How to create and Insert tables in Canva

How to Create and Insert Tables in Canva? [Two Easy Methods]

Unlocking the power of data presentation is a breeze with Canva's intuitive interface. Seamlessly insert tables in Canva using two straightforward methods: either drag and drop the "Table" element from the Elements tab onto your canvas, or select the "Table" option from the "Elements" menu to effortlessly elevate your visuals and convey information with precision and style.

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Canva is a design app that lets you create graphic designs with ease. You can create anything from social media graphics to book covers, posters, and infographics. 

One of the cool things you can do is create tables in Canva. 

In this post, I’ll show you how to create and insert tables in Canva and provide tips for using them to make your design even better.

Insert table in Canva

Canva is a subscription-based service. Once you create your account, you can immediately start creating. You will begin to create templates and designs. 

As you get used to it, you will start designing more and using more templates.

It’s really easy to insert tables in Canva. All you have to do is select the table from the insert table option, enter the start and end rows, and that’s it!

Create and Insert Tables in Canva: 2 Methods

Method 1

Step 1: Select the Shape of Your Cell From the Elements 

Rows and columns can be imported to the document. To do this, go to “Elements” and choose the row or column, then click “Insert”. A rectangle or square will appear.

Select the shape of your cell for the elements option

Step 2: Resize the Dimensions of the Shapes 

So, now, resize it. I used a square, but you can easily just click and drag a rectangle to fill your cell. Remember, you can always undo and save your changes at any point.

Resize the dimension according to your need

Step 3: Copy the Shapes And Paste 

Copy and paste the sized cell. When you resize the cell, it will copy itself. If you’ve been working with many-sized cells, you’ll notice that you only see each one once. Copy and paste them as often as necessary, depending on how many columns you need.

Copy and paste the shapes

Step 4: Copy the Rows

Once you have created your row, copy and paste it. This can be easily done by selecting the row and using the “Paste” tool. 

Then, select another row and simply “Paste” again. This will allow you to create rows as you need.

Copy and paste the rows

Step 5: Create Header Row With The Text

One of the most important components of a table is making sure you clearly define the columns. Adding a header row at the top of the table clarifies the text.

Create the header row with texts

This is all it takes to insert tables in Canva!!!

But we are not at the point where to create a table in a fraction of a second.

The mentioned method is how to manually create tables in Canva.

But you can also create a table with the new option available on Canva this year 2024!!!

Here comes method 2!

Method 2

Search for tables in the elements section

Step 2: Select the Table You Want 

You can select the table of your choice and choose per the colour palette.

Select the table

Step 3: Change the Colour of Your Choice

Change the colour of the table according to your preference.

Step 4: Ready to Fill the Content With Text

You can fill in the context inside and download the table within no time. We should thank Canva for this new update which will save more time for the newbie using Canva for the first time.

Fill your content on the table


There are still ways to insert tables in Canva, even though it doesn’t offer a straightforward method. It’s your time to create engaging tables in Canva.

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