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An Insight from Digital Marketing Experts Sorav Jain and Rishi Jain.

Hint: This blog covers the insights about “how to start a digital marketing career in India” offered by two digital marketing experts Sorav jain and Rishi jain during the podcast session, who expressed their perspectives and experiences. Read till end to check the complete career guide.

If you’ve been considering a career in digital marketing in India or anywhere else in the world, we realize how intimidating it may be at first.You will be able to grasp the possibilities and choose the best one if you have the appropriate and clear information about how to start a digital marketing career in India.

Before you begin your career in digital marketing, we will provide you with all of the relevant knowledge in this blog. Make sure to read to the conclusion of the blog for some advice on how to get started in digital marketing.

There are several ways to do so, the first of which is to focus on developing your brand so that you can focus on utilizing the digital platform for yourself. Once you begin to utilize the digital platform for yourself, you will be able to position yourself as an expert in the industry or business that you are in, and this process will assist you in understanding how digital works for you. 

However, there are limitations since until you’re selling something, you won’t learn much about it. Therefore, you’ll have to sell something, such as e-books or items. So that’s one of the greatest methods to truly learn digital marketing is by doing it yourself, but not many people are confident about it, so the second option is to have an expert engaged in the process so you can learn it faster.

You can join our online digital marketing course,  where there are practitioners who are practicing digital marketing day in and day out. That way, you will learn from the insights and experience of people who practice but do not teach digital marketing, and that will help you get first-hand experience without even implementing it.

However, find an institute that allows you to experiment, execute campaigns, and solve case studies since this will provide you with comprehensive MBA experience in the field of digital marketing. 

So, these are two fantastic ways to study digital marketing, in my opinion. One, you do it yourself, and two, you learn from an expert. If you do it yourself, you can work with brands at the same time, but that won’t give you much confidence, so you’ll need to learn from an expert.

This is one of the best ways to learn digital marketing by working with specialists. To summarise, practice makes a man perfect, and learning from practitioners is the most effective technique to begin a current digital marketing campaign. Continue reading the blog to know more about how to start a digital marketing career in India.

What is The Right Age to Start Digital Marketing?

I believe that this subject is very mature because, you know, people have been using digital since the age of two, if not even before that. Nowadays, if a child is crying, the mother simply hands the phone to the child and says, “Okay, watch the rhymes,” which are all lullabies, and the babies are put to sleep. 

So, because digital usage began at a young age, it’s now about the maturity of how they use it because, in the early days, it was YouTube videos that they watched, then they started playing games, then they started doing their homework, and then they started creating their content. That, in my opinion, is how a digital user’s life cycle is currently.

From a content creation perspective, I believe that at the age of 13 or 12, when they are more mature in their understanding of digital, they can begin learning about digital marketing. However, I believe that this is too early because you need to have a strong understanding of marketing fundamentals and I don’t believe that many schools teach marketing at such a young age. 

You must first enroll as a high school student. To learn about marketing, you must first complete your education. So, in India, I see it as being for the age bracket of 18 and up, but ideally, if parents are home-schooling, they can start teaching digital marketing skills to children as young as 13 years old. So, this can be formed at a young age, and if not, I would recommend learning digital at the age of 18 or older.

Also, I believe that every mompreneur, and we have a lot of kidspreneurs today, should know what they’re selling. We’ve had students as young as six and eight years old who are selling, so we’re relating it to the first step, which is to know what you’re selling. Once you have a product to sell, I believe you can learn digital marketing regardless of your age. 

Digital Scholar, which is an institute that we run and where we have a three-month program that I believe many of you are familiar with. Many students between the ages of 13 and 15 enroll in such programs.

So what I see is that they enjoy the environment, they enjoy the learning experience because they get to work with people in their 30s, 40s, and 60s, but they’re not sure if this is the right path for them. I believe that maturity comes with an understanding of marketing as a subject, and if they are marketed by the heart, they cannot ignore digital marketing. all

How Does One Choose a Specialization in Digital Marketing?

How does one become an expert when there are over 20–25 modules to pick from? Okay, so digital marketing is like an ocean; there’s so much to do that person become overwhelmed while learning about it or taking a course; they think to themselves, “Oh my God, there’s so much to do,” but the truth is that you have to figure out what is right for you. 

When you’re getting your MBA, you study finance, human resources, marketing, operations, and a variety of other disciplines before specializing in one area and building a career in that area. That is also how internet marketing works. You need to figure out what your calling is. Numerous streams depend on whether you’re a creative or analytical person.

For example, content creation, video production, and video editing are all important skills for creative people. Advertisements are for those who are more analytical. Analytics is for more analytical people. So, you have to figure out what your skills are, and then you choose your subject based on those strengths. 

When you work in a digital marketing environment, especially in agencies, you get to see or experience how this is done, and that’s when you realize what’s right for you. So, you’ll have to burn your hands and try certain things to see if they’re suitable for you, and then you’ll know what your calling is. It’ll take some time for you to figure it out.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is for you if you know you’re good with words. If you know you’re an excellent analyst, then advertising is for you. If you know you can hold a camera well and create a lot of stuff, then video production and editing, or I would say reel production, is for you. So, I believe some of these are well-known, while others are not.

The Top Three Qualities Required for a Digital Marketer

Right, and here’s a great quote: “The top three attributes of a competent digital marketer are being a jack of all trades, a master of yourself, and a specialist.” 

So you must first learn everything before narrowing down and specializing in one of the subjects

Important Skills to Get a Job in the Digital Marketing Field?

Okay, so first and foremost, before talking about landing pages and all of that, the most crucial skill set is understanding how marketing works, followed by customer behavior.

Digital marketing becomes easier for you as you gain a better understanding of your customers. Many people make the mistake of not studying brands, businesses, marketing, or consumer behavior before jumping on board to begin their digital marketing journey.

Skills to Get a Job in the Digital Marketing Field

This does not help them because digital marketing is very simple. It’s a problem-solving approach. If you can identify who your customers are, what their problems are, and if you can provide solutions to them through online communication and consistent communication, you will be able to solve their problems, which will help you drive better sales, build your brand, and gain the visibility, credibility, and engagement that you desire.

In a nutshell, people must understand that while they specialize in becoming world-class digital marketers, this is their core, just as it was for me when I started my career in a digital marketing agency. But when I moved to the UK to pursue a master’s degree in international marketing management, I learned that once I had a strong foundation in marketing, digital marketing became a breeze for me since I understood how marketing schools operate. 

I have a good understanding of how marketers think. From a traditional marketing standpoint, I was able to break cases, which aided my digital marketing career. Marketing automation is one of the most significant skillsets for the coming years. People must learn how to construct landing pages and understand how to write effective copy.

Reels are hot right now. Follow Sorav Jain for learning day to day new information on instagram, so if you can hold your camera and learn to make content with it, you’ll be able to offer a lot of value to their profiles. People disregard advertisements because they believe they are too time-consuming, but this is crucial because it is what establishes your foundation in the field of performance marketing. So, these are the five fundamental competencies, in my opinion.

How to Scale in Digital Marketing? 

One makes a strategy for their future, and you’re in the field of digital marketing. What methods do they use to advance in their careers? So, as you enter the realm of digital marketing, you must recognize that this is not a pleasant domain, and when I say “comfortable domain,” I don’t mean if you think it would be easy.

You’ll just be sitting in the corner at a nine-to-five job, and then you’ll get fired. It’s not going to help you say goodbye to your workstation and return home. This is it. It’s a high-octane game in which you must prove yourself and win the game.

When I say win yourself, I mean you have to put in the effort to become a successful digital marketer. You put your heart and soul into it a lot more than usual, which means the more you practice, the better. The more work you do, the more you will grasp this. 

Some of you may just remark that there is no work-life balance, and some of you may even comment on that, but I must tell you that this is how you learn in this field. This industry is competitive and rewarding at the same time, and I’ve seen that those who get rewarded are those who have put in the effort in the digital domain, so the first thing is to get your hands dirty in a variety of things and work with a variety of brands.

The second important thing is to keep learning every day. Many people believe that if I get a digital marketing certificate, I’ll be able to get a job. But, Every platform evolves daily, which forces marketers to adjust their strategies. Getting used to new algorithms or the new cool So I know of SEO experts from ten years ago who no longer exist since their work did not adapt, and they are no longer SEO experts.

I know people who work in social media, and what they did in 2008 will no longer be relevant in 2021 because the industry is evolving so rapidly that you must adapt to the new tool. 

So you must be open to accepting changes, flexible so that you can accept and adapt to those changes fast, and you must experiment so that you may experiment with those changes as you adapt to them so that you obtain the experience that the changes require.

Digital Marketing Certificates Are Enough To Get A Job In Digital Marketing?

Is it true that two digital marketing certificates are enough to secure a job, as one of the most frequently asked questions? For a little price, I know how to crack many of the certificates issued by many of the bodies. There are cheap ways to have things done on the internet right now, and I’m not going to mention them.

When I conduct interviews, I frequently come across applications that list 30 or more digital marketing certificates. Then I ask them a question from that subject, to which they have no answer because they’ve only studied that subject.

They may have obtained the certificate, but they have not acquired knowledge of the subject. Learning is a process that takes time and effort. check out the blog 10 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certification in 2022 (Free & Paid) for more information.

A good digital marketer is also a good digital practitioner, and if he isn’t doing digital marketing and is merely being certified, he will never be able to acquire his ideal job or advance in his profession. As a result, certifications are irrelevant. As a result, please refrain from continuing to attend webinars on instagram to obtain credentials. It makes no difference if you take courses on different platforms to earn certifications. 

So, this isn’t a theory, and it’s not something you’ll study, memorize, and use to pass your exam. This isn’t your typical high school course. This is a game of repetition; the more you practice, the more you improve.

What is The Future of Digital Marketing in India?

Since I began my career in digital marketing in 2006, everyone has asked me, “What is the future of digital marketing in India?” So I’m just living in the future. I wouldn’t say I’m the living future because I don’t think that’s the appropriate word, but I would just say that I’ve been in this field for 15 years and have only seen it develop.

I’m sure there was a time when people didn’t like each other. My clients used to spend 5000 rupees per month on advertising, but now they want to spend five lakhs. This is the rise that I have observed, and it will only continue to grow as the globe evolves.

future of digital marketing in india

We spend 50% of our time on our phones, and I believe this will go to 90% shortly, which is why the meta was created because this will become a way of life. Our friends are more digital than real, and our filters are becoming our identities.

Our experiences are more digitally documented than truly experienced right now, so our lifestyles are becoming digital, and the games we’ll play with time, as well as the communication we’ll perform, will only become more technologically advanced.

So, if we’re headed in the direction of knowing that we spend the bulk of our time on our phones, the answer is quite simple: we’re already living in the digital future, and I’d say thanks to COVID for making what was expected to happen all the more effective.

10 years later, it has occurred for COVID reasons, as COVID has helped business owners comprehend. I believe they will fail if they do not adapt their business to the digital age. Covid has helped a lot of people realize that they can turn their addiction into a career.

Influencers have become more prevalent in the last two years when they were formerly rare. Because they never had time to engage with each other, let alone make money, a few influencers were also making content. When people worked from home for the last two years, there were a lot of them.

But there are a few influencers now, and it’s because they have the time to create digital content. Observing how parents are increasingly developing avenues for their children to be influenced at a very young age.

In the last two years, when people worked from home, there has been an influx of a couple of influencers, owing to their ability to devote that much time to creating digital content.

Looking at how parents are now developing channels for their children, it is clear that they are being impacted at a young age. At the ages of three, four, and five, there are a plethora of people making content. If not for them, their parents create them for them, and there are kid celebrities or youngsters who have become superstars as a result of their abilities to act or communicate and are receiving offers from brands.

When it comes to all of these, the power is now in the hands of consumers and mobile users. If you’re still wondering what the future of digital marketing is, I’d simply say that if you’re still listening to me at this point if you’ve taken some notes, and if you believe you’ll practice for whatever we’ve just discussed, that’s the future of digital marketing.

Which Field should you Choose, Digital Marketing or MBA? 

If you’re interested in engineering, you should do engineering; if you’re interested in MBBS, you should pursue that; and if you’re a creative person who is enthralled by advertisements and communications, then digital marketing is for you.

 It’s not like it’s a forced topic; I often say there are digital marketers I know who are very process-driven; they just follow their processes and aren’t concerned with results or creativity.

They go to bed, and some digital marketers are continuously thinking of new ways to innovate. What am I thinking about? What is the new definition of Tool? What is the best way for me to adapt to a new tool? What’s the best way for me to advance in my current music?

They are constantly thinking, and I know that digital marketing is one of those fields where there is no peace of mind because you are constantly thinking. And there’s no this versus that; it’s all about where you learn because most students fail. 

After all, they attend the wrong institutions, which are third- or fourth-tier year colleges with outdated curricula, and that’s the main issue. So there’s no problem with engineering, no problem with digital marketing, no problem with an MBA; the only concern is where you’re going to study, which brings us back to our topic.

Rightly, learn from practitioners. So, if you’re doing engineering, learn from people who are coding and building one of the world’s largest corporations, and so on for every other subject. It’s all about finding the right mentors and then pushing forward and choosing your field.

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Can you Get a Job Outside India for a Digital Marketing Interview?

 People are very excited about getting digital marketing jobs outside India, so I just have to tell them that India is going to be the largest natural economy, so I think you should master things here and do things here because pretty much everyone outside of India is wanting to grow their tools here because they know that India is going to be the second-largest internet-using population, and it may soon be the number one, so I think you should master things here and do things here because almost everyone outside of India is wanting to grow their tools here and do things here because they know that India is going to be the second-largest internet-using population.

 We understand that we are only at the tip of the iceberg and that this industry will continue to expand in leaps and bounds, so the answer to the question is yes. If I have to address it indirectly, but if it’s something very direct, like how do I obtain a job outside of India, you must understand that marketing is also about cultures, so the more you learn about the cultures you want to enter, the better. 

Let’s assume you want to work in digital marketing in Germany. You’ll need to learn the language and understand the culture since, once again, it’s all about consumer behavior. What works here might not work there, and what works here might not work there.

Communication lines that work here may not work there, so you must understand the culture. There is scope everywhere, and in many countries, it is still a very new subject, such as here where we are still maturing. In many countries, it is still a very new subject, so you have scope all over the world.         

True, and in a nutshell, yes, you can work from anywhere on the globe because this is a remote job where you simply pick up your laptop and begin to work, so you can work from anywhere in the world and complete your tasks. Simply put, you’re expected to provide high-quality work and be able to operate from anywhere on the planet.

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How to Approach a Digital Marketing Interview

How to conduct yourself in a digital marketing interview So, if you’re an interviewer looking for a position like a digital scholar or echoVME, how would you expect to be approached?

So many people complain to me that they aren’t getting the ideal digital marketing position or that they aren’t getting the income that they deserve. This is a disadvantage that the majority of the people I know are concerned about, so when you go for an interview, you must understand that you have two options: you can go without understanding their business and competitors, or you can go with an understanding of their business and competitors, as well as an analysis of their website and social media presence, as well as your recommendations. 

So, if you come prepared and demonstrate that you are a true digital marketer, rather than a process-oriented digital marketer, you will be successful.

A dedicated digital marketer will research the industry and give ideas and suggestions based on what he or she has learned, and when the time is right, the dialogue will be had. Many will mentally memorize the answers and then go for interviews. Surely, it won’t help because you’ll be answering practically identical questions.

You must understand that in this industry, everything is new, and everyone is looking for innovation. If you bring that one unique concept to the table, whether they adopt it or not, they will take your passion forward, and that’s what you may do as a fresher or even as an experienced professional.

Good and Bad Experiences of Digital Marketing Interviews Conducted by Sorav Jain.

 Sharing His Experience: As a qualified candidate Can you(Sourav Jain) share one of your positive and one of your negative encounters with a candidate? One of the positive moments was when a candidate came in and told me about her interests and what she’s doing in her life, and then she asked me, “Do you have your organization or your branch in Coimbatore?” I said no, why do you say that, because I see on your website that you have a branch in Coimbatore and that you have an opening in Coimbatore, and I said no, but that’s pretty old, so she said yeah, that’s not updated, and I also spotted a few mistakes on your website, which she communicated about, which showed that she was interested and passionate about the subject.

She went ahead and analyzed it, and that’s how she was able to crack this and forget about the answers she gave. She already had some knowledge of the subject, but this was one of the more difficult ones. The only thing that persuaded me to hire her was the fact that she is extremely knowledgeable.

  One of my most amusing experiences was meeting someone who had been working in the corporate world for years. And I had a position vacant for a social media marketer, so this man came in for an interview. I asked him what part he had applied for because he was seated in front of me, and he said having to do with social media.

I was like, okay, then he asked me this question, and then I asked him this other question, and the question was, so what is my company all about, social media? Okay, so explain to me what we do in social media marketing, I said. Likes Facebook on Facebook just answered these, and I bust out laughing since he had no idea what he was doing wrong. Right. Many people mistakenly believe that using social media equals social media marketing, which is not the case.

Right. They believe I’m making reels so I can work as a social media marketer, but this is not the case.

People believe I can create a status update and then proceed to execute brand communication, but this is not the case. It requires the art of marketing as well as the science of marketing. So, before you proceed, you must truly master all of these.

and sit in front of an interviewer like this. There are some incredible responses there. So that brings us to the final question, where I’m going to put you in a box.

90 Days Roadmap to Digital Marketing Success Plan by Sorav Jain

So first and foremost, employ a mentor who can help along this road. I’m talking about an 18-year-old named Sorav, and I’ve always believed in hiring strong mentors. As a result, I’d hire a mentor who could help me through this procedure.

Second, for the following 90 days, my concentration would be on picking one digital marketing niche and focusing on it, learning everything I could about it by figuring out several courses on the internet so that I could have adequate expertise.

Third, I’d practice that as well, because I need to show the interviewer that I’ve practiced and that these are the kind of results that I’ve gotten. These are the three things that I’ll do, and then when I’m applying for jobs, I’ll know where I want to go, what role I want to go into, and I’ll be prepared with an exclusive presentation or a customized personalized presentation so that I can get my dream job inside the company.

After instructing so many students during my career, I’ve only learned one thing: it’s not only about the knowledge; it’s also about how you communicate that knowledge to the public.

It’s not always about the material, but rather the context, so you have to get it perfect before you dive in, and then you learn and learn and learn and grow wonderfully.


Before I end this, I just want to emphasize that whichever subject you choose in life, you must devote at least 10 years of your life to it to become an expert. Therefore, devote some of your time to certain activities and stick with it, learning until you have a Ph.D. in that field. So that you know what to do if you don’t earn a doctorate from any university, You are rewarding yourself with a Ph.D. degree because you are deserving of it. It is something that I am always exploring and learning about.

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