13 Best Holi Social Media Post Ideas from Top Brands

Holi is coming up, and that means it's time to start planning your social media campaign. Want some ideas? Looking for creative social media campaigns and content ideas for Holi posts? Don't worry! Here are the amazing top 13 brand's social media post ideas for Holi from which you can get some ideas for your Holi social media (like; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & others) post this year. Let's get started!

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Looking for the best social media post campaign or content ideas for your brands this Holi? Here is the complete article on the top 13 brand’s social media post ideas for Holi.

Holi is one of India’s most beloved and cherished holidays, with celebrations taking place in practically every area of the nation. It is also known as the “love festival” because on this day, people get together to forget their resentments and negative feelings against one another.

Social Media Post Ideas Holi

This year Holi [2023] follows on 8 March. Start planning from today for your Diwali social media posts

Color vibrancy is something that adds a lot of optimism to our lives, and Holi, as the festival of colours, is a day to celebrate. Holi is a well-known Hindu holiday that is widely observed and enjoyed throughout India. Here are a few recent brand postings for Holi Day that added an additional splash of colour.

Let’s see what are the best creative from the top 13 brands and what are the social media post ideas for Holi they have used on the social media platforms like; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & others.

Best Holi Social Media Post Ideas from Top Brands

Here are the 13 best social media post ideas for Holi from which you can learn and implement with your own creatives;

1. Zomato

2. echoVME

3. Sorav Jain

4. Amul

5. Dominos

6. Netflix India

7. Parle-G

8. Fevicol

9. Cafe Coffee Day

10. Benetton India

11. Paper boat

12. Chuchu TV

13. Nippo

So yeah, these were the top 13 social media post ideas for Holi. Hope you liked their social media campaigns and content ideas for Holi.

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Happy Creatives for Holi Social Media Posts!!

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