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10 Best IT & Software Companies in Pune for Freshers with High Salary 2024

Looking for Best IT & Software companies in Pune? With many IT product and service companies making remarkable progress in the city, Pune has become a significant IT hub of India. Check out these Best 10 IT & Software companies in Pune that you might consider working for. 

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Owning many titles such as “Rise of Global Startup”, “The Oxford of the East”, and “Queen of the Deccan”, Pune is undoubtedly a vibrant and lively city of Maharashtra. Beyond its rich culture, heritage, picturesque sites, and lip-smacking food, the city has contributed significantly to the IT/software industry.

The tremendous growth opportunities and friendly culture have made the city the best IT & Software companies in Pune favorable destination for MNCs, tech startups, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, the mesmerizing weather, less traffic, and the government’s innovation-friendly policies are a direct challenge to other IT hubs like Bengaluru. Additionally, many research and development centers and product development hubs are choosing Pune over other cities to set up their units.

Pune has many top-notch IT parks captivating the interest of top national and multinational companies. Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Aundh IT Park, Business Bay, EON Free Zone, and Commerzone are some of the leading IT parks in Pune. The interesting thing is that IT & Software companies came up with the idea to settle down in Pune and not just work. That’s because the cost of living and expenses in this city is much lower than in other IT hubs of India. Check out the 10 Best IT & Software companies in Pune that positively contribute to the overall structure of India’s next tech hub. 

Top 10 IT & Software Companies in Pune

1. Mindbowser

Best IT and Software Companies in Pune - MindBowser

Mindbowser provides expert technology teams & solutions to busy entrepreneurs and businesses. The founders of Mindbowser have worked on a series of startups before starting Mindbowser. From building a platform for book exchange to intercity Uber – they have tried various startup ideas. They recruit individuals with the potential to contribute their skills, diversity, and talents shaped by mutual respect. The leading IT & Software Companies in Pune also introduced a Mindbowser Mileage (M2) program under which employees can unlock rewards as they grow. Important life milestones of employees like marriage, education, house, and children’s education are sponsored by Mindbowser.

Top IT Software Services Offered by Mindbowser

  • IT Staff Augmentation and Digital Transformation
  • Blockchain and Offshore Development
  • Software Product Engineering 
  • Design Sprint and Virtual CTO
  • Backend and Frontend Technologies

2. Tech Mahindra

IT & Software Companies in Pune - Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a renowned IT & Software companies in Pune, eight offices of Tech Mahindra are located in Pune. Tech Mahindra into Construction Equipment, Power Backup, Real Estate, etc. and has built pioneering systems, processes, and solutions for global enterprise clients. NXT. Tech Mahindra introduced NOW™ to meet the changing needs of future industries. For the IT & software giant driving positive change means making a lasting and sustainable difference in the lives of all their stakeholders. It impacts not just TechMighties, but also the society and community at large. Over 83% of Tech Mahindra employees say that their co-workers are punctual and have an excellent work-life balance. Employees see the work environment as one of the biggest reasons to work at Tech Mahindra.

Top Software & IT Services Offered by Tech Mahindra

  • Infrastructure and Cloud Services 
  • Network Services and SAP
  • Performance Engineering and Oracle
  • Business Process Services and Enterprise of Future
  • Cyber Security Intelligent Automation, and more

3. Cyient

It is a global engineering and technology solutions company. They help customers to design, build, operate, and maintain products and services. Customers draw on Cyient’s engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology expertise to deliver and support their next-generation solutions to meet optimal safety, reliability, and performance standards. According to its employees, the IT & Software Companies in Pune have energizing work tasks that help to meet personal goals and learn new things. Customer centricity is at the core of Cyient Limited in Mundhwa, Pune, and this belief has led the business to build long-term relationships.

Top IT & Technological Solutions Offered by Cyient

  • Digital and Innovation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Rail Transportation and Manufacturing 
  • Semiconductor and Power Generation
  • Management Consultation and more 

4. Cybage Software

IT & Software Companies in Pune- Cybage

Founded in 1995, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd is a technology consulting organization specializing in outsourced product engineering services. It has established itself as a leader in IT & Software services in Pune, designing and providing assistance in various spectrums. With over 25 years of experience leveraging a technology-driven, data-oriented, and delivery-focused approach, they optimize operations, digital fuel growth, and scientifically build an explicit link to value.

Cybage has consistently presented its clients with simple solutions enabling enterprise-wide digital transformation. They deliver these services under the aegis of their proprietary DecisionMines™ platform, which empowers their entire delivery ecosystem and gives utmost satisfaction to their customers and a tangible ROI. 

Top Technology Consulting services offered by Cybage Software

  • Technology and Strategy
  • Consulting and Operations
  • Architectural Services and Cloud
  • Enterprise Mobility and BI
  • ECM and CRM, and more

5. HCL Technologies

IT & Software Companies in Pune - HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies won gold across multiple categories at Brandon Hall Excellence Awards for its industry-leading employee programs. Its foundation received the National CSR Award from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It is also certified as a Great IT & Software companies in Pune to work within 2022-2023 by the global authority on workplace experience. The goal of HCL Tech is to deliver sustainable, long-lasting impact through its corporate actions and pacts with stakeholders. Their vision for sustainability is based on three guiding principles – Act, Pact, and Impact. 

Top IT Services Offered by HCL Technologies

  • Digital Process Operations
  • Engineering and R&D
  • Financial Services and Management
  • Digital Business and Foundation
  • Cybersecurity and Networks and more

6. Talentica Software

Started in 2003, Talentica entirely operates to support the new way of working designed solely for startups. They call themselves “We are startup experts”. With dedicated teams consisting of the brightest talent, they balance process and flexibility to meet the constantly changing needs of startups. Their passion for technology and emphasis on execution increase your possibility of successful outcomes, user acquisition, and path to profitability. Talentica is looking to become a top IT & Software companies in Pune company building products for startups. They build an MVP, grow from an MVP to a sellable product, and then scale it for millions of users.

Top IT & Software Services Offered by Talentica Software

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain and Big Data
  • IoT and Connected Devices
  • Augmented Reality and Open Source
  • Mobile & Wearables and more

7. Thoughtworks

IT & Software Companies in Pune - Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is another global Software & IT companies in Pune that integrate strategy, design, and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe. They improve their clients’ ability to respond to change and utilize data assets to unlock new sources of value. The company also creates adaptable technology platforms that move with business strategies; and rapidly design, deliver and evolve exceptional digital products and experiences at large. They have various initiatives like ‘TalkTechToHer’, “Vapasi”, and “Interning with Pride” designed to create better career paths and opportunities for women technologists and techies from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Top Software & IT Services Offered by Thoughtworks

  • Strategy and Design
  • Healthcare and Automotive
  • Software Engineering and Digital Business
  • Media and Publishing and more 

8. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) & Software companies in Pune that help customers achieve business objectives by offering innovative, excellent IT consulting solutions and services. This subsidiary company of the Tata Group operates across 46 countries. It has seven branches in Pune, and the IT & Software companies in Pune at Sahyadri Park are quite popular. The company has over 23,000 seating capacity campuses for software specialists to develop, maintain and support software systems. Its architecture is inspired by ancient Maratha architecture, such as Shaniwarwada in Pune. 

Top IT & Software Services Offered by TCS

  • Manufacturing and Engineering Services
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Insurance and Life Sciences 
  • Blockchain and Cloud
  • Automation & AI and Consulting and more

9. Wipro

IT & Software Companies in Pune - Wipro

Western India Products Limited (Wipro Limited) was founded by Mohamed Hashim Premji 75 years ago with a vegetable oil business and transformed into one of the top IT & Software companies in Pune. The company helps people adapt to the digital world and make them successful. Wipro India has operational facilities in cities across India, including Pune. Wipro takes the handling of personal data very seriously and ensures that processing always follows globally accepted privacy principles. The IT & Software companies in Pune promote a culture that values privacy through awareness, technology-driven innovation, and strict controls.

Top IT Services Offered by Wipro

  • IT Transformation and Consulting 
  • Applications and Business Solutions
  • Design and Experience 
  • Sustainability and Talent Cloud 
  • Digital Marketing & Interaction and more

10. Infosys

IT & Software Companies in Pune- Infosys

Infosys is one of the top IT & Software companies in Pune, offering next-generation information technology, among other things. Spread across 46 countries, the company helps people navigate their digital transformation. Operating brilliantly from its Pune Infotech Park in Hinjewadi, Infosys is leading the way in IT excellence. The CSR wing of Infosys Pune DC helped people during the Covid crisis by providing 41,000 people with meals, enabling Government schools to deliver online education, contributing 300 cots and mattresses to a COVID-19 Care Centre (CCC), and so on. 

Top IT Services Offered by Infosys

  • Digital Marketing and Digital Integration
  • AI and Data Analytics
  • Blockchain and Engineering Services
  • Salesforce and Energy Transition and more

Best Alternative to IT & Software Jobs

According to DigitalOcean Holdings, about 44% of developers in India want to quit their job for various reasons. People leaving are looking for better compensation, flexibility in work structure, a better work environment, and benefits. Another report by Nasscom says that with automation entering the market, over 3 million employees from tech and domestic software firms might lose their jobs in 2022. Some reasons for this could be employees’ inability to level up with the latest technological upgrades, automation, and upskilling.  

People with software backgrounds are suffering, and with a crisis like this, looking for an alternative to a career in IT & Software companies in Pune seems tricky. One of the best alternatives to IT and Software jobs is digital marketing. It is a process of promoting a product or service online. It is done using various methods, such as email, social media, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. You can learn its different aspects by taking a reliable digital marketing course. 

Top Reasons to Take Up a Digital Marketing Course

1. Comprehensive Learning In No Time

You get extensive learning when signing up with the best digital marketing agency for a digital marketing course. Everything is covered in the course, from building a digital marketing strategy, creating websites, driving traffic, social media marketing, planning content strategy, and measuring data. This kind of learning can help you become a great digital marketer.

2. Read For Digital Marketing Career

An excellent digital marketing course can help you get ready to take on a digital marketing career right after the course completion. Companies like Digital Scholar also offer different placement opportunities to start your career in this field. Moreover, you can also start as a freelance digital marketer and explore other areas of marketing to understand what interests you the most. 

3. Networking and Collaborative Opportunities

After completing the course, you will get a lot of opportunities to network and collaborate with various professionals. Roles in the digital marketing field involve creativity, design knowledge, analytical power, and finding unique solutions to complex problems. When you collaborate with other professionals, you learn from their perspectives, find solutions, and build strong working relationships in the industry.  


When deciding to take on a digital marketing career, many people wonder if they are an ideal candidate for the job. However, almost everyone can learn digital marketing and build a career in this vast field, provided they take the right course.

Also, for software developers, learning web development becomes easy if you enjoy coding. Moreover, if you are a data scientist, your knowledge can be a massive plus for understanding customer patterns in digital marketing. From content creation to video editing and campaign creation, there is a pool of work you can explore after completing the digital marketing course. 

Sign up for a comprehensive Online Digital Marketing Course offered by Digital Scholar. It is an exclusive course with carefully curated modules for easy understanding. Our digital marketing specialists take a holistic approach to teaching each module practically. So, learn by doing digital marketing with the Digital Scholar team. 

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