Ixigo digital marketing strategies

Ixigo’s Digital Marketing Strategies [A Detailed Case Study]

Are you sick of adopting several digital marketing techniques without success in the travel and tourism industry? Check out this case study. By analysing the campaigns and online marketing they have done so far, this case study of ixigo will teach you how to develop your own effective campaigns.

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The ixigo story,

Ixigo is a travel and tourism service launched in India in 2007 by Aloke Bajpai. It supports 8 billion people with its guided tours. 

ixigo marketing strategies

The website projectors travellers on a journey that follows a set route in their respective areas, from cabs, trains, and flights to their hotels. ixigo has over 14 million monthly active users, making $500 million in monthly revenue.

Ixigo’s key target is sending tourists on guided tours that take a fixed route across their arrondissements so they can book taxis, trains, flights, and accommodations. 

Ixigo Annual Revenue,

ixigo founder

The CEO and Co-Founder of Ixigo, are Aloke Bajpai, and its headquarters is in Gurgaon, Haryana. They have a solid team of 250-500 employees who work together to build a great company and their yearly annual revenue from $5.0-25 million.

Why Should Travel and Tourism Services Study Digital Marketing Strategies? 

Digital marketing strategies are currently one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers and convert them into buyers. With the right approach, digital marketing can help businesses of all sizes grow, increase sales, and generate more revenue. 

Here are five reasons business owners should study digital marketing strategies: 

1. Digital marketing is cost-effective. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as advertising, digital marketing is often much less expensive.

2. As the global economy becomes increasingly digitalised, businesses need to understand how digital marketing works to stay competitive. 

3. Tourism service providers can improve their customer service and overall experience using digital marketing tools. 

4. By understanding how digital marketing works, tourism service providers can create better content and ads to reach more people. 

5. Competitor analysis is very important in the niche of travel and tourism, so by getting knowledge of digital marketing tools, you will also gain more understanding of your competitors.

Ixigo’s Detailed Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategies

If you’re looking to take your business online, ixigo the tour package service is a great way to get started. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, xigo has developed an extensive social media marketing strategy that can help your business grow. 

From developing targeted content to setting up effective Twitter and Facebook campaigns, ixigo reached its target audience. 

So if you’re looking for a way to increase traffic and customer base, then the case study of ixigo is the for!

The overall statistics that Ixigo maintains are listed below.

Social Media platformsNo. People follow
Instagram65.1k followers
Facebook155k  followers
Linkedin59k followers

By considering the number of followers on every social media platform, ixigo is performing better on Facebook than comparatively other platforms; let us check out the list of marketing strategies applied for all social media platforms by Ixigo.

1. Instagram Marketing strategies

Instagram is a great way to connect with customers and promote your products or services. 

Ixigo understood this correctly, and the tour package service offers a variety of Instagram marketing strategies that can help you reach your target audience. 

ixigo offers tour packages that can be customised to fit any budget, so finding the right Instagram marketing strategy for your business is really necessary for a successful travel service business like ixigo.

ixigo instagram

These digital marketing strategies can generate interest in a destination or product, encourage users to travel to a goal, and build relationships between destinations and tourism businesses.

Ixigo convinces its audience with colourful and chosen templates and videography by understanding how social media works.

Ixigohas 100k followers, with 1611 posts uploaded consistently. They have excellent marketing strategies on Instagram by collaborating with local faces who choose Ixigoservices.

Some tips for effective Instagram marketing include creating compelling content, targeting your audience with relevant hashtags, and using graphics and images to capture attention.

2. Facebook marketing strategies 

Ixigo, a travel and tourism service, are valuable for companies looking to attract customers and grow their businesses.

Ixigo understood that By using social media platforms, businesses could connect with travellers and create a connection that can be valuable to both parties. 

Additionally, Ixigo has marketing on Facebook to promote events and destinations and generate publicity for businesses.

One strong foundation of ixigo is that the business has been known already by many for the past years. Hence they have a very large audience on Facebook.

ixigo 15 years

By attracting customers with several coupon deals, they currently have 155k Facebook followers.

ixigo likes

Ixigogets likes more than 540k, an appreciable amount of likes for a travel and tourism agency.

3. Twitter marketing strategies

There are many different ways to sell on Twitter for ixigo, a travel and tourist company. 

But Ixigo Utilising the platform to develop and spread information about your company or product is one of the most well-liked tactics. 

Ixigo used Twitter which can also be used to communicate with new consumers, promote events, and give deals and specials.


Ixigo has a good number of followers of 25.3k followers, along with a proper bio and website link insertion.

For upcoming travel and tourism events, Ixigo published Tweets. Potential clients will notice this and find it simpler to learn more about what you have to offer.

SEO Strategies 

ixigo is a travel and tourism service that helps travellers to plan and enjoy their travels. 

Through its services, ixigo connects travellers with travel-related businesses and services in various tourist destinations worldwide by providing a user-friendly website.

To ensure that its customers are getting the best possible service, ixigo uses a variety of marketing strategies to improve customer satisfaction. Their team always shift its website and SEO strategies based on the current trend.

So let’s examine how effectively the Ixigo SEO team used SEO strategies.


Ixigo has a highly impressive website with 4.9M visits, 3.5M new visitors coming monthly, an average visit duration of 06:17 and a bounce rate of 62.18%.

ixigo DA

Ixigo has an Authority Score of 58 with organic search traffic of 8.9M and paid traffic of 321.3K  through 203.7k backlinks.

Ixigo’s Domain Authority

Moz, an SEO tool, determines a website’s domain authority based on site characteristics, including backlinks, site consistency, page load time, traffic, and the average time the visitor spends on each page.

Ixigo’s website now has a Domain Authority score of 56, according to Moz. However, this score has the potential to increase.

organic traffic

Also, Ixigo has 8.8M traffic for inserting the right keywords of 511.5k on their site.

Top organic keywords

Their top organic keywords are ixigo, names of airlines, train running, and train status, which people directly search for on Google.

The 18% of website traffic for local keywords like “Train status” only accounts for 2% of ixigo’s traffic, which shows how good their branding and local SEO are.

However, we don’t find any business keywords in the top 10 keywords list for them. They are missing a lot of potential keyword opportunities. I hope they will revamp their SEO strategies in the upcoming years.

Who are the competitors for Ixigo?

 competitors for Ixigo

The list of main organic competitors is railyatri.in, confirmkt.com, Indiarailinfo.com and trainman, with a common range of keywords of 1k.

Types of SEO Targeting Audience for Ixigo

ixigo keyword by intent

Regarding keywords by intent, their informational keyword reaches 63.6k% of people, making them gain 12k traffic with 22.9k keywords on their website.

Ixigoi’s Main competitors

Ixigo CPM

Yatra’s top three competitors are clear trip, railyatri and confirmkit, with higher SE keywords. 

Now, look at the position of the Ixigocompetitor for better reference.

Ixigo Target Segment

  • What Product did Ixigo Sells?
IxigoTarget Segment

Ixigo provides the greatest travel assistance through economical flights with various deals by connecting banks to earn more points. It also offers hotel and resort stays.

  • Ixigo Price and Offers
ixigo target segment

Ixigo’s website is completely displayed with a rate chart based on routes and the kind of flights you choose, such as domestic or international.

  • Ixigo Geo-Targeting Audiences

Ixigo are targeting the audience with the following packages.

The people most motivated to be covered are between the ages of 25 and 50+.

Ixigo prioritises males over females when it comes to gender. Additionally, their entire audience value set is currently close to 157k.

Ixigo’s Recent Digital Marketing Campaign

The ixigo app’s #CancelBefikar campaign assists anxious travellers nationwide by enticing people to use a platform like ixigo to schedule their itinerary entirely.

Ixigo’s Recent Digital Marketing Campaign

With the opportunity to cancel an ixigo trip for free, the app will increase brand recognition and corporate awareness.

Influencer Marketing Campaign by Ixigo

Ixigo is a travel and tourism service that uses influencers to promote its products. The company has used influencers to promote its products for years, but this is the first time it has used them in an advertising campaign with @rajkummar_rao. 

The campaign will feature influencers speaking and partnering with Tseries officials to promote movies which also gain more attraction from the audience.

ixigo twitter

Thus Ixigo chooses to pattern with influencers with familiar faces and gain more reach from the audience, and with this post, they got 63k likes which is appreciable.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies of Ixigo

Travellers may now use an app to organise their vacations and locate the cheapest rates on lodging and transportation by downloading Ixigo apps.

Reviews of hotels, attractions, and transportation alternatives are available on the IxigoTravel app.

ixigo app

Additionally, it provides discounts from affiliated retailers. 

IxigoTravel is accessible on iOS and Android devices without charge.

Ixigo has a 4.6 rating and has been downloaded over one billion times.

Campaign Strategies Ixigo

Ixigo announced that their new Twitter campaign, #SocialMojo, had begun. The ad attempts to increase public knowledge of the travel platform’s virtual currency and customer loyalty programme, ixigo money.

Users are ranked on Twitter by SocialMojo based on what their followers do, how many tweets they create or like, and which tweets other users like. It then assigns the user’s profile a “SocialMojo Score.” After that, users can use the ixigo money equal to their score to get cheap plane tickets.


Ixigo has succeeded in several digital marketing strategies, according to a recent assessment of Ixigo’s digital marketing strategies by Digital Scholar.

However, they may concentrate more on content marketing, influencer marketing, and email marketing.
To ensure that the content is updated in our forthcoming edit, feel free to comment if we missed something important to be mentioned.

Additionally, to obtain a deeper grasp of the digital marketing industry, you should enrol in a digital marketing course if you have problems understanding the concepts and marketing assessments picturised in this case study.

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