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LearnWorlds Review: Is It Worth It?

LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use eLearning platform used by instructors, schools, and businesses to create, share, and manage online learning content. Here's the Full LearnWorlds Review with pricing, integrations, alternatives and much more.

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If you are looking for a website or a platform where your online courses could shine, you could take a look at LearnWorlds.

In this LearnWorlds Review article, we provide you with an in-depth overview of the online platform, LearnWorlds. 

LearnWorlds is an incredible, simple-to-utilize, and dependable source of training for people and enterprises. It is a completely adaptable, white-label solution for training employees and partners, teaching clients, or offering online courses to a wide crowd.

This cloud-based e-learning platform provides professionals, training managers, and entrepreneurs with a custom-made solution tailored to meet their particular necessities. With LearnWorlds, you can get a group of specialists to help you accomplish your objectives. 

Who is LearnWorlds for?

If you are in search of an all-rounder platform online to create, sell and promote your online courses at a reasonable price, LearnWorlds is the one for you. This platform is the best for professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate training as well as e-learning companies. 

Based on our research on LearnWorlds, here is a preview of our findings.

TypeLearning management system
Starting price$29 per month
FeaturesSell online courses, bundles, and memberships, Course authoring, training, video learning,
CompetitorsTeachable,  KajabiPodia,  Thinkific

Top 5 Learning Management System (LMS) – Comparison

Tools and Ratings Top Features Price
  • Powerful Course Editor – Create unlimited courses, Unlimited students, 3 sites, create assistants, support, admins, and instructors ( powerful role editor)
  • PDFs, PPTs, Video, Audio, Gamification, SCORM, and Assignments.
  • In-Built Zoom Subscription – Get 300-500 participants per month for 100 sessions.
  • Powerful Payment Integrations – Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay (Only platform in the world that connects Razorpay – It’s an Indian Payment Gateway)
  • Create Automations by sending marketing emails and building marketing funnels that convert.
  • Built-In Affiliate tool to create unlimited affiliates for your courses.
Starts from 67$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account


  • Unlimited courses and Unlimited students
  • 2 Site admin accounts
  • Create Memberships sites and bundles 
  • Trigger Course Completion Certificates
  • Advanced Customization and Priority Support
  • Zoom integration is available but you need to pay for zoom separately, unlike Zenler
It starts from 99$/MonthAbove Plan, the most popular plan on the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
  • An amazing platform with pretty UI/UX
  • The highest plan has unlimited courses and unlimited students and sends marketing emails to your leads
  • Create membership sites with zero transaction fees.
  • Zoom integration is available but you need to pay for zoom separately, unlike Zenler
It starts from 79$/MonthAbove Plan, the most popular plan on the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
  • Unlimited Everything – emails, sales funnels, blogs, membership sites, file storage space, students.
  • Marketing automation with one click upsells and Order bumps
  • Powerful Payment Integrations – Stripe and Paypal Integration
  • Run your affiliate program
  • Maximum of 15,000 leads which is a downside on truly unlimited, unlike Zenler
  • It has cool features – Unlimited evergreen webinars – Build your evergreen webinars – it’s possible in Zenler too.
  • No Zoom Integrations.
It starts from 97$/MonthAbove Plan, the most popular platform plan and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account

  • Unlimited students, Unlimited courses, Memberships.
  • Unlimited Marketing Campaigns, Quizzes, Pipelines & Broadcasts, and Converting landing pages.
  • iOS & Android App available but not white labelled, if you want your own mobile app- you need to pay additional 299$/Month
Starts from 99$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account

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LearnWorlds Review: Why is it the best?

What I like about LearnWorlds:

  • Their UI and UX are highly advanced and simple to use
  • It is very interactive and engaging for the audience or students
  • It offers a good deal of sales tools, powerful analytics, and huge loads of combinations for third-party marketing tools
  • A seemingly unlimited number of courses can be created through LearnWorlds
  • You can plan and distribute sales pages and landing
  • Provides access to a simple-to-use course manufacturer
  • Uploading videos and teaching through uploaded video lessons have never been easier
  • Offers the access of providing students or audiences with digital downloads
  • With LearnWorlds, you can create, sell as well as promote courses and get digital products and memberships all at the same place.
  • For features so diverse, simple, and useful, LearnWorlds has an exceptionally low monthly charge.
  • Its holistic learning approach sets LearnWorlds apart from all of its competitors.
  • It provides you with engaging and interactive tools and enables online testing for you.
  • It offers an inherent social network 
  • It offers a customized web domain that you can create according to your taste
  • Provides you with mobile applications that are native and can be customized
  • It offers an absolute and ultimate white-label solution for training employees and partners, teaching clients, or offering online courses to a wide crowd
  • You can get an efficient and custom client service team all around the clock, at any time of your need
  • Custom expert team to help you achieve your specific goals and targets
  • It offers you grade book and video editors as well
  • Easy to build pages with more than 300 templates
  • Provides you with multiple options for payment
  • Supports multiple languages and options to localize

What I do not like about LearnWorlds:

  • It does not have challenging questions for students or audiences
  • It is difficult to track if all of the students are finishing the entire coursework and track down when someone is not doing it.
  • Its control panel has a little too many options, which can create confusion among people or learners without much knowledge about marketing and web designing.
  • Unclear and vague design for the pages that are cancelled
  • It does not provide a step-by-step approach for creating the sales funnel so that beginners might struggle with that part
  • Complicated marketing analytic data can be difficult to comprehend for a beginner
  • The gamification of the platform is not that impressive
  • It gets a little time-consuming to use at times
  • You need to add a person at least about 24 hours before you send him an email.
  • Software sometimes provides incorrect data and results
  • It does not come with options to organize files while uploading

LearnWorlds Features

1. Interface of LearnWorlds

After loading LearnWorlds’ dashboard for the very first time, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. The interface surely is not as minimalist as you would expect. But it won’t disappoint you once you figure out how it works.  

Look at the top and left-hand side corners (this is the most effortless approach). These are the spots where you can find all the fundamental tools so that you can use these tools as a base. For example, you will pick some basic critical functions such as “Create Course” and “Preview Page” from here.  

When you scan through the LearnWorlds dashboard, you will find textual and visual instructions with each step. This gives you extra support so you can get maximum benefits from the LearnWorlds site. 

Right below the “Active Learners” tab, you will be able to find out which of your students have signed in progressively. This lets you interact and engage with your learners directly on the spot while they are taking your course. You can keep an account of your sales projections and your income from the same dashboard. You can also view reports to show results over the week, the past 30 days, or 60 days. Identifying sales trends and patterns becomes easier than ever with this. Thus, with this information readily available, you would then be able to refine your marketing strategies. 

To warn you once more, the analytics section and data may seem a bit complicated at the beginning; yet as soon as you grasp the functions of the platform, it will become your finest reporting tool.

2. Course Creation Using LearnWorlds

How to Create an Online School

At the highest point of the dashboard, you will discover the “School wizard” section. Do not miss the chance to check this out before you start creating your own course. This takes you, step by step, through all the information you have to know. All things considered, setting up your school is generally very easy. You can do it in only two steps. In the first place, give your course a name, and afterwards, select your language, currency, and time zone.

As soon as you set up your online school, you can begin making your digital courses. Once you are done with that, you will be able to do the following things through the ‘Creation Wizard’:

  • Give a name to your created course
  • Create a customized URL for your course
  • Choose the ‘kind’ of the course that you wish to make, i.e. select whether it is a free or paid course, impending or an invisible draft, and so on.
  • If you want to create a paid course, you need to select a price for the course.
  • You have to upload an image or logo for your course
  • Set a layout describing your course

This may come off as a bit too complicated, but we can assure you that there is nothing to be worried about. The procedures of this online platform are exceedingly simple and easy to use. Learnworlds has ensured that it is basic for users, even if you do not have much prior experience. You can initiate your online courses and your journey of teaching online on LearnWorlds with your eyes closed. 

Learnworlds claims that their editing procedures are pretty simple as well. If you take a quick glance at a few client reviews on the internet, you can attest to that too. The simplified course builder and content importing tool make creating your online course undeniably easy. 

3. The Text Editor in LearnWorlds

Once you’ve figured out the basics, you can move on to the content tool, which is super simple to use, just like the other things on this platform. To the left side of the editor, you will discover the “Layout” option, which will help you design.

You can look through several smooth-looking formats and templates by clicking on the ‘Layout’ button. You can edit the colour of your background as well.

In order to add texts, simply double-tap the content fields. To see more information about your textual style or fonts and text choices, float over them, and instructions will show up. 

You can find the options of embedding codes and uploading video files on the right side of the editor.

It is worth noting that all of the plans from LearnWorlds include options to host unlimited videos. In case you are already storing your recordings somewhere else, you have nothing to sweat about because LearnWorlds works with a cloud-based video supplier.

4. Creating an Online Learning Experience Using LearnWorlds

As we have effectively alluded to, creating a unique online experience is where LearnWorlds’ learning management system (LMS) makes its mark. Here you will discover most of its student engagement and tools for interactivity, which include: 

  • A video player that enables interactivity among the students
  • Interactive and engaging e-books
  • Web-based testing of motors or engines

Now, let us have a look into more details surrounding the interactive and engaging video player. In case you are a teacher who needs to consider each kind of learning style, this tool is among the finest ones to use. You can use different interactive recordings or videos so that your students can engage outwardly, verbally, kinesthetically, and auditorily. Imagine how sleek that would be!

If you are wondering how it is done, it takes place with the help of:

  • Texts
  • Pop-ups
  • Navigating buttons
  • Attested polls, questionnaires, and appraisals/ assessments
  • Input to the previously mentioned polls and appraisals
  • Hyperlinks to outer URLs

These are, in fact, just about a few of the elements. 

Along with that, you can program your video recordings to pause at some particular points to have your students focus on something. You can also use this option to give them a second to think about a question you have asked them. 

LearnWorlds’ interactive eBook tool additionally lets you generate contents that can suit different types of learning styles. 

It also keeps your students engaged by letting them highlight different texts and give annotations when they are reading through your digital book. In addition to that, you can include questionnaires, polls, and evaluations within your eBooks, just like you did with your interactive video recordings.

As a matter of fact, these features of LearnWorld are very unique because you would not find other online learning platforms with interactive tools like these. For assessment or evaluating exams, you can take stand-alone tests here as well. It lies up to you if you want to inspect your learners toward the end of a module or a lesson or upon completing the course. You can store many inquiries in a ‘question bank,’ and afterwards utilize this asset to make secure, randomized tests. That indeed is very handy.

At the end of the courses, you can award your students with customized digital certificates with the help of an online testing engine from LearnWorlds. For example, you can customize and embed your logo, course name, as well as the date of issue. This feature makes your courses more personalized. 

Apart from the content formats that we have previously talked about, you can further engage with your students by uploading and using the following tools:

  • PDFs 
  • Text 
  • Sound documents
  • Inserted Google forms
  • Idea maps 
  • Picture sliders 
  • Connections to outside pages

With these tools, you can use whatever form of content your students would appreciate the most.

5. Create Membership in LearnWorlds

A membership site offers gated content that is only accessible by the subscribers. Rather than only selling off online courses, for instance, you can offer your learners, customers, or audience with paid memberships in return for getting offers, good deals, and a great community to network with. 

Here is how membership sites are considered and used:

  • Subscriptions: 

Membership sites basically work on subscriptions. A client pays a month-to-month expense, a programmed instalment unless they decide to drop it. They get access to your content through this plan.

  • Levels of Access:

Every subscriber is not the same. You can charge a standard fee for every member, but you can also arrange different levels of membership, such as premium, silver, bronze, etc. There are numerous arrangements for an effective membership site.

  • Community building and networking:

Another alternative to giving content is that you could utilize your membership site to improve your community by giving them premium advantages. By offering an online school with LearnWorlds, you can bring more paid subscribers to your community and give them added worth.

Making conversation in groups, networking opportunities, sharing updates, and making extraordinary arrangements inside your community can also help you sell other online and offline courses.

How to Setup a Membership Site with LearnWorlds?

Everything you’d need to make a membership site is totally within your grip; you just need to spare some time to set it up. After that, it is all in your ability to choose if you will be selling a community or start making content on a membership premise. 

In addition to that, you can start selling memberships while creating content and get paid for it. With LearnWorlds, you can create a membership site just with three simple steps:

Stage 1: Make a new preliminary and move up to upgrading into a premium account

Stage 2: Enable “membership only” school 

Stage 3: Create memberships

6. Marketing and Selling with LearnWorlds

Just like its rivals, LearnWorlds uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a tool for marketing. It’s pretty simple. The website uses:

  • The software has a very neat HTML code
  • Meta Tags that are website optimization based or SEO friendly
  • URLs that are website optimization based or SEO friendly
  • Keyword or catchphrase tools

These tools are the key to the platform’s SEO performance. In addition to that, in the event that you need to improve your organic outreach (which we expect you do), Learnworlds has you completely covered. 

Some other key selling and promoting highlights include: 

1. Membership of the executives: Offering clients a membership-based offering is probably the best way of earning consistent revenues.

2. Sales advancements: Hosting discounts for a limited time over and over is a proven method for boosting sales. You can focus on producing a sense of requirement or desire about your course and teachings that would make more people eager to take your course. This way, students willing to make the purchase would also be certain that they need to take the course. 

3. Coupon codes: LearnWorlds makes it simple for you to create coupon codes and offer them to your potential buyers. It’s up to you if you want to offer this by a percentage or a sum of money.

4. Offering free courses: Just as we have previously mentioned, you also have the option of providing your students with a ‘free’ course. If you are confused about whether you should do it, we can guarantee that this method can draw the attention of more potential customers. All things considered, everybody adores a free gift. A free course, even with smaller benefits than usual, is an incredible method of attracting more clients. This would give them a taste of how effective your paid courses are, which can turn them into your paid clients.

5. Drip content: This is a fabulous idea for getting and keeping your learners engaged with your content. Drip feeding your exercises or modules by gradually releasing them to your students can help you retain customers. 

6. Free Chapters: Providing your potential buyers with some free chapters rather than an entirely free course can also bring you, customers. You can offer a few chapters for free, so your customers would be prompted to purchase the rest of the course with money.

7. Personalized emails: You can customize your greetings and course fulfilment messages or emails for your students. Apart from that, you can also send other emails or messages from time to time or congratulate them on their progress. You can design your content according to your needs. 

8. Inherent Affiliate Management: With the help of LearnWorlds’ affiliate and commission tracking solution, you can have your affiliates sell and market your content or courses. That would undoubtedly boost your sales. You can find all the tools required for tracking affiliate sales, clicks and leads. You can also offer customized commission rates for higher-performing affiliates and access information to assess the achievement of your affiliate program.

7. Payment Processors in LearnWorlds

The online learning courses from LearnWorlds are quite affordable compared to most other online courses of similar types. 

We will be breaking down a few details about the paid courses. However, first and foremost, we want to point out that all of their bundles offer you the following highlights:

  • Limitless courses (you can make as numerous as you need) 
  • You can transfer recordings to your own video library 
  • Access to more than 400 responsive layouts 
  • Multilingual language customization 
  • Magic authoring
  • The theme editor and branding 
  • Complete creative liberty how you want to promote your brand
  • Pre-constructed disclaimers 
  • Font styles and customizations 
  • Prospect generation tools
  • Create course coupons, upsells, and bundles
  • An inbuilt social community 
  • Student profiles where learners can exhibit their activities, fundamental information, and accomplishments 
  • Your very own Daily Newspaper where you can choose articles and tweets to highlight
  • Access to intuitive Ebooks, the inquiry bank, tasks, tests, and an amazing Assessment Engine where you can deal with all your Certification requirements
  • Analytics of the learners to track their conduct, course progress, and completion
  • Transformation tracking for observing the accomplishment of your Facebook and AdWords crusades.

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans

1. The Starter Pack

This pack costs $29 each month or $24 per month if you go for the yearly plan. In addition to that, an extra $5 is paid each time you sell a course. Apart from the basic features that we have mentioned earlier, you will get:

  • One administrator account 
  • A customized domain
  • Pages Builders of three pages
  • Four installment doors 
  • Fundamental integrations
  • A free SSL endorsement 
  • Chances to drip feed courses 
  • Email client service team round the clock

2. The Pro Pack

This plan excludes the $5-course sale charge, however, it hops up to $99 each month or $79 per month when you pay on a yearly basis. 

You’ll get everything in the starter plan, including: 

  • No exchange expenses 
  • 5 administrator accounts/educators 
  • Limitless points of arrival 
  • A total web designer with a blog 
  • Membership and participation 
  • Clients can pay in portions 
  • A completely adjustable e-adapting course player 
  • An adaptable checkout page 
  • Custom endorsements 
  • SCORM/mixed media documents 
  • Affiliate management tools
  • Zapier and premium incorporations 
  • LW Academy 
  • An onboarding call
  • Email client service team around the clock

LearnWorlds Integrations

In case you want to make the best out of LearnWorlds, there are a lot of plugins that you can just install and use. If you want a specific marketing feature that is not available in LearnWorlds, you don’t have to worry because LearnWorlds allows you to use third-party integrations as well.

Here are some of the integrations that you can use with LearnWorlds:

  • Zapier
  • ReferralCandy
  • MailChimp
  • Google AdWords
  • Sumo
  • Intercom.io
  • Hubspot
  • FOMO
  • MixPanel
  • Ambassador
  • Norton
  • Shopping Guarantee
  • ZenDesk

Competitors of LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds has several competitors in the market, which are online Learning Management Systems as well. Among them, the most noteworthy ones are Teachable, Kajabi, Podia, and Thinkific

While all of these platforms can be alternatives to LearnWorlds, we highly recommend LearnWorlds as the better option. The pricing plans of the forum start from a very low range, given the fascinating features this platform provides you with. So, it offers great value for money.

Is LearnWorlds really for you?

After considering everything, LearnWorlds has tons to offer. If you are looking for a white-label training solution that can provide you with a countless number of great tools, LearnWorlds is the one for you. 

Its intuitive and engaging learning methods set it apart from its competitors since this platform is the only one that offers such a holistic approach.

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