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Top 31 Instagram Content Ideas for Business You Can Steal Right Now

If you're like most business owners, you're always on the lookout for creative new ideas to keep your Instagram account interesting and engaging. But it can be tough to come up with fresh content that's both creative and relevant to your audience. Never fear - we've got you covered! Here are 20 top Instagram content ideas for business that you can steal right now to grab the engagement. Keep reading on to get Instagram Content Ideas for Business!

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Establishing your business through social media is a must-do in this digital age. Instagram is the social media site of choice for most small companies to develop a brand, market items, and generate leads. The key to growing a company on Instagram is to provide quality content. But how do you go about creating good content? What kind of Instagram content performs best?

This article is for you if these are your worries as a small company owner. We will be discussing on top 31 Instagram content ideas for business that you can steal right now and boost engagement to your Instagram account.

The above mentioned in the post (image) is the list of content ideas and examples that perform best for companies on Instagram. You’ll learn how to develop compelling content for your audience, advertise your items, and attract more buyers with this list.

But before going ahead on Instagram content ideas for business, first let us understand a few fundamentals you must know;

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a prominent social media platform that focuses on photo and video sharing. It’s been operating since 2010 and has maintained its appeal by introducing inventive new features like Instagram Stories, shopping, Instagram Reels, and more.


Everybody who establishes an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed, much like on Facebook or Twitter.

It appears on your profile when you upload a photo or video to Instagram. Your postings appear in the feeds of other people who follow you. You may also see posts from persons you follow.

Instagram is similar to a stripped-down version of Facebook, with a focus on mobile and image sharing. You engage with other users by following them, allowing others to follow you, commenting, like, tagging, and sending private messages, much like on other social networks. You may also save images from Instagram.

Few Benefits of Instagram in Today’s Era

Instagram is about more than being envious of your friend’s vacation pics. However, it may be painful to see those trip photos while at work, but Instagram has several advantages.


Consider how many new items and services you’ve probably found on Instagram as a result of sponsored social media advertisements or friends tagging businesses you’ve never heard of in their posts. Of course, social media links us, but connecting with your most valuable company asset–your customers is more challenging.

Cutting Instagram out of your buyer journey might severely limit your capacity to attract new clients in certain sectors. 

Here are a few Instagram advantages you may not be aware of;

1. Much Every Day, More Businesses And Consumers Join

It’s simple to understand why so many people use Instagram to shop, with over 25 million companies actively utilizing the platform to sell to their target audience. Shoppers demand visual material to assist them in making purchasing decisions in today’s instant-access retail landscape.

Customers want material from individuals who are similar to them, not simply pictures.

Instagram’s rapidly increasing network actually assists companies and merchants in using photos to better define and detail their items. As the network grows, customers realize that Instagram may be a trustworthy source of product information and images.

That suggests your intended audience is anticipating seeing your material in their newsfeed. Not only do your consumers demand it, but Instagram has made its app considerably more business-friendly in recent years by adding tools like linking, landing page building, and product tagging.

Simply expressed, the corporation is providing you with fewer excuses to not join. Many companies and stores value the consumer experience, which is why Instagram continues to promote these features. Instagram’s advantages expand in tandem with its user growth, so now is a good moment to join or dramatically improve your marketing plan.

2. Targeting (and retargeting) your audience is simple

We understand how important it is to target the proper audience for your advertising to be successful. But how does Instagram assist you in reaching your target market?

If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising, you’re aware of the strength and breadth of options available to reach your target demographic. The following are some of the targeted features:


Location isn’t a problem whether you’re targeting a full country or just one city.


Want to target just 39-year-old males who speak Catalan with your ads? Instagram can identify language and gender preferences.


The actions people perform on (and off) Instagram and Facebook can be used to define an ad’s audience. Retarget potential clients who have previously visited your website but have not made a purchase, for example.


Ads should be based on what your audience is interested in on Instagram, including businesses that may be direct competitors. You may also utilize the advertising they click and the applications they use to determine their interests.

Audiences who look alike:

Your fans become a distinct identity that is excited to see your stuff (and hopefully buy your products). As a result, you may show advertising to people who are comparable to those who already follow you or have bought something from your website.

3. Recognizing Your Demographics

One of the most common concerns for businesses is their core demographics and where they purchase. Many companies and stores dismiss Instagram as a teen-oriented platform.

It’s critical to not only understand your target audience but also to give them the appropriate channels for purchasing your items. Although we already know that younger generations use Instagram, it is critical to target older demographics that may be more relevant to your company.

4. Utilization Of All Of Instagram’s Visual Marketing Features

Visual material allows customers to make better-informed decisions by providing more detailed information and photos of what they wish to buy. That isn’t to say you should just post photographs and videos of your products every day and call it a day.

Retailers are becoming far more strategic about how and where they promote to Instagram users. Additionally, companies and merchants are producing better content on the platform as a result of their attention to the proper Instagram sizes and features that customers appreciate.

5. Engage Customers Where They Spend The Majority Of Their Time.

Every month, over 800 million individuals log on to Instagram, with over 500 million doing so every day. Instagram has a staggering amount of time spent on it, and for companies and shops, it is a great way to engage and connect with their customers.

This is significant since over 80% of all Instagram accounts follow at least one company. The visual network is ideal for businesses that don’t want to be inundated with sales material, announcements, and other forms of advertising. Instead, Instagram operates the same way it does when you follow your friends: you engage when you see visual material you enjoy.

6. Offers Detailed Information About Your Target Audience

We now recognize the importance of knowing and understanding your audience. And Instagram can help you figure out who they are, where they’re from, and what they like and dislike.

First, participating in the online community allows you to learn more about these folks. You can observe what others are talking about, their issues and challenges, as well as their joyful moments and everyday wins, by following prominent hashtags in your business.

Secondly, Instagram gives you valuable native information about your followers and community.

Finally, Instagram provides analytics so you can track your return on investment. If you’ve ever used Facebook’s advertisements management tool, you’ll appreciate the wealth of information it delivers.

Your Instagram Account is a business account

First and foremost, for any and every business, it is necessary to have an official business account. The business account helps you in being identified as a business and helps your track engagements, interactions, profile visits and a lot more. This is a free and easy technique to boost your trust and authority among users. Instagram makes it really simple to join up, and the direct-messaging feature is also useful for customer support.

Below is an example of Sorav Jain’s Instagram business account.

sorav jain instagram account

A. Use a Recognizable & Relevant Name

The first thing people see is your screen name, and it’s also the first location you can send out efficient marketing messaging. This implies that names like “Contentideas99” or “lonesomewarrior” should be avoided. Choose an Instagram name that is easy to recall, suits your business, and complements your other social media profiles.

Taking Digital Scholar, for example, their name is easy and reflects what the institution has to offer, that is; digital marketing courses

B. Promote Other Accounts in Your Bio

It’s a known fact that several businesses and individuals use multiple accounts for their business

Simply include links to your social media accounts in your Instagram bio. Users that are highly engaged will want to see more of your material and click through, helping you to advertise your business and grow your following.

echoVME is a great example wherein they tag Sorav Jain (the owner & creator) in their bio.

echoVME instagram account

C. Get Connected to Facebook

Instagram content ideas for business facts

96% of Instagram users are also active on Facebook. By linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can take advantage of cross-platform marketing, increased targeting with the Facebook tracking pixel, and the opportunity to cross-post or share with one click.

D. Invite Facebook Friends / Contacts (Start growing)

Inquire if any of your casual acquaintances would like to follow your page. Don’t be aggressive, and don’t feel anyone owes you anything, but you never know. People who like you personally are more likely to love you anyway! You may import your phone contacts (and follow them all), import your Facebook connections, or send direct messages to users about your page from within the Instagram app.

E. Keep an eye on Your Rivals

If your competitors are effectively engaging their audiences, it’s important looking into what they’re doing to gain a sense of what your audience wants.

Keeping up with the new trends is the answer. Make sure you are pretty much mindful regarding what is trending in the user’s feed, and what the rivals are up to. 

Make sure to stand out and stay constant after this.

F. Make an Instagram-only Strategy

A clear call to action, consistency in marketing messages, and a singular vision for your pictures are all things you desire. Make an Instagram only strategy to stand out by making use of the features of the platform.

Now that you have looked at the fundamentals, let us now dive into the Top 31 Instagram Content Ideas for Business!

Top 3 Tips You Must Follow to Become a Good Digital Creator

Here are the 3 top most tips for every Instagrammer must follow and know before thinking about Instagram content ideas for business;

1. Make and Use Hashtags Beneath Your Posts

Using a brand hashtag makes it simple for people to locate your marketing messaging – and for you to find out who is talking about you. They help you locate your posts into several categories which the post has relevance for. With Hashtags, it is easier for your targeted audience to find and recognize you.

These tags may also be used to label contest entries, customer service inquiries, and much more.

Digital Scholar uses hashtags like; #digitalscholar, #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingtraining #digitalmarketinginstitute and much more.

hashtags of digital scholar

Here are few examples how hashtags will be useful when you use it.

Content ideas hashtags
Content ideas for business hashtags
digital marketing institute hashtag in Instagram

2. Analyze first, then post

Once anything is published on the internet, it is permanent. As deleting posts does not look professional and might lower your band’s credibility. Always review your work several times before publishing and posting it. You don’t want a single hiccup to erase all of your hard work in marketing.

Contemplating and pre-scheduling your posts helps you in posting relevant stuff and keeps your plan of action in control. Your social media marketing manager is having all things planned, processed, and created.

3. Post High-Resolution Photos Only

Photos that are grainy, fuzzy, low-resolution, or overall under-filtered have no respect in this digital market. In order to maintain your brand’s respect and reputation, you got to stay and look professional throughout your marketing strategy. 

Make sure your images are high in resolution and have the quality to show your company’s trueness.

Top 31 Instagram Content Ideas For Businesses

Here is the list of top 31 Instagram content ideas for business to boost engagement and increase their brand on the Instagram platform;

Instagram content ideas for business

1. Make in-Jokes and memes

Memes don’t have to be funny all of the time. Simply said, they must be shareable, consistent, and – if at all feasible – easy enough for fans to riff on. A little wit in your posts can take you a long way ahead.

Just keep in mind that you don’t want to come out as catering to a younger audience with this one.

Here is one example of a digital scholar;

2. Create Announcements And News

People will pay attention to your captions and pictures. As a result, Instagram can be used to make announcements, which is a great method to acquire free publicity when you have something to say. Announcements are vital for your growth, and Instagram can be the best platform after Facebook for announcing something new.

Digital Scholar announces whenever they are hiring or whenever they are coming up with a new digital marketing course.

3. Pose a Question

Ask a question in the photo or in the comments section below, and see how many people respond. 

Asking questions to your user base is an efficient technique to acquire free advertising or perform marketing research while allowing your audience to be actively involved in your brand activities. You may utilize questions in a variety of ways to aid in the development of your brand. You may use them to just engage your audience and stimulate debate, or you can pose a question to encourage tagging and spread your message.

Also, asking a question is the best way to have continual interaction with your audience. You can question their taste preferences or ask for validation for something new coming up in the future.

Below is another example of a digital scholar asking questions;

4. Request User Feedback

Not only is social media a terrific location to address inquiries, but it’s also the quickest method to interact with people. Simply ask for feedback in the images (so the question is highlighted), and they’ll tell you how to enhance your product and marketing strategy in the future. This is also a great approach to increasing your audience’s interest in your business.

5. Employees and Work Environment

Show your audience how much effort and dedication goes into developing your business. Keep shooting and clicking videos and pictures of your employee’s dedication to the work. This would help motivate your employees to work more.

Make the individuals who run the company the center of attention. Introduce your workers and their responsibilities. You may also make a video about yourself if you are the only proprietor of the company.

Digital Scholar & echoVME uploads reels that include their employees and staff.

6. Endorsements From Celebrities And Influencers

To use the power of influencer marketing, you don’t need a large firm or a large budget. Every niche has its own “tastemakers,” whose followers cling to their every word.

Whenever there are influencers and celebrities coming into the picture, you are exposed to a new geographic audience, and this shows how accountable your brand is, as it has collaborations with verified accounts and accounts which have a large fan base.

7. Encourage Enthusiasm

If you can pique your audience’s interest or alleviate a pain point, they will be more likely to respond to your marketing messaging.

Teach them how your services would be beneficial to them and what they can get out of it. Highlights the features which could help individuals in a way that they stay connected to your brand for future opportunities.

8. Videos

Facebook, which currently owns Instagram, is obsessed with videos. As a result, Instagram recently increased the video time restriction to 60 seconds.

Promotions on reels have been the trend for companies. Reels trend with a piece of music/song and promoters adopt the same music/song to promote their stuff. Would you like to understand and learn more about how to make reels? Opt for digital scholar’s Instagram reels mastery course. This will benefit you abundantly.

9. Join Other Partners In The Field

By collaborating with another company, you may gain access to their audience (and vice versa). As a consequence, recording a video with another Instagram user along with the relevant hashtags is always a wise decision.

Try partnering with somebody who’s already ahead and stays on the top of your market. This would in return, promote your venture and increase your brand’s credibility.

10. Run Advertisements and Promotional Content

Instagram is now a place to run more traditional advertising, thanks to the increased time restriction. Note that Instagram is still a social platform, so instead of attempting to sell to your audience, try to publish advertisements that entertain them.

Below is an example of Zeptonow’s sponsored video. Go ahead and try promoting your content this way. This increases your exposure to the market.

Instagram Content Ideas for business - Digital Scholar - Running Ads

11. Share Stock Photographs

Stock photos are a terrific method to save money, time, and effort when adding appealing graphics to your posts or feed. When text requires a visual explanation, you may include stock photographs or videos in your post to add originality to your content and increase the number of people that visit your brand page. 

The key is to match stock photographs to your typical image style so that your feed seems complete. Make sure to keep the relevance in mind.

12. Contests

Instagram contests are a fantastic way to raise brand exposure, develop your following, and engage your audience. This keeps your audience excited and in humour.

Instagram is a fantastic contest platform because of the simplicity with which material can be generated and shared using geotags and username tags.

13. Client’s Success Stories

Another approach to profit from happy customer tales is to share images of them. It is really important to show your followers how effective are your services and how efficiently your clients are benefited from your business.

By doing this you are increasing your brand’s goodwill and welcoming new clients.

14. Product Photographs

Find more creative methods to distribute product photos. It’s preferable if you keep your photos consistent with your brand’s look. Combine diverse things, film them against a pleasing backdrop, and create animations.

Try shooting the visually appealing pictures of your product that stands out from your competition. Hire a professional photographer who could do the needful and let your products shine.

Below is an example of how Nike showcases its products on Instagram.

15. Numbers And Statistics

Share figures that will impress your audience to tell a tale.

Ideal for sports teams, charitable organizations, digital marketing firms, and more. Let your achievements speak for themselves!

Because your graphic will be displayed at a tiny scale, make it basic.

16. Promotions And Offers

To increase visitors to your online and physical businesses, publicize promotions and special deals.

Make sure you post in the feed as well as on Instagram Stories! In your Story and in your profile, include a live link.

17. Tips And Hacks

Lastly, another way to keep your Instagram postings on the go is to upload tips and hacks of doing things easily. This way, you engage your audience with knowledge and retain them for the future.

Below is another example of a digital scholar;

18. Take Your Audience Behind The Scenes

People enjoy behind-the-scenes material because it connects them to you. Your company appears to be more open and trustworthy. Furthermore, there is no need to “polish” the post; it may be left in its raw state.

Make a short film of your product photography session, packaging sequences, or anything else connected to your business.

19. A Motivational Quotation

Sharing something inspiring relating to your company area on a regular basis. Create a quotation template that incorporates your company’s fonts and colours. You can do this with a basic graphic design programme like Canva. Because messages like these are often shared, don’t forget to mention your handle or website’s URL at the bottom.

20. Repost Your Product’s User-Generated Content

Re-share posts from your consumers that mention your product on your feed. This is a fantastic method to show your followers that your company cares about the community, which is crucial. It’s also quite beneficial if your business has a small number of items. Reposting such material fosters the creation of more user-generated content, which leads to word-of-mouth marketing.

21. Make A Post About Your Best-Selling Item

Don’t forget to include your items among all of your entertaining stuff! After all, the ultimate goal of Instagram is to generate revenue. Non-salesy posts regarding what your small business has to offer are possible. Artloom does a great job of showing their beautiful planners and their features.

Plan an even balance of informational, amusing, and sales posts for your Instagram feed. This increases the likelihood of your followers becoming clients.

22. Giveaway Announcements

If you’re unfamiliar, a giveaway is a type of lucky draw contest in which you invite your followers to tag others in the comments and then choose a winner at random. It’s a straightforward method for expanding your reach and attracting new consumers. Every now and then, publish an enticing giveaway with one of your items.

Make sure to state the rules and the deadline for the contest. The above example is correct.

23. A Popular Reel

Following the crowd and providing popular content is an easy approach to earn more followers. Remember, only do this if the trend is relevant to your industry. Otherwise, even if your reach expands, you may not receive quality leads. You may do a challenge or utilise trendy reel music in the video.

Chapter one does an excellent job doing this by making a relevant video with current music playing in the background.

24. Walkthrough Of An Online Store

Do you operate an online store for your company? Then post it to your Instagram account. You can make a reel out of a screen recording. This is an effective technique to inform your followers that you have an online store.

25. The Game Challenge

Use engaging games connected to your expertise or brand to engage your audience. You are allowed to think of inventive ways to do this. But make sure it’s relevant to your specialty and the interests of your target audience.

Make sure the activity is relevant to the interests of your target audience. Ugaoo, for instance, is an interesting word search game for gardening tasks.

26. Testimonials From Customers

Let your followers know how much your customers appreciate you. Most businesses just publish customer evaluations on their stories, but it’s a smart idea to include them in your feed.

Take a screenshot of what your consumer stated in DMs and include them in your post.

27. A Social Concern That You Are Passionate About

Is your company involved in any social causes? If so, please be sure to post it to your Instagram account. Consumers are constantly drawn to brands that support a cause. Show your audience how your company contributes., an incense company, hires women from underrepresented communities. They discuss this in their piece, letting their readers know how they find meaningful work.

28. Introduce The Creator

Allow your fans to meet the person behind the brand. Tell us about your background, your hobbies, and how you manage your firm. Make sure you have at least one post like this in your feed since this is an Instagram content idea that will make your audience feel more connected.

29. Show Your Product In Action With A Video

Create a scenario in which your product is used. Plan this article to be both a product pitch and a value-giving piece at the same time — a happy medium.

Kidtsack produces movies demonstrating how the toys in their store encourage youngsters to be creative. These films provide value while also promoting the company’s products.

30. Festive Posts

Rather than merely wishing them a happy holiday, provide stuff from the weeks leading up to the holiday. Showcase your goods, produce engaging content, and post it to your feed. Festive seasons increase sales for practically all businesses. So take advantage of this chance.

Pro tip: Find out what festivals your target demographic celebrates by conducting research. Indians celebrate a variety of festivals. 

As a result, make sure you don’t overlook the ones that matter to your potential clients. 

31. Questions & Answers

When shopping from an online store, your audience may have a lot of queries. As a result, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have a pleasant shopping experience by answering their questions. Make a list of frequently asked questions in your DMs and create a FAQs page.


This blog post outlined 31 types of Instagram content ideas for business, and that has been successful on Instagram for businesses. Now, you can begin by exploring and implementing the Instagram content ideas mentioned for the business given are a great way to get started, but it’s important to also consider your target audience and what will resonate with them.

For more ideas, also read our blog post on Instagram Statistics in India. It will help you build content that is relevant to your audience and that will help you reach your business goals.

Interact with your fans by soliciting their feedback or recommendations about your company or content. They might have plenty to say. So you may do it once in a while. Such posts are vital aspects of your Instagram content since they keep your business linked to your clients.

instagram reels mastery course

Growing your Instagram business is a crucial task for online business entrepreneurs. Learn how to make the best Instagram reel for your business which could help you increase your sales and brand recognition from Digital Scholar, India’s best digital marketing institute!

We hope you liked the Instagram content ideas for business in this article. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Happy Exploring!

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