Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills in India

Top 10 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills in India

As we know digital marketing is growing rapidly after the Covid-19. And the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day in India. If you are interested in growing your career in the digital marketing field and getting highly paid by the organisations. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid digital marketing skills in India.

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Wondering what the highest-paid digital marketing skills are?

We’ll tell you! The digital marketing industry has revolutionized in the past decade. As people and businesses turn to the online world, the industry underwent tremendous growth and development. There’s no looking back now!

In this blog, we have listed the Top 10 highest paid digital marketing skills in India and shared information on how to get a high-paying job.


The rise of digital marketing has triggered demand for digital marketing jobs worldwide, and this demand is only sure to grow in the future. This growing demand has become more essential than ever to have the necessary digital marketing skills. 

A study by Statista noted that in the financial year 2020, the digital advertising sector in India had a market size of roughly INR 199 billion. And this growth is expected to increase to 539 billion rupees by 2024.

These digital marketing skills can be obtained through a digital marketing course. Top digital marketing training institutes like Digital Scholar provide online and offline digital marketing courses that cover all digital marketing concepts. Whether you’re a professional or a fresher or a career switcher, you must train yourself with relevant digital marketing skills.

According to a study conducted by Linkedin, one of the top ten most coveted careers is “Digital Marketing Specialist.” This is what the digital marketing job demand looks like as of October 2021.

Digital Marketing Jobs in India - Linkedin

Through digital marketing, you can reach people where they spend their time and money the most. Small and large businesses get access to their potential customers and an opportunity to showcase their products and services. Through digital marketing, you can personalize your business to a greater extent and target customers directly!

If you have any one great digital marketing skills from the below mentioned highest paid digital marketing skills you will for sure get highly paid by any of the organisations.

Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills

In an organization, digital marketers execute a variety of tasks. And, in today’s environment, the types of jobs available are as broad as they are lucrative. So, here’s the list of the Top 10 highest paid digital marketing skills in India:

Top 10 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills in India

Let’s see which are the highest paid digital marketing skills in India and which field suits for you to start learning from today.

highest paid for the digital marketing skills

1. Digital Marketing Manager 

This marketing position creates multi-channel campaigns to increase brand recognition and drive acceptance of a brand, product, or service. The brand’s digital strategy and messaging are also decided by digital marketing managers.

Your daily tasks include: 

  • Develop digital marketing tactics.
  • Execute social media and digital platform marketing efforts.
  • Manage numerous projects at the same time while maintaining contact with all teams and clients.
  • Keep track of the campaigns’ progress and keep your analytics up to date.

Digital marketing skills:

Digital marketing, Social media marketing, online marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, etc.

Average salary:

Digital Marketing Manager - Average Salary

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful marketing manager in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course. 

2. Marketing Automation Manager

Marketing automation is on the technical and software side of the digital marketing spectrum, which is the more difficult side.

A marketing automation professional automates marketing processes by using and optimizing software. It finds potential clients and leads and automates the sales conversion process. E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, website notifications, push notifications, and pop-ups are all used to do this.

Your daily tasks include: 

  • Automated lead marketing methods.
  • Create, implement, manage, and track campaigns.
  • Web applications are created, operated, and maintained.
  • Boost demand while also monitoring and analyzing sales and promotions.

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful marketing automation manager in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course

Digital marketing skills:

Strong Business Acumen, Tech Savviness, Project Management, and Collaboration Skills, Setting Up Workflows, Data-Driven Decision Making

Average salary:

Marketing Automation Manager - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

3. Content Marketer

Today, Search Engine Optimization alone isn’t enough to drive people to your website. Efforts of the past have been replaced by an urgent requirement for high-quality material.

Today’s clients will not take action unless they are impressed by the company’s content. Content marketers make sure that the content that a company produces is of high quality and drives traffic to the company’s numerous web pages. Unlike social media ads, this is an unpaid type of promotion.

Your daily tasks include: 

  • For portals, websites, and internal use, I write direct content production and collect content.
  • Keep track of metrics and indicators to help you make data-driven decisions and course corrections.
  • Manage content marketing strategy and plans, as well as cross-team collaboration.
  • Create material that is appealing and intuitive to a wide range of audiences.

Digital marketing skills:

Writing, direction, decision-making, content production, team management, etc. 

Average salary:

Content Marketer - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful content marketer in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course. 

4. Video Producer

Video production and marketing have quickly risen to the top of every marketing strategy’s priority list. Every business promotes video content because it rapidly captures the attention of users. Videos can increase the conversion rate by as much as 80%.

Today’s audience is more engaged with video material than ever before, thanks to the rapid adoption of smartphones by the general public. It is no longer just a means of amusement but also a potent instrument for marketing and lead generation, particularly on social networking platforms.

Your daily tasks include: 

  • Collaborate with art directors, writers, and the production team to better understand the video’s current state and requirements.
  • Assist with project development, such as storyboarding, prototyping, scriptwriting, and client consultation.
  • Allocating people, planning timetables, budgeting, and evaluating progress are part of managing the video production process.

Digital marketing skills:

Video production, editing, storyboarding, prototyping, scriptwriting, and client consultation.

Average salary:

Video Producer - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful video producer in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course. 

5. SEO Specialist

SEO, or search engine optimization, is digital marketing expertise that never goes out of style. Having your website appear at the top of search results boosts the amount of traffic it receives and its reputation. In fact, A search engine is the source of 93 percent of all online activity.

Search Engine Optimization is a technical and analytical discipline that demands someone who understands the algorithms, how a search engine works, and how a piece of content might creatively link to a search result.

Your daily tasks include: 

  • Organize and manage programs and activities aimed at improving the rankings of website search results.
  • Conduct an analysis to see how effective search engine optimization strategies are.
  • To expand link connections and form partnerships, form ties with other websites.
  • Conduct keyword research, link building, and domain name selection as part of search engine optimization.

Digital marketing skills:

Skills required: SEO, Google Analytics, Social media marketing, web content management, Search engine marketing, etc. 

Average salary:

SEO Specialist - Average Salary in India

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be an SEO specialist in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course. 

6. Web Developer and Designer 

A web developer and designer has the brightest potential in our list of Digital marketing skills in India. Your task will be to create and build one-of-a-kind websites that reflect the brand’s identity. In a word, you’ll need to design a user-friendly website that provides all of your client’s information to their customers. 

Among your daily activities are:

  • To construct a website and test software.
  • Collaborate with other groups (content, designing)
  • Make sure the website is up to date and functional, and make modifications as needed.
  • Make codes

Digital marketing skills:

Web Design, HTML5, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, etc. 

Average salary:

Web Developer and Designer - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful web developer and designer in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course.

7. Data Analyst 

As a Data Analyst, your job is to study and comprehend the data provided so that you can make better judgments in the future. You’ll need a solid understanding of Microsoft Access and Excel, as well as SharePoint and SQL databases. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Using questionnaires to get information
  • Analyze the data
  • It should be presented in the form of graphs.
  • Collaboration with clients

Digital marketing skills:

Data Quality, SQL, Java, Qlic Tech, TIBCO Spotfire, Web Analytics, etc. 

Average salary:

Data Analyst - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful data analyst in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course.

8. Search Engine Marketer 

The function of a Search Engine Marketer is to manage sponsored advertisements across many search engines. This position necessitates a technical skillset. 

Your everyday responsibilities will include:

  • Developing strategy and establishing objectives
  • Perform in-depth keyword research
  • Create advertising campaigns.
  • Keeping up with what’s new in the search engines is essential.

Digital marketing skills:

SEM, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Microsoft excel, SEO, etc.

Average salary:

Search Engine Marketer  - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful search engine marketer in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course.

9. Social Media Specialist

One of the most critical success drivers for a business is social media. Your job as a social media professional is to make it a reality. You’ll be in charge of your client’s online presence and image, as well as driving sales through social media. Your daily responsibilities include the following:

  • Plan out what you’ll share on social media.
  • On social media, deal with hate speech and unpleasant remarks.
  • Keep track of page views, likes, conversions, and other metrics, as well as page analytics.
  • Stand out from the crowd and establish a social media identity.

Digital marketing skills:

Copywriting, Social media marketing, SEO, online marketing, etc. 

Average salary:

Social Media Specialist - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful social media specialist in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course.

10. Content Writer

Get a content writing job now if the pen is your weapon and the library is your refuge! As a content writer, your job is relatively straightforward: provide high-quality material (long-form and short-form). Your everyday responsibilities will include:

  • Write and edit blog articles, webpages, emails, and social media posts, among other things.
  • Translate the company’s goals into the content you produce.
  • As directed by clients, make modifications and edits.

Digital marketing skills:

Blogging, content writing, copywriting, editing, English language, etc.

Average salary:

Content Writer - Average Salary in India

Source: Upscale

You can get the digital marketing skills required to be a successful content writer in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course.

The Future of Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing is the most reliable means of marketing in today’s online environment, and it is often regarded as the most desired location for marketing messages and related activities.

Marketing’s future goes well beyond traditional marketing, and it is now mostly dependent on the Digital Sphere. Where traditional marketing methods fail, the scope of Digital Marketing enables some of the most powerful marketing approaches.

The number of active digital users in India is expected to reach 666 million by 2023. According to a forecast by Global Data, due to lockdowns, the Indian internet business market would grow to 7 trillion rupees by 2023.

A Goldman Sachs research proves that the advanced advertising profession in India will be worth $160 billion by 2025 which is ten times its current value. Following the most recent upgrades, such as Google’s new approaches and incorporating future trends in digital marketing, will allow your inbound marketing to reap significant rewards for you in 2021 and 2022.

It will be worthwhile for you to get on the digital bandwagon when the time comes since Digital Marketing will undoubtedly remain the most successful means of marketing in the future, whether in business or in your career.

How to Get a High Paying Digital Marketing Job in India

While entering the digital marketing industry, the initial step is to learn the digital marketing skills that will help you secure your future. You can choose any field like social media marketing, SEO, or content writing and then gain expertise in them. You can undertake a digital marketing course that will help you achieve the required skills. 

Next, you should improve and develop your managerial abilities. Candidates who are exceptional at their occupations and good coordinators, team players, and have strong communication skills are frequently granted high-paying employment. Having a presence of mind is essential for making on-the-spot judgments, typical in digital marketing roles. Many organizations also administer a digital marketing abilities assessment test and offer questions from various genres, so be prepared.

You must ensure that the digital marketing course you choose also trains you on different software that you may require down the lane. Being trained in this software will keep you in a better position while applying for a high-paying job.

Research about the companies you want to apply to and build connections on LinkedIn with successful digital marketers. Get the proper guidance before landing your dream job. You can contact Digital Scholar to know more about their digital marketing course.


Knowing the highest-paying digital marketing jobs will aid you in fine-tuning your preparation strategy. It is advisable to pay close attention to the skill requirements and maintain track of the key recruiters in your desired industry. So, identify your area of interest and work your way up the professional ladder!

If you want to learn more about digital marketing and become an expert, look into Digital Scholar’s courses in Digital Marketing. Learn and acquire all the digital marketing skills from Personal branding to Social media management and Search Engine Optimization.

all the best digital marketing career

All the best for your future! 

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