Top 10 high income skills

Top 10 High Income Skills That You Need to Learn Today

The world is evolving and there are new opportunities springing up every day. In this competitive world learning new skills is not a choice, it is a necessity. And who does not want those extra bucks? So here we are with a list of the top 10 highest-paying skills that you need to learn today. 

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Ever wondered what happens if we all stop learning? The world wouldn’t be the same as it is today. Learning is an inseparable part of the system while remaining the primary cause of evolution. 

Science says, “Humans are innately curious creatures”. We are born with the curiosity to learn and explore. From being nomads in the jungles to investing in cryptos, we have intellectually evolved, all thanks to our curiosity.

Though everyone is born with it, why isn’t everyone, Dr. Abdul Kalam or Barack Obama? It is about embracing your inbuilt curiosity. Feeding yourself with knowledge paves the way to intellectual awakening to be a better person for you and the society. 

The world is an ambitious place, a place where there is constant desire to prove yourself to be better. To acquire a standard place in this world we need to set ourselves apart from others, and this can be done only when there is constant learning. 

Why Do You Need to Learn a New Skill?

‘It is not enough to be smart – you need to always be getting smarter, and if you are not growing forward, you are falling backwards”, says Peter Voogd. Not updating yourself in accordance with the growing market is a self-betrayal. By doing this, you are putting yourself under a rock and not letting yourself grow.

Learning a new skill is essential in giving dimension to your career. It helps in diversifying your job possibilities and in picking up some up to the mark skills. And did we tell you that it can also help you financially? Having a 9 – 5  job is amazing, considering the fact it is a stable source of income, and you get to meet new people. 

But does it really help in improving yourself? Does it help you learn new things? And does it make you stand out among others in this society? The answer to most of these questions is “No”. Still not convinced? Here are five amazing reasons why.

1. Keeps you occupied

There goes a saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Keeping yourself occupied is a great way to battle negative thoughts and emotions. It keeps your mind alert, and there are proven studies that say it helps you be creative. 

2. Keeps you updated 

While keeping you occupied, learning a new skill also helps you keep you updated on industry trends. With learning a new skill comes a lot of research; therefore, you are up to date with all the latest drifts and swings in your industry.

3. Gives you self-satisfaction

Not sure how much self-satisfaction your job gives you, but learning a new skill can give you 10x satisfaction. Keeping yourself engaged, keeping in line with the market and knowing you are more updated than others can definitely give you a boost of self-fulfilment.

4. Gives you an identity

Updated knowledge about your industry makes you stand out from the crowd. There is a constant hunt for knowledge, and the world seeks people with it. Therefore, learning a new skill will give you an identity. 

5. Fills your pocket  

Businesses are growing and are finding new ways to show people they are better than others. A new skill in your pocket is an extra feather on your cap. You can freelance your services to companies and small businesses that need your services. 

Is Money the Motive?

We are sure you would not say no to that extra cash you earn. In fact, you are here reading this article to see what pays you more. Some people say money does not matter, while some say money matters and the debate hasn’t settled on a side.

We definitely do not belong to the group that claims money does not matter. Psychology says that money and happiness are interlinked, and we cannot agree more. 

Who would deny an opportunity to live a carefree life on an island? Dollar bills might not be the only factor, but it is still a factor. Acquiring new skills can help attract new streams of income. We appreciate your hustle, and that’s why we are here with a list of the top 10 highly paid skills. 

Top 10 High Income Skills to Learn

1. Copywriting 

Copywriting is the art of creating convincing marketing and promotional materials that persuade readers to buy something. There is a huge market for copywriting. No matter how big or little the company is, they need to advertise. Every business requires brochures, direct mail letters, and websites, and every new product needs a description that will persuade us to purchase it.

Every organization needs a medium to communicate with its audience, and their first choice to do so is content. Hospitals, Municipal Governments, Charitable Groups and even small enterprises; thus, there are countless options for copywriters. Additionally, businesses are always evolving, so it is a necessity to create engaging and informative content on a daily basis to keep up with the trends. Thus the hunt for copywriters is always on!

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Creating well-written, conversion-focused and SEO-friendly content.
  • Producing excellent product descriptions and backing them up with information.
  • Creating marketing campaigns, landing sites, and captivating ad copy.
  • Managing projects, coming up with ideas, and balancing many deliverables. 
  • Setting up the brand’s main messages and voice for external communications.
  • Producing engaging content for websites, print publications, product packaging, advertisements and marketing materials.

Skills Needed for a Copywriter

Strong writing skills, Creative thinking, Research skills, Eye for detail, Rich vocabulary and listening skills 

How much do they turn around?

With less than one year of experience to eight years of experience, copywriter salaries in India range from 2 lakhs to 10.2 lakhs, with an average yearly pay of 4.2 lakhs.

2. Digital Marketing

The promotion of brands via the Internet and other digital communication channels is known as digital marketing, also known as online marketing. This comprises text and multimedia messages as well as email, social media, and web-based advertising as a marketing channel.

Any form of marketing that can be measured by marketing experts across the consumer journey and that leverages electronic devices to deliver promotional messaging. Digital marketing is most commonly used to describe advertising campaigns on a computer, phone, tablet, or other electronic device. 

Online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media posts are just a few examples of the various formats it can take. Digital marketing is frequently contrasted with “conventional marketing” methods like direct mail, billboards, and magazine advertisements.

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Identifying trends and insights while allocating marketing investments.
  • Planning and directing marketing campaigns.
  • Managing and maintaining the organization’s website.
  • Optimizing content for the website and social media platforms.
  • Working with formats like audio, blogs, podcasts, videos etc.
  • Tracking website traffic flow and implementing performance metrics. 

Skills needed to become a Digital Marketer

Data analysis, Content creation, Communication skills, Basic design skills, Social media marketing & Customer Relationship Management skills

How much do they turn around?

The average yearly income for a digital marketing executive in India is 3.4 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.0 Lakhs to 6.4 Lakhs. 

3. SEO Expert

An SEO specialist optimizes a website’s pages to improve user experience, ensure appropriate search results, and increase website traffic, lead volume, and brand awareness. A person who optimizes websites for better search engine rankings is referred to as an SEO professional (also known as an SEO specialist). An SEO specialist is someone who understands how to increase traffic from search engines. SEO professionals monitor website performance and analytics for keyword positions daily to assess how things are going. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Developing organizational strategies to increase the organization’s search engine result ranking.
  • Setting measurable goals that demonstrate improvement. 
  • Monitoring daily performance metrics and understanding SEO performance.
  • Writing compelling and high-quality website content, including blog posts and page descriptions. 
  • Maintaining the website for maximum optimization and ranking.
  • Researching SEO keywords and using them throughout the website and marketing materials.  

Skills needed for an SEO expert

Analytical skills, Technical & programming skills, Basic coding skills, Critical thinking and Research skills.

How much do they turn around?

With an average yearly pay of 2.5 Lakhs, SEO Analyst salaries in India range from 1.2 Lakhs to 5.0 Lakhs.

4. Web Development & Designing

A Web developer is a type of programmer who focuses on creating Web-related applications or distributed network applications, which often use associated programming languages like HTML/CSS, C#, Ruby, and PHP to run protocols like HTTP from a Web server to a client browser.

Although many professionals have both skill sets, a web developer often deals with the back end or programming part of constructing a website or Web application, whereas a web designer only deals with the aesthetics of a website or application.

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Building, designing and maintaining websites and software applications. 
  • Understanding UI, cross-browser compatibility and general web functions and standards. 
  • Creating solutions for identified problems and bugs.
  • Executing assessments with the use of web applications, scripts and programming languages. 
  • Developing and validating test routines to ensure the quality of the external and internal interfaces.

Skills Needed for a Web Developer 

Coding, Problem Solving, Logical thinking, Numeracy skills, Testing and Debugging skills

How much do they turn around?

With less than one year of experience to six years of experience, web developers in India can earn salaries ranging from 1.2 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs, with an average yearly wage of 3 lakhs.

5. AI & ML

One of the most interesting technological developments in our world today is artificial intelligence. The thought of computer software programs having their own intelligence looked like science fiction, not so many years ago. 

The social media and search engines that we use every day now include it as a fundamental component. When we don’t know the path, AI directs us to where to drive, and occasionally it even allows for smart, secure parallel parking. AI can be used to arrange meetings or discover a new favourite TV programme.

By 2023, there will be 8 billion voice assistants that use AI, according to research, which shows how quickly the field is developing. All of this indicates that there is a rising demand for AI developers. There has never been a better or more exciting time to pursue a career as an AI developer.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Automating infrastructure used by the Data Science team.
  • Testing and deploying models and coming up with improvements to ML algorithms.
  • Conducting statistical analysis and interpreting the results.
  • Building AI models and transforming ML models into APIs that other applications. 
  • Utilizing software methodologies and deploying infrastructures for data transformation and ingestion.

Skills needed for an AI/ML Engineer

Natural programming skills, Probability and statistics, Data Modelling and evolution and Data Engineering 

How much do they turn around?

The salary of an AI engineer in India can range from 3.4 lakhs to 24.1 lakhs, with an average yearly salary of 9.0 lakhs.

6. Blockchain 

Blockchain is the new future. Blockchain is a decentralised, immutable database that makes it easier to track assets and record transactions in a corporate network. An asset may be physical (such as a home, car, money, or land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding); on a blockchain network, practically anything of value may be recorded and traded, lowering risk and increasing efficiency for all parties. 

Information is essential to business. It is best if it is received quickly and is accurate. Blockchain is the best technology for delivering that information because it offers real-time, shareable, and entirely transparent data that is kept on an immutable ledger and accessible exclusively to members of a permissioned network. Among other things, a blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, and production. Additionally, because everyone has access to the same version of the truth, you can see every aspect of a transaction from beginning to end, increasing your confidence and opening up new prospects.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Determining the requirements for and anticipated functionality of blockchain technology in collaboration with managers.
  • Using computer languages and multithreaded coding, one can create application features and interfaces.
  • Using cutting-edge cryptography techniques to defend digital transaction data from cyberattacks and data hacks.
  • Maintaining programs on the client and server sides.
  • Utilizing new tools and technology to enhance and secure blockchain applications.
  • Educating sales staff about the blockchain’s payment security features.
  • Recording blockchain development procedures and adhering to data protection best practices.
  • Keeping up with modern cryptography techniques and blockchain technologies.

Skills Needed for a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Architecture, Cryptography, Data Structure, Web Development & Programming Languages

How much do they turn around?

From 2.5 lakhs to 21.5 lakhs, or an average yearly pay of 6.9 lakhs, are the salary ranges for blockchain developers in India with experience ranging from less than a year to seven years.

7. Video Editing 

The core of a video production process is editing. Even the best videos will fall flat if the editing is poor, regardless of how well the content and photography recording for the video are done. Only after editing is a video considered finished. It gives the creation the Midas touch and a sense of completion.

Rearranging and altering video clips to produce a new piece of work is known as video editing. Other post-production chores include titling, colour correction, sound mixing, etc. Editing is typically regarded as one step in the post-production process.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Determining production vision through a meeting with the director.
  • Examining the raw material to establish the shot list.
  • Using contemporary editing techniques to manipulate film and video footage.
  • Maintaining continuity when changing shots based on scene importance.
  • Trimming footage and putting the rough product together.
  • Dialog, sound effects, music, pictures, and special effects can all be inserted.

Skills Needed for a Video Editor

Multitasking, Communication skills, Creativity, Organization skills and Problem-solving skills

How much do they turn around?

The annual revenue for a video editor in India ranges from 0.4 lakhs to 6.0 lakhs, with an average of 3.0 lakhs.

8. Graphic Designing 

Using visuals to convey a message is known as graphic design. To accomplish the task, graphic designers employ a variety of tools, such as images, colours, forms, and typographic components. Design can be divided into various categories because it is quite diverse and encompasses a wide range of subjects. Designers could be part of teams that combine all of these diverse tasks, or they might specialize in a single task and perform it all. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Creating and designing  material for print and digital collateral
  • Establishing creative direction for the company
  • Finding innovative ways to redefine a design brief 
  • Working with a wide range of media and using graphic design software

Skills needed for a Graphic Designer

Creativity, UI/UX skills, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Typography

How much do they turn around?

In India, a graphic designer can earn anywhere from 1.1 lakhs to 6.5 lakhs per year, with an average pay of 3.0 lakhs.

9. Coding 

Binary language is all that computers can comprehend. However, people are limited to basic addition and subtraction when using binary language. As a result, we have created high-level programming languages to communicate with computers.

The initial step in programming is to create a program in a high-level language, such as C++, Java, etc. The software is compiled after it has been written. A machine code is created after compilation. As it is written in binary, the computer can understand the machine code. 

Therefore, programming involves authoring a program in a high-level programming language, compiling it, and then running the binary code when it has been constructed.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coding and testing programming for software and mobile applications.
  • Developing and deploying computer applications.
  • Fixing bugs in existing code and executing builds to test.
  • Providing testing, documentation, training and support for third-party software products.
  • Tracking records of successful application development.

Skills Needed for a Coder 

Knowledge of computer languages, Problem-solving skills, Attention to detail, Debugging skills & Logical thinking

How much do they turn around?

A coder might earn anything from 1.1 lakhs to 15.6 lakhs per year, with an average pay of 2.5 lakhs.

10. Social Media Management 

Managing social media involves more than just writing and sharing information. Monitoring growth, reach, and analysis of what is and isn’t functioning are all part of this process. By demonstrating the value your company and your account, you may gradually build a community of devoted consumers and followers.

Additionally, it frequently entails simultaneously generating, observing, evaluating, and expanding several channels. You can interact personally and immediately with your audience on social media by yourself. 

It enables you to possibly communicate with millions of individuals and win their confidence and patronage . Even publishing content online and answering comments is a fine place to start. You need a solid social media strategy to expand by creating brand awareness that produces leads and revenue. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Overseeing day-to-day management of campaigns while ensuring brand consistency
  • Working with brand to create and implement social media strategies monthly
  • Ensuring brand consistency in copy through tone, voice and terminology
  • Supervising all aspects of social media interaction between customers and the company
  • Creating actionable plans to both grow and maintain followers through popular social media platforms 
  • Ensuring progress on all platforms by using analytical tools such as Google Analytics and others

Skills Needed for a Social Media Manager

Creativity,  Writing skills, Strategic Planning, Community management,  Leadership skills & communication skills

How much do they turn around?

Social Media Manager salaries in India range from 1.2 lakhs to 10.5 lakhs, with an average annual income of 4.1 lakhs.

What are ways to learn new skills? 

There are numerous ways to master your skills. You just need to figure out what works for you and here are a few options for you.

Read books

The OG. Books never go out of style. They are potent knowledge sources. Pick up a book related to the skills that you are looking forward to improving.  In this internet world, you can access soft copies of books or grab hard copies of them through online portals. Reading books has a lot of advantages other than helping you improve your skills. It can enhance your communication skills, and your memory and can be an excellent way to relax.

Join a professional course 

People often think a thousand times about joining a professional course, ignoring the fact that they are an amazing medium to learn. Professional courses are curated specifically to enhance your knowledge in a particular field. They begin from scratch and gradually increase their complexity. Enrolling in one ensures your skills are built strong from the base.

Youtube channels

Not willing to spend those extra bucks on a professional course? YouTube channels can always be an option. Nowadays, there are channels that make your job easy. They are similar to pre-recorded classes; YouTubers find creative ways to impart knowledge. They also break it down in the form of PPT slides for easy understanding.

Follow people on social media

From the president of the USA to the boy next door, everyone is on social media. It is a platform that unites us all. But can social media aid in developing your skills? Yes, if you use it right. Choose your inspiration, follow them on social media, and you will be posted on trends in the industry.

Attend Webinars / Events 

Informative Webinars are golden opportunities to set pace or even learn. Webinars are enlightening sessions where you can interact and learn simultaneously. Business experts host webinars in their particular streams on various topics. These sessions can be more applicable because they are given out by people with practical knowledge.


Learning and acquiring new skills can be important, but putting them to use is what really matters. What is the use of building a boat and not setting it to sail? It might be difficult to begin, you need practical exposure to further enhance your skills. Volunteering can be a great option.


Learning new skills has become a necessity in today’s world, and to add on it can be beneficial in many ways. It can aid you to reach your financial goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the highly demanded skill?

The highly demanded skill is Coding and Blockchain Development. Because coding and blockchain are coming into light slowly, and there are very few people who actually possess the skills.

Q. Which skill will make more money?

The skill that makes you more money is Coding and AI / ML development. The AI and ML industry is a growing technical industry, and it is guaranteed that you will make more money.

Q. What skill should I learn next?

The next ideal skill to learn is digital marketing. Digital marketing is all over the internet and it is quite entertaining to acquire that skill. Moreover, there are a number of online courses available on the web.

Q. Which is the easiest skill to learn?

The easiest skill to learn is video editing. A lot of practice and some amount of niche are the only things that are required to become a video editor.

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