How to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing


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There is a huge misconception that digital marketing agencies hire only those who have a keen sense of creativity. Let’s break the myth to you; anyone can build a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing has a sea of opportunities for people with any line of interest. For those who have a flair for technicalities, there is SEO, SEM, Analytics; for those who want to write; there is content writing, copywriting; for those who have a seventh sense about strategizing there is social media strategist, content marketing strategist, audience development strategist — coming to the more recent types of digital marketing techniques like video marketing, chatbot development, social media messenger campaigns and so on. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes n-number of paths that a person can take. The ultimate quest though is to build your audience, find a way to target them, nurture them and push them in the direction to purchase with them.

Digital marketing is an exciting and fast-paced industry that is taking over the world. Take any business, be it fortune 500s or a small local one, have started adopting digital marketing strategies. This has led companies to cast their nets and search for industry-ready digital marketers. Read the following points to find out how you can become that industry-ready professional and excel in the field of digital marketing.

 → Get an overview of the subject:

If you want to find out where your heart lies as a digital marketer, then you need to get the complete essence of it. Only when you know what exactly you would be dealing with, you will be able to create content, build campaigns or formulate strategies. How can you learn the basics of digital marketing on your own?

  1. Start with these blogs:

Digital marketing in India-

  • DigitalReady
  • SoravJain
  • Digital Deepak
  • DigitalVidya
  1. Join digital marketers forum.
  • Warrior forum
  • Digital Point
  1. Follow digital marketing experts. Social media is one of the most powerful places to learn and stay on-trend. Use the power of social media to follow and connect with digital marketing experts.

    4.Take up a digital marketing course in a classroom training institute. Being an agency-styled training institute yourself, we know how much holistic digital marketing training is necessary to mold you into an industry-ready professional. In agency-styled learning, you would be able to work with real-time clients and projects in a practical-based curriculum.

 → Learn to Identify, build, target and purse an audience to take action:

Anywhere your interest may lie. Eventually, it comes down to marketing to an audience and making them buy your product or service. So the first thing you have to learn is to find a way to learn audience persona. To create the audience persona, you need to understand and learn a few things first.

  1. Learn about the product or the service. To understand who is going to buy the product or service, you need first to understand what you should be marketing.
  2. Now that you have all the information, the next step is to find the age and demographics of your audience.
  3. You can also work with the records that the business would have gathered during its offline promotions. Using that data, you can draw a characterization for your audience.
  4. Be it SEO or paid ads; a keyword is one of the significant factors that have the power to take you directly to the audience on the search engine. If you can find a knack for choosing the keywords rightly and working with them, then that is going to be that element that makes you stand out in a crowd.

 → Learn WordPress and start a blog:

Starting your blog can be a great way to start your career in digital marketing. It is a prudent decision as it can be monetized. As a digital marketer, you would practically be working with multiple websites and landing pages throughout your career. It is good to start trying and testing methods that can be used with your clients. You will become a well-rounded digital marketer if you start with a digital marketing blog. Content is one of the essential parts of digital marketing; be it in any form. If you learn to develop content with ingenuity, it will take you a long way in creating on-point campaigns.

 → Get your hands dirty:

The best way to learn the nuances of anything is to dive deep into it and do it by yourself. Yes, you have to know the basics to start performing, but it is also true that you can learn better while doing it. Take a project from a friend just to practice your skills and look at real-time results. Once you get the confidence that you need, start working on freelance projects. A way for you to earn a few extra bucks and also a great way to scale your digital marketing career. Taking an internship is also one of the ways most popular ways to get into the world of digital marketing. Be sure that you know the basics of digital marketing before you take the internship.

Digital marketing is among the top careers in the country. It is a vast concept, and the way you start will determine your entire career. So, take up agency-based training from Digital Scholar and acquire the practical skills that you need to crack the world of digital.

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