named Vasudha Rai. Currently, you can find her writing columns for both Vogue India and The Hindu. You can seek her assistance if you have questions regarding current skincare treatments or if you need assistance choosing the appropriate lipstick to complement your skin tone.

Her Instagram account is a great resource for reviewing products. You will be able to locate many high-quality beauty products that may not be widely known, and she will always present her opinions in a balanced manner. 

However, she also writes reviews of products sold in drugstores, and her primary focus is on finding beauty and natural skincare products. 

12. Swati Verma

Makeup Influencer - Swati Verma

Make-up artist Swati Verma is known all over the world for her work. After completing her education in London, she returned to India to launch her own company. She has learned a great deal from some of the most accomplished people in the field. 

The eye makeup skills that Swati possesses are unparalleled. She has established her mettle by displaying her talent in front of illustrious customers and producing jaw-dropping results regarding their complexions. She takes great joy in her work with brides and hopes to serve as a role model for women worldwide. 

Swati takes great pride in preparing her clients for the important events in their lives. She instructs future generations of makeup artists all over India by holding master classes at various locations. One of the most influential people in Indian beauty culture teaches her students about draping, changing nail polish, hair styling, airbrush, and guest makeup. 

Her students also have the opportunity to learn these skills. Swati Verma has 869 thousand loyal followers on Instagram, giving her an engagement rate of 0.8%. She disseminates information on beauty hacks, makeup advice, hairstyling methods, and colour combinations, among other topics. In addition, she maintains a blog that keeps her readers abreast of the most recent developments in the cosmetics and beauty industry. 

According to our research findings, each post on Swati reaches an average of 210.2 thousand users. The doyen’s top reel provides a sneak peek at some of her forthcoming product launches. Up to this point, the video has received 34.3K likes, 749 comments and 394,5K views. 

13. Aashna Shroff

Makeup Influencer - Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff is regarded as one of the most notable makeup blogger and make up influencers in India because she is as genuine as one can be, offers wonderful advice or recommendations that are friendly to one’s wallet, interacts with her audience, and provides answers to any questions that her followers may have. 

Her feed is meticulously crafted to give her audience an incredible experience while navigating through it. She has a following of 938k, and her videos receive an average of 25.3k views each. Be sure to give her a follow on that account!

14. Fizza Abdi

Makeup Influencer - Fizza Abdi

The work of the Indian makeup artist Fizza Abdi, known for creating content related to makeup, transformation, skin care, hairstyle, and eye makeup, among other topics, is relatively unknown. Fiza has been chosen to represent some of the most prestigious fashion and lifestyle brands throughout her career because she is admired for the audacity of her appearance, sense of style, and personality. 

She has amassed a devoted following on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube by serving as an example to others and encouraging them to pursue their interests. On Instagram, Fiza HD has amassed 876 thousand followers. She regularly posts fresh material on her channel, which has resulted in a 1.5% engagement rate among her audience. 

Tutorials on nail arts, makeovers, skincare routines, and other aspects of beauty Assam of the content that Fiza posts consistently. In addition, she is someone who takes an interest in physical exercise and stresses the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Most of her spare time is spent exercising at the gym or practicing yoga. 

Fiza’s content has the potential to reach 241,500 users on Instagram due to her status as one of the most influential Indians in the beauty industry. Her posts garnered an average of 12.9 thousand likes and 85 comments each (like to comment ratio stands at 153: 1). 

When it comes to successfully communicating with her audience, Reels delivers a strong performance. The profile receives an average of 73.7 thousand views due to the medium. The Fiza personal transformation makeup reel was a huge success, evidenced by its 2.6 million views, 101 thousand comments, and 146 comments. 

The doyen can also be found posting videos on YouTube, where he has over 201,000 subscribers.

15. Guneet Virdi 

Makeup Influencer - Guneet Virdi 

Guneet is a well-known wedding and celebrity makeup artist based in the Delhi-National Capital RegiShe for providing nail services, draping, party makeup, wedding makeup, bridal makeup, and airbrush makeup. She is also skilled in caring for and styling hair. 

Guneet can help its customers stand out from the crowd by providing them with unique makeover solutions. She makes her customers look stunning for any event by working her magic with every stroke of the brush, every lash, and every ounce of mascara. The art of drawing attention to one’s most attractive facial features to create a glamorous appearance is the key to Guneet’s success. 

The Bombay Times has, on multiple occasions, run articles featuring the most influential figure in Indian beauty culture. On Instagram, Guneet has amassed an impressive following of 850 thousand people. Her engagement rate is 2.7%, which is based on the fact that she typically receives 22.5 thousand likes and 180 comments (a ratio of 82 to 1) on her posts. 

She keeps a healthy balance between posting videos and still images on her Instagram account. Her Instagram handle receives an average of 191.8 thousand views thanks to the dynamic graphic medium. She also uses reels to showcase her ability to apply makeup and wear fashionable outfits. 

The most recent post that Guneet has shared on her account is a carousel that shows an influencer donning a dress in pastel colours. Within the first hour, the content was liked 5,426 times and had 89 people comment on it.

16. Leena Bhushan

Makeup Influencer - Leena Bhushan

Make-up artist Leena Bhushan is well-known for enhancing her client’s natural beauty, so they look their absolute best on the important days of their lives. The special day may be Valentine’s Day, a wedding ceremony, a reception party, or any other event with significant public attention. 

She also possesses a keen sense of lifestyle and fashion and can put together the best outfit while providing her clientele with unparalleled styling tips. To introduce their bespoke makeup collection, renowned cosmetics companies such as Forever 52 have collaborated with Leena Bhushan. 

On Instagram, Leena has over 777 thousand followers and a remarkable engagement rate of 1.4%. At least two new posts are added to her Instagram feed daily. Her posts receive an average of 10.9k likes and 140 comments, maintaining a ratio of 13: 1 across the board. 

The topics of skincare, hairstyling and makeup predominate throughout Lenna’s content. Leena uploads pictures featuring newlyweds after she has worked her cosmetic magic on their appearance, just like any other expert Indian makeup influencer would. 

On average, the potential audience for Leena’s posts is approximately 265,2K users. The Instagram handle that the influencer uses, which belongs to Leena, has an even distribution of pictures and videos, which results in an average of 60.8 thousand views per video.

17. Himanshi Tekwani

Makeup Influencer - Himanshi Tekwani

The glam girl in question is known as Himanshi Tekwani in real life. She is well-known as a model and a reputed makeup blogger and makeup influencer on Instagram, in addition to being a YouTuber. Her husband, Rishi Athwani, is a popular figure on social media thanks to his funny, humorous videos, beauty advice, cosmetic tutorials, and lifestyle vlog

 In September 2016, Himanshi Tekwani began filming videos for her channel on YouTube; as of 2022, she has approximately 5 million subscribers. Additionally, she has 725k followers on Instagram. She has rapidly built a strong reputation as one of India’s most well-known social media megastars, and her number of followers is continuously growing. 

She has a 3.35 per cent engagement rate. Her reels are frequently featured in the trending section and frequently surpass the one million mark for views on ex- Her dancing video has more than 10 million views. Her audience is constantly in awe of her because she has an amazing personality full of fun and love, and each of her content pieces is of high quality. 

Many young women look up to her as a source of inspiration because they believe they, too, can begin their careers in the same manner as she did and eventually attain significant success. This account should be added to your follower list if you are interested in being attractive, maintaining a proper style, and finding entertainment on the side.

18. Kriti Dhir

Makeup Influencer - Kriti Dhir

Makeup is an artistic expression, and similar to many other forms of art, it is also a great deal of fun. You can experiment with a wide variety of looks by using cosmetics; you can also transform into a completely different person by using cosmetics or look different from the day before. 

This technique can be easily learned with patience and practice, and if something goes wrong while performing the process, you can always rinse the makeup off your face and begin the procedure again. 

However, to achieve perfect results every time, you will need to learn the technique, which is currently much simpler than ever before, thanks to the many Indian glamour influencers on Instagram who can teach you all the techniques creatively. Kriti Dhir is an example of such an influential person. 

Kriti Dhir is an artist who works in the Delhi area. She has been well-known for her beauty, as well as her talent and her sense of style. On Instagram right now, she is one of the most popular posts. She has many followers in India, most of whom follow her on Instagram. She updates her account with new videos and tutorials about her cosmetics routinely. 

She has a following of 661 thousand people and a fantastic engagement rate, easily getting her over two hundred thousand views. This article may be the best for you to read if you are looking for amazing makeup tips.

19. Bhumika Bahl

Makeup Influencer - Bhumika Bahl

Very few people who work in the fashion and glamour industry are unfamiliar with Bhumika Bahl. She hails from Ghaziabad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and works as a celebrity makeup artist, gemologist, image consultant, and grooming expert. She is famous for creating signature looks for well-known people and recently married couples. 

Bhumika will only use the finest items from well-known brands to ensure that this occasion is never forgotten. Bhumika, one of India’s most influential makeup influencers, possesses a refined set of skills in her arsenal. 

She is an expert in various fields, including lip care, makeup, jewellery, clothing, and hairstyles. 

In addition to that, Bhumika has been instrumental in the accomplishment of many people’s goals. She is responsible for establishing several online and offline classes and tutorials for aspiring makeup artists.

She discusses skin care, hair styling, shampoo, draping, nail care, extension application, and makeup tips and tricks during her lectures. On Instagram, Bhumika has amassed a sizeable following of 563 thousand people. 

She uses the channel to post updates, organise giveaways, and provide information about her work. a Bhumika has a whole engagement rate of 0.58%, with an average of 112 comments and 3,131 likes on her posts. The doyen updates her Instagram with at least three new posts each day, which brings a significant number of new followers to her handle.

20. Divya Sharma

Makeup Influencer - Divya Sharma

Do we not all crave a life that is uncomplicated and uncomplicated in its pleasures? 

This makeup Influencer has utilised it in makeup, and with a professional makeup artist, she ensures that her audience receives some value from following her. 

As a result, she teaches the fundamentals of perfecting hair, makeup, and other aspects of beauty through tutorials or reels that are easy to follow, uncomplicated, and straightforward to learn. 

By incorporating this component, she has been able to amass more than 226 thousand followers and an engagement rate of 4.53%. The number of times some of her reels have been viewed can sometimes reach 10 million, and they receive thousands of comments. Make sure you join her community to learn the proper techniques for applying makeup and other cosmetics.


As you can see, there is no shortage of fashion and style bloggers to assist you in finding your ideal image. Start your blog about makeup and cosmetics if you feel so inclined. Each makeup influencers have their own style and experiments with different products and their work will get you truly inspired to get started.

Makeup blogger and Influencer

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