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Top 10 Instagram Marketing Case Studies in India

Here is the list of the 10 best Instagram marketing case studies in India. These businesses have excelled on this platform in terms of social media advertising, strategy and execution. So, here goes the list of top 10 Indian brands to follow on Instagram.

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We have seen very sharp changes in how we deal with and filter the world since Instagram was developed. Its photo and video sharing features go beyond what one may expect from a ‘for-personal-use-only’ app. Businesses can use Instagram to inspire audiences, recruit new talent, showcase products, and services, and personalize their content. We can see how companies have utilized Instagram in the Top 10 Instagram Marketing case studies in India addressed below in the article.

In comparison to any other social channel, Instagram drives the most engaged traffic. Instagram has the best time on site, beating out other sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit among various social channels.

Measuring Social Media Engagement

(Source- YotPo)

Further, Instagram engages your audience on the social media platform, which increases the likelihood of repeat purchases from customers. People who follow your brand on Instagram are likely to stay loyal to you and purchase from your brand repeatedly instead of your competition. 

Customer loyalty is a key component of eCommerce success, as returning customers account for almost 33.3% of all money spent and nearly three times what regular customers spend. A lot of brands like Adidas, Zomato and Swiggy India have increased their follower count and engagement rate with the help of Instagram Analytics as seen in the Instagram Marketing Case Studies in India mentioned below.

What are 6 Major Benefits of Using Instagram for Businesses?

  • Free! Your account can be set up quickly and easily. Don’t spend big bucks on marketing agencies. Instead, be your expert and use Instagram to promote your business.
  • Communication on-target – Instagram allows you to portray your core marketing message through photos and videos creatively.
  • Informal – It is no longer necessary to make your audience feel obliged with flowery and formal language. You can influence your audience in the way they prefer with this young, creative app.
  • Connect with customers – Boost your engagement with customers by utilizing Instagram for your business. Your marketing insights would be more accurate this way since you would know what your target audience likes, dislikes, preferences, etc.
  • User-Generated Content – This allows your audiences to understand better what you do. Furthermore, this makes them trust you more profound, so they begin to feel loyal to your business.
  • Instant analytics – With your business profile, you can quickly analyze all the Instagram posts you boost. You can map your brand’s marketing, content, and sales strategy using this instant analysis.
Insights of Benefits of Using Instagram for Businesses

Apart from these, Influencer Marketing is the newest concept on Instagram and the next big thing on Instagram.

Influencer marketing uses endorsements of and mentions of products from influencers, often those with large social followings, and are seen as experts within their niche. Influencers market your product on their page which increases the visibility of your and drives sales. Many brands seem to have included Influencer Marketing as a part of their marketing strategies ever since.  You can learn about real-life examples where Influencer Marketing has been used in the list below mentioning the Instagram Marketing Case Studies in India.

Influencer Marketing

(Search Engine Journal)

Thus, Influencer Marketing on Instagram can be seen as an emerging concept, and brands should try and incorporate this.

Let us now read about the Top 10 Instagram Marketing Case Studies in India. Each brand listed below has used the power of Instagram Marketing in unique ways to drive sales, increase engagement and brand recognition and achieve various other milestones in their digital marketing journey.


1. Swiggy India

In addition to having over 35,000 restaurant partners, Swiggy has over 40,000 delivery executives across 15 cities in India. The company’s application, a first of its kind in India, provides ease of use and a consistent delivery experience to its customers.


Swiggy wanted to expand its customer base, increase the number of mobile installations, and increase its reach.


Instagram Stories presented a potential for Swiggy to expand its user base and increase its global reach. Therefore, they carefully created creative resources for Instagram Stories to drive app installations and tested their performance. New customers rose significantly in the results.

Swiggy India - Instagram Case Study
Swiggy India - Instagram Case Study


Swiggy was one of the first Indian apps to implement ads on Instagram Stories and has successfully attracted new users.

  • Advertising on Instagram Stories reduced the cost per installation by 30%
  • Instagram Story ads lead to an increase in app installations by 17%

2. Audi India

With this International Women’s Day campaign released by Audi India, BBH India conceptualized women smashing stereotypes under their cars.

For the Audi India team, Women’s Day this year was extraordinary. They were able to advocate against stereotypes about driving that are very tiresome to women, using their brand’s motto, Future Is An Attitude. Their resolve was only strengthened as they listened to over a hundred women. We created the #DriveTheChange campaign as a result.

With a concept and execution by BBH India, Audi’s #DriveTheChange campaign took a direct shot at the age-old supposedly comical remarks women drivers receive. Audi India invited eight women from diverse industries to the event to expose these sexist and outdated stereotypes. These stereotypes, painted on the road, were driven over by these women.

Taking part in the initiative, Gaurav Sinha, Head – Marketing & PR, Audi India, said, “Through this campaign, we are celebrating women who are the strongest driving forces in our lives. We recognize that women are strong influencers and are constantly confronting and breaking pernicious stereotypes about women being bad drives. Taking this forward, we have developed a campaign that encourages and celebrates women by reinforcing the messaging of breaking down gender stereotypes.”

3. Tata Sky 

“Har Ghar Ki Khidki” – Tata Sky’s latest social media campaign, rolled out alongside the launch of its new brand purpose, “Tata Sky exists to make tomorrow better than today for families and homes.”

The social media campaign, which Tata Sky’s digital marketing agency Chimp&z Inc. designed and launched, showed unfiltered and candid emotions from viewers’ perspectives as they responded to Tata Sky’s status as the “Khidki of entertainment in every home.”

It is designed to spread awareness about the brand’s new TV commercial and engage its young audience.

To execute the campaign, Instagram’s Reels feature was utilized.

Anushka Sen, Sameeksha Sud, Awez Darbar, Tanzeel Khan, Siddharth Nigam, and Just Neel were among the Internet sensation who participated. 

Over 7.83M views were observed on the influencer’s REELS, resulting in 9.02M engagements on the social media handles of the influencer and Tata Sky. By presenting clips of everyday life captured by influencers in a household and using the very melodious tune of the TV commercial, the campaign was able to bring life to its essence. A ‘Khidki Anthem’ will also be compiled by Tata Sky from the best entries.

4. KFC

In this case study, we analyze how KFC India leveraged Fried Chicken Day to create engagement & encourage consumers to showcase their love for chicken in a quirky and creative manner.

For decades, Consumers of the Fried Chicken brand have looked forward to Fried Chicken Day.

KFC provided consumers with an opportunity to come forth and share their love for Fried Chicken in a quirky and exciting manner through social media this year due to the extended lockdown period.

A week-long celebration started on Fried Chicken Day (6th July), when social media users were invited to post stories about chicken love. Throughout the contest, participants from all over the country submitted their entries decorated with stickers, emojis: GIFs, poems, memes, and more.

The obsession with fried chicken continued. During such times, long video calls that people were often a part of were also used by the brand. The brand added an extra zing and crispiness to such conversations by using KFC chicken leg emojis on these video calls.

Results from the campaign

  • Impressions of over 1.5 million
  • It attracted more than 1.3 million chicken lovers
  • Engaged over 225K people

5. Airtel

Airtel India turned avid Instagram users into detectives with the launch of their #T20VillainHunt, with digital agency Dentsu Webchutney. During the final stage of the T20 fever. Here, T20 villains represent anything and everything that interferes with a viewer’s experience.

Two parts were released on Instagram as part of the #T20VillainHunt. To reveal the T20 Villain, users were encouraged to hunt through a given story for hidden clues.

Instagram’s “Save to Collection” feature was used creatively by customers to achieve this.

They would recognize the villain’s face if the clues were cracked, and the images were saved in the correct order in the ‘Saved’ folder.

It was tedious to solve the clues, but that didn’t discourage Airtel’s detectives from tracking down the villains.

Over 250 fans correctly and successfully cracked the puzzle within 3 days. A unique use of Instagram!

6. L’oreal Paris India

L’Oréal Paris offers a wide range of products, including makeup, skincare, hair color, styling, and hair color products that universally cater to women and men of all ages.

Its products and ambassadors exemplify a beauty ideal summed up by its legendary signature: “Because you’re worth it.”


Reaching out to make up lovers.

The brand wanted to build brand recognition among makeup enthusiasts in India and raise awareness and sales for its limited-edition makeup line, L’Oréal x Sabyasachi.


 A dedicated Instagram approach. L’Oréal Paris offers a diverse range of products for skin, hair, and makeup. However, millennials are less likely to associate it with makeup in the Indian market. L’Oréal Paris India created a limited-edition, signature collection of makeup with renowned Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee as part of its efforts to strengthen its reputation as a makeup brand.

To highlight high-quality beauty products, the brand discovered Instagram had a large female audience. Besides having over 3 million followers on Instagram, Sabyasachi also had a significant social media presence. Thus, the L’Oréal Paris campaign was exclusive to Instagram, the only medium that allowed the collection to be promoted to these consumers.

Instagram Stories, videos, and photo ads in single and carousel formats have been used by L’Oréal Paris to promote and spread awareness for its makeup line. The brand customized its video ads to fill the dimensions of each ad placement to maximize their impact. Using Instagram’s best practices and thoughtful, creative development, the videos were designed to introduce the brand and product range within a few seconds.

L’Oréal Paris India conducted an efficacy study to evaluate the Instagram campaign. This resulted in the company realizing that Instagram could be a highly effective marketing platform for its upcoming campaigns due to the strongly impacted brand metrics the company experienced with the campaign.


 L’Oréal Paris’ decision to create an Instagram-only campaign was a success, and it has been engaging effectively with women aged 20-44 who love beauty, fashion, shopping, and makeup. During the period November 28-December 31, 2018, the campaign led to:

  • Women aged 35–44 show a 20-point increase in purchase intent
  • Women aged 25-34 have a 13-point lift in brand awareness
  • A 9-point surge in ad recall

(Source- Instagram Business)

7. KitKat India

Around the world, 12 billion KitKat fingers are consumed each year. Nestlé’s KitKat brand is one of India’s most successful chocolate brands, and the company introduced KitKatSenses, a premium “slow-churned” chocolate.


Nestlé’s goal was to use Instagram to amplify its ‘Celebrate the Breakers’ campaign, focusing its efforts on generating awareness and message association (through website clicks and video views) among 15 to 34-year-old Instagrammers.


KitKat is a well-known snack with the prominent tagline ‘Have a break, have a KitKat.’ Nestlé launched a global advertising campaign to put a fresh spin on the campaign. In the new concept, ‘Celebrate the Breakers,’ the goal was to recognize the different types of breaks people take. The idea was realized as a series of animations featuring KitKat fingers that brought each break to life. This story was told visually through Instagram for Nestlé in India.

KitKat India - Instagram Case Study


In a series of posts with the hashtag #mybreak, the brand featured people taking various breaks, such as relaxing at their desks, listening to music, and partying all night for 7 whole weeks.

Instagram is a place where people share their daily experiences and moments causes KitKat’s photos to resonate with many people. 

An increase of 42 points in ad recall and 6 points in message association were the results of this campaign.

8. FBB India

In India, FBB has become synonymous with affordable fashion since 2008. There is something for everyone at this aspirational apparel brand, with everything from festive outfits to business attire to ethnic pieces and casual resort wear. As a retail destination and fashion hub, it boasts 373 stores in total.


Engaging fashionistas, driving sales

During Durga Puja, celebrated in West Bengal as one of the most important festivals, FBB aimed to increase sales and brand awareness. To appeal to trendy Indian millennials, the brand needed to come up with an innovative marketing strategy.


Telling an interactive love story. FBB wanted to create a campaign that captured the spirit of the Durga Puja festival, which is all about new beginnings. As part of its #PujoPerfect Love Story web series, it created a five-day Instagram story with Nishtasha Digital Media Private Limited (NDMPL). Episodes, which ran as ads in Stories and feed, conveyed the excitement of a budding relationship between young couples. With Ananya and Roy as the main characters, the audience fell for the spirit of Pujo and spent time experiencing FBB’s Pujo collection.

Rather than giving people a passive, one-sided experience, FBB allowed people to choose what happens next at the end of each episode. FBB asked them to share their opinions and preferences about relatable situations-such as deciding what outfit to wear. Depending on their responses, the story would develop. FBB used all of the features available as part of Instagram Stories, including emoticons, GIFs, polls, answers, and filters, to encourage audience interaction and engagement throughout the series.

As a result of the campaign, customers were encouraged to visit FBB’s Instagram profile, brand affinity was increased, and the design of its clothes was showcased creatively. By compelling viewers to “Swipe up,” the brand effectively generated leads and pushed sales through its campaign microsite. On that page, they could fill out a form and provide their name, email, and phone number to receive a voucher code that could be redeemed for discounts at a store.


FBB’s Instagram Stories story was a hit. From September 17 through October 8, 2019, the campaign accomplished:

  • 28% increase in coupon redemption rate from Instagram campaign compared to other channels during the same period
  • A total of over 20,000 store visits were prompted by Instagram in West Bengal in comparison with other channels during the same period
  • Overall campaign sales drove store visits of about USD 900,000
  • In contrast to In-season visits in the previous year, Instagram campaign period visits increased by 22%.

(Source- Instagram Business)

9. Zomato India

In 2012, Zomato’s Vice President of Marketing, Pramod Rao, received a direct message from a Twitter user suggesting the company uses Instagram. When that happened, Instagram also decided to be included in their Marketing Strategy. This experience inspired the #Zomato Instagram contest – Zomato was all about food and what better way to interact with food than by sharing photos through Instagram.


Utilize the popular trend (Use of Instagram) with the Zomato brand essence (Food) and the need to share experiences on social media (Zomato).


It was a simple two-step contest: 1) you took a picture of food, 2) you shared it on Instagram and with #Zomato. You could submit multiple times.

In addition to this, it enabled users to connect with the brand quickly and did not require much thinking. Moreover, the grand prize was a digital camera, which had relevance to the activity.

Zomato India - Instagram Case Study


  • Over one month, 1267 food shots were received.
  • 65,000 votes were generated.
  • A total of 100,000 page impressions, widely shared on social media.
  • This led to creating one of the most delicious websites on the internet –, which has been up for a while now.
  • The brand had 0 Instagram followers before the contest but nearly 150 afterwards.

10. Clovia India

Clovia is a lingerie brand in India catering primarily to urbane young women living in big cities. This group is well accustomed to ordering lingerie online. To reach Clovia’s target audience, Instagram was the best choice.

Clovia was looking for ways to get women comfortable enough to buy lingerie on a mobile phone. The company hoped to obtain a digital channel that could increase sales by at least 10% in the year’s final quarter. Instagram advertisements were used for the first time to reach India’s core target audience of 20–45-year-old women.

Because the brand was focusing on conversions, it used Instagram’s visual aspects to showcase their products, along with a short copy and a bold call to action to encourage consumers to act.

Clovia India - Instagram Case Study

Using segmentation based on age and location within major metropolises, Clovia’s ‘Shop Now’ button led users to the brand’s website, which helped track conversions.

Clovia Conversion

(Source- Social Samosa)

From February to April 2016, Clovia’s Instagram campaign ran for three months and achieved its goal with a significantly lower CPA.

As of 2020, there will be nearly 112.5 million Instagram users. Instagram keeps adding tools to help entrepreneurs succeed on the photo-sharing social media platform, from gathering insights to selling products.

Creating an Instagram profile for your business and marketing well seems to be the requisite nowadays, no matter how big or small your business may be. You can gain more visibility for your brand, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty by using an Instagram business profile.

Check out this video to learn “Instagram Mistakes that 1000s of People Make” and you should not make.

If you have yet to join Instagram, there is still time to succeed. By using the right marketing strategy, businesses can open doors to promote their products, increase sales, and enhance their brand on Instagram.

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