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Hostinger India Review [2023] – Best Web Hosting for Beginners

Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting providers on the market. But is it the right choice for you? Our experts have put together a comprehensive review of Hostinger, including its features, pricing, and performance. Read on to see if Hostinger is the right web host for your needs.

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First founded in 2004 as “Hosting media”, the organization, which was once known as Hosting Media, started out with a basic mission: to help individuals create and grow their websites and companies. Since its establishment, Hostinger has made it its mission to offer to host services that make life easier for developers and their clients. In order to deliver on their promise, they stay current with server technology advancements, improve customer service, and regular improvement of their unique hPanel. 

This Hostinger India Review will give you a deeper insight into this amazing web hosting tool.

A web hosting company called Hostinger was established in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 2004. In 2011, it changed its name from Hosting Media to Hostinger once it hit a million users.

It has continued to develop ever since, and for them, the last two to three years have been especially successful.

Currently, Hostinger serves 29 million users globally, and 15,000 new websites are added using it every day.

Visit, to access Hostinger India, which is the name of the service in India.

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What is Hostinger India?

Hostinger India is a web hosting company whose mission is to help everyone who utilizes the internet to succeed. They accomplish this by continuously improving server technology, offering educated assistance, and upholding a fault-free web hosting environment.

Who can use Hostinger India?

Hostinger is a fantastic substitute for businesses who want to scale their sites with larger traffic without switching providers. For those of you who want an all-in-one solution for creating a website and taking care of your web hosting needs under one roof, Hostinger even offers a website builder bundle in addition to its hosting services.

How to use Hostinger India?

In this part of the Hostinger India Review, we look into how can we host a website using Hostinger India. 

Step 1: Create a hosting account

The first step is to create a Hostinger India account, which shouldn’t take more than five minutes. After doing this, you must activate it by clicking the link in your email.

After your account has been validated, log in and choose the Hosting tab. Select “New Account” from the submenu under it. You would be given the choice of a free, premium, or business account when a fresh hosting account will be loaded.


Step 2: Place your order

Choose a website password and a subdomain name after choosing a hosting plan (you can also use an automatically generated password by clicking on the generate button just on the right-hand side of the password textbox). On the following screen, after entering the correct captcha code and selecting the “I agree to terms and conditions” box, click proceed to finish placing your transaction.

Hostinger India Review Choose Pricing Plan

Step 3: Manage your account

After creating the subdomain hosting account, choose Hide/Show from the drop-down menu (the box with the plus symbol to reveal more options). from the available options, select manage. You should now be taken to a new page. Click the info icon to see some specifics about the just-released website. 

Additionally, the dashboard, which is situated on the right side of the page, will allow you to access all website details.

Step 4:  Import your website

Scroll down and look at the left side of the page after you reach the Website show/hide box. It can also be accessed in the account section. Click the plus sign inside the tiny box to unlock further activities.

To immediately import the website, click the button. When the new page loads, get your website’s files ready.

Hostinger India Review Import Website

Step 5: Test the website

As soon as you activate your website after upload, it is important to test if it is up or down. To check this 

  • Visit Website Planet.
  • Enter the website URL and Click on the check button.
Hostinger India Review Enter the URL to Check Website Down
  • If it is up, you will see
Hostinger India Review Enter the URL to Check Website Status
  • If it is down, you will see
Hostinger India Review Enter the URL to Check Website Status Down

Step 6: Delete the default.php file 

Click your browser’s back button once if you have not opened the webpage in a new tab. Swipe down to the files tab on the left-hand side of the screen and select the File Manager 2 sub-menu option. After this has loaded, pick the default.php and htaccess files in the Public.html file, then click Delete. After you delete something, a confirmation message will appear on the webpage. Clicking the back arrow will take you back to the dashboard.

Hostinger India Review Delete Default php File

Step 7: Redirect 

Even though our website is almost complete, we do not want it to resemble the one in the screenshot. To fix this problem, go back to the Domain tab on the dashboard’s left side. Click the button to open the sub-menu for redirection. Be careful not to misinterpret the connection in this section. 

Here, you need two links: the one you just copied, as well as the URL link for the original website (if you forgot to copy the second link, just go and re-read the texts before the poll). Paste the URL in the “redirect to” text box. Once this is done, launch your website. It ought to be perfect and error-free.

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The Hostinger India Review will be incomplete without the pricing plan offered by it:

  • Web Hosting Pricing

Single: ₹69.00/mo

Premium: ₹149.00/mo

Business: ₹249.00/mo

Hostinger India Review Shared Webhosting Pricing Plan
  • Cloud Hosting Plans

Startup: ₹799.00/mo

Professional: ₹1,499.00/mo

Enterprise: ₹5,099.00/mo

Hostinger India Review Cloud Hosting Pricing Plan
  • VPS Hosting

VPS 1: ₹249.00/mo

VPS 2: ₹429.00/mo

VPS 3: ₹779.00/mo

VPS 4: ₹1,135.00/mo

VPS 5: ₹1,999.00/mo

VPS 6: ₹2,999.00/mo

VPS 7: ₹4,499.00/mo

VPS 8: ₹5,999.00/mo

Hostinger India Review VPS Hosting Pricing Plan
  • Email Hosting

Business Starter: ₹69.00/mo

Business Premium: ₹179.00/mo

Hostinger India Review Email Hosting Pricing Plan

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Hostinger India

Advantages of Hostinger India

Next in Hostinger India Review is the Pros of the tool: 

Great Uptime

It is vital to research the web server uptime of the web hosting tool you wish to use. In terms of lost traffic, a web server’s downtime might be disastrous for your website. Consider selecting a web server with a low uptime for your website. You can lose a significant amount of money only as a result of the host’s low uptime. Contrarily, this is not the case with Hostinger, which in reality offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Faster Load Time

The importance of a website’s loading speed should go without saying. If a visitor must wait for content to load, they won’t stay on your website. Actually, most users won’t hold their breath for more than a few seconds while a website loads. This is why we value Hostinger India’s faster hosting speeds. We also put them to the test for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting, so we’re not simply depending on what they say they offer online.

Payment Options are Flexible 

Most web hosting platforms only accept credit cards as payment, although some also accept Paypal. But Hostinger India is aware of the problems with our current payment options and offers flexible payment plans, including debit cards, credit cards, Paypal, UPI Payment, and net banking.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

The 30-day money-back guarantee is another thing to gaze at. Web hosting is seen as an investment rather than an expense. The ability to withdraw your money within 30 days looks like one you should take advantage of. Because Hostinger India has a reputation for giving its clients outstanding service, they took the bold step of offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Great Customer Support

On its website, Hostinger offers customer care in a number of different languages. You should search for this characteristic in a prospective host company because you never know when you could require their immediate aid. You want to make sure you can contact them quickly, if something like this happens, say your website crashes or something. The Live Chat feature is only accessible to logged-in users. To contact someone, click this icon at the bottom or on the contact page.

Free Website Builder

You may choose a template and make edits to your website using their free website builder so that it will appear precisely the way you want it to when it is published online.

Easy to Use Interface

Unlike other out-of-date web hosting providers, Hostinger India’s website user interface is quite modern and made to be easy to explore, offering incredibly simple usability. The UI was developed with human behaviour in mind. After logging in, the website header contains pages for hosting, domains, emails, billing, servers, assistance, SSL, and stores. This is amazing because you may access the pages by just clicking from any website or location.

Premium Web Hosting Plans offer many Exclusive Features

If you are considering expansion and the long term, choose the premium plan. The exclusive features that you have access to are simply too good to miss.

The advantages of the premium web hosting plan are listed below.

  • You can add 100 websites.
  • Hundred email addresses
  • Numerous monthly visits could be accommodated by the host.
  • WordPress speedup (LSCWP)
  • No charge Certificate for SSL (Lifetime Value)
  • A free domain 
  • 2 times the allocated resources
  • Infinite Bandwidth

Since the premium plan gives you twice as many resources and lifetime SSL Value, the security protections are more advanced features. If your major line of business requires you to set up websites for different nations, it makes sense to buy a plan that allows you to link several websites. The Premium package from Hostinger allows you to connect up to 100 websites.

Affordable Host Pricing

Even while it seems like they were using wise pricing plans to entice customers to sign up for premium plans, the final cost is actually significantly lower. One smart technique to save money on web hosting is to always buy for more years rather than, say, just one year. Over time, you wind up saving a tonne of money. If you’re certain you’ll run a website for many years, why not buy it for a longer amount of time all at once? If the host turns out to be awful, you can still ask for a refund within 30 days. Think about how much more you can potentially save financially in the long run.

Daily Backups

If you manage a substantial business that can suffer from a day’s delay or a significant operation, selecting Hostinger’s Business Plan can help maintain daily backups for you. If there are any issues with your website, you can restore yesterday’s backup. Furthermore, depending on the size of your website, restoring backups doesn’t require any technical expertise and is quick.

Disadvantages of Hostinger India

Though, in this Hostinger India Review, we have learned about many benefits offered by the tool, which are good enough to pick it as your final choice for web hosting services. But apart from these benefits, there are a few improvements that Hostinger India can work upon. Some of its improvement areas are: 

No Phone Support

Unfortunately, when you need help with a problem, Hostinger does not give you the option of calling and speaking to a live person. Only a live chat option exists for contacting customer service, which is practical but falls short of a phone call for describing potentially frustrating situations.

Live Chat are not available unless Logged in

It can be annoying to be unable to contact customer service without logging in. However, logging in isn’t too challenging because Hostinger provides Facebook & Google Login APIs in case you have created your account that way. The Customer Care page, which is located all the way down in the footer, is where you may chat with them even if you don’t log in. By doing so, you will be directed to a page where you must first select “general inquiries” before providing your contact information (such as name and email) to begin a chat.

Spotty Uptime

The two components of good web hosting are uptime and speed. Users’ ability to access your pages fast is measured by speed, and server reliability is measured by uptime. For a variety of reasons, including planned maintenance and unforeseen faults, hosting servers may go offline.

Budget Plans miss a Few Features 

The entry-level plans from Hostinger lack certain important features that we’ve seen on comparable plans from the competitors, but this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for everyone. The most notable example is their WordPress hosting, which on the two less expensive plans omits a content delivery network (CDN) and automated daily backups (Single and Starter).

Unavailability of Traditional CPanel

If you’ve been using CPanel for some time, Hostinger has switched to HPanel in its place, making you miss CPanel. For new users, the shifting feel and style could be perplexing. Users who are habitual of using CPanel, might take some time to get used to HPanel.

Hostinger India Alternatives

Hostinger India is incomplete without its competitors’ knowledge. Some of the alternatives of Hostinger India you can consider are:

1. DreamHost

Hostinger India Review - DreamHost

With shared, WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, and dedicated plans available, DreamHost, a web hosting service offers a wide set of features that support a huge range of applications for hosting personal and business websites. Furthermore, its website-building software offers webmasters simple tools to create appealing, flexible sites. 

Pros of DreamHost

  • trustworthy security measures
  • an abundance of amazing domain administration tools and cloud hosting alternatives
  • limitless monthly data transfers
  • generous refund policy for shared hosting
  • a helpful WordPress staging feature

Cons of DreamHost

  • Email is absent from the Shared Starter plan.
  • lacking Windows-based servers
  • no telephone support

2. A2 Hosting

Hostinger India Review Alternative - A2Hosting

With so many web hosts competing for your business, it takes a special service to stand out from the crowded field and prove that it is worth your money. This is made possible by the exceptional customer service, incredible uptime, and fantastic packages offered by web host A2. In fact, A2’s premium WordPress plans propel the company to the top of the WordPress hosting field despite some slightly expensive rates and the lack of Windows server alternatives.

Pros of A2 Hosting

  • extensive hosting options, especially for WordPress
  • top-notch customer support
  • excellent uptime
  • excellent money-back guarantee

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • it is not reasonably priced
  • there are no alternatives to Windows servers.

3. 1&1 Ionos

Hostinger India Review Alternative - Ionos

Businesses should check out 1&1 Ionos if they’re seeking hosting services with lots of features at a low cost. The web host offers a wide variety of enticing packages, including shared, virtual private server (VPS), WordPress, and dedicated hosting. Despite this, 1&1 Ionos distinguishes itself from the competition with its strong cloud hosting plans, which the company provides to both small businesses and enterprise-class clients.

Pros of 1&1 Ionos

  • constant availability during testing
  • outstanding Windows or Linux-based servers and tools for cloud hosting that make it simple to create websites

Cons of 1&1 Ionos

  • plans for reseller hosting are insufficient
  • very few email options

4. HostGator

Hostinger India Review Alternative - HostGator

Whether it’s a simple blog for providing daily updates or an intricate e-commerce platform, every business needs a website. You require a web hosting service in any scenario. Because it offers a feature-rich cloud, WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated server services, the stacked HostGator is a great alternative to Hostinger India. But what sets the company apart in the congested web hosting market are its shared plans. 

Pros of HostGator 

  • many hosting options are available with a variety of features
  • excellent shared hosting option that is advantageous for beginning webmasters
  • tools for online shopping and practical tools for creating websites
  • 24/7 supportive clientele
  • outstanding uptime

Cons of HostGator 

  • not every plan includes Windows Server.

5. GoDaddy

Hostinger India Review Alternative - GoDaddy

Choosing the ideal web hosting company is more challenging than deciding that your business is ready for an online presence. GoDaddy, one of the most well-known domain name distributors in the world, is an excellent web host that provides you with all the tools you need to quickly build a website. Although the well-rounded packages offered by the service are less extensive than those offered by Hostinger, DreamHost, Hostgator, 1&1 Ionos, and other web hosting companies, it still has a lot of appealing and useful features that you may find useful, especially if you want to incorporate Microsoft Office 365 email and apps into your workflows.

Pros of GoDaddy

  • great uptime
  • Linux and Windows servers
  • Microsoft apps have strong email integration.
  • 24/7 supportive clientele
  • helpful tools for constructing websites

Cons of GoDaddy

  • few standard email options
  •  lacks cloud hosting


We are confident in recommending Hostinger India for a range of applications. It’s an excellent option for recently created websites searching for dependable hosting at a fair price. Hostinger India is also a fantastic substitute for sites with larger traffic that want to scale without switching providers.

For those of you who want an all-in-one solution for creating a website and taking care of your web hosting needs under one roof, Hostinger India even offers website building services in addition to its hosting services. Hostinger India is still a dependable web hosting provider that can satisfy the needs of the majority of websites even though its uptime and speed aren’t the greatest in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Hostinger India Review

Q. How is WordPress set up on Hostinger’s servers?

A. WordPress can be easily set up on Hostinger India’s servers

  1. To access your hpanel, enter your username and password. Then click Manage Account.
  2. Locate the Auto installer by scrolling down.
  3.  After that, pick WordPress 
  4. WordPress will install on its own without your help.

Q. Hostinger provide free assistance after purchasing hosting?

A. Yes, all of the help is provided without charge. You can always use the live chat function on the hpanel to ask your question.

Q. Is Hostinger India trustworthy as a host for an online shop?

A. Yes, maintaining an online store is completely secure on Hostinger India. To safeguard the information of visitors to your website, they provide SSL Certificates. Using it, you may receive payment safely.

Q. Is Hostinger actually free to use?

A. If this is your first time building and maintaining your own website, Hostinger’s free web hosting plan is more than adequate.

Q. Is domain purchase available through Hostinger?

A. Customers can also purchase a custom domain from Hostinger India which offers domain registration services. In order to construct a website, it might be more practical to buy web hosting and a domain name from the same supplier.

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