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Mahavir Jayanti is an important religious festival celebrated by the Jain community to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir, the founder of Jainism. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion, and people indulge in various activities to commemorate the occasion. If you're looking for some social media post ideas to celebrate Mahavir Jayanti, we have listed top 10 social media post ideas.

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Mahavir Jayanti is an auspicious occasion celebrated by the Jain community to commemorate the birth of Lord Mahavir, the 24th and last Tirthankara of Jainism. 

It falls on the Hindu calendar’s 13th day of the Chaitra month, usually in April. 

But this year, we are celebrating on 4th April 2023.

This day is widely observed as jubilation by the Jain community with great enthusiasm.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 social media ideas for Mahavir Jayanti, where you can take the reference for engaging your audience with similar post designs.

10 Social Media Post Ideas for Mahavir Jayanti by Top Brands

1. Bandhan Bank

2. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

3. Prabhuji

4. Kidzee


6. Federal Bank Ltd

7. India TV

8. Shyam Steel Industries Ltd.

9. Khatabook

10. Asian Granito India Ltd.

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On the day of Mahavir Jayanti, people are encouraged to reflect on and aspire to his ideals of nonviolence, integrity, and self-control.

Let us promise to live our lives following his beliefs and share the message of peace and harmony on social media on this special day.

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