Hobbies and Interests to put on your Resume

List of 20+ Hobbies and Interests to Put on Your Resume

Hobbies and interests can be a great addition to your resume as they showcase your personality, skills, and values. Popular hobbies include physical activities, traveling, volunteer work, playing musical instruments, reading, cooking or baking, photography, painting or drawing, team sports, gardening, writing, yoga or meditation, carpentry or woodworking, and DIY projects. Hobbies and Interests on resume should be relevant to the job you're applying for and can help set you apart from other candidates.

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The internet has shaped and changed how jobs and interviews look. Today, applying for a job is far easier than making a dish of eggs. Additionally, digital marketing truly changed the game of employment and interviews. 

Due to the covid-19 epidemic, several jobs and companies started taking interviews on Google meet and zoom calls. Everything now comfortably takes place over the internet. 

As so many people are now applying for jobs and interview tests online, only your resume can help you stand apart in the eyes of your hiring managers and HRs. 

Remember, it is not only you whose resume or CV will be seen by the hiring managers. There might be more than a hundred people applying for the same job.

The hobbies and interests on your resume always impact your chances of being selected. There are many dos and don’ts of a resume you need to look at before you start creating one.

Well, without further undo, let us now understand a few fundamentals before we learn the examples of hobbies and interests to put on a resume.

Why Put Hobbies and Interests on Resume?

Well-written hobbies and interests on your resume demonstrate your ability to fit into an organization. Hiring managers are always thinking on behalf of the company and the brand.

If your hobbies and interests reflect the needs and requirements of the brand and the business, you have already caught the hiring manager’s eye. 

Why Put Hobbies and Interests on Resume
Why Put Hobbies and Interests on Resume

If your CV is well-polished and organized, your hiring managers and HRs will continue to be interested in your skills, hobbies, and accomplishments. Your CV reveals who you are as a whole.

Your resume should always have eye-catching hobbies, interests, and skills if you want to secure your position as an employee.

What are your Interests?

Interests can be easily understood by an “inner feeling” or urge to do something. Your interests are the desires that push you to do specific tasks or actions. Interests are something that helps you define yourself apart from your profession or career. 

For instance, if you go out of your daily routine to learn a specific language like French or Spanish, the language interests you, and you wish to be fluent in it.

Other examples of interest in Resumes are

  • Classical Music
  • Art/Sketching
  • Blogging
  • Photography
  • Reading

What are Hobbies?

In contrast to your interests, hobbies are the things you do while you have free time. Hobbies are something that requires your time and energy that makes you feel better. For instance, playing football or cricket on the weekends can be the best example of what hobbies are.

Note that, over some time, interests can also transform into hobbies and vice versa.

Other examples of hobbies on the Resume are

  • Swimming
  • Trekking
  • Bike riding
  • Gardening and plantation 
  • Photography

What do Hobbies and Interests on your Resume Say About You?

Well, your resume is not limited to your educational background or your past professional experiences. In several cases, hiring managers and interviewers seek in-depth knowledge about who you are as a person and where your hobbies and interests are disseminated.

The list of hobbies and interests on your resume teaches your hiring managers how productive and active you are in other areas of your life. 

If a person possesses healthy and unique hobbies and interests, it means that the person is good at balancing professional and personal life. Furthermore, it also suggests that your mental health is stable and flourishing.

What Hobbies and Interests on resume say about you?
What do Hobbies and Interests on your Resume Say About You?

Hobbies and Interests – Categorized by Activity

Creative Hobbies and InterestsAthletic Hobbies and InterestsIntellectual Hobbies and InterestsSocial Hobbies and Interests
Painting, Drawing, etcTeam SportsReadingOrganizing Social Events or Parties
WritingIndividual SportsLearning a New LanguageTraveling
MusicYogaSolving PuzzlesJoining a Book Club
Photography or VideographyMartial ArtsAttending Lectures or SeminarsParticipating in Online Communities
Graphic Design or Digital ArtHikingWritingAttending Live Music or Theater Performances
CraftingSkiingResearching a Specific TopicTrying New Restaurants or Foods

20 Top Hobbies and Interests to Put on Your Resume

1. Dancing 

Including dancing in the section of hobbies and interests on a resume is one of the best ways to build an image of somebody who knows how to celebrate and cherish.

Dancing as a hobby and interest is not only something that teaches your hiring managers that you know how to celebrate or you know how to make some moves but dancing, in reality, is considered a hobby that reduces stress and promotes happiness and tranquillity.

2. Playing Football or Soccer

Playing soccer or football is one of the creative hobbies in a resume that suggests you are outgoing.

Let your hiring managers know that you are a sort of a person who knows how to balance health and work life, including the most crucial sport – football, in your hobby and interest section, will help them learn that you are good in terms of management and allocation of your time and energy.

 Also, in most cases, the offices and HRs will ensure to include some sports matches among the members in the office. Here, the employees are divided into two or more teams to compete with each other. The winner usually gets prizes.

3. Gymnastics or Other Fitness Regimes

As stated above, any physical activity, training, or sport will have a positive impact.

Always focus on at least one or two kinds of physical activity that help your hiring managers and HRs learn that you are focused on something else rather than professional work and meetings.

We need to detach and attach so that our productivity and overall efficiency increase properly. To do so, one has to engage in different activities apart from work life and maintain an equal balance between them.

Hence, gymming and cardio are among the best hobbies and interests on your resume to include.

4. Running 

This hobby and interest are co-related to the above one. Running is considered one of the easiest and cheap exercises for a good body, shape, and heart health.

Running, cardio, and jogging are one of the simplest means of exercise and physical activity to increase your heart rate and contribute to cardiovascular health.

Regardless of how much they can spare for workouts and training, one should run or jog for 15 to 20 minutes daily to stay healthy and lead a long life. 

5. Cycling 

This is, to is again co-related to the above hobby and interest. Many people who feel running, jogging, or cardio is dull switch to cycling. These people might cycle for 20 minutes every day to maintain their health.

In this world where everything is digital, and everything is so readily available just a few clicks away, cycling as a hobby and interest will show that you are not a person who is easily carried away from new trends and other digital advancements.

6. Coaching Groups or Teams

Yes, even coaching is considered among the best interests to list on a resume

If you have been coaching a group of people, be it school students, a football team, a singing group, or anything under the same roof, you are teaching your hiring managers and HRs that you have the quality to lead a group.

Furthermore, you can manage and lead the team to attain certain outcomes and results in certain circumstances.

Hobbies and Interests on Resume
Hobbies and Interests On Resume

7. Karate or Kickboxing

Karate and kickboxing are considered a sport of fearless. Adding karate or kickboxing on your resume will depict that you have been active in physical activities and exerting your body to your overall limits.

Additionally, engaging in sports like karate and kickboxing also shows that you are a person who is competitive and who has a greater sense of competition and winning as compared to those to haven’t included this as their hobby or interest.

8. Volunteering or Assisting with Tasks

Another eye-catchy and unique interest to list on my resume is volunteering or assisting.

Volunteering and assisting are considered courageous, helpful, and selfless. Suppose one is helping others to finish and complete their projects and tasks.

In that case, it proves that you are a person who is selflessly involved in everything you do and that, as an employee, you will contribute with your heart and soul.

9. Charity 

Charity is another selfless act, as above, that will create a positive and impact image of you in the minds of your hiring managers and HRs. Charity is a noble act and is considered an act of respect, dignity, and humanity.

Nonetheless that it is your job or somebody else’s task, as a human being, your primary concern is to finish it expectedly. Charity can increase the chances of you getting a job positively.

10. Animal Protection 

Animal protection is considered among noble and selfless hobbies and interests on the resume

In many cases, even though you don’t have a certain amount of expected experience, educational background, knowledge, or certifications, if you are a good human being and can have faith in humanity, you might be elected as the employee for the particular brand you have applied for.

Animal protection is one of the most critical and needed hobbies in the world needs. Protecting animals and other species is essential.

11. Meditation (Important)

In this world full of digital advancements and social media networking sites, people have started obtaining dopamine and serotonin through post photos on Instagram and deriving comments and likes on their posts for the same.

This is one of the most critical issues that nobody is talking about. All of these acts and lifestyle changes have resulted in anxiety and depression in several people around the globe.

Also, the suicide rate in India and the US has increased abundantly due to social media and other drug abuse. Meditation, in today’s time, is one of the best ways one can cure and protect themselves from such mental illnesses.

12. Chess

Again, chess is another best interest and hobby to add to your resume. Chess is considered a game that is played between two great minds.

Anybody engaged in chess or who knows how to play chess is considered brainy. Chess directly reflects on how your brain is or the ability of your brain and intelligence.

Of course, adding chess to your hobbies and interests section is all you need.

Hobbies and Interests to Put on Your Resume
Hobbies and Interests on Resume

13. Painting 

Who doesn’t want to work with an artist? As per research and studies, artists have greater problem-solving and organization abilities than those who aren’t artists or those who are not connected to some or the other art forms.

Painting and drawing can be impactful hobbies and interests on a resume.

14. Gardening 

Gardening is another exciting hobby or interest to include in your resume. Few of the above-stated hobbies and interests are opted for and incorporated by most people around the globe.

Still, gardening is one of the most fascinating and different hobbies hiring managers and HRs come across.

If you are engaged in gardening, it is understood that you are a person who expects growth around yourself and that you are a person who will help and assist your surrounding in expanding better. 

15. Swimming or Diving 

Swimming is another physical activity considered the most crucial sport for better lung health.

Swimming is considered one of the most necessary talents and hobbies to know and learn. No matter where you are or what you do, your ability to swim and swim under deep waters will always benefit you in harsh and unwanted situations.

Furthermore, engaging and any physical exercise shows that you have an important towards your life by maintaining a good weight and shape.

16. Writing (Important)

Wherever you go, remember the fact that “CONTENT IS KING.”

Be it how many business sectors and departments we have, to build public image and for a brand to survive in this digitally intense and cut-throat market, one needs content and a website.

Having writing abilities is now more important than it ever was. Writing is considered among the most creative hobbies in a resume. Do mention this as your hobby without fail.

17. Reading Book

People who read books are considered great thinkers, and their imagination abilities are far better than those who read little or no books.

Reading books regularly will enhance the cells of your brain, and it will increase clarity in your mind and thinking. You can include this in your resume without a doubt.

18. Puzzles 

Adding puzzles as your hobby or interest is another way of showing your hiring managers and HRs that you have the intelligence to compete in the present versatile and dynamic world.

Puzzles are something that requires a lot of time and patience. Apart from this, it requires you to have an ability for reasoning and problem-solving. Adding this to your resume will increase your overall strength of the resume.

Hobbies and Interests on Your Resume
Hobbies and Interests on Your Resume

19. Cooking

Including cooking as a hobby is another way of showing ‘how creative you are!’

Yes! studies and research have shown that people who are engaged in cooking or know how to cook better food tend to have more extraordinary creative abilities than those who do not cook at all.

Cooking is another best hobby and interest to put on your resume.

20. Video Editing

Video editing is another of the unique hobbies and interests on resumes that hiring managers and HRs will come across. The ability to edit videos and use several video editing applications is a plus point for hiring managers.

In the future, if there are requirements for editing a video, that might count for you.

Hobbies and Interests to Avoid on a Resume

Although hobbies and interests on a resume are anything and everything that one may like or love to do, there are certain hobbies and interests to avoid on a resume.

1. Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking (of course)

2. Clubbing

3. Guns or ammunition

4. Political beliefs and opinions.

How to List Down hobbies and Interests on Resume?

Whenever you include your list of hobbies and interests to put on your resume, try mentioning the ones that will perfectly and subtly suit the role or position you are applying for.

Most candidates simply include hobbies and interests on resumes like running, swimming, singing, and more. It does not necessarily that will match your position’s requirements. 

1. Don’t exaggerate

2. Add something unique and eye-catchy

3. Analyze the relevant hobbies and interests according to the role

4. Be open and honest

Hobbies and Interests on Resume (Expert Tips)

Even though the article must have given you in-depth knowledge about hobbies and interests on your resume, here are a few last-minute expert tips for you to avoid mistakes and errors.

1. Research the company religiously

2. Learn about the company’s workspace environment

3. Use hobbies and interests that will fill up voids on your resume

4. Keep it simple but thought-provoking

5. Keep the list of hobbies and interest section unique and attractive

6. Do not list more than 5 hobbies and interests on your resume

7. Be genuine

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. Should you put hobbies and interests on your resume?

Ans. It depends on the relevance and appropriateness of the hobbies and interests of the job you are applying for. If they are relevant and demonstrate valuable skills, it may be appropriate to include them.

2. How do you write interests on a resume?

Ans. When writing interests on a resume, keep it brief and relevant to the job you’re applying for. Focus on hobbies and interests that demonstrate skills or qualities that would be valuable to the employer. For example, if you’re applying for a job that requires strong communication skills, you could mention that you enjoy public speaking or writing. However, if your interests don’t relate to the job or you don’t have space on your resume, it’s okay to leave them out.

3. What are your hobbies on a CV?

Ans. Hobbies on a CV refer to the personal interests or activities outside of work that you enjoy and can help provide insight into your personality, skills, and values. Including hobbies on a CV can make you a more well-rounded candidate and help you stand out from other applicants.

4. What are the 3 types of hobbies you should have?

Ans. The 3 types of hobbies you should have are Physical hobbies, Creative hobbies, and Learning-based hobbies.

5. Is it OK if I don’t have hobbies?

Ans. Yes, it’s okay if you don’t have hobbies or if you prefer not to list them on your resume. While hobbies can help provide insight into your personality and skills, they are not a requirement for a successful career or job application. It’s more important to focus on highlighting your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications for the job you’re applying for. If you do have hobbies or interests, but they don’t relate to the job or you don’t have space on your resume, it’s okay to leave them out.


So here it is, the 20+ hobbies and interests to put on your resume right in front of you.

Nowadays, applying for a job is more straightforward than just cooking eggs. Digital marketing has also significantly altered the nature of interviews and job applications. The introduction of digital marketing has dramatically streamlined marketing and advertising for brands and businesses. 

Numerous positions and businesses began conducting interviews via Google Meet and Zoom sessions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything now conveniently takes place online.

Hence, having the abovementioned hobbies and interests is essential in this digitally transforming world.

What are your thoughts on this article? What are your hobbies and interests on your resume? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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