How to Customize Your Advertising Banner

How to Customize Your Advertising Banner

Advertising banners are must be customized & the message should clearly show the vision your ad. In this article, we will discuss a few differentiation between traditional and digital advertising & show you how to customize your advertising banner to make it more effective.

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To welcome all my readers wholeheartedly, I want to say that this is not a blog that will tell you how to customize your advertising banner, but it will provide an overall idea of advertisement, making you aware of its advantages and disadvantages, and also we will discuss a few differentiation between traditional and digital advertising before we start discussing customizing ads.

What is Advertising?

All the expenses made by a firm which is not directly related to the process of production but are done to promote the sale of the product can be considered advertising. The history of advertising can be traced as old as the history of trading.

What is advertising?

From the very old times, when people started trading on a large scale, they realized the importance of advertising, and ever since then, new and innovative advertising ideas keep growing.

To learn how to customize your advertising banner, you must know everything related to advertising and the first step for this is to know the benefits of advertising.

Advantages of Advertising

Advertising is beneficial to all form of entrepreneurs, like manufacturers, traders, service providers, and more which make us discuss the advantages of advertising.

Advantages of advertising

1. Educates the Consumers

In today’s world of competition, it is important that in place of waiting for our customers to come to us we should reach them, and this agenda can be best achieved through advertisements.

Advertisements not only made our product reach the customers but also serve the purpose of educating them with details related to the product.

2. Increased Sales

As through advertisements we are reaching to our customers, it is bound to increase the sales for our product, provided it reaches the right audience.

When through the means of advertisements, people get to know more about our product they compare it with the other products available in the market and begin to give it preference, and if our competitor doesn’t prefer to advertise them it gives a golden chance to grow. 

3. Introduces a New Product in the Market

Whenever a new product is launched by any company, the best method to sell it from the very first day is to start advertising about the product, much before it is launched in the market.

This way the consumers will get to know about the product before it is available and are mentally and economically ready to buy the product whenever its supply begins.

4. Expansion of the Market

Through advertisement, more people get to know our product and automatically the market for our product grows at an accelerated pace.

Advertisement enables the manufacturer to explore new markets, and increase the range of their products being sold especially if our target is to reach remote areas.

5. Fights Competition

As we have already discussed above if we have competitors who don’t prefer to advertise their product then to can enjoy the benefits of advertising ours and keeping us one step ahead of the competitors.

6. Eradication of Middlemen

Advertisement is useful special if we are targeting to sell the product through e-commerce as it will help us to sell the product directly to the customers. In this way, we can reach more people through advertisement and also satisfy them through cheaper prices.

7. Boosts Good-Will

Advertising contributes to increasing the goodwill of the concern because it introduces the manufacturer and his product to the people. Frequent advertising and better quality of products bring more reputation for the manufacturer and boost goodwill for the concern.

8. Better Quality Products

When we are advertising, we showcase only one product, but moreover, we are advertising a brand and guaranteeing the quality of the product to the consumers. During the advertisements, we openly explain the major features of the product, it can’t be falsified and gives a lot of belief to the consumers to invest in the product.  

9. Supports Salesperson

As a salesperson, people are putting lots of effort to increase the sale of a product but everything can’t be left on their shoulders alone, as they too need some support.

If a product is promoted by means of advertisements works load of the salesperson is reduced by half and the impact of advertisements can be spread across a larger area which can come as an aid to thousands of salespersons.

10. Creates Employment Opportunities

The advertising industry is one of the largest industries and a huge bunch of people are dependent on it to earn their living.

In the whole process of advertisement, too many diverse varieties of skilled workers like painters, photographers, singers, mimicry artists, models, graphic designers, etc are involved in the whole process.  

All these advantages are crucial to discuss to understand how to customize your advertising banner, but you should never forget that every coin has a second face and it goes the same for advertisements as well because it too has some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Advertising

Advertising allows businesses to promote their products and services to a large audience. However, there are also some disadvantages of advertising that should not be overlooked.

Disadvantages of advertising

1. Adds To Costs Of The Product

Whenever any organization is investing any sort of money in advertisement, the whole amount is added to the cost of the product which is later recovered from the customers.

Sometimes this cost increases to such an extent, that it goes beyond the reach of the poor people, and the problem becomes worse when the product comes under the category of essential goods.

2. Some Advertisement Works Negatively

Sometimes advertisements create a negative image for the product if it is not presented after proper research. Advertisement openly declares about a product and uses varieties of new and innovative ideas to promote the product but sometimes it goes the other way.

3. Confuses the Buyers

Too much advertisement makes the buyers feel the product is superior, and even if the cost is too high, compared to what it should be, people are ready to pay the price ignoring the actual state of the product.

4. Far from Reality

Sometimes advertisements make such false promises, that people after purchasing the product understand that they got cheated.

Most companies can go to any extent to promote their product, and whichever method is possible, they continue to project an incorrect image of the product in from of the public.

5. Hurts the Feeling of the Poor

Whenever we see any sort of advertisement we are bound to believe in the quality of the product and feel like purchasing the product.

But being poor if they see other using it but can’t afford it give an inferiority feeling to them, which can be reduced if the cost of the product was not risen due to advertisement. 

Though not too many, advertisements do have the above discussed negative point which is important to be considered during the study of how to customize your advertising banner to make it look impressive.

Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Difference between traditional and digital marketing
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Traditional Marketing

The system of marketing followed for a long-time involving promotion tools like television advertisements, flyers, billboards, Radio ads, newspaper ads, etc known as Traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing

In traditional marketing, there are four phases namely Interest, Awareness, Desire, and Decision followed as a complete framework for the whole marketing process.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a newly developed technique of advertising, where all the products are promoted through digital means and we can analyze the performance of our ads through various analytical tools.

In digital marketing there are four phases namely planning, conversion, content, and re-targeting, followed as a complete framework for the whole process. 

As a part of how to customize your advertisement banner, let us discuss the detailed differentiation between the two.

·  In traditional marketing, the means of promoting the product and services is through TV, telephone, banner, billboards, flyers, etc whereas digital marketing tools like SEO, SEM, and PPC are used to promote the products and services.

·  Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is much more cost effective as we can customize the number of people who receive the ad under digital marketing which is not possible under traditional marketing.

·  When it comes to brand building, digital marketing is always a better option to go for as it allows a firm to showcase various events related to the firms across various platforms at a very low cost but in traditional marketing, we have to pay much higher if we want to publish special events related to the firm.

·  Under digital marketing, it’s easy and comfortable to calculate the ROI, and even we have a chance to customize the ROI depending on our goals to be achieved but nothing like this is possible under traditional marketing.

Customize your ads banner because digital marketing is future

·  Under digital marketing, even after posting an ad, we have a chance to make changes but under traditional marketing, if an ad is sent for publishing, reverting is next to impossible.

·  Under traditional marketing, the ad copies reach all irrespective of the fact that they are our targeted audience or not, but under digital marketing, the ads will only reach the targeted audience which curtails the cost of advertisement to a huge extent.

·  Traditional marketing is more effective under local reach whereas there are no geographical boundaries for digital marketing.

·  Traditional advertising can’t be integrated with any analyzing tool, whereas there are numerous analyzing tools available that can be used to find out the ROI and CPL of our ads.

These are the major difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Because you are discussing how to customize your advertising banner, it is important to know the difference as then only you can prioritize important features of your ad banner.

How to Customize Your Advertising Banner?

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Let’s Hop on to the Major part- How to Customize Your Advertising Banner

1. What is the Traditional vs Digital?

The truth with every advertisement banner is that without having a goal you can’t follow the paths to achieve it.

If you are designing an ad creative, whether may be static or motion, a definite goal should be decided much before starting to create the advertisement. It gives a clear picture of what elements should be included in the creative and what can be the best COPY.

Also, the colors used should get nicely with the theme of the advertisement, to give it a more pleasant look and appeal to the viewers to instantly check the product as soon as they watch the ad.

2. Planning Your Banner Ads

Whenever designing your ads banner, pre-decide all the elements to be included and also the color combination to be used. Most advertisement banners fail to impress the viewers simply because all the elements are randomly selected and included without any thought process involved.

Whenever designing an ad banner, the color combination is equally important as it in most cases represents the brand and in all ad banners, the same color strategy must be followed to make the brand look more distinctive.

3. Effective Ad Banner Design

Before the viewers get to read anything related to the brand, the design of the ad creative is the first point of interaction made between the ad and the viewer, which will compel them to read the ad thoroughly.

Designs are so important for any ad creative that it becomes a decisive factor in the success of the ad. While designing we must make sure that all the elements are placed nicely and that none of the overlap or compete for space.

Another important factor for designing is the presence of minimum elements and maximum white space to improve the readability of the creative.

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4. Who is Your Target Audience?

The best feature that comes with digital marketing is that we can customize our targeted audience, and only they can view our advertisement. This helps tremendously to reduce the cost of the advertisement and also makes it more impactful and fruitful.

For this, you have to ask yourself some questions and also try to figure out the answer as well, like whom you want to target and why which places you want to target, people belonging to which profession you want to target, people falling in which income level you want to target and many more.

5. Writing Super-Efficient Copy for Your Banner Ad

Copies are single-line sentences, which have the potential to hit the attraction of viewers and they are compelled to go through the entire advertisement.

Copies are an important factor in the success of any ad banner and creators are paid heavily for every copy they create. It’s important to catch the attraction of the viewers through the copy and for that it must contain some amazing offers, to begin with.

Remember one thing, a copy is better if it is kept sweet and simple and there is no need to add too many details to the copy.

All the above-discussed five options are a must if you want to learn, how to customize your advertisement banner and all these forces combined make a great advertisement.


If you want to grow your business it is important to increase its reach of it through advertisement and at the same time, it is equally important to know more about how to customize your advertising banner.

If you want to acquire more knowledge on this topic, I would strongly suggest you go for some professional digital marketing course to learn how to do it on your own or hire a kickass agency that can do wonders with your ads campaign.

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