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How To Become An Affiliate Marketer In India – Detailed Explanation

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you have a blog or a website, you can become an affiliate marketer and promote other people's products or services. When someone buys something through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. In this post, we will discuss what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and the various ways you can become an affiliate marketer in India. After reading this post, you will know everything you need to start earning money through referrals!

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What does it take to be a successful Affiliate Marketer in India? This is a question that many aspire to answer, but not everyone knows where to start. This blog post will outline the basic steps you need to take to become a successful Affiliate Marketer in India.

How to become a affliate marketer in India

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Imagine if you could make money online without doing any work. Sounds too good to be true!

But as luck would have it, some sites will pay people for referring other customers (referred to as referrers) who buy products from these websites like Flipkart or Amazon through their mobile apps called “Referrals”

You can start getting rewards almost immediately after signing up by downloading the app on your phone and then simply inputting how many friends want access before sharing with them all about this amazing opportunity, do they??

Affiliate marketing is a well-organized system that requires you to know what you’re doing. 

It’s not magic or a trick, but it does require some knowledge about how things work for someone new who wants to start affiliate marketing in India. 

Many people think this means just putting up links on websites and hoping they’ll come back someday when their AdSense account has grown large enough, but there’s so much more than meets the eye here!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing - How to become an Affiliate Marketer

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it’s a process where you promote someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission on the sales you generate. 

It’s essentially a way to make extra money through marketing without creating your product or service. 

There are many different ways to become an affiliate marketer, and this guide will show you the ropes.

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular over the years, and there are now thousands of programs available to join. 

If you’re looking to generate some extra income online, then affiliate marketing may be a great option for you both in India and Worldwide.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and some of its benefits. We’ll also provide some tips on getting started as an affiliate marketer. 

So, if you’re curious, let’s begin!

Top 9 Types of Affiliate Marketing

Here are the 9 types of affiliate marketing who can look into it and know more about how affiliate marketing works;

types of affiliate marketing - how to become an affiliate marketer

1. Site Owners or Webmasters

Affiliate marketers sign up for programs like CJ or Shareasale to promote their services and get paid when someone clicks on that ad and connects it.

The higher your site’s authority, the more likely visitors will be interested in what you have offered because they’re looking at an authentic source instead of some shady spammer trying too hard with no real product reviews or information about whatever service they claim responsibility for.

I’m sure this is something any business owner wants – getting high quality leads from knowledgeable individuals.

2. PPC or SEO Affiliates

It’s not just the search engine optimization (SEO) that you need to worry about when it comes time for your website and ads. 

The other big factor in affiliate marketing is pay-per-click or PPC skills, which are essential because advertisers pay for each click. In contrast, affiliates get paid when someone purchases their advertisement campaign. 

A good rule of thumb: if an offer has both SEO components as well as paid advertising models like AdWords, then chances are high enough where ROI can quickly become generated by using this type 

of strategy!

3. Content Sites

Content sites are perfect for posting reviews or information about companies. These people can be a great choice to post anything from blog articles, portals, and even customer testimonials.

4. Emails or Newsletter

Affiliate marketers use emails in various ways to share offers and promotions. Affiliates accumulate user data from the merchants’ databases and send out targeted email messages related specifically to their products or services.

For this strategy to work properly, users must be willing to receive these informational pieces sent by third-party advertisers on behalf of Affilinet and legitimate sources like social media channels. 

Users must also ensure they’re sending via safe connections, so there isn’t any risk involved when submitting contact information at registration time.

5. Coupon Sites

With the rise of online shopping, many people are looking for coupons from all across marketers. 

That is why coupon sites have become so important in affiliate marketing; they provide an easy way to increase traffic and revenue while also having some advantages like getting more sales – but at what cost?

The major downside with using these types/organizations is finding companies who offer discounts through their site, like Groupon.

6. Social Media

The power of social media is in the hands, literally.

People with great followings on different platforms can send their followers to advertisers’ sites and help them advertise products or services for free by posting affiliate links that lead back directly from Amazon, Prime-which means you get your purchase delivered right away! 

Niche influencers specializing in specific topics like cooking recipes or fashion trends play an important role, too, because it gives those interested parties another way besides just watching videos posted at general timesharing hours toward getting content straight into their heads when they want something fresh.

7. Review Sites

Affiliates are allowed to post reviews of various websites on one page. This helps them earn commissions when they refer business from advertisers and thus make their site larger overall!

One type of affiliate site gaining popularity recently is review blogs. Users write positively about different pieces of Tools/software to help others make informed decisions when it comes time to purchase something new!

8. Incentivised Traffic

Affiliate programs are a great way for merchants to boost their sales by bringing in new customers. 

Affiliates get compensated with cashback or virtual currency that can be redeemed at any time on the site, so they’ll have an easier chance of converting those visitors into buyers!

Incentives such as cashback or virtual currency are often offered in exchange for performing desired actions. 

This lets affiliate merchants enjoy boosted traffic from relevant audiences, leading them to more sales opportunities and improved customer retention rates.

9. Shopping Services

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for anyone with internet access and some time on their hands to make money from home. 

All you need are websites that offer services like reviewing products or comparing prices between brands – which can be found easily through Google search engine optimization (SEO).

Affiliates get paid when potential customers click through from an affiliate link onto the merchant’s site; more sales equals higher commissions!

Roles And Responsibilities of The Affiliate Manager

Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of an affiliate marketer;

How to become an affiliate marketer role and responsibilities
  • Manage customer relationships to ensure that you always know what is going on in your customers’ businesses, both big and small.
  • Affiliate link checks, references checks, and an impressive customer service track record are all critical to the success of any affiliate program.
  • Handle business negotiations with customers. 
  • Manage all the details of a transaction to ensure its success while maximizing your organization’s ROI
  • Maintain quality relationships with affiliates by working closely to ensure accurate and timely resolution of their issues
  • Setup sales and marketing goals
  • Maintain good relationships with affiliates on daily bases.
  • Stay up to date on current trends in affiliate marketing.
  • Work with the management team to execute the plans and goals and close the affiliate deals.

Career Scope for Affiliate Marketing

become an affiliate marketer career scope for affiliate marketing

In the modern digital age, 15% to 20% of all online sales are fuelled by affiliate marketers. This means that they drive more than 200 billion dollars in gross merchandise volume every year! 

Recently IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association) reported an industry growth rate close to or above 40%.

And finally, NASSCOM found out about this incredible statistic: India is now third on their list for fastest growing start-up ecosystems after US-based Mark Cuban’s Start-up crucible program.

India’s Affiliate Marketing Income Potential

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. 

The passive income it offers is attractive and can easily allow you to flourish with your lifestyle goals in India or anywhere else, for that matter!

Affiliates don’t need much time commitment because all they have to do when someone clicks on their links, which automatically sells products at an affiliate rate of 10-12%. 

All this without having any upfront costs as AdSense does – sell Wholesale Products from China to Your Friends & Family And Watch Them Wealthily Over Time.

Popular Affiliate Marketing Sites to Know

You can make more money by selling products through your website, blog, or social media profile.

However, joining these well-known affiliate marketing sites will increase your earnings.

You could join Amazon Associates, which offers decent affiliate commissions for driving sales on Amazon’s platform; 

Flipkart Affiliate Program lets you earn attractive pay rates when someone clicks onto one product page and then buys something else off that same site but in another category.

How to become an affiliate marketer amazon affiliate
How to become an affiliate marketer Flipkart affiliate

Both these sites offer big opportunities if you’re looking to start supplementing what appears naturally there!

However, these are not the only affiliate sites available in India; there are so many affiliate sites you need to know about; we will get you covered soon!

How to Become an Affiliate Marketing Marketer in India

Here are a few pointers to help you advance your affiliate marketing career;

1. Choose Your Niche Wisely

Finding a niche for an affiliate marketer can seem like one of the most daunting tasks. But if you take your time and find just the right topic, it will be easier than ever to sell products!

However, choosing the perfect niche for your campaign can be difficult. 

Overextending and making efforts ineffective is something that every affiliate marketer worries about when trying to speak with too many niches at once.

How do you know if a particular niche is right for your business?

Before committing yourself fully to any direction with marketing efforts and time spent on research, a great way to start is doing an initial self-assessment. 

To affiliate marketers like ourselves, reliable advocacy should come naturally, but to have confidence that we’re choosing the best possible path forward is always good practice anyway!

2. Evaluate Market Demand

Two things you need to know about Google trends are that it gives an idea of how often people search for certain topics and what the regional breakdowns are. 

This will help identify products/commissions in demand so your marketing efforts can focus on those items instead!

If you’re unsure which niche to choose, start by plugging in your options and seeing how they rank. 

For example, there will usually be moderate demand throughout the year for affiliate products. Still, spikes around holidays like Diwali & Pongal make them perfect for earning extra income during these slower periods!

3. Analyse The Competition

Uber suggests it is a popular keyword research tool that shows you how competitive your particular search term or industry can be. 

If we wanted to find out if there was much competition for kitchen faucet products, all it would take were three clicks of the mouse! 

Type in “kitchen” into Uber suggest, and voila – instant information about what keywords people might use when they look up this product on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. Research Affiliate Programs

After you’ve picked your niche, it’s time to find an appropriate program that can help promote products in this area of interest and expertise- where we take a step deeper into studying how becoming successful as affiliates happen!

An essential checklist that you should consider before proceeding with a particular program,

  • What kind of retailers participate in the affiliate program? 
  • How much commission do I stand to make from my chosen supplier?
  • How often am I able to communicate directly with them about issues?

5. Pick Your Affiliate Marketing Methods

Websites are the most popular method for affiliate marketers to earn commissions. 

They can create affiliate marketing websites like blogs or marketplaces, run paid ads on them, and more!  

First, build your site with WordPress or Wix, depending on your preference.

Websites don’t just help with affiliate marketing; they’re also a great way to show off your skills and get noticed by potential employers.

A website can boost traffic for any business–from the most popular brands in every industry to smaller niche markets where competition may be fierce. However, demand still exceeds supply largely because customers have trouble finding what they need at affordable prices and good discounts.

6. Create and Publish Top-Notch Content

You need to create content that helps your audience grow. So, what type of information is helpful for an online marketer?

A blog post about a new affiliate program is perfect! It doesn’t take much effort, and it will help you build credibility in the eyes (and ears) of potential clients looking at programs like yours – or any other topic as well!  

And don’t forget – if people love reading blog posts on subjects they’re interested in, they are more likely to want to buy whatever product/service.

How much does Indian Earn In Affiliate Marketing?

become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketers can earn up to 15% commission on an average product. 

For some products, the percentage is higher and may go as high as 40%.

For a new affiliate marketer just to get started with their business, they would only need 5-10 thousand dollars per month which isn’t too bad, right?

Below mentioned data is the general term,

  • Affiliates earn between $1 and $2 thousand each month on average, with the top tier earning over $100,000.
  • Affiliates in the middle class might make anything from $1,000 to $10,000 per month.
  • New sign-ups, on the other hand, have ZERO chance of generating any money as an Affiliate because they don’t yet know how or what items will perform best for them.

Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Sites in India

1. Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing has become a big business over the past few years, and there are now many affiliate marketing programs available for Indian websites. But Amazon Associates remains one of the best programs around, thanks to the huge range of products available on Amazon and the high commission rates paid by Amazon.

Amazon Associates is a program run by Amazon that allows website owners and bloggers to earn commission by placing links to Amazon products on their site. If someone clicks on one of those links and then buys something from Amazon, the website owner or blogger earns a commission on that sale. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to make money from your website, it’s worth considering signing up for the Amazon Associates program.

2. Flipkart Affiliate Program

If you’re an affiliate marketer in India, Flipkart is a site you need to promote. 

The Indian eCommerce giant has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the country and offers commissions as high as 10% on some sales. 

The program is open to all website and blog owners in India and offers commissions on sales generated by referrals. This provides a great opportunity for affiliate marketing sites in India to promote Flipkart and increase sales. 

In addition, Flipkart offers several exclusive benefits to participants in the affiliate marketing program. 

These include custom coupon codes, special product promotions, and a data feed with product information. 

So, if you are an Indian affiliate marketer, be sure to check out the Flipkart affiliate marketing program!

3. eBay Affiliate Program

eBay, one of the most popular online marketplaces globally, has an affiliate program worth considering if you are looking for ways to monetize your website or blog. 

The program offers a variety of tools and resources to help you promote eBay products and generate traffic to the site. 

In addition, eBay pays commissions on sales generated through referrals, making it a potentially lucrative opportunity for those looking to make money online. 

4. GoDaddy Affiliate program

Domain name registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy has announced the launch of its affiliate program in India. 

The move is aimed at helping Indian affiliates generate more leads and sales and increase brand awareness in the country. 

Interested parties can now sign up for the program through the GoDaddy website. 

The program offers Indian affiliates a commission on all new domain registrations, domain transfers, web hosting plans, and SSL certificates generated through their website or marketing efforts. 

In addition, they will also receive commissions for any referred customers that become paying GoDaddy customers. 

Affiliates will have access to a range of marketing materials to help them promote GoDaddy products, including banners, logos, and text links. They can also take advantage of promotional offers.

Good to go, right? What for you waiting for? Check out the GoDaddy affiliate program.

5. Shopify Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for a great eCommerce platform to power your affiliate store, then Shopify is a good option. 

With Shopify, you can easily create an online store and start selling products right away. 

Plus, Shopify offers a wide range of features to help you quickly grow your business. 

So if you’re looking for an eCommerce platform that can help you take your business to the next level, then Shopify is worth checking out.

6. Cuelinks

If you’re running an affiliate marketing site in India, you need to be using Cuelinks. 

Cuelinks is India’s leading content monetization platform, and it’s the best way to monetize your content and improve your income. 

With Cuelinks, you can easily add links from your content to high-quality products from top merchants and earn commissions on every sale. 

So if you’re looking for a way to boost your income, be sure to check out Cuelinks. 

You won’t regret it!

Top 4 Affiliate Marketers You Need to Follow

1. Pat Flynn

How to become an affiliate marketer - Pat Flynn

Plat Flynn is one of the best and most professional affiliate marketers and the entrepreneur behind

He became an affiliate marketer in 2008 after being laid off from his previous job and deciding to pursue affiliate marketing full-time.

With the encouragement of a friend, he began building a website around green building technology and started to get his name out there by blogging about it on his site, LEED user.

Check out their Website:

Estimated Earnings: $80,000 [Yearly]

2. Martin Osborn

How to become an affiliate marketer finchsells

Martin Osborn, sometimes known as “Finch Sells”, is a 29-year-old social media expert, entrepreneur, and high school dropout. Finch has been blogging about web marketing for nearly eight years.

He ranked #1 on Google for the term “affiliate marketing” in 2012. Over 3 million people have shared some of his posts!

He discusses how to use proven affiliate marketing strategies to bring visitors to your site, as well as recommendations for boosting conversions whether or not you’re running an affiliate campaign.

Check out their Website:

Estimated Earnings: $15,000 – $20,000

3. Shawn Collins

How to become an affiliate marketer johnchow

Shawn Collins is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in 2022.

He began a blog revenue case study in 2005 to show that you can generate money by blogging.

His ambition was to earn $3000 each month from his hobby. What’s more, guess what? He moved on to the next case study after achieving his objective in two years of hard labor.

In 2010, he published a best-selling book about generating money online, and the following year, he joined MOBE.

In 2011, his website had over 200k daily views, with tens of thousands of commentators and public relations professionals responding to his pieces. James is now one of the top internet marketers, ranking 52nd on the list.

Check out their Website:

Estimated Earnings: $40,000 – $50,000

4. Missy Ward

How to become an affiliate marketer missyward

Missy Ward is one of the renowned and the President of the Affiliate marketing Summit Corporation.

Ward spent almost a decade as an affiliate marketer and philanthropist before co-founding Affiliate Summit with Shawn Collins in 2003 with a $400 investment.

In 2005 Ward, Collins, and alumnus Josepha Haden presented Affiliate Summit East to over 500 attendees as an affiliate marketing conference destination.

This was a precursor to Affiliate Summit’s first event, held in Philadelphia in 2006.

Missy Ward also understands that being a successful businesswoman takes time.

Everything requires devotion and hard effort, and she believes that in order to accomplish results, it’s critical to start with the end in mind: what do you want your business, not just your company, to look like in the future?

What do you want to be renowned for when it comes to your consumers or your products?

Check out their Website:

Estimated Earnings: $50,000


This article provided a detailed explanation of how to become an affiliate marketer in India. It covers the basics of what affiliate marketing is, how to find an affiliate program, and how to get started. If you’re interested in learning more about this field, you can join the online digital marketing course offered by Digital Scholar.

By following the tips in this article, you’ll be able to find merchants to partner with, high commission affiliate programs, and profitable affiliate marketing jobs. 

With our help, you can achieve your goals and start generating money online through affiliate marketing.

Happy Learning While Earning!


1. How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

With paid advertising – PPC, you can send targeted traffic directly to a seller’s page. 

You could use Google Ads or other platforms like Facebook Ads for this purpose – but unlike organic affiliate programs where content creation and unpaid search engine results generate visitors who may not be ready yet to purchase from your site’s products/services offerings.

2. How to Do Affiliate Marketing for Free?

To do affiliate marketing for free, you’ll need to post content on other platforms like Facebook or YouTube, then add calls-to-action and links so readers can click through. 

You should also ask them to sign up with your email list, which allows you to nurture those subscribers until they’re ready to buy!

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