Top lead generation strategies for b2b business

Top 10 Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Business

We all want more leads, but it can be hard to come up with a new strategy to reach more of them. The trick to creating new, unique ways to generate leads is to remember that different strategies work better with different target markets. covered under B2B business and last we will discuss the top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business which can be very useful if you are related to the same trade.

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We all want more leads, but it can be hard to come up with a new strategy to reach more of them. The trick to creating new, unique ways to generate leads is to remember that different strategies work better with different target markets.

So, today we are going to have a detailed discussion on what is B2B business and what are the benefits covered under B2B business and last we will discuss the top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business which can be very useful if you are related to the same trade.

What is a B2B Company?

B2B is a simple abbreviation for business-to-business, which means one business or company selling products to another business or company. It is more like a third-party company that helps other companies to produce on their behalf so that the other company can focus on more of its core activities.

Many big companies seek support from other companies for producing kinds of stuff for them like a car manufacturing company like Maruti doesn’t prepare tires by itself, but it gives the order to another third-party company like JK tires, MRF, etc.

Let us take one more example, of a company involved in the real estate business constructing residential flats, giving the contract to manufacture furniture to a third-party company.

Lead generation strategies for B2B business

There is no precise categorization of what comes under B2B marketing, as it can be anything like Xerox, Electrical fittings, furniture covers, Nuts and Bolts, and more. Anything which we are producing and not selling it directly to the consumers, but to other companies who will use them as raw material for completing their production can be considered a B2B business.

Today B2B business model is getting extreme success because it’s letting a chance to other companies to expand their business without being worried about investing in infrastructure or keeping staff for non-core activities of the business.

If you are looking forward to knowing about the top lead generation strategies for B2B business, you must understand the core and non-core activities of a business, as in most cases, businesses will only outsource their non-core activities, and these must be your target points as well.

Who is B2B’s Target Audience?

Under B2B business we normally target businesses who require some products or services and try to create an alliance with the business to deliver the same, on a large scale and for a longer time.

Under B2B targeting, we mostly focus on someone with authority, who can take decisions on behalf of the company and we try to impress such a person with the utility of our products and prove the deal would be effective and efficient for him.

Who is B2B’s target audience? what is their lead-generating strategies

While targeting a B2B client, we must understand what his business is all about and what are side hassle tasks that his own business is not capable of fulfilling. Once found and if it’s related to our production area then we prepare a proposal for him in such a manner that he is most likely to accept.  

You might don’t know but there are many renowned B2B businesses, which will surprise you once their names are revealed, like HubSpot, Zoom, Google, and many more.

Hope things are clearer to you now, but there is one more thing to discuss before we head on to discuss the top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business.

9 Key Benefits of B2B Marketing

1. Reach new markets

With B2B marketing you are giving your business a chance to explore new markets and achieve greater success which is not possible for you to achieve all by yourself.

Confused. But don’t worry as I will explain it to you in simpler and easier-to-understand words. For every businessman except the MNCs, there are limits to resources, and the same goes true for you as well, but when you deal as a B2-B marketer, your clients’ market is also serving as your market.

Where ever the product of your clients’ products is sold indirectly your product is sold as well and your brand gets popular as well.

2. Chance to explore a huge and growing market

The B2-B eCommerce market is mammoth and twice as big as the B2C industry giving you a chance to explore a wider market. As per some data available on the internet, In the US alone, the B2B market is predicted to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023 which is huge.

Companies seeking the help of B2B businesses are happier than ever to get a helping hand, which has become an easier task to obtain after the success of the Digital world. Now all companies are available online which has made it easier for both service providers and seekers to get in contact with each other and get into some sort of deal.

3. Faster delivery

Owing to the B2B business, now all companies can increase their production rapidly and also deliver their products at a faster pace. This is because now the companies are focused on their core activity of production and the rest is taken care of by the B2B business, which increases the resources for any company.

For companies now there is no need to spend time on too many things and their workload is limited, which has an impact on the entire delivery system.

4. Reach more buyers

With the help of a B2B business, your product can reach a wider range of consumers, as your clients’ market can be considered a sister market for you. Along with earning profit through the sales, you made through the B2B business, you get free promotion as a complimentary gift.

Whenever a customer purchases a product from your client your product also reaches him and unintentionally you get the promotion.

5. Increase sales

In most cases, B2B business works on a large scale as you are not supplying one or two units, which will only lead to increased sales without being worried about searching for new clients again and again.

B2B business is a great way to up-sell your business and data also state the same for example, B2B eCommerce solution, saw an average sales increase of 10.5% annually which is some amazing data.

6. Enhance efficiency

With the help of B2B business, a company’s efficiency can be increased multiple times as the company needs to spend less on infrastructure and maintenance of the team, and can distribute the merchandise and services at a faster pace.

Both the enterprises involved in a B2B business can mutually be benefited from each other by sharing resources and technology which can be beneficial to improve their efficiency.

7. Scalability

By saving resources by engaging in B2B business, a company can plan to use the saved resources in a better and more productive way and even work on scaling up their business.

They can focus on the opening of more outlets or franchises, or even try their hand with some new businesses which can be sister partners for their existing business.

8. Stay competitive

By using B2B business to take care of your non-core business activities, you can focus on your business’s mainstream and give an iron hand to all your competitors, who want to surpass your business.

Even when you share technology, you give your business a chance to surpass all the competitors with ease.

9. Reduce costs

A simple thing to understand and already discussed above is that involving in a B2B business saves a lot of resources but surprisingly it’s cost-effective. Many people might think that as we are hiring a third-party company, we may have to pay a large amount of money, but it’s exactly the opposite.

All those things which we are obtaining through B2B marketing, if we try to produce on our own, it will need a lot of investment, and more than that, we have to maintain separate employees for that and even when there is a shutdown on production, we have to pay them a salary which can be much costly.

But if we are outsourcing these activities, we are tension free from all these hassles, and in case we don’t need the products for a while, there is no need to pay as well.

So here we come to an end to all the benefits that B2-B businesses can provide. They are focusing both from the service provider as well as the service receiver’s point of view, and now is the perfect time to start the discussion on the top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business, as you are eagerly waiting for them.

Top 10 Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Business

1. Create Long-Lasting High-Quality Content

Content is the key to success in today’s world, and great contents always find its existence. Your content will help you explain your value to your clients, it’s like your content speaks on your behalf.

Whenever you create any content, just don’t fulfill the formalities but put your deep thoughts into it, because it is the ultimate thing that will help you to get more clients. Whenever you publish any content, make sure the background and foreground colors gel up nicely, and the fonts used should not be difficult to read.

It happens in many cases, that to look trendy, people use fonts that can confuse people, and sometimes the size of the font used also look awkward. All the graphic artwork should be concerning the content, and the overall design should catch attraction with one gaze.

The ads published by you should contain all necessary information like date, time, value, etc, and all the elements should be nicely placed.

There is much software now which can help you to create great content but if you want to learn the easy way to create amazing content, you can purchase the Canva Mastery Course offered by Digital Scholar, the best institute to teach digital marketing.

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The course comes with 10+ modules with 12+ hours of content, which provides deep knowledge of content creation and comes at a super cheap price as well.

According to a study by HubSpot, one of the leading content management sources, companies publishing 16 or more blog posts per month generate 4.5 times more leads compared to those who publish only 0-4 posts per month.

As a B2B business, it’s most unlikely to find your clients nearby, and you have to reach for them which can be possible through advertisement on digital media and social media, and the content of your creation must have to capacity to amaze your clients.

2. Use Social Media to Create a Brand Image

Social media can be the most important lead generation strategy for B2B businesses, which is nowadays providing a great opportunity to create a brand image for any kind of business as it’s easy to target people through social media promotion.

There are several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but as a B2-B business, you should prioritize LinkedIn the most as it’s a professional platform and most entrepreneurs hang around this for catering to all their professional needs.

Other than LinkedIn you must have a Facebook page for publishing all you’re your business activities to common people and must own a business account on Instagram. All these accounts should not be created for name’s sake but should actively get enriched with posts.

Keeping the audience engaged through regular posts is a great method to maintain the brand image as the Brand will stay live in the memories of the people as they see regular posts.

3. Create Highly Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages can be explained as single-page websites, which are used to promote business through lead generation or for direct sales as well.

For creating a landing page there is no need to own a website as there are many platforms like swipe pages, HubSpot, ConvertKit, etc which are providing this facility, and you don’t even need to buy a domain and hosting separately to avail of this service.   

But you should hire an expert to create a Landing page for your business because it is more than just making a landing page, as you have to integrate many other platforms with it to give optimized results.

Also, you should never forget to add a call-to-action button on your landing page, and the best practice for this is there shouldn’t be any other clacking option apart from the CTA.

4. Focus on Video Marketing

Videos are some sort of advertisement, which impacts the most customers, and also leaves a long-lasting impression on them. According to data, 75% of Fortune 500 executives view video content on regular basis, and 20 out of every 30 of them visit the vendor’s website and make an inquiry.

In the field of social media as well video contents are the most powerful tools to get connected with clients, owing to its inherent property of being super attractive and super informative to the audience which is an important item in the list of top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business.

5. Retarget your Website Visitors

People clicking on any link and visiting your website are most likely to be a part of your business and you can’t simply let them go. There are different ways to retarget them which is very important to do, as they are most likely to get converted.

You can use tools like Facebook Pixel or e-mail marketing to retarget your website visitors and offer them some special deals or freebies to attract them and rethink your proposal.

These are the first five in the list of top 10 lead generation strategies for B2-B businesses, which we believe you must have enjoyed, and next to come are the remaining five which you will enjoy as well.

6. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Maybe a decade ago, no one was worried about mobile accelerated pages but not the first feature that you must have incorporated into your website, as per research made by google, 70%+ of B2B queries are made through mobile phones.

The importance of mobile also increases because most of the time people like to spend their leisure time on mobile and it’s the best opportunity for a B2B marketer to reach them through a promotional campaign.

7. Maximize Marketing Automation

Automations are like 24 x 7 employees for your business as they keep your business live whenever you are sleeping. Automation is one of the top lead generation strategies for B2B businesses that helps you to reach your clients instantly and also retarget them after a while.

With the help of automation, you can reply to your clients, you can generate a sale lead, can send a freebie, and much more to your clients.

8. Turn Up Your Retargeting

An important part of the top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business is to retarget all your past leads on regular basis. Most of the time the decision can’t be taken in your favor in the first instance, but the deal needs time to get mature and for that retargeting the clients, again and again, is important, as it will not allow them to forget about your deal.

Maybe the first time when your clients come across your deal, they are in a confused state of mind and unable to make a decision, but as you retarget them again and again, they will be forced to think about your deal and as you keep on throwing different offers to them, they are most likely to take one.

9. Expand Your Online Presence

Think of it like a carnival where you want to see everything, and it goes the same with online marketing, as you can’t afford to miss any platform. Whichever platform for the digital present is there you must present yourself in an organized manner.

You can never predict, from where a deal can come, and thus you have to be ready for every deal, and to get that you have to create your own spaces.

10. Encourage Online Reviews

Last but not least in the top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business, the reviews are like the atom bomb for digital marketing which can take you from zero to hero in no time.

Encourage online reviews as it's the major lead generation strategies for B2B businesses

Most people prefer to refer the online reviews before making any decisions, and in most cases, reviews are the most decisive factors for any deal to take place.


If you are an entrepreneur and you want to rely on B2B marketing, for carrying your business, it’s very important to reach your clients to do this you have to follow above discussed top 10 lead generation strategies for B2B business and if you want to learn more, how to do this, you can join the 4-months advance digital marketing course offered by Digital Scholar, a digital marketing training institute run by the top digital marketing influencer in the world, Sorav Jain.

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The course got everything you will ever need to promote your business in the B2B market and also you will get hand on practical experience for every module taught.

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