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Since being launched in 2005, YouTube has been gaining momentum as one of the most powerful video-driven social media networks. This modern media powerhouse, acquired in 2016 by Google, is considered the predominant among all contemporary social media platforms to stream video online today.

With a staggering market share of around 11% of all global video traffic, YouTube naturally serves as a valuable and robust digital tool for customer communication and business promotion. YouTube for business is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular among modern business organizations from start-up to global enterprises. Regardless of the industry, global businesses adopt this contemporary approach to reap several benefits.

Why is YouTube for business Considered the Best Online Tool

It has been universally accepted that images and videos are the most powerful way to attract viewers. Videos—short or long—are seen to have an astoundingly positive impact on the website of a business. In addition to relevant and useful content, videos have been instrumental in driving web traffic as well as enabling conversions.

With the advancement in technology and the exponentially growing craze for online videos, choosing the video representation to depict things is the best tool. It facilitates reaching a very large number of people. It is possible to load tons of information in simple and short video presentations in an engaging, entertaining way.

Being the most effective, user-friendly video platform, YouTube proves to be the best route to educate and inform users most optimally and effectively. Moreover, the massive YouTube channel helps businesses of all types and sizes, and from any industry, to take their products and services in front of a huge audience with the least effort.

YouTube for business is not only cost-effective and innovative but also far-reaching and capable of producing the intended results. Globally, 1 billion people are seen to visit YouTube each month.

How Does YouTube Marketing Dominate the Current Social

Media Video Platforms in Business Promotion

YouTube has an unparalleled track record of captivating users of all ages. This is one dynamic social networking platform that satiates all the specific needs of people having different preferences. YouTube can be used not just for recreation; it proves to be highly productive in explaining and teaching people about myriad things in a simple way – be it complex or petty stuff.

Nearly 1 million content creators from 30 nations across the globe have been making money simply through YouTube videos. In the U.S., 73% of adults use YouTube. In India, 93% of those who watch video use YouTube.

The following are a few of the reasons why YouTube has been predominant

for business promotion among modern business organizations:

YouTube helps businesses to popularize their products :

YouTube helps Getting into unchartered or new markets with an existing product or to launch your new product in the present market. Making a creative video of your product that explains its benefits and uses facilitates a smooth entry into your intended markets.

Visually attractive and relevant content has its own advantage of attracting people.

Brand visibility can be significantly increased :

Sharing good videos that comment and rate products or other videos on your channel helps to better communicate with users. It also increases your brand’s visibility manifold.

YouTube for business is one of the best ways of establishing the presence of a brand. YouTube is localized in 91 countries, and it is being accessed in 80 different languages. This is nearly 95% of the entire Internet population.

Easy sharing of content :

Start-ups and young business set-ups generally need to operate with resources located remotely. Sharing presentations or anything similar to them is easy and effortless with YouTube.

YouTube for business helps to connect the various entities associated with an organization. People upload nearly 500 hours of video on YouTube every minute.

Businesses are enabled to build trust and credibility :

Businesses need to entice their audience with a sales pitch while offering them something of interest to them. Customer acquisition in the fiercely competitive environment calls for building trust and loyalty.

Uploading good content and captivating the audiences will lead to building a good rapport with them and subsequently develop a strong relationship. The useful information and relevant content create credibility through just a short video that is engaging and educative on YouTube.

YouTube surpasses all older forms of media :

Being more engaging than the erstwhile less dynamic ads, YouTube is powerful in communicating the intended content. The viewers, watching the entertaining and educating video effortlessly, experience a personal, hands-on sensation through YouTube when compared with other traditional marketing methods.

YouTube offers several effective ways to connect with audiences.

YouTube helps build an image of authority :

Online video marketing is the modern trend. With the ability to import and upload video content easily, businesses can integrate YouTube marketing strategy into their marketing plan seamlessly. This provides the unique opportunity to establish your organization as one with authority and expertise, winning the trust and respect of clients.

Your website becomes more authoritative, making your pages to be ranked higher in search results.

How Does Video Marketing Using YouTube Helps Business

By posting a creative video, businesses can be assured that their content gets viewed by the myriad YouTube users. This then facilitates the sharing of the content on several websites, emails, and blogs across the world, thanks to the power of the Internet.

YouTube for business is most effective when users find the content useful. It must resolve their problems in some way. All you need to do is to tailor the video in tune with the users’ requirements and preferences. Then the content sends the right message to the intended crowd, thus paving the way for generating traffic.

The following are a few of the major ways businesses can make use of


1. YouTube for product advertisement

Those who deal with individual products will find YouTube to be the best platform for advertising. It facilitates a direct approach with informative and educational videos that focus on your brand while being entertaining.

Uploading your content on YouTube offers your customers the chance to view and evaluate your products and services. It facilitates accomplishing a set of specific actions or tasks.

2. Brand awareness creation

YouTube marketing strategy significantly helps to create brand awareness. Taking all the virtues of a TV ad, brand awareness videos tend to be entertaining. This simple approach ensures that your brand creates an image for the viewers to enjoy, and gain information too.

YouTube for business is one of the most effective ways to display information about your brand. The more engaging your video, the more will be the opportunity to provide observable information to the users.

3. Retail promotion through YouTube

Retail business promotion through YouTube may be produced in a generic way or in a specific way targeting a particular audience. It may be intended for short-term promotions presented at intervals.
YouTube promotion of your retail business must be aimed at making the shopping experience easy for the customers. Creating how-tos and tutorials will immensely help your customers and enhance your prospects.

4. YouTube for business: sales component

It is a sound business idea to use YouTube for generating sales for your products or services. This can be implemented at the grassroots level, by showing your product in action.

Another way of displaying relevant video for sales promotion is by showing a clip of any service related to questions. This works amazingly in generating sales by enticing the viewers to your business website.

5. Customer support

YouTube helps businesses to extend support to upcoming as well as existing customers. Using YouTube enables you to address your customers’ problems and answer their questions, thus enabling you to provide useful and helpful service-related videos. This helps to reduce your company’s costs associated with after-sale service as well.

By being able to access useful information about your products and services post-sales, your customers will be able to get their issues resolved. They will be able to better use the products as well.
You may embed your YouTube support videos in the support section of your website where your customers may view them. Most of the problems related to the products and services can be resolved by watching the videos themselves, bringing down your customer support costs.

The Significant Role Played by YouTube for Business Purposes

YouTube has been gaining tremendous traction during the last few years, becoming one of the most sought-after marketing tools for modern businesses. An increasing number of marketers are recognizing the potential of YouTube for business.

YouTube is presently the second-largest search engine and the third most visited website in the world today, just behind Google and Facebook. Having your content on this massive social media platform empowers your business and brand to be recognized by an unlimited number of people.

Modern users consider YouTube as an easy and sophisticated learning tool. Providing comprehensive information about almost anything on the planet, YouTube is not only engaging but also educating. There’s little wonder that businesses from any industry vertical tend to have a YouTube marketing strategy in their overall marketing plan.

The Exclusive Benefits of YouTube for Business

YouTube offers a range of benefits and uses for today’s business. It may be used in combination with other digital communication channels or individually to reap the following benefits:

1. Be found on Google by using YouTube marketing

Google search results include images, videos, books, and news – all blended together, for providing the most relevant and useful information to users. Google considers videos as important; videos are given weightage like text-only pages.

Putting up quality articles on your website along with creative, complimentary videos in YouTube will create backlinks to your site. This will enable you to be found more often by those who run Google search.

2. Increase traffic to your website

YouTube for business allows inserting videos. This helps to channel traffic from your YouTube videos to your website. The Google search engine indexes videos too, similar to text results, but the video results are generally far less than the texts.

This way, you get ample chances of being found by persons who run the search, and you will naturally get more traffic to your website.

3. You can associate your domain name with YouTube channel

Associating your site with your YouTube channel ensures that you officially represent the brand on YouTube. This leads to more relevant video results being pointed toward your business when people search for terms related to your product or service.

4. Your audience gets more options

By offering a variety of ways of consuming information to your audience through text, audio cues, and video illustrations, you can improve the chances of overall engagement of your videos.
Catering to different needs and enabling different learning styles, you will enhance your chances of enticing your audience.

5. You can target your audience with AdWords for Video

Google AdWords for Video empowers businesses to avail laser-focused access to the intended audience through video advertisements that your audiences tend to search for and watch.
When a viewer watches an ad for over 30 seconds, an engaged view occurs. Payment has to be made only for the engaged videos in AdWords. If your video gets skipped, you are not required to pay anything.

6. YouTube for business helps to create a community

The businesses that are a part of a community or the business organizations that have a following can make use of YouTube as a robust tool for engaging with their customers. YouTube enables them to share product launches, video blogs, customer footage, and event footage through video.

The Significance of YouTube for business

While the common impression of a section of people is that YouTube is a modern resource related to viewing personal videos, it is capable of serving as a valuable, sophisticated business tool. YouTube videos have the potential to expose global businesses to potential and existing customers and communicate with them effectively. It even acts as a powerful channel for internal communication.

YouTube for business facilitates demonstrating products and services in the best way. Businesses can tap into new audiences by using this platform. By consistently creating relevant video content, you may entice new visitors to check out your business or brand. This helps to develop a good relationship with your customers and achieve better revenues.

Consider the example of online retailers ModCloth. They were able to drive 4,000 subscribers and a million views that led to increased sales. The highlight is that they achieved all this for just a ninth of the cost of average search campaigns.


With the recent changes in the marketing strategies and the increasing impact of digitalization, global businesses are required to adopt the most effective and robust style of marketing.
YouTube for business is a valuable marketing tool. It enables businesses and marketers to grow their audiences and captivate a huge chunk of interested prospective customers. YouTube’s Google Preferred ads enhance ad recall by a whopping 112%.


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