How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2024

Worried about how rank on the google my business? Here is the complete article on how to improve your google my business ranking [Easily, Quickly, and Fastert]. Keep reading!

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Google, the king of the Internet, is the biggest search engine platform in the entire globe. Be it you or be it us, most of our doubts, questions, and queries are first searched and answered by Google. If you are a reputed brand or a newly established business, it is sure that you wish to rank at the top of Google’s search engine, or at least appear on the first search page.

Google and Google’s algorithms have always been tough for brands and companies to understand and stay on the top. Though their algorithms are often modified and configured now and then, it becomes a priority for brands to understand them and make changes in their content strategy accordingly.

As a digital marketer or an SEO specialist, have you been wondering about How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2022? Great, we have got you. In this article, you will not only learn How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking but also learn the benefits and statistics of Google in 2022.

How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

Improving your Google my business ranking might include a lot of intricate practices by you and your marketing team. It includes social media marketing, making use of relevant keywords, ad targeting, and various other modes of advertising. Every digital marketer out there now realizes the importance of relevant keywords.

Several people of all the age groups and locations use Google to understand more about their desired products and services and compare the same with their options. It is essential for brand owners and digital marketers to work on improving their Google my business rankings as it is all about how visible you are to your customers and the number of clicks done on your website. The better your rankings are, the more your website will be exposed to people.

Focusing on Google my business can fruitfully result for newly established businesses and shops. People now directly  Google the shop’s location, and then Google further takes them to Google maps. In order to attract more and more customers and clients, businesses and brands must make sure their information is optimized according to what is required and that there is a digital brain working towards achieving visibility all the time.

For any business or brand wanting to gain visibility and reach, Google my business is the best place to start from. The best part for all the business owners about Google my business is that it is totally free and easy to use. Google my business is an essential aspect of marketing and is something it should not be overlooked.

Whenever a customer or a client is searching for your business, for example – The best digital marketing courses in India, Google ranks your website in accordance to how optimized your website and your content are. Furthermore, your customer will learn more about your company and its details necessary for him/her on Google my business.

Below is an example from Digital scholar;

Digital Scholar Google My Business

Google my business makes it easier for customers and clients to track down your business as it provides them with your address, and contact information and shows various reviews uploaded by various customers who have experienced your services in the past.

So keep all these contexts in mind, let us start this article with the basics and fundamentals before we understand How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2022!

Let’s get started!

What Is Google My Business?

Google my business is a free Google provided profile where local businesses and reputed brands can enter their essential information and data, which could assist their customers in knowing and reaching them. Google my business was previously called Google business profile. It is a totally free resource for professional references.

What is Google My Business

In Google my business, a firm can upload its photos, area location, administrations, contact information, and customer reviews and feedback. Such information is later reflected on Google maps, Google shopping, and Google search pages. Google my business is totally free and easy to use in order to gain visibility and provide tranperacy to your audience.

Businesses wanting to start their internet journey can start by opening a Google my business profile. This assists the brands in having an internet presence just like owning a shop, but here it is in a form of a virtual place. In addition, businesses can execute several SEO procedures to stand out from the crowd and their rivals on Google my business.

Why Should You Be Improving Your Google My Business?

Okay, consider this – You have established a shop nearby an area where it is difficult for people to locate you, on top of that your shop doesn’t look attractive enough and reliable as compared with your rivals for customers to walk in and make use of your services and products. What should you be doing? Of course to need to set up boards locating your shop and make it look attractive and reliable to stand out.

Google my business is as same as having a shop, but a virtual one. Customers now feel protected and see a business as reliable if they have an internet presence and a Google my business profile. 

By having your essential business information on Google my business such as your address, phone number, and customer reviews, let your new customers reach out. By having your contact details updated whenever it has to be, gives a sense of authenticity and provides customer service to your audiences. It is necessary for brands and local businesses to understand that it is extremely important for brands to be there for their audiences whenever they need them. This is exactly how you retain your customers and provide better customer satisfaction.

Another main reason for you to improve your Google my business is that your rivals are already doing it, they might be doing it just right. For example, if a customer searches ‘best mobile shops near me’, it is obvious that Google will rank those Google my business profiles which are very well optimized and maintained. Here you might lose potential clients and customers and risk your growth factor.

Furthermore, Google my business is the easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain your brand’s presence on Google and increase the scope of having new customers and leads. As it gets easier of customers to locate and reach you out, they might want to pay a visit or schedule a call for the same. 

The 10 Benefits of Google My Business You Must Know

benefits of google my business

1. Google My Business is Totally FREE, QUICK, and EASY

A Google My Business is a sort of Google advertising that is both quick and free. Google My Business is a free service that gets you tailored visibility on the world’s most trusted search engine. It requires less effort to improve your profile than it does to launch a successful sponsored search campaign. Furthermore, an accurate and up-to-date listing is critical.

This can be beneficial for local businesses and brands that are new, It is the first step in establishing your presence on Google. 

2. Customers Can Write Reviews for Your Company

Customer evaluations have a lot of clouts, especially with regard to search rankings. According to a study, internet reviews had a 10% to 15% impact on search engine rankings.

As a consequence, leveraging your profile to allow clients to write good comments about your brand is critical if you want to enhance your chances of being listed in search results. Such reviews reflect what experiences customers gain from your products and services, and in return, help other customers to examine their preferences accordingly.

People trust internet reviews almost as much as they do personalized advice. Increasing the number of favourable customer reviews can help you generate more leads and revenue. Positive evaluations are crucial, but even the most successful businesses receive unfavourable feedback. As a result, respond professionally anytime you find yourself in a similar circumstance. These aren’t intended to be personal.

Instead of dumping them, put them to work improving your product. When handled effectively, both positive and negative evaluations may be beneficial to your company’s success.

Here are a few reviews on Digital Scholar’s Google business profile.

Digital Scholar Reviews on Google My Business

3. A Google My Business Page Might Help your Business Appear Higher in Search Results.

While it may appear that Google is acting against you, it has to give searchers useful information, therefore it wants to notify people about your business. The more information Google has on your company, the better it will rank you in search and Maps results.

By providing reliable, consistent, and accurate data, you persuade Google to favour your company more. Your Google My Business page is the most effective approach to providing Google with this data so that it can effectively satisfy the search demands of your customers. A good SEO approach on this can help you the same. As it is all about ranking higher in the search results, consult a digital marketer or an SEO specialist for this.

4. Google My Business will Make it Simpler For Your Consumers to Locate Your Physical Store

As we previously stated, the Google My Business profile is fully integrated with Google Maps. This connection not only helps to improve your business’s organic exposure on Google but also makes it a lot easier for clients to find your storefront.

People may find and rate routes to your actual business using Google Maps instructions in just one press. Additionally, they will have access to your company hours as well as vital contact information such as your website, email address, and contact information to make it simpler for them to reach you.

5. Google My Business Assists You in Gaining Client Confidence

One of the most difficult challenges for today’s consumers is gaining enough confidence in a company to comfortably buy its services and products. One of the easiest things you can do as a company owner to assist them is to add your location to Google My Business. As we stated earlier that customers feel secure and protected seeing your authenticity on the Internet.

This is primarily owing to the Google My Business authentication process’s well-known credibility. Because it is well known that companies must follow specified measures in order to appear in a local search, Google is a secure environment on which people can rely.

6. Appearing On Google Maps Helps in Boosting Sales

While a fast Google search might help narrow down options, especially for customers on the go.  Customers are more likely to visit to your store if you’re close by, thus you’re more inclined to make that transaction. As a matter of fact, shoppers who locate a brand through its Google My Business profile are up to 50% more inclined to buy.

 Your retail location will start to appear for local searches in Maps when you create a Google My Business listing and complete the confirmation requirements.

7. You Possess an Entire Authority Regarding Your Google Online Visibility.

Companies should follow the norms of big tech while using marketing channels like social media. Their algorithms determine how people learn about your business and how they perceive it.

With a Google My Business page, on the other hand, you can select precisely what type of experience potential customers will have with your company. You can provide each potential consumer with the greatest possible experience with your business by displaying your contact details and altering your hours of operation for certain special events or national holidays.

8. Customer Reviews from Google My Business Might Help you Develop Social Validation

What makes internet reviews so powerful is that it allows your satisfied consumers to speak for themselves about your abilities, competence, and service quality. While your own marketing materials might be effective in reaching new audiences, nothing beats the words of a trustworthy, external consumer. Before they pick you, prospective consumers want to know whether previous customers have had a favourable experience with your brand. 

You may shorten the route to purchase by putting your Google reviews front and centre on your Google my business listing.

9. Media & Content on Google My Business

Google my business’s media linkage is another significant benefit. If you don’t have a website yet, you may link your social media accounts to your Google my business and even use one of them be it Instagram or Facebook as your business’s landing page.

Creating content and a plan to go with it might be vital in this situation. When visitors have access to so many organizations, it may be incredibly beneficial to display your firm with material centered on day-to-day operations, client work, or product/service insights.

10. Google My Business Acts as an Advertising & Promotion Tool

Using your Google My Business account, you can make deals, add items, share news, and update your profile immediately on Google search.

Purchase, more details, registration, or contact us are all options for increasing click-through rates in a Google My Business.  Observing what your competitors are doing from inside your profile can give a better idea of the type of data you can produce to set yourself apart.

When relevant posts are submitted to Google My Business, relevant searches trigger the visibility of your profile. When trying to improve the number of visitors to your company’s website, it’s a good idea to try out different post kinds to see what works best.

Now that we have understood What is Google my business and its various benefits, it is now time for us to read the most essential part of this article – How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2022. 

Let’s dive into it.

How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2022

Below are a few tips for you to improve your Google mu business rankings in 2022 and stand apart among your audiences.

1. Complete the Google My Business Listing Details to the Best of Your Ability

Whenever you as a brand will open a Google my business profile, it will ask you a lot of validation questions regarding your business. This data is nothing but your company’s precise location and address, hours of work, website, and contact information. All these details are necessary for customers to learn more about your business, services, and products.

Whenever customers and clients are searching for you on Google, all this information will appear on the Google search results, hence make absolutely sure that the information and details you enter are authentic and reliable. If you are missing out on filling in true details and information, are you risking losing a lot of clients and customers and business opportunities.

It is important to have a clear and identifiable name for your business that stays in the minds of people. At the very same time, it is necessary to fill your precise store location and a phone number that is reachable 24/7. 

Furthermore, it is the business owners who ensure that their Google my business listing is accurately filled and provide details for their business that is true and authentic. Also, it is not a difficult task for businesses to list their information and details. Google has simplified this step and made it easier for you.

2. Update your Information Constantly if Required

It is possible that your business is changing locations, it is getting redeveloped, or your phone numbers have changed. It is extremely necessary for brand owners to make absolutely sure that the details and information are updated and re-filled on a regular basis. Another fact is that it is possible for anybody to make changes, modifications, and edits on your Google my business listing. Hence make sure always to keep an eye on your listings as it becomes a gateway for gaining customers and business opportunities.

Many a time, your rivals might add negative comments and feedback regarding your services and products or edit your crucial information. Be mindful of your information and details.

3. Include High-resolution Photographs in your Google My Business Profile

This goes without saying. Uploading high-quality photos and stills of your store/building are necessary as it provides a glimpse of how your store looks. People often go to Google search simply because they want to see how it looks and how the ambiance would be. There are 11 images on average in a GMB listing. This may considerably improve the legitimacy and trustworthiness of local enterprises. Businesses can highlight their best-selling products and their specialties

4. Keep Posting on your Business Profile Constantly

With Google my business, you can provide updates to your customers with social media. Be it announcements, discounts or seasonal offers, posts, and more.

It is a fact that a brand may lose its credibility is not active on social media 24/7. By constantly posting, you teach your customers that you are constantly active and will provide customer service as in when needed.

5. Ask Your Customers to Add Reviews & Feedback

It is true that 92% of your consumers are checking reviews on the Internet before connecting with a company. It is highly important and necessary for brands to ask for their customer reviews and make sure to reply to them gracefully. By replying to comments and feedback, it shows that as a brand, you keep close attention to whatever people have to say. 

Not only good reviews, for that matter, in order to maintain your legitimacy as a brand, acknowledge what your customers have to say, and reply with a learning mindset. Always be apologetic for bad feedback.

6. Include Unique Characteristics And Features

Adding unique characteristics and features makes you stand out from the crowd in this digital market. Specific features might vary depending upon the sort of industry sector you are into, but try thinking creatively about how could you assist your customers better in a way that intrigues them.

Orders, reservations, hotel amenities, check-in, and check-out timings, policies, popular meals, menus, and appointment bookings are examples of several sorts of features.

Google My Business Statistics

Here are a few Google my business statistics you should know;

how to improve google my business ranking
  • Over half of all Google Business Profile interactions result in a visit to a website.
  • 97 percent of users learn about local businesses primarily through the internet.
  • Consumers have used Google Business Profiles to find contact information in 64% of cases.
  • In 2020, Google Business Profiles generated a 61 percent increase in calls.
  • Each month, the average Google business profile receives 33 clicks.
  • More than 100 calls per month are received by 16 percent of GBP listings.
  • On weekdays, local businesses receive 94 percent of their GBP calls.
  • A conversion occurs in more than 5 percent of GBP views.
  • The use of images in a Google business profile has resulted in a 17 percent increase in revenue per visitor.
  • ‘Discovery Searches’ account for 84 percent of all searches.
  • Before making a purchase, 92 percent of searchers read reviews.
  • When writing a review, 20 percent of customers expect a response within 24 hours.
  • Discovery is the subject of 84 percent of all searches.
  • 86 percent of people use Google Maps to check up on a business’s location.
  • Only 56 percent of local companies have claimed their GMB listing.
  • A conversion occurs in more than 5 percent of views on a Google My Business page.


So here you have it, we hope this article has taught you How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking in 2022.

As a brand owner or a digital marketer, it is necessary for you to have your Google my business profile set up. No doubt that google ranks everything based on the keywords and relevance hence make absolutely sure that whatever you are filling in the profile is accurate and reliable. Get in touch with your SEO specialist for the same.

What do you think about Google my business? Do let us know in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to have a conversation with you.

To learn more about how to optimise, rank, and a lot more things from the digital marketing expert you can join the best online digital marketing course available in the market.

Good luck!

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