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The Dream Life You want is going to be fueled by the Business You Build On Instagram by becoming an Instagram Influencer and getting the right followers.

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What Does… ‘Becoming An Instagram Influencer’ Mean To You..?

From: Sorav Jain
Where: Chennai, India

For Everyone it’s different…

For some of you, you’re unemployed or in 9-5 Job that you hate and you’re trying all the ways to get out…

For some of you, you know your worth but unable to deliver to the huge audience that you Deserve!

For others, you are entrepreneurs with your own company but you’re stuck and wondering why your competitor is doing so well!?

For a few of you, you’ll know there are thousands of followers for you but nobody pays!

For me it was different, I started my journey way back in 2008 with 35 followers and set out on a mission to teach rural and urban India about digital marketing.

I slowly started building my personal brand on Instagram later in 2014 with only one vision and mission – to teach people. Since then there was no looking back, today I have 188,000 followers on Instagram with a verified profile and over 300,000 blog visitors every year and trained over 100,000 students in the last year.


You can be a Coach, Business Owner, Freelancer or anybody!

The zeal in you, a Mobile Phone & a stable internet connection is all that matters 😛

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Guess what?

Now is the time to act!

10,000+ students have done it & so can YOU!


Shivani - Image & Etiquette Coach

Shivani joined the Instagram Influencer Mastery 6 months back when she has 700 followers. After completing the course Shivani was able to grow her Instagram account to 140K Followers.


Riddhi Deorah - Parenting Coach & Influencer

Riddhi joined the Instagram Influencer Mastery when she had 5000 followers in her Instagram. Today she has grown her Instagram Account to 105K followers within a span of 1 year.


Tanya Puri - Make up Artist

Students gained 100K+ followers

Students gained 50K+ followers

Students gained 10K+ followers

Students gained 5K+ followers

A Good Instagram Trainer is a Great Instagram Practitioner – Meet Sorav Jain
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Here’s what you will learn in the
Instagram Influencer Mastery

1. The Basement Day

Everything begins with strong basics. So, it starts with understanding the purpose of going digital, 10Cs & affirmations of an influencer. We also bust some myths around this!

2. The Figuring-out Stage

Understanding the differences between niche & micro-niche and helping you discover your niche.

3. The Optimization Trick

From creating a kickass Instagram profile to writing an effective bio and everything in between. (Yes, competitor analysis too)

4. The Content Prep

Preparing for a content mindset and understanding different styles of content that actually works. You can plan your content calendar with us.

5. The Visual Treat

Instagram also loves aesthetics and so does its audience. So, this module has everything about IG themes, colour combos, fonts and appearances.

6. The Canva Hack

The smart work kicks in Creating 10 days worth of content like listicles, carousels, quotes and everything your audience will love.

7. The Reelcyclopedia

Instagram’s MOST favourite kid- Reels. You’ll learn types of reels and 7 key things you need to go viral.

8. The Copy Section

You’ll learn about the AIDA model, Storytelling method, and various different hacks that will help you write thumb-stopping copies for you Instagram post captions.

9. The Hashtag Game

This module will make you strong at this game. We teach you different types of hashtags like Flick/Meta Hashtags and also organic research methods.

10. The Stories’ Gala

From taking polls, running Q&A’s, reposting & sharing stories to piggybacking on the different format of Instagram stories to drive good sales. (You’ll love this)

11. The Highlights Parade

Everything about adding the right stories on highlights and weeding out the extras. You’ll learn about story templates and designing the cover pictures for those highlights.

12. The Organic Growth stage

Now that your profile is ready, it’s time to bag some followers and sales to your business. We will be teaching you the exact growth strategies that will help you get followers organically.

13. The Credibility Boosting Stage

Time to go on LIVE and build credibility. Do it strategically. Collaboration!

14. Monetize your Instagram

Learn the different ways to make money through Instagram, learn the art of Collaboration and ways to get clients

15. WhatsApp Automations From Instagram

Learn to trigger automated WhatsApp messages from your Instagram Bio link. This is the first time a process like this is revealed and you can easily make your competitors wonder how do you do it.

16. Instagram Advanced Automations

Learn to trigger automated DMs when somebody mentions you on the story, Comments on your posts or simply DMs you. You can Automate the entire process for amazing customer management. This course is the first of its kind to reveal the secrets of Instagram Automations.

To Walk With You a Little further,
we have also added these BONUSES


Thursday Live Q & A Sessions

Talk to your mentors every week: We host weekly LIVE sessions to get your doubts cleared. The dates will be announced once you join us.


Instagram Ads Mastery Worth Rs. 9,999

Running ads fuels the growth you’re achieving organically. So, you can learn groundbreaking ideas to run high-converting ads on your own


25+ Canva Templates Worth Rs. 2,999

People are bored of the same blue and teal Canva Templates on Instagram. So, jazz up your feed with freshly crafted Canva templates.


30 Instagram Reels Ideas Worth Rs. 9,999

We give you a bunch of story prompts. So, you can create baffling stories for the next 30 days.


60 Days Exclusive Content Idea Sheet worth Rs. 9,999

Didn’t we promise that your content river will never go dry? Even if it does, this bonus package is a backup plan!  

Check out our Students Testimonials

Meet Your Mentor

You’re learning from people who’ve achieved it before!

Sorav Jain

The Instagram Wizard

LinkedIn endorsed “Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers” teaches you to become an Instagram Influential member in 30 days. 

He has trained more than 100K+ students online & offline. With 188K+ followers on Instagram, he knows the secret sauce of building an active community.

Here’s A Recap Of
EVERYTHING You’ll Get when you buy Instagram Influencer Mastery Program


✅ 70+ Video Lessons on Growing Your Followers on Instagram
✅ Advanced Instagram Automations Worth Rs. 10,999
✅ Whatsapp Automations Via Instagram Worth Rs. 7,999
✅ Instagram Ads Mastery Worth Rs. 9,999
✅ 30 Instagram Reels Ideas Worth Rs. 5,999
✅ 25+ Canva Templates Worth Rs. 3,999
✅ 60 Days Exclusive Content Idea Sheet Worth Rs. 2,999
✅ Thursday Live Q & A Sessions

Total Value: Rs. 41,994


For Only Rs. 6,999

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it lifetime access?

Yes, this course comes with lifetime access and updates as the Instagram Algorithm Changes, we have already made two versions of this course and updated with latest Instagram features ( Updated on June 21st, 2021 )

Will there be LIVE sessions?

We do not have live sessions, but we will have regular community meet-ups with Sorav Jain to take up your Q and A

Where do I ask doubts related to the course?

We have a dedicated community on Facebook with over 2600+ influencers who are willing to answer your questions. Sorav Jain and his team are part of the community and answers and helps people there. 

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts when you enroll. It’s 7+ hours of actionable templates based content that you can watch and apply at your own pace. You will get ready to use templates inside the course

Can't I learn this on my own?

It took me 11 years of trial and error to learn and figure out what works and what doesn’t. My knowledge is condensed and structured into 7+ hours of learning, plus the templates provided have worked for me and everyone else. I have achieved 188000 followers on Instagram with a verified profile and I got this by putting in a lot of effort. I also work with large enterprises and helped them cross thousands of followers. This training is not available anywhere. 

Isn't this course too expensive?

I’m sure there are cheaper courses out there. But a course as intense as these will cost you no less than 1000$ in the international markets. You’re paying the only 1/10th of the price! 

Is there a refund policy?

There is no refund policy. I believe in the content and there are a lot of templates inside which we have put in a lot of hard work and there’s no strict refund policy.

Why are you taking taxes?

We have to pay 18% GST to the government. We would be happy to raise a GST bill for you when you write to


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