Case Study of Jos Alukkas- A finest Jewellery brand

Digital Marketing Strategies of Jos Alukkas – Case Study 

Jos Alukkas has been successful in part because of its strong marketing strategy. As a result, the company's marketing strategy is tailored to appeal to different segments of the market. In this detailed digital marketing case study of Jos Alukkas, we will be discussing the various aspects of Jos Alukkas’s marketing strategy.

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The Detailed Marketing Strategy of Jos Alukkas

Any business needs to develop a detailed marketing strategy in today’s competitive market. 

Jos Alukkas jewellery brand understands this and has developed a comprehensive plan to help them achieve their goals by understanding digital marketing strategies. 

Jos Alukkas- A Tradition of Fine Jewellery

Their strategy revolves around creating a strong online presence and developing strong relationships with followers and audiences through digital media. 

They have also created high-quality products that appeal to many consumers.

This article will reveal the complete case study of Jos alukkas, and let’s get started!

About Jos Alukkas- A Tradition Of Fine Jewellery

The journey of Josalukkas started with Kenji Alukkas’s career as a jeweller at his father’s shop named Joyalukkas in 1964. In 1992, he left his home country and moved to Abu Dhabi to establish his own jewellery store Jos Alukkas. This was the first ever branded jewellery boutique in the Gulf region.

Later, the headquarters for this well-liked jewellery company was moved to Palace Road in Thrissur, Kerala. However, Dubai is still recognised as the brand’s headquarters. This action was taken so Indian households with middle-class and lower incomes could purchase gold and jewellery.

A renowned brand for its collection of gold, silver, and precious stones with heights of gold, silver, and precious stones is Joyalukkas, a high-end jewellery-making company. It is a well-known jewellery company with millions of clients and 160 retail locations across 14 countries.

However, The fourth brother of the joyalukkas group has been conducting Jos alukkas, the branch of joyalukkas.

One of the national jewellery companies, Jos alukkas, is based in Thrissur, Kerala, and is growing into new markets. It is especially well-liked in the southern region of India. They have nearly 45 stores across six states and one union territory in South India.

Jos Alukkas: Brand Overview

Company TypePrivate
FoundersJos Alukkas
HeadquartersFathima Nagar, Aristo road, East Fort Thrissur,
Kerala, India
Area servedSouth India
Key PeopleJos Alukka
Varghese Alukka
Paul J. Alukka
John Alukka
Chief Executive OfficerMr. Alukkas Varghese Joy
RevenueOver INR 500 cr (31 March, 2022)
Contact/ Customer Care+91 8606083922, +91 8590099994,

 Let’s look at how Jos alukkas increased its reach by utilising digital marketing to get a better return on investment.

Why Should Marketers Study Digital Marketing Strategies?  

As the internet has become the go-to place for information and customer interactions, digital marketing methods have become important for marketers.

Digital marketing also offers the chance to provide targeted messages to a worldwide audience. Therefore, marketers should research digital marketing techniques to guarantee the success of their efforts.

When compared to other kinds of advertising, such as outbound marketing, digital marketing is also incredibly cost-effective. It may be used to develop a brand’s identity and image. Marketers need to grasp how digital technologies operate and how to utilise them to create lasting relationships with customers.

Marketers must thoroughly understand digital marketing strategies and approaches to reach and engage customers effectively.

Keep reading the full case study on Jos Alukkas’ digital marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Strategies of Jos Alukkas

Jos Alukkas Social Media Marketing Strategies & Case Study

Using social media to promote your jewellery company may be quite effective. You may employ various strategies to get the most out of social media marketing for your business; you may use multiple strategies.

You may write blogs or establish websites that explore jewellery design and trends, publish videos and photos showcasing your product, and generate meaningful content for your audience.

The company’s considerable emphasis on social media marketing is one of the primary factors in Jos alukkas’ success.

Let’s see what they have done to gain more success on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

1. Instagram Marketing strategies

Jos alukkas uses this fantastic platform, which has over 53.3k active users on Instagram, to advertise products and services.

Jos Alukkas Instagram page

Jos alukkas is a jewellery brand, and these are the Instagram marketing strategies that Jos alukkas uses.

  • Jos alukkas Uses appealing and interesting images to promote products.
  • Jos alukkas makes use of hashtags to reach a larger audience.
  • Jos alukkas organises contests and giveaways.
  • Develop engaging content for your target audience.
  • They chose a better model with a theme concept for Instagram posting.
Jos Alukkas's Instagram feed

Instagram has 53.3k+ followers, and they used Instagram as a great platform for marketing. This article will discuss some Instagram marketing strategies for Jos alukkas.

Jos Alukkas Instagram promotion techniques, multiple CTAs
  • They first succeeded in improving Jos Alukkas’ Instagram profile. Include a link to the business’ website and list some items they sell along with their unique names.
Jos Alukkas's Instagram post ideas

Next, josalukkas upload the images and videos pertinent to your target demographic, keeping in mind the colour scheme and pattern of Jos alukkas.

Jos Alukkas Instagram comments

Use relevant hashtags so that people interested in your products can find your posts. For example, this is a campaign for newly opened traditional model gold jewellery with the hashtag #Traditionaljewellery.

You may start gaining more followers for your social media platform by publishing consistently.

2. Facebook Marketing Strategies 

The jewellery brand is looking for Facebook marketing strategies to reach potential customers. 

One strategy for Jos alukkas jewellers is to create a Facebook page and post about new products, sales, and events. Another strategy is to run social media ads targeting women over 18 to 34. 

Facebook is becoming a more popular marketing tool for jewellery brands. These are a few of their strategies:
1. Post images of your newest purchases and collections.
2. Hold competitions and provide free shipment.
3. Make great advertisements to attract a certain audience.
4. Interact with followers on social media to inform them about upcoming events and new items.
5. Message clients directly using Facebook Messenger to know about their experience.

Jos Alukkas's Facebook marketing strategies

They have over 168k follow their pages with 164k+ likes on Facebook by following the above strategies.

They got higher in total traffic on Facebook since they announced the offer at the end of June, and it’s continuing in December 2022 with more than164k likes overall.

More & more people started talking about the brand & their engagement rate increases drastically.

3. Twitter Marketing Strategies

Jewellers have long been known for their exquisite and intricate pieces of jewellery. With the advent of social media, jewellers can reach a wider audience and increase their sales. Jewellers can use many different Twitter marketing strategies to promote their brands. Here are some tips on how to get started: 

1. Use Twitter to build relationships with your followers. Start by following other jeweller brands and retweeting their tweets.

2. Use hashtags to get your message in front of a wider audience. For example, if you sell rings, use the hashtag #rings on Twitter to boost engagement and reach new customers. 

3. Share interesting and useful information about your products and services. This will help followers learn more about you and likely make a purchase. 

jos Alukkas Twitter marketing posts.

A jewellery company called Jos Alukkas advertises on Twitter. 

Drawbacks of Jos Alukkas’ Twitter marketing strategies,

  • Must add relevant and well-liked hashtags,
  • Highlighting Twitter trending topics
  • Responding right away to the criticism.

Jos Alukkas currently have 160 followers on Twitter, which is much lower than other jewellery brands.

Jos Alukkas SEO Strategies & Case Study

A well-known jewellery website that sells to customers worldwide is They want a website that successfully showcases the variety of items on offer and increases overall sales.

So let’s examine how effectively their SEO team used SEO strategies.

Jos Alukkas SEO strategies

Jos Alukkas has a highly impressive website with 30k visits, more than 26.4k new visitors coming monthly, an average visit duration of 00:20 and a bounce rate of 93.56%.

Jos Alukkas's authority, organic & paid traffic, backlinks details

Jos Alukkas has a DA of 40 with organic search traffic of 102.2k and 1.9k paid traffic through more than 8.7k backlinks.

Jos Alukaas distribution by country & organic traffic strategies

Also, Jos Alukkas has 102.2k traffic for inserting the right keywords of 32k on their ecommerce site.

Jos Alukkas’s top organic competitors are GRT Jewels, Thangamayil, Oriana, with higher SE keywords.

Jos Alukkas's main organic competitors

Regarding keywords by intent, their informational keyword reaches 44.6% of people, making them gain 28.6k traffic with 21.5k keywords on their website.

Jos Alukkas's keywords strategies
Jos Alukkas off-page SEO backlinks strategies

Jos Alukkas Ads Campaign Competitors

Jos Alukkas’s top ads campaign competitors are bluestone, bhimagold and candere, with higher SE keywords. 

Now, look at the position of the Jos Alukkas competitor for better reference.

Jos Alukkas's main paid competitors

Jos Alukkas Target Segment

Product What They Sell

Jos Allukas Jewellery is a luxury jewellery brand with a target audience of high-end female customers. The company sells its jewellery through independent jewellers and boutiques in North America and Europe. 

Jos Allukas targets affluent women who appreciate the fine quality and unique designs.

This product’s target segment is women looking for quality jewellery at an affordable price. Jos Allukas jewellery is made of high-quality materials to last long. Moreover, the brand offers a variety of beautiful designs to choose from.

Price What they Offer

Price is a jewellery company that sells high-end, budget-friendly jewellery. Women who are seeking trendy and reasonably priced jewellery frequently choose this brand.

Jos Alukkas's website products & price

Jewellery from Price is available in various styles, including earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The company offers a huge variety of colours and fashions.

Price is perfect for anybody looking for fashionable, budget-friendly jewellery without compromising quality.

Jos Alukkas Targeting Audience

Audience composition can reveal a site’s current market share across various audiences. Jos Alukkas jewellery brand is positioning itself as a fashion-forward jewellery line.

Jos Alukkas audience is 57.79% male and 42.21% female. The largest age group of visitors are 18 – 34 year, as this age group is the most interested in fashion and trendsetting.

Jos Alukkas targeting audience demographics

They also want to wear something unique and different, which is what Jos alukkas jewellery offers.

jos alukass catogary
  • Campaign and Ambassador

Jos Allukas ambassadors are well-known celebrities who promote the brand and help to sell its products. These ambassadors include singers and actresses, models, and businesswomen.

Jos Alukkas ambassador campaign

This twitter post features one of the the brand ambassador of Jos Alukkas, Keerthy Suresh, a famous Tamil Keralite actor.

Influencer Marketing

Jos Alukkas use influencer marketing to promote its goods by selecting the most qualified models and influencers.

Since influencer marketing has gained popularity, every jewellery company needs to focus on it.

Jos Alukkas use influencer marketing campaign

Currently, Jos alukkas’s brand ambassador is Keerthy Suresh from the south.

E-commerce Strategy

On the same website, they’ve incorporated an e-commerce store. You may choose from several categories at the checkout: gold, diamonds, earnings, rings, and digital gold.

Jos Alukkas Ecommerce website promotion strategies

After choosing your jewellery, you may choose from categories like gold, rose gold, and others with the carat 18k, 22k, or 24k.

Mobile App

Indian retail company Jos alukkas also has a user-friendly and reliable mobile app that gamifies shopping for jewellery lovers. 

Jos Alukkas mobile app marketing strategies

The Jos Alukkas Jewellers mobile app exceeds our client’s expectations and provides an improved experience.

And also, more than 1 lac downloads happened when they started launching this app.

Campaign Strategies Of Jos alukkas

Women have several difficulties in daily life to enjoy the same level of independence as their male counterparts. There is a deeper tale of the same obstacles that previous generations of women faced in each fight. 

The movie aims to demonstrate all of the obstacles experienced by women, including body shaming, “not safe” situations, muffled voices, and biases.

Trisha, a South Indian actress and brand ambassador, appears in the movie. The “shine” of the diamonds is contrasts to the “shine” of the ladies, who battle various challenges daily.


Jos Alukkas is a fantastic company that empowers, inspires, and motivates its users. It’s a brilliant example of a company that has created a successful sales strategy by providing unique collections at affordable prices.
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