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10 Best Instagram Marketing Hacks to Increase Engagement & Views

These Instagram Marketing Hacks will help you grow your business and establish your presence on social media. Try these hacks consistently for 3 months and see the results for yourself.

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How do you increase views on Instagram? Are there any Instagram marketing hacks or tricks that can increase engagement? How can you have steady and consistent growth on Instagram?

Are these questions keeping you at sea? You’re not the only one! We have compiled a list to answer all of your questions. 

The key to ensuring your growth goes beyond tracking likes, comments and shares – and we have revealed secret Instagram hacks and fast methods to increase engagement and views in this blog to help you grow your Instagram business. 

There’s no second-guessing the power of Instagram. With an ever-increasing number of users on the platform, there exists endless opportunities and possibilities for social media marketing! Among the crowd of brands and users on the platform, you can hit your success mark by just finding the right people for you! 

Easier said than done, it’s true! But with this thorough guide, your brand will gain momentum and stand out from your competition.

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Hacks for 2022

1. Shift to a Business account

If your Instagram account is still personal, the first step towards increasing Instagram Engagement is to convert your account to a Business one. A business account gives you insights into your activity. 

Through this, you can keep track of your growth and see which type of content your viewers love most. More benefits include having the “contact” option to your account, adding links on stories, and having all the professional aesthetics that pulls people into your page. 

2. Content – What to do and what not to do?

The answer to this is simple – there’s nothing you shouldn’t do. There’s so much you can do on Instagram, and the key is to do everything. The more you experiment with your content, the more are the chances for you to keep getting more eyes to your page and increase Instagram engagement. 

3. Posts 

Your Instagram posts can be an Image or a Video. No matter what you post, remember to either entertain, engage, excite or educate your audience with your posts. While posting an image, it is necessary to be intentional about your visuals. The colour, the fonts, the aesthetics – to get people to stop and look at your image, it must have the potential to capture their attention. Understand the different video formats that gain more attention; graphics and animations are often more effective. An Instagram Marketing hack uses carousel posts to add up to 10 images in one thread.

While talking about videos, Instagram’s two features that you should NOT miss out on are: Reels and IGTV videos. Reels are the best way to reach the maximum number of people – they are more likely to go viral. Unlike standard Instagram posts, the views on reels keep increasing over a while. IGTV videos can contain all your long-form instructional and educational videos. 

4. Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great way to stay in touch with your followers daily. You can use various stickers, which will make your followers start conversing with you! The ‘Ask me Anything’ sticker can be widely used as a chance to answer questions related to your brand. Conducting quizzes on your stories are a way of entertaining people and giving them a break from their constant scrolling to have a little fun! 

Remember to post stories almost every day – by doing this; you’ll always appear on your followers’ feed! Club your best stories into different highlights for new followers to get on board with you!

5. Go live

The option to go live on Instagram is a much bigger Instagram trend than you think it is! Instagram has helped all the brands get a more human persona. By going live, you’re building connections with your target audience. Be it to answer questions about your brand, share a story, or have a chat – try to go live once in a while! You can even post your live as an IGTV video later for all your followers!

6. Create ‘save-able’ and ‘shareable’ content

Here’s an Instagram tip you should make full use of the Instagram Algorithm as of 2021. It favours sharing and save posts much more than likes and comments. Although the latter two are crucial, Instagram will show your post more if shared and saved. Hence, create content that people would like to save for them to view later, or content that forces them to share it with their friends!

7. That’s so true!

Another Instagram tip that is just human behaviour is to make your content relatable! The more people relate to your content, the more they’ll like you. It’s that simple! Most people on social media are generally there to release their stress, so adding some memes while still staying true to your brand is a great Instagram marketing hack that will make people like you more and stick around your page for a while. 

8. Keep it real

People love stories – stories are the easiest way to get people to gain interest in you. While Instagram has stopped becoming just the place for knowing what others are up to, people still enjoy learning the real person behind a brand, which creates a community. Once a community is created, people will keep wanting to come back to you and engage with your brand. So, under the best Instagram Marketing hacks, creating a community with your followers should be on top.

9. Perfect timing

The best way to increase Instagram Engagement is to post when your audience is actively using Instagram. Data for which type of content works best at what time is all available online! The Instagram Algorithm encourages quick engagement. If there are more likes and comments in the first few minutes of your post, it’ll be seen on more people’s feeds. So, just old-school engagement (likes and comments) can be one way to increase engagement and views. 

10. Get the Hashtag game!

Hashtags don’t just have to be there – lying under your captions. When choosing the hashtags for your post, it has to be thoughtful and strategic. There are various websites online that help you generate suitable hashtags for your post. Using hashtags is a great Instagram hack to bring in more followers who would have otherwise never found you. So, it grows your audience base by lots!

Bonus Tips!

11.Engagement and Interaction 

The best way to get people to stay on your page and not unfollow you is to engage and interact with them constantly. When you let them become part of your family, they’ll remain committed to your brand. One way to keep engaging with your followers is through giveaways. Everybody loves gifts, and giveaways are a great way to encourage more people to follow you. Asking questions like ‘Why do you like the brand?’ increases Instagram engagement.

Another Few Ways to Increase Interaction is Through 

  • Story takeovers – where other people take over your Instagram account for a day,
  • Collaboration – to collaborate with Instagram Influencers who market your product for you. Through this, your target audience expands. 
  • User-Generated Content – Giving out challenges for your audience will make them engage with your brand and increase Instagram engagement.
  • Respond to comments and DMs


These Instagram Marketing Hacks will help you grow your business and establish your presence on social media. Try these hacks consistently for 3 months and see the results for yourself.

Which one of these hacks helped you the most? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy marketing!

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