IT and Software Companies in Mumbai

10 Best IT and Software Companies in Mumbai with High Salary

Looking to get a new job at an IT company in Mumbai? With the advent of the IT sector in India, Mumbai also attracted many IT companies to set up their units in the city. Here are some of the highest-rated IT and software companies in Mumbai.

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Fondly known as the city of dreams, Mumbai can be bewildering and overwhelming for the first-time visitor. It is the largest metropolitan city in India and has a mixed culture, history and lifestyle. You will find a constant activity buzz, delicious food options and calm beaches across Mumbai. To experience the city’s true essence, you must take time to explore different attractions, monuments, historic buildings, and local restaurants. The craze of media and Bollywood in Mumbai is unbeatable and helps the city perform well on a global scale. 

Software Companies in Mumbai

Even though the city is seen as favourable for automobile, textile, jewellery, and financial firms, it has emerged as one of India’s most prominent global technology hubs. Mumbai is India’s largest data centre hub, and it continues to attract many companies to invest and set up their centres here. These centres help companies use physical or virtual servers for networking, communication, and store, transfer and access digital information. By 2023, the data centre market is expected to grow by 530 megawatts, making it one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the country. Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Premier IT Park, Hiranandani Business Park, International Infotech Park, and Peninsula Corporate Tech Park are some of Mumbai’s best IT parks. If you are planning to start a career in IT, here are the top IT and Software companies in Mumbai you should consider joining. 

Top 10 IT and Software Companies in Mumbai

Here is the list of top IT and software companies in Mumbai. Let’s get started!

1. Kaizen Globe

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Kaizen Globe

Kaizen Globe is a top IT company in Mumbai that focuses on lean methodology across most business sectors in all parts of the world. They identify ways to improve businesses for long-term success. As digital business partners, they utilise the disruptive power of technology and ingenuity to help digitally enable their clients’ businesses to scale. They’re the technology partners for digitising and refurbishing all the stalls in Mumbai. The motive is to obtain all the stalls’ exclusive retail & digital ads rights and serve as a one-stop-shop for all basic needs. They have also made an app and a website that acts as a Central Repository Datapoint to ease all the survey and data input processes.

Top Services Offered by Kaizen Globe

  • Digital Project Management
  • Technology and Virtual Assistants
  • Software and App Development
  • Progressive Web App and more

2. Syntel Telecom

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Syntel Telecom

Syntel is the Telecom Division of Arvind Limited – one of India’s most respected industrial houses with revenues exceeding USD 1 Billion. It was the first EPABX Company in India to be awarded ISO 9001 Certification in 1996. In 2006, it launched NEOS – an ISDN PRI-enabled all-in-one Digital EPABX/KTS – indigenously developed & designed by Syntel R&D. Employees of Syntel find the work culture here is quite warm and friendly. All employees are free to explore, innovate and function as entrepreneurs instilling a sense of responsibility, loyalty and ownership. Platforms to showcase overall talent, besides work, have been created. Employees are encouraged to work to the best of their potential. Syntel follows the Lean Kaizen philosophy so that any form of wastage is limited and improved upon.

Top Services Offered by Syntel Telecom

  • Voice and Data
  • Video and Collaboration
  • Unified Communication
  • Phones and Surveillance 
  • Boardroom Solutions and more

3. Accenture

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Accenture

Accenture is a consulting company that provides distinct services and is one of Mumbai’s leading IT and software companies. Accenture stands number one in the industry on Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and at 33 overall. It is amongst the top ten great places to work in Argentina, Brazil, France, India, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, the UK and the US. Digital engineering and manufacturing, podcasts, edge computing and 5G are some of the services provided by the company. Clients can also avail of Strategy & Consulting, Song, Technology, Operations, and Industry X facilities from Accenture.

Top Services Offered by Accenture

  • Business and Technology Strategy
  • Operations Strategy Services
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Mobility Services and more

4. Genpact

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Genpact

Born in 1997, Genpact became an independent company in 2005, bringing its expertise and innovation to more companies. Since its listing on the NYSE in 2007, it has become a driver of digital transformation among Fortune 500. Genpact is a global professional services firm offering business outcomes that strives to transform industries and shape the future and hence a top company to work for in Mumbai. Genpact partners with the world’s most innovative companies to turn their most significant challenges into opportunities, resilience, and growth – from creating hyper-connected supply chains to transforming customer and employee experiences. Genpact is named in the Forbes World’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2022 list.

Top Services Offered by Genpact

  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Insurance and Media
  • Publishing and Entertainment, and more

5. eClerx

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - eClerx

eClerx was founded in 2000 to transition, manage and transform complex business processes. Following successful careers in investment banking, its founders jointly identified significant opportunities for providing innovative services and solutions to large global companies undergoing rapid business transformation challenged by legacy systems, new technology, data inaccuracies, and ever-changing processes and workflows. Created from humble beginnings in a small Mumbai office today, eClerx employs 15,000+ people across various countries. Their operational and domain expertise helps clients to improve their operational efficiency, productivity, speed and quality.

Top Services Offered by eClerx

  • Business Process Management
  • Smart Automation 
  • Analytics Services
  • Change Management
  • Data-driven Insights
  • Financial Services and more

6. IBM

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - IBM

IBM believes in progress and applying intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition. IBM patented the LASIK surgery in 1980, improving millions of people’s vision. IBM, the world’s second-largest technology company, is more than a century old and popularly known as ‘Big Blue,’ and is a global leader in hardware, software, services and consulting space. The name behind the technologies which power our everyday lives, IBM, is credited with making machines, punch cards, magnetic hard disks, electric typewriters and computer memory. IBM ran country clubs for employees much before Google started employee-friendly facilities. For much of the 20th century, IBM was the model of a dominant, paternalistic corporation. It was among the first to give workers paid holidays and life insurance.

Top Services Offered by IBM

  • Analytics and Application Services
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cloud Computing and Blockchain 
  • Hybrid Cloud and Cybersecurity
  • E-commerce and more

7. Microsoft

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Microsoft

Microsoft is everywhere. Microsoft has a long history, from a startup in the 1970s to becoming a giant 1990s to its current reinvention under CEO Satya Nadella. In 1997, Microsoft came forward to help Apple from almost-certain bankruptcy by investing $150 million. Steve Jobs shared this information on stage at his first appearance as Apple CEO. Microsoft’s first outstanding app was Microsoft Excel, which unseated the then reigning spreadsheet champions Apple VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3. Excel has helped in making people’s jobs easier in many ways. In 2015, three local data centres were launched in Pune, Mumbai and Chennai to benefit India’s private and public sectors.

Top Services Offered by Microsoft

  • Virtual Machines
  • App Services
  • Digital Transformation 
  • SQL Database
  • Storage and Frameworks
  • Development Tools and more

8. Ernst & Young

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Ernst & Young

EY Mumbai is one of the most prominent offices of EY that the bigwigs frequent in Mumbai. This office set the tone for other branches across the country. EY is one of the world’s largest consulting companies with a strong brand language. Additionally, it has been among the Big Four accounting firms since the early twentieth century. According to its employees, the flexibility offered in work, the ease of communicating with the team management and the respect people look up to make EY a great place to work in Mumbai.

Top Services Offered by Ernst & Young

  • Assurance and Audit
  • Consulting and Business Risk
  • Law and Tax 
  • Human Capital Services and Strategy 
  • Security, Transactions and more

9. Oracle

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Oracle

Oracle is a computer technology corporation well-known for its software products and services like Java. Its mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities. Oracle’s employee resource groups (ERGs) and affinity groups represent the diverse communities that form their core. Their multi-generational workforce is brought together by more than 60 employee communities, covering topics from gender, ethnicity, and accessibility to neurodiversity and parenting. They focus on disability inclusion and awareness & understanding of LGBTQ+ issues. These qualities make it a leading IT and software company in Mumbai.

Top Services Offered by Oracle

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Licence
  • Cloud Applications and engineering services
  • Banking and Insurance 
  • Software Products 
  • Hardware and Engineered System 
  • Enterprise Applications and more

10. Google

IT and Software Companies in Mumbai - Google

Google India has offices in four major Indian cities – Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Google is a household name for everyone using the internet. It helps you to search the world’s information, including web pages, images, videos and more and has many exclusive features to locate what you’re looking for. Google has leased a one lakh sq ft office space in FIFA Tower in Mumbai’s secondary business district Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). This location has unique architecture, design, and office traditions like all others. No matter which branch you visit, you’ll find Googlers building products to help create opportunities for people worldwide. 

Top Services Offered by Google

  • Google Ads 
  • Cloud and Chrome 
  • Gmail and Maps
  • Google Drive and Photos
  • Android and more

Best Alternative to IT and Software Jobs

In recent years, many developers have considered quitting their jobs and pursuing careers in different fields. A recent report by DigitalOcean Holdings shared some interesting facts about software developers’ jobs. Here are some findings:

  • 32% of people working for over a year have started a new position in the last year
  • 44% want to leave their existing job and want to try something new
  • 1 in 5 developers with over 15 years of experience started a new career last year
  • 56% of developers have participated in Open Source projects in the previous year
  • Compensation, flexibility and better benefits are the primary reasons for quitting 
  • The Great Resignation trend is still strong in India

The software industry is going through a tough time, and to have a reliable job, you must look for an alternative. One of the best alternatives to IT and software jobs is digital marketing. It is a kind of online marketing where digital marketing experts promote brands, products and services. Here are some excellent perks of digital marketing:

Top 10 Reasons to Take Up Digital Marketing Career 

  • Digital marketing is constantly evolving, making it exciting to learn
  • Digital marketing specialists’ jobs are amongst the top 10 in-demand roles
  • It has different job roles, such as strategist, content writer, SEO specialist, etc. 
  • It is possible to learn digital marketing in less than 6-months
  • A digital marketing career is flexible and can be taken full-time or freelance 
  • The digital market is steadily increasing, and opportunities are growing 
  • Digital marketing offers better pay than most other industry 
  • Anyone with a passion and love for marketing can learn digital marketing
  • No degree or prior experience needed to enter the field 
  • Almost every business is looking for a digital marketing agency to promote their brand 


DigitalScholar’s Digital Marketing Course, curated by industry experts, can help you become one of the best digital marketers in the industry. The course covers different aspects of digital marketing, and the institute assists you with 100% job placement. If interested in agency-style learning, you must opt for Chennai’s offline digital marketing course. On the other hand, if you want to learn it at your own pace, you must explore our pre-recorded courses.   

Whether you want to kickstart your career or add digital marketing skills to your skill set, a digital marketing course at DigitalScholar is an excellent option. Along with acquiring the right skills, you will also have comprehensive hands-on practice on various projects. It will help you create your digital marketing campaigns in future with confidence. Enrol now and be a pro at digital marketing! 

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