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Top 10 Kids Influencers On Instagram In India

Looking for the kids influencers on Instagram in India? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the most popular and talented youngsters in the country, all of whom are sure to inspire you. From fashionistas to adventurers, there's something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start following these talented kids influencers on Instagram in India for some amazing content

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Gone are the days when kids and children were spending their entire time looking at the television or playing games on their parent’s mobile devices. Back then, kids and children hardly knew about the Internet and were not acquainted with what goes around in the Internet world. Kids and children were simply engaged in going to school and later playing with their fellow friends before dinner.

But now, the time has changed, as the world is transforming digitally and technologically, kids and children are now more advanced than their parents and are now teaching their parents how the new realm of social media networking works. Kids today with no difficulties and hesitation, communicate and operate with Alexa and Siri without a doubt. Presently, the time has gone when parents decide what toys and chocolates their kids should have or consume!

Kids Influencers impacting their parent's buying decisions

These kids’ Influencers on Instagram in India are impacting their parent’s buying decisions and suggesting to them what is best and rationally correct. As these kids are now connected to the Internet we are all connected to, they are aware of everything and anything as social media networking sites today are the new source of gaining information and news.

According to statistics, 90% of kids between the ages of 13 and 17 have used social media. 51% of respondents say they visit a social media site at least once each day, and 75% say they have at least one active social media presence. Teenagers own their own mobile devices with access to the Internet in two-thirds of cases.

Children and kids are now aware of the latest trends going on social networking sites and they are among the first ones to notice anything new. As per the studies, kids and children who now own the latest smartphone devices are more online than adults and later teenagers. Kids are using more Internet today and the statistics of kids below 12 years old are growing rapidly.

This is a benefit for brands who are engaged in producing children-related products and other products that are necessary to children as now these kids are directly in contact with such brands and companies and their parents are not in between like filters before. Such tech-savvy kids are in today’s time crucially important to brands and companies as they spend hours and hours of their time on Instagram and other social media networking sites scrolling reels and posts. 

Despite the fact that Gen Z has now become famous personalities and influencers on Instagram in India in their 20s, the Alpha generation is no less. Imagine if Gen Z could adopt the new trends and variations taking place in this digitally transforming realm so comfortably. What would the Alpha generation do when they reach their late teens?

More Crucial Statistics to be Aware of Are as Follows – 

  • Children typically receive their first phone at the age of 10.3 years old.
  • 31 percent of parents report that their children had texted them while they were living together in the same home.
  • Most youngsters use Facebook and Instagram, with 77 percent of children using each. 49 percent of children use Twitter, and 47 percent use Snapchat.
  • Kids are also big users of social media, with 11 percent opening their first account before the age of 10 and 39 percent doing so between the ages of 10 and 12.

So coming back to the crucial topic you have been seeking for – Kids Influencers On Instagram In India.! In this article, we have shortlisted the best and most famous kids Influencers on Instagram in India for you.

So what are we waiting for? With no further wait, let us dive into the topic immediately!

Top 10 Kids Influencers On Instagram In India

1. Anantya Anand- @mymissanand

Anantya Anand is one of the youngest kid influencers on Instagram in India and has massive Instagram followers of 579k. She is famously known as “Fries Muncher” and is adored by many fellow followers. At the very young age of six, she started sharing funny videos on her mother’s Whatsapp and on Instagram, which made her parents feel she could do something more about it. She has two very loving and supportive parents who support her in achieving whatever she desires to do or aspires to be.

kids influencers on Instagram in India

In order to keep up with her academics, projects, schooling, and grades, it is known that Anantya Anand has been shooting in advance so she could balance her social media career and studies. Despite having a hectic schedule and switching between a young student and an Instagram influencer, she has been successful in maintaining a balance between the two. She also has a YouTube channel titled – MYMISSANAND, which impressively has more than 13 million subscribers to date. 

2. Megan Rakesh- @megandthemiracles

Megan Rakesh is a very cute 10 years old girl who is a kid influencer on Instagram in India. Megan Rakesh is famously known to be the youngest pop superstar. Her role model, who is Shontelle Layne(Grammy-nominated singer and vocalist) had come across her singles and remixes and Megan was appreciated. She consistently uploads her songs and videos on Instagram. Her Instagram has now become a new update about her that notifies her followers about her upcoming singles, debut songs and tracks, and other remixes that she is engaged with on a daily basis.

Megan Rakesh -kid influencer on Instagram in India

She has a growing fan base on Instagram and currently possesses more than 50k followers on Instagram. She is thoroughly influenced by her supportive mother. Moreover, she has updated and is aware of the latest music that has been released on the Internet by various artists we know today.

3. Anushka and Aayushka- @ayu_and_anu_twin_sisters

Anusha and Aayushka are other two beautiful sister gang who is famous on Youtube and are well-known kid influencers on Instagram to date. Their YouTube channel goes by the title – Aayu and Anu – Twin sisters and has an impressive YouTube family of 719k subscribers. At this age, having such massive subscribers is a success profoundly. Their YouTube channel basically and generally focuses on eccentric challenges and other entertainment stuff. Rather than taking YouTube as a business approach, they see it as fun and perform necessary and needed tasks happily.

kid influencers on Instagram in India

They frequently share videos with their families and usually maintain a friendly theme for their usual viewers. These twin sisters amuse their loyal audience with entertaining content that is stuck with a valuable lesson to learn from. A lot more children of their age are now inspired by them. They have 17.7k followers on Instagram.

4. Nihal Raj- @kichatube

Nihal Raj is a famous chef and kid influencer who is alternatively known as Kicha. He is a  kid at The Choice School in Tripunithura, Kerala, who is in the sixth grade and started cooking at the age of 4(Wow). Splendidly, Nihal was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, which is visited by several Hollywood personalities we see in films regularly. He has restricted any sort of advertisements on his YouTube channel to avoid any type of disturbance for his viewers while he cooks.

kids influencers on Instagram in India

His YouTube channel teaches a variety of tasty and rare food recipes, which are, to date, adopted by thousands of women in their houses. He takes his inspiration from Vikas Khanna, a renowned chef based in India who is the host for all the Master Chef seasons. Simply cooking and recording at her dining table, he has achieved impressive fame and success. Everyone is excited about what’s more to his career.

5. Amreen Malhotra- @princessamreenmalhotra

Amreen Malhotra is another cute and stunning kid influencer on Instagram in India who is famously recognized for her charming beauty and presence on social media networking sites. in July 2018, Amreen gained notoriety after a video of her doing “hello friends chai pilo” variants went viral. She is one of the youngest star kids Instagram has ever seen in India. She is famously known as “Princess Amreen” by her loved ones.

Kids influencers on Instagram in India- Amreen Malhotra

She frequently collaborates with a number of companies, including Pampers, Odomos, Volvo, and Gini & Jony. She has also been cast in the movie “Radha kyun gori main kyun kala”, which is a Premraj Films production. She presently is a part of Agar Tum Na Hote, which is aired on Zee tv India. Moreover, Amreen Malhotra is just 5 years old and possesses over 584k followers on her Instagram account.

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6. KyraScope- @kyrascopetv

KyraScope is a YouTube channel managed and ruled by Kyra. Her channel specifically focuses on children toy’s reviews and has a reputed fan base. She is, to date, known and recognized by thousands of other kids at her age and constantly is spotted around the city. Since her childhood, Kyra was a curious personality who always wanted to know more.

Kids influencers on Instagram in India- Kyra

Her YouTube journey as somebody who reviews stuff began in early 2016. It has been 7 years since she started the YouTube channel and now it has over 21.5k subscribers, thanks to her dedication and loyalty to her passion. Additionally, she has a growing fan base on Instagram with more than 6k followers.

7. Aayu and Pihu- @aayuandpihushow

Aayush Kalra and Prakrita Kalra, digitally known as Aayu and Pihu, are other kids influencers on Instagram in India. They both own one of India’s most preferred YouTube channels called the Aayu and Pihu Show. The very first video that they released on YouTube was in May 2017.

Kids influencers on Instagram in India- Aayu and Pihu

Within a year, they possessed more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and today, the Aayu and Pihu show impressively has more than 16 million subscribers and still counting. They have supportive parents who assist them grow more and more. The channel produces content like short films, intellectual games, humorous challenges, and educational videos.

8. Jayas Kumar- @jayaskumar_

Another kid celebrity and kids influencer on Instagram in India is Jayas Kumar. We are certain you definitely know him if you are fond of singing and singing reality shows. Jayas Kumar is known to be a miracle child from the most recent Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs season.

Kids influencers on Instagram in India- Jayas Kumar

Surprisingly, she participated in the show when he was only 5 years old and presently is 7. Famous singer-celebrity in India Neha Kakkar, the judge of the reality competition, posted a birthday message for him on her social media account. To date, he has over 151k followers on his Instagram account.

9. Varchasvi Sharma- @varchasvi_sharmaji

Varchasvi Sharma is another well-known and cutest kid who is among the kid influencers on Instagram in India. She is alternatively called “Sharmaji ki beti”. She is the daughter of YouTuber Praval Sharma. Indian people and also audiences from abroad who follow her are attracted to her charming eyes and cute accent. People from all over the country send her gifts and messages for her angelic looks.

Top kids influencers on Instagram in India- Varchasvi Sharma

At the age of being in between 3-5 years old, she is known to be highly expressive and communicates intricately. She makes dance performances, unboxing videos, and vlogs that will steal your attention. Her channel, to date, has more than 58.3k subscribers on YouTube.

10. Praajakta Padhi- @praajakta_littlestar

Last but the least, Praajakta Padhi is also a kids influencer on Instagram in India who is widely known to entertain her audiences in a way that leaves them laughing. She is a child artist and a seeker for fashion fashion-related content.

Top kids influencers on Instagram in India- Praajakta Padhi

She has frequently seen collaborating with reputed and well-known brands like Meesho, HOPSCOTCH, and a lot more. Additionally, she has a growing fan base with 23.4k followers on her Instagram account.


So here it is. The top 10 kids influencers on Instagram in India are described and mentioned in this article for your reference. 

It is true, as stated above. The days of parents deciding which toys and chocolates their children should have or eat are long gone. Indian Instagram influencers for these youngsters are influencing their parents’ purchasing choices and advising them on what is best and morally right. These youngsters are aware of everything and anything since they have access to the same Internet that the rest of us do, and social media networking sites are now the go-to place for news and information.

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We hope this article has benefited you and your expectations. Are you aware of any other kid influencers on Instagram in India? 

Do let us know in the comments section below.

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