Top 12 Powerful Instagram Automation Tools in 2024 [Free+Paid]

Are you looking for ways to grow your Instagram following and engagement? If so, you may be interested in using automation tools. Automation tools can help you manage your account and increase your visibility on Instagram. In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of using automation tools and introduce you to some of the best options available. We'll also provide tips for getting the most out of these tools. So, whether you're just starting out on Instagram or want to take your account to the next level, read on for helpful advice!

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There are a number of great tools available that can help you save time and grow your followers. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Instagram automation tools out there. We’ll also discuss how they can help you achieve your goals on Instagram. So, whether you’re looking to save time or grow your following, read on for the best Instagram automation tools out there!

According to the most recent social media data, Instagram has over 2 billion users. That’s what makes every marketer yearn for a stronger Instagram visibility.

To remain at the forefront of the feeds and etch your branding identity, you’ll need to generate more material. 

You almost feel like dropping the ball when you add to the list, like and comment on countless articles, create interesting tales, brainstorm new Reels, and follow individuals. However, packing your belongings and fleeing to a tranquil island appears to be a plausible choice!

With Instagram automation tools, though, you may take the lead in this race.

Instagram automation tools are real patriots when it comes to producing interesting content every day for your target audience, discovering strategies to develop your account, and uncovering secret audience information. You may also use content curation tools to bring more variety to your material.

If you invest in the correct social media tools, you can maintain a consistent brand on this platform at a breakneck rate. 

For a comprehensive reference, below is a list of the finest Instagram automation solutions. But first, let us understand a few basics and fundamentals!

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular smartphone photo-sharing app. In comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram is a basic platform that focuses on sharing photographs and videos with your connections.

What is Instagram Automation and How Does It Work?

Instagram Automation

Instagram automation is the process of managing your Instagram account with third-party software and apps. 

This might include things like posting schedules commenting, reporting, and more. Bots are commonly used to automate Instagram posts. If the phrase “bot” conjures you images of spam, you’re not far off the mark.

Instagram has been combatting bot behavior for several years. Numerous Instagram automation tools and bots that violate Instagram’s best practices have been shut down as a result of this. It’s vital to keep in mind, however, that not all Instagram automation programs are spammy. 

Indeed, the automated tools for scheduling posts, finding the proper hashtags, and other tasks are wonderful solutions to automate your Instagram marketing. Click here to learn more about the prominent Instagram content that you should be posting.

What Instagram Activities Can Be Automated?

Top Instagram Automation Tools


Likes are likely the safest front-facing engagement with followers on Instagram to automate if done carefully. Why? Since Instagram Likes are the global form of recognition on the app.

Consider this. If you’re using a personal account, you may give anything a Like without truly enjoying it (think: a business closing, a serious announcement, etc.). Customers’ comments and inquiries (whether good or negative) are frequently appreciated by brands.

Automating Likes helps you to recognize more accounts and increase the number of people that see your Instagram. Likes, on the other hand, are low-effort interactions that are unlikely to generate much traction for your account on their own.


Automating Instagram comments, according to conventional thought, is a horrible idea.

Period. Full-stop. There were no questions.

Automated comments are the epitome of spam, from possibly inappropriate comments (think: an emoji train on a tragic article) to communicating with individuals who have no idea who you are.

That’s why Instagram has procedures in place to prevent suspicious activities like auto-comments.

So, why do people even bother with automated comments? More frequent interactions, such as “Likes” and comments, should benefit the Instagram algorithm in principle.

But what about reality? Automating such conversations will very certainly result in you being reported and blocked.

3. Follows and Unfollows

The idea behind automating follower growth is simple: the more people you follow, the more followers you’ll gain. Automatic unfollows are frequently available in automation programs to assist accounts to maintain a higher follower-to-followed ratio.

As a result of the widespread use of these techniques, Instagram has imposed a follower limit. 

Here’s what Instagram had to say about it:

Instagram restricts users from following more than 7,500 individuals in order to minimize spam. Irrespective of how many followers they have, anyone attempting to follow more than 7,500 persons will receive an error notice. Anyone who is now following more than 7,500 individuals was doing so prior to the change.

4. Messages Direct (DMs)

In terms of spamminess, automated DMs are identical to automated comments. If you’ve ever received unsolicited DMs that end up in your “Message Requests,” they’re almost certainly from bots or automated accounts.

These sorts of automated communications are generally impersonal, and readers will most likely disregard them.

5. Views On The Story

Story views, like “Likes”, are a low-effort activity that doesn’t cause any disruption to other users. Having apparently random accounts glance at your Stories, on the other hand, might seem a little stalkerish.

Again, the idea that deceiving people into looking at your account would lead to interaction is completely incorrect.

6. Publishing and Scheduling

Automation can take care of collecting and scheduling material to meet the demand to publish regularly on Instagram. Cross-posting from other social networking sites and optimum timing are very handy and popular features.

7. Reporting

Instagram can also automate reporting and analytics. Rather than manually entering data into a spreadsheet, social analytics solutions may retrieve your figures and compare them to those of other social networking sites.

The Advantages of Instagram Automation Tools

a. Enhance Customer Service & Contact With Users.

With their company profiles and services like Shopping, Instagram has become a major destination for brands and enterprises.

Instagram should be treated as if it were a website or a real storefront by companies and enterprises that use the social media network. You want to make a good first impression and deliver the finest possible service.

This includes immediately responding to other users via DMs and comments. You may use Instagram automation tools to deliver pre-written replies to other users so you can quickly respond to direct messages.

b. Keep The Content Rolling

Another strategy to amazing other Instagram users is to simply keep creating great stuff. Content comes first in effective social media initiatives.

What do people expect from their content? Creativity, consistency, and a clear call to action, to be precise.

It all boils down to your ability to consistently provide high-quality content with consistent aesthetic and brand consistency on Instagram.

c. Instagram Automation Can Assist You With The Consistency Part!

You can ensure that your page has frequent material to keep your audience interested by using scheduling automation. You may also schedule your posts for when Instagram users are most active, ensuring that your post has the highest chance of being seen.

d. Increase Sales

82 percent of consumers use Instagram to look for products and services they’re interested in. Excellent customer service and engagement may help you boost revenue and other metrics like your follower count. Customers will trust your brand and, by implication, your products if you demonstrate that you appreciate them by responding to their questions. That could be enough to persuade them to part with their cash.

You can also offer potential purchasers the information they need to make a purchase with automated Instagram messaging. This contains prepared answers to queries concerning your shipping process, checkout procedures, items, and more.

You may construct scripts to answer FAQs using automated technologies. This operates like a chatbot, responding to key inquiries in real time.

Real-time responses are also beneficial to sales since they engage people while they are still interested, rather than hours later when they may have discovered an alternative to your offering.

e. Analytics and Insights Tracking and Gathering

Another option to gain from automation software for your strategy and posting decisions is to utilize it to collect analytics and insights.

You may gain a deeper understanding of your audience, the kind of material they enjoy or engage with the most, their active periods, and so on, using these insights.

Analytics management and the automatic generating of reports for your social media plan are features of several automation solutions.

f. Time Is Money

All of these automated features help you save time in the long run. Instead of wasting time on these time-consuming and repetitive chores, your staff may devote their energies to more pressing matters. They are not required to publish every day. 

They can instead schedule all of their postings at once. They also don’t have to worry about missing a message or inquiry by hovering over their gadgets.

The Disadvantages of Instagram Automation Tools

a. It Can Be Difficult To Maintain Control

It takes time for a user to master the art of bot management. There may be issues with controlling these bots, which is why it is critical to first grasp all of the components of bot management.

Some firms and persons that handle bots and accounts with them claim that they have never had an account deleted or permanently blocked. Mastering how to manipulate Instagram automation tools is crucial while using them.

b. Not Instagram-friendly

Instagram’s rules and conditions expressly prohibit the use of bots or any other automated ways of performing tasks. If your account is flagged for questionable activity, it may be suspended.

Now that you have understood the basics, let us dive into the Top 12 Instagram Automation Tools in 2022!

Top 12 Instagram Automation Tools to Automate Your Business

Instagram automation solutions come in a variety of flavors. Although many of them have the same or similar characteristics, a closer examination of each tool reveals peculiarities that help you determine which tools are best for you. Here is a detailed list of the top Instagram automation tools.

To know more about each tool, keep reading!

1. Instachamp

Instagram Automation Tools - Instachamp
Instagram Automation Tools – Instachamp

The Instagram-approved DM automation tool, InstaChamp, increases brand reach, website traffic, and follower growth. InstaChamp’s automated answering service saves time instead of responding to each DM manually.

E-commerce, creators, influencers, and coaches can increase organic engagement on Instagram with InstaChamp, which provides customer service at scale.


  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR INSTAGRAM: Increase engagement and response times on Instagram with time-saving autoresponders.
  • For better results than “Link in Bio” tools, you should include CTAs in Instagram posts, stories, and ads. This will drive organic traffic to your website, and sales funnel.
  • Instagram-approved automation.Business partner of Instagram: 100% Instagram-approved automation from atop Facebook messaging.


AvailableMicro Plan- ₹2999/-
  • Free plan available
  • InstaChamp Micro Plan at a one-time purchase of Rs. 2999/-
  • InstaChamp Macro Plan at a one-time purchase of Rs. 5999/-
  • InstaChamp Most popular Influencers plan a one-time purchase of Rs. 7999/-
  • InstaChamp for Agency plan at one time buys Rs. 19999/-

2. Kicksta


Kicksta is a growth-oriented Instagram automation tool. It makes use of artificial intelligence to promote genuine interaction. Because Kicksta does not operate with bots, it cannot promise a precise number of followers. Kicksta’s targeting choices, on the other hand, let you to connect with actual users and grow your following organically. You may establish a list of accounts with audiences you wish to target using your dashboard, which includes companies, influencers, and rivals. You then develop high-quality Instagram posts to attract those individuals.


  • Focuses on certain hashtags and accounts
  • Support through live chat
  • Users are targeted depending on a variety of characteristics.
  • Multiple accounts are supported.
  • Does not make any posts or comments on your behalf
  • Excellent data analytics


  • Standard Plan: $49/month
  • Premium Plan: $99/month

3. SocialPilot


One of the greatest Instagram automation apps is SocialPilot. It may be used to manage both your Instagram and other social media accounts. You may use SocialPilot to manage more than 100 social profiles, evaluate and report on your performance, search and distribute content, and even bulk schedule up to 500 posts.


  • Make personalized posts for a variety of social network sites.
  • Analyze and report on the performance of your social media material.
  • A graphic calendar can help you organize your social media material.
  • Use the content curation function to get content suggestions.
  • With bulk scheduling, you may upload 500 posts.
  • To manage your team, use collaboration features.
  • From a single social inbox, you can access all of your social media discussions.
  • Easily manage approval procedures
  • Integration with Canva

Pricing (billed annually)

  • Professional: $25/month
  • Small Team: $41.66/month
  • Agency: $83.33/month
  • Enterprise: Contact them for the quote

4. Jarvee


Jarvee is an Instagram automation tool that allows you to follow, repost, like, follow back, unfollow, remove posts, reply to comments and direct messages, and study users and hashtags. You may use it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube, among other social media networks. Jarvee is a Windows-based application with a high learning curve, so take advantage of the training lessons.


  • Schedule social media posts across many channels.
  • Find and republish high-quality articles in your business or speciality.
  • Find Instagram individuals in your field and follow them automatically.
  • Look for high-quality Instagram photos and like them automatically.
  • Search for comparable hashtags in your speciality using the Dynamic Hashtags function.
  • Spin Syntax allows you to personalize your comments automatically.


  • Starter: $29.95/month
  • Regular: $49.95/month
  • Professional: $69.95/month

5. Instavast


Instagram automation programme Instavast automates tasks like as commenting, liking, and messaging. It provides numerous techniques for targeting certain people, allowing you to concentrate on your intended audience. Instavast has an analytics function as well as filtering choices to help you evaluate and enhance your Instagram follower development while building meaningful interactions. Instavast also features a fantastic picture editor, making it a useful marketing tool.


  • Use specialized filtering, language identification, fake account screening, and other tools to set goals and define your target audience.
  • Interacts with active followers of a target account using AI.
  • The dashboard comes in 16 different languages.
  • Select the automatic features you desire.
  • Make a list of users with whom you don’t wish to interact.


  • Instagram Bot: $15/month
  • Auto DM: $10/month
  • Comment Tracker: $10/month
  • Post Scheduler: $10/month

6. Hashtagsforlikes


Hashtagsforlikes assists Instagram influencers, brands, and entrepreneurs in naturally growing their Instagram followings by utilizing hashtags to target the proper audience. You begin by using Hashtagsforlikes’ built-in analytics capabilities to find Instagram rivals, influencers, and hashtags you wish to target. You can then analyze and evaluate outcomes based on your hashtags to discover what’s working, as well as select material to create test groups and store hashtag sets.


  • Integrated analytics to find statistically suitable tags for maximum exposure
  • To begin creating your own personalized hashtag sets, start with pre-made hashtag sets.
  • The techniques adhere to Instagram’s best standards.
  • Customer satisfaction manager
  • The top Instagram hashtags are discovered using a sophisticated algorithm.


  • Regular: $59/month
  • Pro: $89/month

7. Instamber


Instamber is a similar Instagram automation tool to Instazood. It allows you to automate interactions with your target audience, schedule articles, monitor comments, and send direct bulk messages, among other things. You’ll also get access to a marketing assistant who is familiar with your industry and can help you target the correct individuals. Instamber generates extensive information so you can observe how well the tool is doing. You may also tailor the functionality to your own requirements.


  • To discover the correct audience, use an intelligent targeting system.
  • Automated interaction
  • Users may be targeted based on hashtags, geography, comparable pages, language, and other factors.
  • Follow, like, comment, and browse Instagram Stories automatically.


  • Hot Clients: $10/month
  • Instagram Bot: $10/month
  • Direct Message: $10/month
  • Post Manager: $10/month
  • Instagram Likes: $7/month
  • Comment Manager: $10/month
  • Instagram Views: $0.22/100 views

8. Gramto


Gramto is an Instagram automation tool that is most recognized for Instagram post scheduling, but it also includes a number of other features that can help you streamline your Instagram marketing. Gramto allows users to follow and unfollow other accounts based on specified criteria such as hashtags, regions, or persons. Gramto also provides comment, like, and direct message automation, as well as the ability to share material from other Gramto users even while you’re not online using the auto repost tool.


  • Post to many Instagram accounts at once
  • Automatically upload photographs and videos to Instagram from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or your smartphone.
  • Follow/unfollow, direct message, repost, comment, like, and watch Instagram Stories automatically.


  • Basic: $5/month
  • Standard: $10/month
  • Premium: $20/month

9. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a social media management platform that offers a comprehensive range of services. It may be used to pre-load Instagram posts and schedule them to go live when you wish. Agorapulse also allows you to schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as generate complete social media reports.


  • You’ll be able to respond to comments on both organic and sponsored content thanks to a centralized communication center.
  • You may manually or automatically hide and remove comments using community management options.
  • Saved replies and “assign to” functionality has been improved.
  • Upload posts in bulk from your desktop or via RSS feeds.
  • Publish something right away or save it for later.
  • Carousel and Story postings should be scheduled.
  • Hashtag management and username tagging

Pricing (billed annually)

  • Medium: $79/month
  • Large: $159/month
  • X-Large: $239/month
  • Enterprise: $399/month

10. Tailwind


Tailwind is an Instagram assistant that helps you organize your feed, optimize your posts, schedule your material, and utilize the proper hashtags. Tailwind’s SmartSchedule function will determine the best time to post on Instagram so that your content receives more interaction. From a single platform, you can also preserve high-performing hashtag lists, tag relevant individuals and places, and even style your descriptions.


  • You won’t have to remember to change your “link in bio” since you’ll have a free landing page.
  • With a single click, you can add a link to your Instagram posts.
  • Get Instagram data like followers, likes, and comments in reports and analytics.
  • Find your best-performing articles.
  • Plan and schedule several image postings


  • $9.99 per account per month.

11. InstaHero


InstaHero is an Instagram automation programme that helps you grow your Instagram following, likes, and views without using bots or phoney accounts. More than 120,000 Instagram users make up the InstaHero community, with interests spanning a variety of sectors and businesses.


  • To create actual interaction on your Instagram account, join a community of Instagram users.
  • Support through live chat
  • Active participation in content
  • Persistent followers


  • Likes: $2.99/100 likes
  • Views: $0.99/300 views
  • Followers: $3.25/140 followers
  • Custom Comments: $3.99/5 comments

12. Integrately

Integrately Tool

Integrately is No #1 Highest Rated Integration Platform on G2 

Are you an entrepreneur who’s looking for a way to automate your business processes? If so, you must check out Integrately.

Integrately is an integration platform whose primary focus is to provide its users with ready-to-use ‘1 click’ automation so that there is a minimal effort in building the integrations. 

It is one of the most affordable and easiest integration platforms available on the market. With a ‘zero’ learning curve and extremely user-friendly UX, it makes it easy for tech-savvy and non-techies to integrate & automate their businesses.

It is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge. You can use it to automate your;

  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Customer service,
  • Accounting processes, and much more

So, let’s explore some of the best features that Integrately has to offer:


  • Ease of Use: The platform is designed for anyone to be able to use it, regardless of their technical skills. There is no need for coding or any other technical skills.
  • Affordability: Integrately is one of the most affordable options on the market.
  • 1 Click Automations: The platform provides its users with ready-to-use automation so that there is a minimal effort in building the integrations.
  • User Friendly: The platform has a user-friendly interface and is designed to be easy to use.
  • No Learning Curve: There is no learning curve associated with using the platform.
  • Easily Accessible: It’s a web-based tool, so you can access it from anywhere. 


When it comes to pricing, Integrately is among the most cost-effective options available. You can avail the 14 days of the free trial period and test out all the features before deciding whether you want to subscribe to it or not.

Then you can opt for any of the following Subscription plans:

Monthly Subscriptions:
  • Starter: $29.99 per Month
  • Professional:  $49 per Month
  • Growth: $124 per Month
  • Business: $299 per Month

You can further cut down your costs by 20-33% by opting for the Annual Subscriptions.

Annual Subscriptions:
  • Starter: $19.99 per Month
  • Professional:  $39 per Month
  • Growth: $99 per Month
  • Business: $239 per Month

With its ease of use, affordability, and 1-click automation feature, Integrately is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who are looking to automate their business processes. It is one of the most affordable and easiest integration platforms available on the market. Give it a try today!



Maintaining your influencer company takes enough time as it is. Using one or more of the Instagram automation tools on our list can help you keep on top of your Instagram marketing while building genuine connections with your followers, recruiting new followers, and broadening your reach.

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What do you think about this comprehensive article? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Happy Instagramming!

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