Importance of Digital Marketing

The Importance of Digital Marketing: Top 20 Reasons

Are you looking for reasons to invest in digital marketing? Here are the top 20 reasons why digital marketing is important for any business. If you're not convinced, read on to find out how digital marketing can help you reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

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Digital marketing is an unskippable part of this cyber world. Considering taking your business Digital? Here are 20 reasons why you should. 

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Campaigns, and Ad Pop-ups, are the repetitive terms that have been budging our ears lately. But, did we really take a moment to look into and learn what exactly they are and their impact on our digital life? 

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, every term that you’ve heard in the loop will sum up to one solid word and it is DIGITAL MARKETING. With the world going digital in all its glory, digital marketing is something that has become an inseparable part. 

From booming your startups to enhancing your already established business and everything in between, digital marketing does it all. This proves that digital marketing has a standard place in the digital space, and here are ”Top 20 Reasons – Why Digital Marketing”.

Digital Marketing – The New Jazz 

Let’s get this simple. Splitting the term digital marketing ends up with two basic words “Digital” & “Marketing” Marketing a product or a service that you offer via a digital platform is Digital Marketing. The Internet has reached every corner of the world, which practically means we can reach people from the North Pole to the South Pole. This, in conclusion, means that the world is a small place. 

Digital Marketing is quite a cornucopia, it does not only stick to Google / Facebook Ads there are much more. As a matter of fact, Digital Marketing can be segregated under 7 different sections, namely

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Website Designing
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Social Media Ads
  7. Google Ads/Search Engine Marketing.

The Internet has found its way into every household through the evolution of cell phones and with the pandemic prevailing, use of the internet has been much higher. Easy access to the internet has made life a breeze for organizations that have gone digital. The only two mantras that you need to know to resonate with your marketing through digital platforms are your “Target Audience” & “ Niche”, and you are all sorted to set pace.   

Scope of Digital Marketing

A quick question. Would you still opt for those box cellphones with a dial pad in an age where Apple has launched a brand new glimmering iPhone 14? No Right? Even if it was us, we would choose the same. The same applies here, who would do traditional marketing and look at graphs of growth on large boards when digital marketing is more conventional. 

Digital Marketing is a huge forte expanding enormously by every passing second. The more you evolve yourself and your business in accordance to the changing markets the more are the chances of you reaching your business ROIs. 

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Still not convinced? Here are 20 more reasons why you should consider taking your marketing digital. 

Top 20 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important

1. Modern Problems – Modern Solutions

This Pandemic has been hard on markets and has led to even shutting down of businesses. Traditional marketing in times like these will definitely not be a way out of the impact or the damage that has been done. Digital marketing comes in handy in times like these. Access to the internet and some skills, that is all it takes to take your business from a zero to a hundred.

2. Make Them Know you Exist 

Creating awareness of your brand is the key. Marketing your product can be a different deal but the first thing on your checklist when diving into digital marketing should be putting your brand to people and building your forte. Achieving this can be done in a bunch of ways and the base is being creative.

3. Your Niche – Your Strength 

Ever wondered why leading brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. are in the place that they are right now? It is because they are well aware of their niche and they found the right way to put them out to us. Similarly, find your niche and put it out to the right audience. You are different from your competitors.

4. Easy on the Pocket 

Marketing Digital does not cost the huge sum of money you need for a traditional market. You can put in a handful of money and take unimaginable profits through digital marketing. Finding your target audience and focusing on them is more than necessary to return back your investment.

5. Broadened Spectrum

Usage of the internet in present times has drastically improved in the past decade, and there are a lot of mediums to access the internet. There are a number of users which you can target to achieve your business standards. A digital platform is a place where you can widen your reach and at the same time reach your target audience.

6. Solid Rapport 

An engaging community is a must when it comes to marketing via the Internet. Create an environment where you can engage with your audience and the audience with you. Make an impression that you are reachable at every point of time. Engaging in activities like quizzes, interactive games, knowledgeable FAQs & witty facts of the day can do the magic.

7. Handy Tracking & Monitoring 

Marketing digital means you have handy and trackable stats. This gives in that you can switch your strategies to reach your desired results. Some strategies work for some and some don’t, it is all trial and error method that we learn from. Handy tracking and monitoring while initiating/running campaigns can help you achieve the set goals. If you notice any dropout in the engagement rating, we can immediately rectify it with a little bit of customization.  

8. Strong Client Engagement; Stronger Business

The digital community is a vast and interdependent space, that’s what makes it stand out from other marketing spaces. Once a client engages in our feed, it will automatically be recommended to his community which can approximately be another hundred people. Therefore engaging with clients online can be your prospect too.

9. You – The Face of Your Business

Traditional marketing deals with a number of people until your products reach the audience. It is not the case with marketing online there is nobody in between you and your clients. This makes sure that there is no more wastage of resources. You are the face of your business. Involving directly with the social media base can ensure there is no third-party influence in your work. 

10. Personalisation

As the results are handy and trackable you can try out and eliminate methods that are not really suitable to your business. You can retain methods that work for you and research on acing it up to bring in profits. Personalize it your way and get where you want to. Customizing your strategies is what makes you acquire your place in the market. 

11. Increased ROI

Experts say Digital Marketing compared to traditional marketing, returns 60% of your investment. Doing the real talks reaching a wide set of audience around the clock on a daily basis will definitely increase your sales, build awareness, and attract new customers. There are a bunch of different channels by which you can increase your ROI through email, social media, mobile marketing, and video marketing.

12. Remarketing

Retargeting your already engaging audience is known as Remarketing. Remarketing is a fine possibility to increase your margin gains in the digital space. Turn your interested audience into clients by remarketing your services via email and WhatsApp campaigns. Remarketing is always a good idea to push your products/services and strategies with ads while the target client is still browsing the internet.

13. Compete Face to Face With Your Competitors

Choose your competitors online. Your competitors are on the same platform as you are. Having an eye on their strategies leads to better chances of you scaling up the profit ladder. Tweak up your strategies and always stay ahead in the competition. Finding the right balance between engagement activity and drafting strategic plans to meet your audience’s needs is where your success lies. 

14. Build Trust and Your Reputation

Did you know? Brands reach 50% success when they build trust among the audience. Clients trusting your brand and service can ace up your business more quickly than you imagine. Make it a primary goal to aid your clients / potential clients to trust you as a brand. Your reputation is directly proportional to your business income. The more trust they place, the more your reputation in the market.

15. Know it All 

Your competitors’ strategies are no more a secret. This digital world has made it simple, you are just one tap away from knowing it all. Researching and staying updated about your competitors then will definitely lead to a pattern. A pattern which sets them apart in the market. Analyze and frame out plans that will work for your brand and business. 

16. Notable Results

The wait is over, unlike traditional marketing, you need not wait for years and years to see your results. You need to stay updated with the market trends and be consistent with your efforts. A visible increase in your business can be traced in a minimum of six to twelve months which is very important to keep you motivated in the longer run.

17. Mapping Strategies Made Easy

Yes, you heard that right. Mapping the perfect strategy has become even easier. Everything is out there on the internet. Every tried and tested strategy, every success story, 101 ways a business did not work, name it, you’ve got it. You just need research skills and patience to map your own. 

18. 24*7 Reach

Marketing a business digitally does not bear the need to stick around the clock, unlike traditional marketing. There are no Sundays and midnights for the internet. You can run campaigns all week and for 24 hours. You can lay back and watch revenue coming in even on your weekends.

19. Create your Community 

The most important perk of digital marketing is you get to create your own community. A community where you can acquire, learn, and grow. It is just you and your target audience which can be eventually turned into your potential clients. Creating your community is a win-win for you and your clients.

20. Find New Business Partners/Stakeholders on the go 

Digital platforms have been booming, and business owners are putting in efforts to take themselves to people via the Internet. Putting up your business digital practically means there are much more chances of you finding people with similar interests. Which ends up in acquiring new stakeholders/partners to blow up your business.


Digital Marketing has become a boon in this digital world. It has the ability to do miracles in business only if you have the right strategies under your sleeve. Bracing yourself with the skills needed can be as easy as enrolling on a course in Digital Scholar. Digital Scholar is the first agency-styled digital marketing institute where you get to learn hands-on marketing nuances from certified experts. Offering courses online, offline, and pre-recorded classes, they also ensure you are well-honed to face the evolving market with a hawk eye. 


1: Is Digital Marketing the New Future?

With the digital era reaching its epitome, it is no doubt digital marketing has a booming future. Industry experts say that digital marketing is the new future. Involving yourself in careers related to digital marketing can be a game-changer.

2: What are the advantages of Digital Marketing 

Advantages of digital marketing are wider audience reach, quick and effective communication, Ease of learning, Effective Targeting, Increased ROI, Easier access, and much more. 

3: How to Become a Digital Marketer 

To become a hands-on Digital Marketer, you will need to get the basics right. There is a wide range of institutes that offer courses to upskill your digital game. Enroll in them and earn practical exposure through freelancing your work. 

4: Skills Needed to Become a Digital Marketer

The primary skills needed to step forward as a digital marketer are Data Analysis, Content Creation, Social Media Knowledge, Design Basics, and SEO, to name a few.

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