Instagram Niches for Growth and Making Money

Top 20 Instagram Niches for Growth and Making Money

Check out this article about Instagram niche ideas for growth and making money. Here we have listed down the top 20 Instagram niches.

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What is Niche Marketing

Niche means channelising all marketing efforts to one particular subject, which is well-defined and can be easily differentiated. In the digital world, there are tons of Niches, but you have to select one where you are most interested before you start your digital journey.

Taking about the top 20 Instagram niches for growth and making money, it’s crucial to have ideas about what is Niche Marketing, because it will be the sole responsibility to make money on the Internet and particularly on Instagram.

A niche market does not mean a minor market, but it encompasses a specific target audience with a specialized interest zone. Whenever someone starts to do Niche marketing, it sets the benchmark for others and opens door to them as a new marketer enters that particular niche.

One of the most important benefits that you will have to following Niche marketing is the level of competition will be relatively low as few people can have similar interests as yours and also the level of expertise, they possess in that particular Niche may differ as well.

Why Choose Instagram?

There is numerous social media platform, and in terms of users, Instagram is surpassed by Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, but still, people prefer the Instagram platform for earning money. This is not a fake promotion but indeed backed by some strong data from a famous statistical platform DataReportal.

As clearly visible from the image, though Facebook is the most popular social media networking platform with 2.935 billion worldwide users, it is lacking with WhatsApp and Instagram in terms of popularity between the age group of 16-64 years.

Out of them WhatsApp has its limitation and is not meant for publishing something publicly, which means Instagram is a clear winner in this segment and the number one choice for earning over all the social media platforms and indeed a motivational factor to check out the top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and make money.

Important factors which help to make money on Instagram

As there are billions of users on Instagram, it’s natural that whatever you might be Niche, you are most likely to face competition, and you must be ready for it.

Be peculiar to select your target audience, which need not be massive but must have an interest in your subject.

Never select a Niche only because it is giving a high return to others, but having a deep affection for what you want to do should be the only criteria to choose your Niche.

There should be continuity in your posts, and it doesn’t matter if you post daily, weekly or twice a month, but whatever your schedule you must never miss it.

Design your posts in such a manner that as soon as it is displayed in front of the targeted audience, it is capable of catching their attraction.

Before publishing a post, do a pilot survey by showing it to your family and friend and crosscheck its suitability.

As we have discussed enough let’s begin with the list of top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and making money, to increase the suspicion we have kept something extra for you to discover, just keep reading.

Top 20 Instagram Niches for Growth and Making Money

I don’t think in today’s world there are saint-like old times who are just unaffected by the social activities going around them and have no avarice for money. If you are not among such people and strongly favour the thought to make a great deal of money for yourself, here are some amazing Niches that can do wonders on Instagram and you must check them out.

In this list of top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and making money, we will not only talk about the Niche but also discuss how it will be helpful to make you money.

1. Business

There can be nothing better than running your own business on Instagram as the users of Instagram love to follow their favourite businesses and enjoy staying updated.

Because of the advancement of digital marketing and easy access to the internet and the availability of android devices for everyone, the scope of online business has increased multiple folds and with Instagram, the chances are even better.

Compared to old times, now we have a better opportunity to run our business online due to the emergence of many business opportunities which either runs on zero investment or very small investment.

Here is an example for you of a trending business house active on Instagram, Sharpie.

It’s a brand selling kinds of stuff like notebooks, pens, etc but managed to create its own identity on the platform with more than 388k followers who are eager to be in touch with the brand.

As an international platform, Instagram allows the brand to expand its marketing beyond the places where its marketing executives can reach, and have exponential growth in the business.

Having your own business is the first option in the list of top 20 Instagram niches for growth and making money, as the platform also allows you to increase your reach beyond your followers through the means of advertisement.

2. Health & Fitness

With the environment taking so much of setbacks and the health issues for people keep on growing, topics related to health and fitness have become the talk of the town now. As an Instagrammer, it is an ample opportunity to catch the attraction of the users and sell health and fitness-related services on the platform.

Here is an active fitness trainer on Instagram, @ebenezersamul23 advising people on how to maintain health, and can gain 329k followers for the services that he is providing.

Within the health and fitness channel, you can give fitness tips to your followers and attract the to take up one-on-one sessions with you so which will yield you a lot of earnings. At the same time, you can even sell a variety of fitness products to earn a lot of profit apart from giving advice. 

3. Fashion

In this world who is not crazy about the latest fashion and trends, and when it comes to the youths, the craze widens. Under the list of top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and making money, fashion is a trend which can never be out of demand, and it will continue to yield a good result to you as long as you can give value to the followers.

Here is an example of a famous fashion blogger on Instagram, Kritika Khurana Chhabra with a mammoth 1.7 million followers, as she discusses on latest trends related to weddings, mehndi, Haldi, etc.

As a fashion blogger, you can sell your services like designing personal favourite outfits for clients and earning a lot. Also, you have the chance to get into contact with big events like marriage or some other celebration where you can get orders in bulk.

4. Beauty

Another Niche which is as good as Fashion, in the top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and making money is talking about beauty and related products.

According to data, about 96% of the beauty products have a strong hold on Instagram, as stated by a top statistical website, Statista.

Here is an account @desiperkins which you can observe as it has a gigantic 4.4 million followers talking about top-quality beauty products.

To earn a good amount of money through your Instagram account related to beauty products, you can have a variety of options like selling cosmetics, reviewing other brands, giving tips, etc.

5. Lifestyle

At number five in the list of top 20 Instagram niches for growth and making money, Lifestyle is something which people started to cherish in the past decade. People are crazy to see how others are leading their life, and how successful they are.

They are passionately thinking about something similar for their lifestyle as well and they can do anything to get it.

Here is a famous lifestyle blogger, @sincerelyjules who has massive 6.9 million followers, and 7750 posts flourishing as a business on the Instagram platform.

As a lifestyle business, you have varieties of products to sell on the platform concerned with lifestyle enhancement and people show a lot of interest in these kinds of products. 

6. Food & Cooking

People simply love to talk about food and cooking on Instagram and gives a very good chance to earn if you start your food delivery service or online cooking classes.

food vlogger insta page example instagram niches

Even there are many street food bloggers cum Influencer, who move to a variety of places and give their reviews on the quality and taste of the food and services available. The owner of the restaurants and food plazas are willing to hire such influencers to have positive reviews for them and they are ready to pay handsomely.

There are many pages that share amazing food recipes, offering a delightful mix of culinary inspiration and practical cooking tips. These accounts showcase a variety of dishes, from quick and easy meals to gourmet creations, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Food and cooking instagram niches

With mouth-watering photos, step-by-step tutorials, and creative ideas, these food recipe pages not only inspire home cooks but also attract food enthusiasts looking for the next delicious dish to try. Whether you’re a novice cook or a seasoned chef, following these pages can spark your culinary creativity and elevate your kitchen skills.

7. Memes

Another niche which is into a trend on the top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and making money, creating memes and selling it to other businesses, can give you a great opportunity to earn.

There are many businesses active on Instagram that need something unique on daily basis, and if you are capable of providing quality and thoughtful memes, you can earn a lot of money.

It’s easy to find customers for your memes on Instagram as you will constantly post on the platform, someone will recognise your work and want to connect with you.

8. Animals (Pets)

People on Instagram love to admire cute and beautiful pictures of pet animals, and many of them want to buy them as well. If you own a pet shop business, Instagram can provide you great opportunity to reach customers all across the world.

Animal lovers across the planet are in regular search of great breeds whom they can keep as a pet, and if you have the potential and supply them with exactly what they need your business can flourish.

Even many businesses need great images of pets for their daily posts, whom you can contact and sell the animal images to them.

9. Crafts & DIY

Just like pets, there is a great demand for creative craft works and DIY works where people select and create a design all by themselves and you produce the artwork for them.

All these craft works and DIY work are paid heavily by the admirers, and all you need to do to find appropriate clients is to keep posting your work on the Instagram platform.

#10 Gaming Niches

Another great opportunity in the list of top 20 Instagram niches for growth and making money, Gaming has the potential to be placed among the top three, and give high competition to others.

After the outcome of the Covid era, the demand for gaming channels where people get to see gameplay of various newly launched games and an accurate review of the game has grown.

The chances of earning through an account on Instagram which is dedicated to Gaming becomes higher if you start to sell the game through the affiliate link on your channel.

11. Traveling

The chances of earning through a travelling-related niche on Instagram increase if you own a tour and travel company by posting amazing pictures of beautiful landscapes and attracting people with equally amazing offers.

People are fascinated to see beautiful unexplored landmasses and they too want to enjoy the purity of such places, and as a travel agent, you have the best opportunity to make use of such situations.

Even if you are just a traveller, and love to post amazing pictures related to your journey you have chances of earning as many businesses are looking for such great pictures and they are ready to pay you a good amount for that.

#12 Parenting

It’s an amazing feeling to be a parent and people on Instagram who are new parents or just passed this phase love to follow brands who talk about how to be good parents and like to purchase some amazing products related to being good parents and which can be soft and tender to the newborn baby.

#13 Motivational (quotes)

At number 13 in the list of top 20 Instagram niches for growth and making money, targeting a motivational niche can always be a great idea to go for.

In this fast-paced world of business, people are losing their spirituality, and in such circumstances, they feel overwhelmed if someone is making their day by the means of some spiritual thoughts and quotes.

 After you increase the number of followers to a certain level businesses will start to contact you for business promotion and you will be paid heavily for your influence.

#14 Stock market

Investing in the stock market is a passionate thing to do and people seek a variety of channels providing information related to the stock market.

If you are good with your prediction of the stock market, and once your followers start to believe in you, you can start your consultation services, and also charge a consultation fee, to all those who want to avail of your services.

#15 Music

People on Instagram love to listen to music and follow musicians and love to know about their lifestyles. You can create albums with licence-free music which people can play in their leisure time and recreate themselves.

This can help you in growing into popularity and cherish your career as an Instagram influencer, allowing you to earn from the platform without doing much because it’s always easy to gain followers if you are running music related niche.

#16 Start-up News

Newly developing entrepreneurs are highly innovative and often come up with amazing ideas for a new start-up, and the users of Instagram love to follow such start-ups. In these circumstances, having an account talking about these start-ups, their ideas and thought processes, how they manage their funding, and their future planning, can help to acquire a huge number of followers which can give a lot of money.

Once you achieve a recommendable number of followers you can earn money through paid posts and paid shout-outs.

#17 Interior design

You have no idea how crazy people can be when it comes to decorating their houses and giving them the desired look. If you are an interior designer or a seller of related products, you can post constantly on the Instagram platform to attract customers.

People who are mesmerised by the beauty of the products posted by you will contact you either to as you for a similar design or to buy raw material from you.

#18 Cryptocurrency

Maybe the crypto market is still a new concept for many and a huge proportion of people believe that the crypto market is too risky to invest in, but still, they want to stay updated on what is happening in the market.

Among the top 20 Instagram niches for growth and making money, selling consultancy services for investment in the crypto market can be an option to earn as many people still lack knowledge about cryptocurrencies but in the lust of earning they want to invest in them.

#19 Baking

Instagram has the potential to give a flying start to your baking business and can create a local fan following for your business, just through the means of a few posts of marvellous-looking food items and bakery products.

Even though Instagram you can book online orders for your bakery products if you register your business on the Instagram marketplace.

#20 Astrology​​​​​​​

Last but not the least, who is not fascinated to know his future and if you are someone who can predict it correct up to some extent, it can be a great opportunity for you to earn through private consultation. 

All you need to do is to post constantly your prediction, making people fall for it and at the same time you can through some live examples prove your efficiency. 


Instagram is such a great platform to earn money and there are so many Niches to choose from but we can only discuss the top 20 Instagram Niches for growth and making money because I don’t want to extend the article too long.

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