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How to Become a Growth Hacker in India [Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking to become a growth hacker in India? Then you have chosen such a challenging, at the same time fun-loving job. In this article, we will be discussing how to become a growth hacker in India. Along with that, you will also learn about the skills, hacks, and resources for becoming a successful growth hacker.

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As a Growth Hacker or Growth Marketer, you will be required to innovate smart digital marketing strategies (rarely, offline marketing strategies, too) and plans which are low-cost alternatives to conventional marketing through print, audio-visual, outdoor, and similar mediums.

All these conventional mediums are very expensive and for companies with a tight budget and start-up companies finding smarter low-cost marketing strategies and plans is a must.

Smart, low-cost marketing strategies and plans are required for the survival and growth of any start-up or even established company. 

For example, an e-commerce company would need to focus more on digital marketing as it has a very low operating cost but very high returns. 

So, as a growth hacker or growth marketer, you will be required to develop several ideas of smart, low-cost marketing strategies, plans, and ideas.

Here comes the great presence of the growth hacker for the company.

In this article, let us look at the guidelines for becoming a growth hacker in India? What skills and experience are required to become a growth hacker in India?

Let’s begin!

Who is a Growth Hacker?

A growth hacker is a cross between a marketer and a coder obsessed with learning how to make anything grow. 

Originally, the job was to grow and hack a new product or service by whatever means necessary. Still, over time, growth hacking became more of a general term for anything marketing-related.

As a marketing term, the idea of growth hacking is less than ten years old. The time was first used in 2010, and it can be described as a process of rapid experimentation across marketing, product development, and sales. One of the main goals of growth hacking is to achieve and accelerate growth – quickly and effectively.

What Growth Hackers Do?

Typically, growth hackers use digital marketing tactics to spread the word about a company’s product. This marketing can include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

They also connect with potential customers on Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and other sites by sharing user-generated content, posting how-to and videos, or writing posts on their blogs. 

Message boards like Reddit are not overlooked either! 

Growth hackers know they need to be where people are and will often set up profiles there or monitor existing ones so that they can reply to questions users post. 

Sharing privately managed portfolios is also very beneficial for general interest in the project. 

Overall, growth hackers want to put as much of their work out there as possible while still concealing some aspects of the project for strategic purposes only!

Roles & Responsibilities of Growth Hacker

  • Develop the front end of your website using tools and apps that can help you meet your marketing goals.
  • Collaborate through various channels such as blogging, email, and social media to build a network and expand your company’s business.
  • Working on web advertising, direct mail, cold calling, and increasing conversion rates.
  • Conduct market research and competitive analysis.
  • Experimenting with alternative lead conversion, client acquisition, and outreach tactics.
  • Active planning and testing of new ideas are improvements above the primary method.
  • Continue to learn about UI/UX and digital marketing.
  • To get a greater ROI, communicate and mind map your ideas.
  • Start planning your analysis, research, and implementation projects.
  • Keep up with the latest UX/UI and digital marketing trends and modifications.
  • Through social media and blog news, identify industry growth, trends, and insights.

Salary of a Growth Hacker

As we already know, the career of growth hackers is at full blast; many organizations are in huge demand for growth hacking professionals. 

They are one resource for all solutions in the marketing department. They are undervalued because, if not properly managed, they can further influence your business with negative effects. Keeping all these things in consideration, growing organizations consider growth hacking as a vital part of their business strategy. 

Within such a short period, they get paid anything between 5 to 7 lakhs per month. 

The scope of growth hacking is broad. Businesses and individuals are aware of the value and potential that a growth hacker can provide, so pay accordingly. 

Starting salaries for growth hackers in India range from 

growth hacker salaries
  • For Beginners – 5 lakhs as an annual  
  • For Intermediates – 7 lakhs per annum
  • For professionals – 15 lakhs per annum 

We advise you to go through our previous blog on more current salaries and salaries expected at different levels in digital marketing during your career path.

Career Scope for a Growth Hacker

As a growth hacker outside India, you’ll be in high demand for your unique ability to bring about the explosive growth of any business. 

Some people can produce rational decisions, and that’s great. But not every business goes there… Not every company is interested in scaling their sales by investing in digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, or email marketing. Instead of leaving it up to nature, they need someone who’ll go out there and get them some instant traffic. 

As tech-savvy hiring managers are becoming more familiar with the growth hacking methodology and its value, they are willing to pay top dollar for fresh growth hackers on the market like yourself, so don’t be shy! 

If your skills fit clearly into one of our 10+ streams of revenue generation, like getting press coverage or designing an email outreach list, the company would LOVE to talk to you about it as soon as possible. They get you to know through resume or LinkedIn.

Growth hacking India-based products and services has yielded great results for businesses seeking out growth hackers; there is also scope for growth hackers across different continents. Companies seeking quality growth hacking services are willing to pay top dollar for such a valuable resource. 

It’s not unusual for beginners in this exciting field to earn about $38,000 annually, and those with years of experience can expect to make around $82,000 per year you can expect abroad.

Skills Required for Becoming a Growth Hacker

When it comes to expertise and what one has to know to be a growth hacker, one has to delve into creative thinking and understand how technology works from a marketing standpoint. 

One must understand the web and how it’s used for researching things for anything relevant that might affect your current project or venture. 

Being able to think on one’s toes is another key trait that any entrepreneur should possess. The growth hacking field is ever-changing, with new ideas being brought about daily; making you open-minded helps guarantee success!

Listed below are the skills required to become a growth hacker;

1. Analytical Skills Required 

A. Statistics

If you wish to analyze and use data effectively, you must know statistics. 

This language is the actual “language of data.” When communication becomes a foreign concept or evolves into a jumble of symbols, figures, and numbers that don’t make sense for practical application, we face major setbacks in all sense of productivity. 

By understanding statistics, we can communicate with each other effectively using the business data available to us.

B. Data Analytics

Analytics is an integral part of online platforms such as social media, websites, and apps. 

This data can be acquired in terms of unique users, visits, sessions, likes/tweets, etc., or how often a specific user returns to a website/app. 

As a growth hacker, your job is to thoroughly understand all of these metrics and interpret them so that they’re still relevant so your business can continue to grow into the future! 

2. Technical Skills Required

A. Learning and Understanding Spreadsheets

To master your marketing, you will need an all-in-one tool. This can help you collect and interpret data. The spreadsheet is the must-have tool for analyzing data. 

Spreadsheets may help you collect data and analyze it more effectively. This will assist you in acquiring insight into your marketing strategy and analyzing data in many ways. Spreadsheets allow you to understand data from many perspectives, making more informed judgments about your marketing efforts. 

Circle Marketing gives you the analytics that matter to your business and the tools to translate them into market share gains or cost reductions.

So, this is one of the necessary skills for becoming a growth hacker

B. Coding

As a growth hacker, you need to know how to code. Once you know how to do it and are comfortable with basic programming skills, you can easily write scripts that automate much of your work. 

Aside from saving time, being proficient in classically taught computer blueprints allows you to communicate better with the computer instead of explaining things line by line, making things much easier.

3. Marketing Skills Required

A. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can seem like a tough nut to crack, but luckily, many experts have the advice to give. For example, with SEO (search engine optimization), it’s important to remember that the process isn’t instant; you’re more likely to see results over time if you’re genuine about how your company is presented on search engines – make your site easy to read and full of valuable information, so people will find it helpful!

B. Design Skills

It’s easy to feel that you have to be everything and know everything as a growth hacker to make your product successful. 

You can draw on the expertise of those who have specialized understanding in a certain field to help you present your concept more effectively.

How to Become a Growth Hacker?

1. Take Digital Marketing Course

Taking the best online digital marketing course is the first and must have a step to learn, practice, and become a growth hacker.

If a person is looking to make a career as a growth hacker, they must consider the recent rapid trends in marketing and consider going for it. It’s also recommended that you pursue your desired future career, at least through schools or agencies, to get somewhat educated on how to do and operate things such as Google Analytics or SEO, copywriting, and automation.

Education qualification determines the salary factor in India; however, there is no formal education required to become a growth hacker, but either getting into a business institute or taking a renowned digital marketing course with certification will be the best approach to land upon any reputed firm of your choice.

An aspiring growth hacker has to stay updated on various online marketing mediums, such as earning links to external websites (SEO), analysing profitability over time (analytics), building and managing large email lists (viral marketing), and creating content that will be shared on social media(copywriting/social media) and optimizing landing pages for conversion rates.

Key Takeaway: it is essential to take some classes or work experience to get skilled in marketing, web development, or software engineering, among other things, before getting into an internship or straight away hitting into the job. 

2. Create a website and Start a Blog

Having an online portfolio is very important to become a growth hacker and getting clients. Creating a website and producing a lot of blog posts/ articles can be your perfect online portfolio.

Content marketing provides inspiration and energy for growth hacking. It’s important to remember that no matter how good your content strategy is, it will be more effective if you can keep producing material over time. 

Any growth hacker’s armory must include content, and with our aid, we’ll ensure that all of your visitors are left speechless!
But before starting the blog, know the basics of growth hacking in marketing.

If you want to be a fantastic hacker, you must first master the art of marketing. Learn the fundamentals of marketing since we think that everything you do as a hacker comes from those fundamentals before you start writing a blog.

3. Start Doing Freelancing

Before starting with freelancing, ask yourself these five questions,

1) How do users find you? 

2) How to showcase your experience?

3) How to make them come back again?

4) How to finish deals and make money

5) What should you do if a client refuses to pay the aggregate fee?

In short, follow these funnel structures when you are getting into freelancing,

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral and 
  • Revenue.

4. Apply for an Internship

If you want to become a confident growth hacker you should have experience. Order to get an expreience internship is a great opportunity. A Lot of performance marketing agencies are offering paid Internship opportunities to newbies.

Your blog is your portfolio; your clients are your resume.

The ideal approach to becoming a growth hacker is to learn from someone who has experience in that field. 

The best way to do that is by studying or taking an internship with a reputable agency that provides growth hacking services for its clients or simply finding an influential person online who operates a blog and resources on growth hacking. 

Showcase your client history and blog traffic; this can allow you to get an internship and build relationships with other people. You are learning this skill set to establish connections that will help you advance your skillset while making new friends!

5. Get Into a Job with Experience From an Internship

Getting a job in performance marketing can be your last step to become the best growth hacker in India.

An internship is an initial step toward obtaining employment without prior experience. It has the potential to make you stand out from the crowd.

Once you have an internship, make a lot of connections so you can go into any reputable company and become a growth hacker with less stress.

Top 5 Growth Hacking Influencers

1. Neil Patel 

Neil Patel has written prominently on every aspect of growth hacking and is known to be elusive in terms of digital marketing. 

Every article is written with top-notch resources and impressive figures, featuring well-organized and thoroughly investigated data by Q&A experts. 

Often, he publishes case studies as examples that are also reviewed in depth by people from all over the world. 

Neil is a pro at utilising sites to their full potential so make sure you take advantage of his wisdom for your business!

Nonetheless, Neil’s content always features extensive analysis and brilliant original graphics and includes case studies backed up with data. You want to tap into his invaluable writing by subscribing to his blog to know more about growth hacking.

2. Sean Ellis 

If you’re interested in growth hacking as a marketer, you should look at Sean. 

In particular, he has a lot of knowledge about how marketers can get their start with growth hacking. 

Additionally, I recommend that you follow Sean on Twitter. He shares some of the most genuinely helpful content out there generously and with great ease on his social accounts like Twitter. 

You may think that it costs time to do this, but one look at Sean’s content tells me that he doesn’t just retweet others’ articles or share blog links left and right. 

Instead, through his updates and retweets, I feel that he finds valuable information and is willing to take the time to pass these bits of wisdom along for our benefit as fellow entrepreneurs.

3. Sujan Patel 

Sujan Patel is the co-founder of Web Profits, a growth marketing firm that assists customers in discovering innovative methods to expand their businesses. 

He and his team, who have considerable expertise in internet marketing, listen to the demands of their client list while developing plans to help them grow their businesses and become a red giant in growth hacking.

Sujan started the firm alone, but it quickly grew as he sought out more employees who could completely get what each business owner required in terms of internet presence.

You should follow him to know how he started his company without any support and led successfully with the perfect implementation of growth hacking in his business.

4. Nir Eyal 

Nir Eyal is an expert who covers the topics of user experience, behavioural economy, and a hint of neuroscientific research. His articles are thought leadership for growth, helping us understand customers better, and leading to product and marketing strategies designed around this understanding.

To understand customer psychology, you should follow Nir Eyal with no regrets!

5. Noah Kagan 

Noah has an awesome blog by the name of OkDork. In this blogger’s opinion, the way he uses his blog is particularly different from many other content marketing and growth hacking blogs on this list. 

You get to follow Noah, the author of the #GrowthHacking Blog. 

The Blogger is on his journey to turn OkDork into a super successful startup that we all know it can be. Still, you also get insights into upcoming content streams and access to some pretty great reviews on books meant to inspire entrepreneurs such as ourselves!

Also, there are some pretty engaging comment sections where fellow entrepreneurs ask him questions and with which he interacts quite frequently on Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out his interviews for sure!


If you are interested in becoming a growth hacker, at that point, do not be excessively worried. 

Growth hacking is a technique, and you need to begin with little and incrementally start to know the hacks.

There is no requirement to be a specialist in the field. However, you should have the capacity to show signs of improvement with time by showcasing valid projects. 

You should begin by picking the right digital marketing course to learn and execute On a simple project, and you should have the capacity to make them develop.

So, if you’re looking for a quick course to learn something new, check out the best online digital marketing course and receive a prestigious certificate from landing a position of growth hacking in a reputed company.

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