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30 Important Instagram Stats and Facts to Boost Your Business Online – ( 2024 Instagram Statistics)

Want to know how to use Instagram to boost your business? Check out our latest blog post for important statistics and facts about the social media platform. From user engagement to marketing opportunities, learn how Instagram can help you reach your target audience and grow your business.

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Remember how Instagram looked when it initially started? There were no algorithms, themes, or influencers. It was just for socializing and posting images, and people posted the most random things. Now, if you look at it, it is more than just posting pictures. It is a place for entertainment, socializing, creating content, and even a business platform. There are algorithms and rules that you must follow if you want to be seen and known. If you are starting or have a business and want to be seen on Instagram, you have come to the right place. This blog will take you through a few Instagram facts and stats to boost your business on this platform. 

Top 31 Instagram Stats and Facts in 2024

1. There are 2 billion monthly active users who access the Instagram app globally.

2. If we look at the demographics, in India alone has 358.55 million users of Instagram followed by the United States with 158.45 million and Brazil with 122.9 million. (Source:

Instagram monthly users by Country

Source: Backlinko

From the above image, we can see that the US, Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey have many people using Instagram. If you are someone who has a business in these regions or has the potential to target people from these places, then Instagram is the place to reach your potential customers.

3. Just like how we ask our friends or family before purchasing a product or getting to know new services through them. According to a survey conducted by Facebook. Inc, it was seen that 81% of people said that this platform helps their research products and services, and 80%  of them mentioned that Instagram helps them decide if they should purchase a product or not. These Instagram facts and stats prove that people indeed use this platform for shopping purposes.

4. Instagram doesn’t just help users research products they are interested in, but it helps them discover new services and products. 83% of users get to know about new products and even businesses through Instagram. Showing your products to your target buyers through ads and sponsored content will help generate more traffic for your business.

5. Instagram ads can reach up to  849.3 million users. Also, 14% of users who are of 13 years and above can be reached through ads.

6. Ads reach is so high that it can convince and attract users to visit their page and even purchase. 87% of users claimed that they followed a brand’s page, made a purchase, or saw their website due to the ads that popped up on their page.

7. 90% of the users follow a business page. Create content that is engaging and attractive for users to follow your page. 

8. The explore tab lets users discover new content, and pages and even get to know new content creators. This tab is crucial for businesses as 50% of users use this tab every month. Getting your business page featured on the explore tab will pave the way for more brand awareness and new followers.

Explore tabs in Instagram

9. Stories help in gaining a lot of attention and generating leads. 500 million users use this feature every day.

10. Since so many use stories on a daily basis, you can understand how essential this feature is for your business. 58% of people mentioned that they have become more invested and interested in the product or brand after seeing it feature in stories. 

11. What else does a brand need when they get users to purchase its products? 50% of users who saw the brand on stories went ahead to visit their website and make a purchase.

The above Instagram facts mention the reach stories have and how powerful they can be for businesses. The following facts will help you enhance your stories for better reach and engagement :

12. Stories that are mobile shot outperform ads that are short in studios by 63%. Make the stories look natural and fun for it to make people interested.

13. Call-to-action elements are always important, and they bring in more leads or traffic. Stories that have call-to-action elements perform 89% better.

Instagram stories with call to action

14. The swipe-up call-to-action element creates more engagement for your business. Swipe-up is an element that people or users have to make to be directed to the in-ad link. The link can be anything. It can be a website landing page or a Youtube video. Hubspot’s Instagram engagement report mentions that 70% of the people who took part in the survey have used the swipe-up element.

15. Add central text to your stories. 75% of the time, they perform better. 

16. Interactive features like GIFs, locations, questions, and polls bring in more users. People like such interactive features. At present more than 60% of business pages use these features in their stories. Use these tools to make your content more engaging and fun.

Instagram stories with polls

Source: Imagine Media

Instagram story with emoji slider

  Source: Conviva

17. Regarding Instagram facts regarding video content, How-to video tutorials are the most popular video content on Instagram. Make the video fun and easy for users to understand.

18. Users like to watch behind-the-scenes videos, and they want to know what goes on in their business. If you are posting images of photoshoots on your page, make sure to post a behind-the-scenes video. Also, post videos that have interviews with models or celebs that you collaborate with.

19. IGTV videos are an excellent way to catch the eye of the user. Make fun IGTV videos. As mentioned above, they can be interviews, chat sessions, or behind-the-scenes because they are 4x larger than posts on the explore feed. 

31 important Instagram facts and stats to boost business

Source: Fastlykke

20. Add product tags to your posts. It can be stories, videos, or images. Product tags will bring in more brand awareness and make the customer journey smooth. It will give details of the product and how it can be used in different ways. 

Instagram post with product tags
Instagram story with product tags

Source: Laterblog

21. Add location tags to your posts. It is a great advantage for local businesses. Looking at the location, people would know how to visit, and your post will display when users search for your location. There is 79% more engagement. 

22. Add hashtags to your posts. This Instagram fact can be beneficial. Use relevant tags and use the ones that have low competition. Though most users like to pick popular hashtags, if you are on a page with fewer followers, it is advised to use the less popular ones. 

23. Posting at the right time is very important on Instagram. The number of likes, comments, and clicks your content gets as soon as it is published is very important. The algorithm works in a manner that will show your content to your active followers at the start. According to the interactions, Instagram will decide how many more users should see it. If a large portion of your followers interact with your content as soon as it is posted, more users will see your content—post at the peak hours when your followers will be active. The below image will give you an idea of what time to post. 

Global engagement timing - Instagram

Source: Sprout social

24. To appear on the explore page, your posts need to have more engagement. The sooner the engagement in the form of likes and comments, your chances will improve to appear on the explore page and appear on top in the hashtags section. 

25. While posting, tease your audience to generate curiosity. Product teasers will make users talk about your brand. 

Here Starbucks is teasing its audience by dropping a post regarding its seasonal drink. When you just hint at the product that users are interested in and do not force them to buy, there will be more engagement and purchases. 

It is a fact that countdowns create more curiosity than anything. This will be an advantage to your business page as people would want to know what is coming up. 

Instagram stories with coutdown

Source: Later blog

Another example is when the brand beauty blender teased their followers into guessing their new launch. A point that has to be noted is that when you are teasing your audience with emojis or contexts, make sure that they are relatable to your target demographic

Instagram new launch product post

26. An average business page posts once a day. Make your post engaging and post at the right time because, as mentioned in the above Instagram facts, posting at the right time can affect your engagement rate and ranking. 

27. For a business page, the average engagement rate for a post is 0.96%, which means one engagement for every 100 followers. This Instagram fact is significant for pages that have fewer followers, and the fact is that accounts with more than 100,000 followers have an engagement rate of 0.62%, whereas small accounts have 1.55%. 

28. Instagram bridges the gap between customers and the brand. Direct messages, comments, likes, and live sessions make it interactive and easy for users to communicate with brands or business pages. Two-thirds of users agree that Instagram is helpful in this manner. 

29. 47% of users mentioned that pages that replied to DMs promptly were a crucial factor in purchasing their products. As a business page, be active on messages and interact with users. This will increase sales and customer relationships. 

30. Collaborating with content creators is encouraged. Collaborating with them helps in spreading the word. While collaborating, one thing to keep in mind is that never forget nano influencers as they have more engagement rate. Nano influencers are the ones who have less than 10,000 followers. Also, 55% of fashion shoppers purchased products after watching creators promote them. 

Instagram can really boost your business online if you plan and execute it well. These were a few Instagram facts that we wanted to put out there to enhance your strategies and plans. Make use of this most trending platform to take your business to the next level. 

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