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How to Monetize Instagram Page In The Long Run

Instagram is a very powerful social media platform to connect with your audience. The biggest problem that most businesses face is the monetization of this social media platform. This blog will talk about the 6 ways to monetize your Instagram page in the long run.

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It’s 2020, and Instagram is not just a fancy photo-sharing platform anymore. It has the potential to do so much more. People spend hours and hours on Instagram every day, just scrolling and consuming content. And right opposite to that, there’s a whole new world, a world of people making content for people to consume; a world where people earn money through Instagram. Now it’s up to you to decide which side of the coin you want to be. Why not both?

How to monetize Instagram

There are many ways to monetize Instagram. So if you are spending so much time on the platform anyways, why not use it the right way, and build a little fortune around it? People create their Instagram business profiles for various reasons. Some seek brand visibility, some want engagement, and some seek to build a follower base. In addition to whatever you do, you can always go a step further to monetize your account.

Here is How to Monetize Instagram Page

1. Connect with a Niche with Clarity:

Connect with a niche.

This is the most fundamental, the simplest, yet the trickiest part. The requirement is simple. Select a niche that suits you the best, and who better to talk about you than yourself? But often, people get diverted by the shining light of the trendy online world and go for successful niches, but something with which they have no previous interactions or experience.

This leads to low quality of content, low interaction and engagement, a lot of research and effort, and so much frustration. And by the time they figure out the basics, they already feel like giving up.

So find your sweet spot. Something that you can talk about all day, something you are passionate and knowledgeable about, and something that you can teach or give advice about. This makes growing your presence online a lot smoother. And with that, you can connect with similar brands.

Brands usually connect with people for promotions of other activities if they are genuine and authentic, and think they understand that niche and space perfectly. Such accounts can be asked to be the face of brands and can be approached for various work opportunities, and the possibilities are endless.

So ask yourself the right questions, get your Niche clarity, and monetization opportunities will automatically come your way.

2. Route your followers to your source:

Instagram is a great way to express yourself. Once a genuine connection with your followers is established, they would usually consume whatever type of content comes their way from that particular account.

Route your followers to the right source to monetize Instagram

So if you have a monetization source outside your Instagram, you can use them in a great combination with this platform and route your followers there. This source can be your blog, your email list, your YouTube channel, your e-commerce website, etc.

Have an announcement post made on Instagram before your next blog, YouTube video, or any new product launch, and build up the anticipation. And in later stages, use the platform to showcase the crowd reaction, testimonials, takeaways, and any other thing related to it.

Smartly use the ‘Link in Bio’ feature and have CTAs in all your posts and stories. And in the case of a well-established page with decent followers, use the Swipe Up feature in stories.

Instagram, as a platform, is a really good partner for other platforms. Use it smartly to boost your monetization.

3. The Influencer Way:

Influencer way to monetize Instagram

As mentioned before, niche clarity leads to a lot of opportunities on Instagram, and a successful influencer is one among them. Influencer Marketing is a hot topic on Instagram right now. Brands want to associate themselves with these influencers to grow.

The path toward a successful influencer is a long one. It requires consistency, quality content, providing value/entertainment to the followers, and so much more. But once there, your account can be monetized to the last post, story, Reel, or IGTV video.

4. Make your Profile a Portfolio:

As an artist or as a part of any sort of creative field, your Instagram profile can be made into an attractive portfolio featuring your best works. The profile link then can be sent in case of an interview, or any work request. These work really well in favour of:

  • Writers to showcase their writing style or their copies/content
  • Designers to show their work
  • Models/actors to showcase their photoshoot or clippings
  • Content Creators to upload their edits, videos, etc.
  • Musicians showcase their songs, covers, or albums.
  • Or any other artist to showcase their art of any kind.

So plan your Instagram feed to look attractive, and make your working portfolio earn through the platform.

5. Instagram Shopping:

Instagram shopping to monetize your account

Instagram Shopping came as a great boon to product and service pages on Instagram. Even without the feature, Instagram can be used as a catalogue to showcase your products and services, with a detailed description to go with it. You can either get customer details through DMs and make a transaction or route them to your website or payment gateway for conversion.

With the Instagram Shopping feature, the job has become much easier, and the account is monetized thoroughly. Even though the accessibility of the product is unlocked with certain requirements, the feature is a boon for product-based brands.

With each product post that you upload, you can have a tag, which takes them to a product page containing product descriptions, prices, images, and a link that routes them to the purchase page. So get going, set up your shopping page, and explore!

6. Consulting/Coaching:

Consulting or Coaching in Instagram to monetize your account

Skilled at something? Know something that an average user does? Have years of experience in a particular field? Then why keep all that knowledge within yourself? Coaching and consulting is a booming business offline, and taking it online can elevate this to a whole new level.

People are always looking to upskill and get better at their field, and if you think you can provide value through your content, go for it. Sell your courses, have timing slots for your consultation, make videos on FAQs and provide value; people love content that helps them understand something better.

So hop on the digital train and start your online consulting and coaching business right away.


To all the people thinking Social Scrolling is an empty addiction that can lead to nothing, well, use the scrolling the right way, and you have a whole new world waiting for you.

There isn’t anything extra that you have to do, just be yourself, use your passion, skill, and experience, and earn in the Digital world. Instagram monetization can make it happen!

When was the last time you spent money through Instagram?

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