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We are always a fan of chatbots. They are great at connecting with the viewers without so much hassle. Chatbots have taken over the world like a storm with good reason. Auto replies are required methods of communicating with the world and marketing your brand.

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We are excited to share that MobileMonkey has launched InstaChamp messaging tools for Instagram.

The Instagram Messenger API now allows all businesses to connect with customers via their preferred auto replay, messaging back to the customers by integrating with the existing tools which bring business outcomes. 

It offers a comprehensive solution for boosting your profile, getting more likes, and gaining followers by engaging with automated DM and Comments. If you have tried using the Instagram business tools to grow your account, but it’s not working as well as you want, then InstaChamp may be the right solution for your problem.

Instagram is the biggest social media platform for marketing, with over 1.3 billion monthly people actively using it. Instagram has always been the best in influencing, business and the most entertaining king of social media. When its official messaging platform launched, there was no way we could compose our excitement. 

Email marketing is good for reaching customers, but automation tools for DM-ing Instagram are great for bringing high engagement and conversion rates. So, when I Googled ‘the most renowned Instagram chatbot-building platforms in 2022’, I came across at least a dozen names. Amongst the top was InstaChamp powered by the Mobile Monkey. That is why, by writing this InstaChamp review in the 2022 article, we hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of InstaChamp. 


With a wide range of features, InstaChamp offers a variety of ways to boost your account and get you the fame you deserve. This article will have a thorough discussion about the InstaChamp review in 2022. 

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About New InstaChamp

InstaChamp is an Instagram-approved DM automation tool that increases follower growth, brand reach, and website traffic. Instead of manually responding to each DM, use InstaChamp’s automated answering service to save time. 

You can use the tool to activate auto-replies by creating customisable templates that send the same message to all users or different responses based on keywords in the messages received. 


InstaChamp, which was created to provide brands with customer service and interaction at scale, enables e-commerce, creators, influencers, and coaches to increase organic engagement on Instagram and fuel follower growth

You’ll be able to provide information, request the user’s contact information, such as messages like thank you, thanks for purchasing etc., or let them know when you’ll respond personally like “Hey John, Thanks for contacting us” statements are sent automatically.

You can even drive traffic to your site with a link or prompt the user to schedule a call to take things a step further. Continue reading to know more about the InstaChamp review. 

Why InstaChamp?

InstaChamp is a complete package of Instagram DM automation tools, according to MobileMonkey. InstaChamp, which was created to provide brands with customer service and interaction at scale, enables e-commerce, creators, influencers, and coaches to increase organic engagement on Instagram and fuel followers’ growth. 


Growing your Instagram following is difficult if you are not a celebrity with a large following.

Furthermore, unless you’re a robot, responding to every storey and DM can take hours. 

What if you could gain access to time-saving Instagram growth tools to gain more followers, improve customer experience, and incorporate CTAs into your content? 

While many social media apps are available, not all of them are created equal. Some are better suited for business use, while others are better suited for personal use. When it comes to expanding your business, it’s critical to have the right tools in place. InstaChamp appears to be the one app that is assisting people in growing their businesses. It has a high rate of engagement and is entirely free to use. It’s no surprise that so many entrepreneurs are jumping on board with these main selling points. 


 The Reason Why Entrepreneurs Love InstaChamp

  • Increase Instagram followers, reach, and engagement with automated storey mentions and Direct Messages. 
  • Using Instagram, generate leads, collect contact information, and export to Google Sheets. 
  • Influencers, content creators, coaches, and e-commerce brands who want to automate engagement with their followers should use this tool. 
  • With powerful automation tools that generate traffic and increase exposure, InstaChamp makes it simple to expand your followers. 
  • Reach your business objectives on Instagram like never before by engaging with the audience in real-time. 
  • Best Alternative to ManyChat and Linktree, searching for more improvement in these alternative chatbots.

InstaChamp Pricing Details

The free version includes 

  • Story Mention, Q&A keywords, and DM autoresponder tools are all available. 
  • 10 MobileMonkey sends 250 contacts without branding. 

Pricing for Businesses and Brands is as follows: 



  • Free plan available
  • InstaChamp Micro Plan at a one-time purchase of Rs. 2999/-
  • InstaChamp Macro Plan at a one-time purchase of Rs. 5999/-
  • InstaChamp Most popular Influencers plan a one-time purchase of Rs. 7999/-
  • InstaChamp for Agency plan at one-time purchase Rs. 19999/-

List of Bonus You’ll Get With This LifeTime Deal

List of Bonus you will get with this Lifetime Deal
  • Lifetime access to InstaChamp.
  • Instagram automation course.
  • Canva templates.
  • Instagram chatbot launch checklist.
  • Personal branding eBook.
  • Case study on how to generate 2500+ shares and 30k followers within a week.

Integration Support We Provide Along With This Lifetime Deal

Yes!!! We’ll teach you how to quickly integrate InstaChamp with Instagram so you can get more shares and followers in a step-by-step process.

  •  In only 15 minutes, you can set up your Instachamp account and your bot. Little technical expertise is required; even a complete novice with no prior experience with bots may do the task.
  • How to set up your Instachamp bot for Story mentions and learn the best tactics for encouraging your followers to tag you in their stories.
  •  How to set up your Instachamp bot for Post comments and learn the best ways to use this automation to respond to customer comments on your articles automatically.
  • How to set up your Instachamp bot for Direct DMs and discover how to utilise it to initiate a conversation with your desired audience by targeting their unique keywords.
  •  Learn how we utilised Instachamp to increase our engagement rate by 47% and receive over 1200+ comments and 1000+ contacts with a single post.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of an Instachamp lifetime deal limited-time offer in collaboration with Digital Scholar


What Can We Do With InstaChamp?

InstaChamp is the first Facebook-approved direct messaging automation solution dedicated to Instagram, and MobileMonkey is an official Facebook messaging partner. Because it is linked to Facebook, you can use Instachamp for these purposes to connect with your audience. 

  • InstaChamp can help you grow and monetise your Instagram audience by doing the following: 
  • Drive Instagram traffic to website links.  
  • Gather email addresses and phone numbers. 
  • Automate replies to DM inquiries 
  • Send time-delayed messages as a follow-up. 
  • Get more followers, leads & sales. 

InstaChamp powers three Instagram DM superpowers using the new, official Instagram Messenger API (launched in June 2021). 

  • Respond to All Inbound DMs Automatically 
  • Auto-Respond to Keywords in Direct Mail 
  • Respond to Story Mentions Automatically 

Why InstaChamp Is Beginner Friendly?

Instachamp is a step-by-step guide on how to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram. It has an easy-to-follow structure and is laid out so that you don’t need any experience with social media whatsoever to understand the process of acquiring your first 1000 followers. Instachamp is an easy read and step-by-step guide on how to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram. As so many apps in the market weren’t already a beginner-friendly situation, we’re about to bring in a plate of Instachamp reviews. 

Check out the link to know how to gain your first 1000 followers on Instagram.

InstaChamp Key Features

1. Auto-respond to DMs

Auto-respond to DMs with information and collect follow-up contact information!

Maintaining relationships with your friends is difficult enough, let alone with all of your followers. However, with InstaChamp’s Story Mention feature, you can easily connect with and stay in touch with your followers. 

When users mention you in their story, they will receive an automated response or an offer, reviving the connection and allowing you to deepen the relationship. 

Auto Respond to DM's

You can even include links in your stories to provide your followers with the content they want based on previous interactions. 

Furthermore, because InstaChamp incentivises Story Mentions, you will gain exposure in new networks. 

2. Create Incentivize Story Mentions

This helps your brand and content reach a wider audience! 

InstaChamp assists you in starting conversations with your followers. You can use auto-responders to allow Instagram users to ask you a question, sign up for a course, or schedule a phone call. 

Creative Incentivize Story Mention

The auto-response feature also automatically allows you to collect users’ email addresses and phone numbers. The option to pre-populate response options from which the messenger can choose is built into the auto-response feature. 

User choices influence the path of these conversations, and you can easily keep track of each course in the colour-coded dashboard. 

3. Easily collect contact information

Collect contact information with prepared auto-replies right from the platform!

InstaChamp is an easy way to run contests and giveaways that influence engagement algorithms and reward your followers. 

Grow your business with messenger marketing and use unlimited keyword triggers to create unique conversation automation. 

In addition, Instachamp allows you to include a call-to-action in posts that directs users to DM keywords that activate auto-responders. Those DMs then lead to your custom-designed sales funnels.

4. Create DM keyword triggers

You can use any keyword trigger to get an auto-reply from your followers. 

Create DM Keyword Triggers - Instachamp

With powerful automation tools that generate traffic and increase exposure, InstaChamp makes it simple to expand your network. Reach new heights for your business on Instagram. 

Why Should You Buy InstaChamp?

There are numerous alternative automation tools on the market, such as Manychat or Link tree. Still, Instachamp is the only tool with an official partnership with Facebook, i.e., this is the platform that Instagram has entirely accepted to gain access to chatbots automation. 

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-responders for comments: Respond to comments on your posts as soon as possible. 
  • Mentions on Instagram stories: People who mention you in their Instagram stories should be contacted directly. 
  • Greeting messages for visitors: Direct message responses that are automated 
  • DM inbox management solutions: Add multiple users and manage your arrival mailboxes. 

We also have some features that work with both Instagram and Facebook;

Features that work with Instagram and Facebook

What Else Do You Need To Integrate Instagram With An Auto-Reply Automation Tool? 

If you already have a MobileMonkey account, you can connect your Instagram account to MobileMonkey and use Instachamp; if you do not already have a MobileMonkey account, sign up for InstaChamp today to connect your Instagram account.

We have segmented every possible question you might have; it is now easier to learn about the Instachamp review article? Continue Reading!

InstaChamp Pros & Cons

Pros 😊

  • With automated story mentions and Direct Messages, you can increase your Instagram followers, reach, and engagement. 
  • Leads and contact information can be obtained from Instagram users. 
  • This tool is ideal for influencers, content creators, coaches, and e-commerce brands who want to automate engagement with their followers. 
  • Good customer support.
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Onetime payment.
  • Works on multiple Instagram account you have.
  • The only tool which has a partnership with Facebook officially.

Cons 😒

  • Conditions cannot be used in chatbot flows. 
  • AI cannot be used. 
  • There is no e-commerce integration. 

How To Connect Instagram With InstaChamp?

InstaChamp is a helpful app that can assist you in growing your Instagram following by actively encouraging posts, comments, and storey mentions. 

By actively engaging with them and creating a relationship with their followers, InstaChamp can assist you in converting a casual user who comments on your post to a paid member. 

After purchasing Instachamp, all you need to do is set up the auto-reply to Instagram. Knowing how to integrate Instagram with Instachamp may give you an idea of increasing your Instagram followers with Instachamp.

This is covered in detail with the integration part to gain more followers. 

Continue reading! 

InstaChamp Integrations

Before Connecting Instagram to the InstaChamp kindly follow the process 

Instagram must be set up as a Business Account.  To convert your Instagram account to a Business Account, follow these steps. 


The Instagram Business Account must be linked to a Facebook Business Page, and the user must be an administrator for that Facebook Business Page. To connect your Instagram account and Facebook page, follow these steps.

Instagram Connect with Facebook

Instagram Business Accounts must explicitly grant MobileMonkey permission to use the DM automation tools. 

Instagram Business Accounts

If you already have a MobileMonkey Omni Chat platform account, you can activate Instagram messaging tools by following the steps outlined here.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Account Setup

Step 1

Click the “Sign Up With Facebook” button on the InstaChamp signup page

Step 2

Log in to the Facebook Business Page’s Facebook account administrator to which the Instagram Business Account is linked. 

Step 3

Choose which Instagram Business Accounts you’d like to use with MobileMonkey. Click the “Next” button. 

Instachamp Login with Facebook

Step 4

Choose the Facebook Business Page associated with the Instagram Business Accounts. Click the “Next” button. 


Step 5

Allow MobileMonkey permissions by checking all of the boxes. Click the “Done” button. Then press the “OK” button. 

InstaChamp Mobile Monkey Permissions

Step 6

Now, you will be landed at InstaChamp, where you’ll find a list of the Instagram accounts you linked in the previous steps.

Instachamp Dashboard

Step 7

Once you reach this page, you can select any of these options preferably you want to begin configuring your InstaChamp automation and begin designing your InstaChamp autoresponders.

Key Takeaway: InstaChamp Is It Worth?

InstaChamp is designed for businesses that use Instagram to achieve their objectives. Personal brands such as coaches, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and B2C businesses like D2C and retail brands benefit the most from InstaChamp. 

Who is InstaChamp for?

Creators, Influencers, Coaches, Retailers, and Direct-to-Consumer Brands are all examples of direct-to-consumer brands. 

InstaChamp will boost your growth and efficiency if your audience is on Instagram and you use Instagram as a sales and marketing channel. 

Why InstaChamp?

  • Automation tools EXCLUSIVELY FOR INSTAGRAM: Grow your Instagram business with time-saving autoresponders that improve response times and engagement. As easy as that. 
  • More effective than “Link in Bio” tools: Finally, include CTAs in Instagram posts, stories, and ads to drive organic traffic to your website and sales funnels. 
  • Instagram official business partner: From atop Facebook messaging partner, 100% Instagram-approved automation. 


  • Free plan available
  • InstaChamp Micro Plan at a one-time purchase of Rs. 2999/-
  • InstaChamp Macro Plan at a one-time purchase of Rs. 5999/-
  • InstaChamp Most popular Influencer plan a one-time purchase of Rs. 7999/-
  • InstaChamp for Agency plan at one time buys Rs. 19999/-

Lifetime Deal Details

Get all of the features of the InstaChamp Agency Package that monthly sends credits and contact storage of InstaChamp Platinum for one low lifetime price:

  • Automatically send text, images & links in DM.
  • Set up custom DM responses for unlimited keyword triggers.
  • Stack codes for more contacts and monthly message sends.
Lifetime Deal Details

Millions of businesses and brands have already Signed Up for Instachamp and enjoying the benefits it can bring!!!

We hope you found the Instachamp review 2022 article helpful in selecting the best product on the market. Please leave them in the comments section below if you have any questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

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