gym models male on instagaram in india

Top 20 Gym Models Male on Instagram in India

The rise in fitness and workouts at the gym in India is increasing like never before. To maintain good health and fitness is longer a choice but it is mandatory. In India the rise in gym model male are a true inspiration to hit the gym! Their Instagram profiles leaves us stunned with their power pact workouts.

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Millions of people have been impressed by the unique sense of style exhibited by India’s most prominent GYM Models on Instagram. The following is a list of the top 20 GYM Models Male in India that you should follow on Instagram.

You can consider yourself to have arrived at the right and appropriate location if you were looking for well-known GYM Male Models from India. This article will provide information about the top 20 gym models in India that you should follow on Instagram.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and physical activity is a piece of wisdom passed down from generation to generation. However, at present, maintaining one’s health and fitness level has emerged as one of the primary objectives of everyone’s life, and the vast majority of people all over the world work toward making their bodies healthier and more fit from the inside out.

The Rise of Instagram GYM Models in India

In today’s world, health and fitness are among the most widely discussed topics, and almost everyone is trying to improve their physique by attending a gym and working out regularly. However, among such enthusiastic gym freaks, some aim to make the world healthier. As a result, they have chosen to become health and fitness bloggers to share their knowledge with the world.

India is establishing new health and wellness objectives with the assistance of these Indian exercise influencers, which will ultimately result in the entire nation having a high level of fitness. It won’t be long until the majority of Indians, whether they are men or women, will set a fantastic example of energized beings and assist the general population in becoming as fit as a fiddle. This day is not far off.

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Let’s take a quick look at the top 20 GYM Male Models on Instagram in India without further ado 

After two years of a pandemic and a general decline in health, the time has come for us to take responsibility for our fitness. We can get started on our workout regime or improve it with the guidance of some of the most popular fitness influencers from India who post on Instagram. 

How much are you holding out for exactly? Look at this list of GYM male models, and choose someone to work with based on the type of exercise you prefer. Our roster includes everybody from bodybuilders to TV stars to some of Bollywood’s most renowned fitness instructors.

Gym Model Male Illustration

List Top 20 Male Gym Models of Instagram in India

SI No.NamesInstagramFollowers
1.Sahil Khan@sahilkhan11M followers
2.Pranit Shilmkar@fitnesstalks_with_pranit124K followers
3.Guru Mann@gurumann4.8M followers
4.Junaid Kaliwala@ifbbpro_jkaliwala331K followers
5.Amardeep Phogat@amardeep_phogat218K followers
6.Prabh Jyot Singh@prabhjyott140K followers
7.Arun Sharma@arunsharmaax104K followers
8.Gaurav Molri@gauravmolri235K followers
9.Hazel Choudhry@hazzelchoudhry173K followers
10.Arun Amrit@arun_amrit388K followers
11.Kapil Lohia@kapillohia_ftnssfreak432K followers
12.Ranveer Allahbadia@ranveerallahbadia535K followers
13.Sangram Chougule@sangram_chougule_official1.5M followers
14.Sunit Jadhav@sunitjadhavofficial852K followers
15.Vikram Jadhav@vikram_official1M followers
16.Kunal Rajput@subtle.strength49.8K followers
17.Rajat Goel@rajat_goel_prepcoach_001137K followers
18.Rohit Khatri@rohitkhatrifitness589K followers
19.Gaurav Taneja@taneja.gaurav3.5M followers
20.Rajesh Monga@mrindiarajeshmonga278K followers

1. Sahil Khan

Male Gym Model - Sahil Khan

He has been distinguished as India’s Official Esthetic King in the gymnasium industry and has won awards from a few renowned groups in Mumbai. He is based in Mumbai. 

Sahil, who has what is arguable to be the finest physical attributes in the entertainment industry, is the one who has set quality rules for the Indian Sports and Wellness industry throughout the world.

Click here for Sahil Khan’s Instagram profile.

2. Pranit Shilmkar

Male Gym Model - Pranit Shilmkar

In 2013, he earned his certification as a personal trainer. That same year, he completed the coursework necessary to become a certified sports nutritionist. The year after that, he received certification for working with special populations, and between the years 2014 and 2015, he was recognized as Pune’s youngest and top master trainer. 

Since then, there has been no going back for the man, who is now 25, and he is well on his way to accomplishing everything he has set out to do. In 2015, he launched his own GYM/fitness facility called SLF. In addition, he began FitnessTalks when he was only 24 years old and continues to run it today. Because of the 37-day challenging task, he is famous for, and he is well-known not only in Maharashtra but also in other parts of India and the world.

Click here for Pranit Shilmkar’s Instagram profile.

3. Guru Mann

Male Gym Model - Guru Mann

Guru Mann is both Indian and American. He is a fitness trainer, GYM model, and health professional. He has also written books. He has been modeling for the past 16 years and maintaining a workout regimen. His businesses are called GM NUTRITION and Mission Fitn India, respectively. Because of this, it is easy to include him on the list of the top fitness influencers from India to follow on Instagram.

Guru is widely regarded as an innovator in offering free-of-charge fitness programs. He does this as part of his mission to get India in tip-top shape. His Instagram account has 2.4 million followers who look to him as their “fitness guru” and follow him for motivation and advice. They hold him in high esteem and love. With over 2.15 million subscribers, he is also considered one of the most influential fitness figures on YouTube.

The diet and exercise programs offered by Guru are designed to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels, from novices to seasoned athletes. He is not only qualified as a certified personal trainer but also as a nutritionist who knows what he is discussing. If you check out his profile, we are confident you will begin exercising.

Click here for Guru Mann’s Instagram profile.

4. Junaid Kaliwala

Male Gym Model - Junaid Kaliwala

Junaid Kaliwala is an Indian gym instructor, athlete, fitness model, and bodybuilder. He also competes in fitness competitions. The tag’s name is Mr. O. He is eligible for citizenship in India. 

His hometown is located in Mumbai, which is located in India. He chooses to believe in Islam. He completed the requirements for the degree in strength and conditioning. He competes as India’s First Professional (IFBB PRO) Men’s Physique Athlete in his spare time. 

In his professional life, he works as a transformation specialist and holds a fitness expert certification. In the highly competitive world of modern fitness, he stands out due to his vast knowledge and experience, as well as his humble demeanor and insatiable desire to learn more. 

He holds physical, kettlebell, and functional training certifications, among other training modalities. His objective is to raise awareness among people about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, assist others in achieving their targets, and bring about a significant change in people’s lives. 

Because he is so modest, he holds sway over the hearts of a great number of people. He is the first ever to be awarded the IFBB PRO physique title, and he is also a gym instructor who has won awards and is a skilled gymnast.

Click here for Junaid Kaliwala’s Instagram profile.

5. Amardeep Phogat

Male Gym Model - Amardeep Phogat

Actor, model, and enthusiast Amardeep Phogat is a part of the Haryana music industry. He is also known as “Amardeep Phogat.” Amardeep Phogat kicked off his career as a photographer in 2017, and his work has since been showcased in publications such as Journal 9000’s Vogue Magzine and August 2020 Edition. 

He is very dedicated to maintaining his physical health and attends the gym consistently. In addition, he is an ambassador for several fitness-related brands, including Muscle Blaze and The Beauty Co. Ohi Pal by Harpal Wadali. Many music videos, including Akh Jatt Ne, Gulaab, Teri Hoke Rehna Ae, Darja Khuda, Zara by Ansari Mohsin, Rooh Utte Vaar, and others, feature him in some capacity. 

On December 21, 2020, he was featured in the Punjabi song “Suit,” which was performed by Barbie Maan. The music video for the song has received more than 15 million views.

Click here for Amardeep Phogat’s Instagram profile.

6. Prabh Jyot Singh

Male Gym Model - Prabh Jyot Singh

On May 22, 1994, Prabh Jyot Singh was birthed in Jalandhar, located in India. Instagram performer and model who is known for posting strength training photos and videos, including before-and-after comparisons of her body transformations, on her account.

He is an online coach and an expert in meal planning, and he regularly provides his more than 180,000 followers with content related to exercise. In the feature film Udta Punjab, released in 2016, he had a starring role along with Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. In April of 2014, he made his debut by publishing his photographs related to exercise on the social media platform Instagram.

Click here for Prabh Jyot Singh’s Instagram profile.

7. Arun Sharma

Male Gym Model - Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma is a Model, Actor, Gym Influencer, Youtuber, Dancer, Guitarist, and Vocalist born in a small village in Jammu and Kashmir, India, Nahoti. He is originally from this part of India. He successfully started his professional career by winning the 16th edition of the reality show MTV Roadies Real Heroes (2019).

To further his professional life in the film industry, he relocated to Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. On the reality show MTV Roadies Real Heroes, he will make his first appearance (16th edition, 2019). In addition, he participated in the sixteenth season of MTV Roadies Real Heroes, which began airing on February 10, 2019, in which he was declared the show’s winner on August 18, 2019. 

Sharma was one of the contestants who made it to the show’s elimination round, but the host did not choose him to continue on the Roadies Real Heroes journey. After some time had passed, Arun participated in the auction alongside Raftaar Gang as a wild card entry. Arun Sharma was announced as the winner of MTV Roadies True Heroes on August 18.

Click here for Arun Sharma’s Instagram profile.

8. Gaurav Molri

Male Gym Model - Gaurav Molri

A model is well-known for being certified as a personal gym trainer and an orthopedic exercise specialist by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). In addition, he uses the over 50,000 people who follow him on Instagram to disseminate a wide range of fitness-related images. Fitness expert Gaurav Molri is a well-known name in the industry. 

September 19, 1994, found Gaurav was born in India. One of the most famous and in-demand celebrities currently, Gaurav is best known for his work as a fitness instructor. He is currently 24 years old as of 2018, Gaurav Mori. The list of well-known fitness instructors includes Gaurav Molri as a member.

Click here for Gaurav Molri’s Instagram profile.

9. Hazel Choudhry

Male Gym Model - Hazel Choudhry

Hazel Choudhry is a well-known supermodel and significantly influences the fashion industry. His social media profiles have millions of followers and a massive fan following across all platforms. The videos that Hazel Choudhry created became so popular on social media that they went viral. 

Additionally, he uploaded videos to his Instagram and YouTube accounts, respectively. Hazel Choudhry was raised in the city of Delhi on the Indian subcontinent. Hazel Choudhry is the type of person who prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. Additionally, he is well-known for his sense of fashion. 

At such a tender age, he has already established a strong reputation thanks to his online videos. Not only is he skilled in producing contemporary comedic videos, but he is also accomplished in the field of education. On his Instagram account, Hazel Choudhry frequently posts photos of himself modeling and wearing fashionable outfits.

Click here for Hazel Choudhry’s Instagram profile.

10. Arun Amrit

Male Gym Model - Arun Amrit

Arun Amrit is a famous social media actor in India known for his work as a gym model and on Instagram. Beginning his career as a trainer was his first step. He is well-known for his good looks, incredible persona, amazing style, and adorable smile. 

In addition to this, he is well-known for posting captivating photos and videos on Instagram. He has a large following among his fan base. He is currently considered one of the most popular personalities on tiktok. You will soon see him participating in Modeling shoots. 

Most of his fame stems from the comedic video clips, dancing videos, and lip sync performances he posts.

 He has worked in the exercise industry for the past 12 years and considers himself an exercise enthusiast. On his Instagram, you can frequently find him posting photos of himself modelling various stylish outfits.

Click here for Arun Amrit’s  Instagram profile.

11. Kapil Lohia

Male Gym Model - Kapil Lohia

On August 21, 1994, found Kapil Lohia was born in India. Since being named Mr. Delhi and Mr. India, this Indian professional model and workout guru rose to prominence and gained much attention. He posts pictures and videos of his workouts on Instagram, where he has a respectable 110,000 followers. 

Much like Mohit Bhat, a model from India rose to fame thanks to his work in the industry. His academic pursuits took place at the University of Delhi. According to Popular Bio, he is one of the most successful models. 

He was born in India but has become one of the highest-income models in the world. In addition to that, he is ranked highly on the ranking of the Most Popular Models. With a current age of 24 years, Kapil Lohia is one of the public figures in our database.

Click here for Kapil Lohia’s Instagram profile.

12. Ranveer Allahbadia

Male Gym Model - Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer had already decided to work in the physical fitness field. As soon as he completed his studies in engineering, he went ahead and established BeerBiceps. Today, his Instagram profile boasts over a staggering one million gym bunny followers, with whom he engages at a rate of more than eight per cent!

The feed that Ranveer maintains is jam-packed with helpful hints, inspirational quotes, and good vibes. You will have a positive outlook on life and the motivation to grow personally! He is a firm believer in sustaining a two-way conversation with his audience. He solicits their feedback and provides answers to questions posed throughout the #AskRanveer episodes.

The video with the most views, a segment from an episode of The Ranveer Show in which Gaur Gopal Das summarises the Bhagavad Gita in just seven minutes, currently has over 2.3 million views. The audience was engaged at a rate of 230%, thanks to the post! It should be no surprise that this extraordinarily talented human being is included on our list of the top 20GYM Male models on Instagram in India. 

Click here for Ranveer Allahbadia’s Instagram profile.

13. Sangram Chougule

Male Gym Model - Sangram Chougule

Sangram was born in Kolhapur, and his life story will make your skin crawl. It’s a tale of genuine determination and undying zeal. He is the winner of several championships, including a gold medal at the “6th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship in 2014,” “Mr Universe” in 2012, “Mr World” in 2012 and 2014, “Mr India” six times, and “Mr Maharashtra” five times. Sangram also won the “Mr World” title in 2012 and 2014. Whew! This guy has won titles that are more than worthy of him!

Sangram has established a gym franchise in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where he instructs individuals interested in bodybuilding. The most popular post on his feed was a video discussing the Sangram Classic Regionals; it received almost 362,000 views and had an engagement rate of thirty per cent. Sangram engages with more than 5% of his followers on social media. He does this by asking his followers to provide captions for some of his posts and by cautioning his followers about counterfeit goods that use his image.

Absolute Nutrition (4%) and ISST School of Fitness Science have partnered with Sangram. We believe a brand specialising in bodybuilding instruction would “build” the ideal partnership with Sangram.

Click here for Sangram Chougule’s Instagram profile.

14. Sunit Jadhav

Male Gym Model - Sunit Jadhav

Sunit Jadhav is a professional model who has won numerous titles, including “Mumbai Shree” in 2014, “Maharashtra Shree” three times, and “Mr Dubai International” in 2016. He has also won “Mr India Overall Champion” three times and “Mr Asia Overall Champion” once. In addition, he has won “Mr India Overall Champion” three times.

His Instagram account has 584 thousand fans following it, and it is a treasure trove of workout routines and diet regimes. He is also paving the way for future aspirants with the content on his account.

As an influencer in the fitness industry, Sunit has worked with several different fitness brands, including My Fitness Peanut Butter (ER – 7.87%), Evogen Nutrition (ER – 9.57%), Gorilla Wear (ER – 8.87%), and Ambrosia Organic Farm (ER – 4.74%). 

The video of him practising his poses received the most views, with over 392,000 people engaging with it at a rate of 67%. We believe that a personal fitness academy would be an excellent “fit” as a collaborating partner of his.

Click here for Sunit Jadhav’s Instagram profile.

15. Vikram Jadhav

Male Gym Model -  Vikram Jadhav

Vikram, 24 years old, was named “Mr India 2019” and “Mr Marathwada.” In addition, he took second place in the National Junior Bodybuilding Competition, winning the silver medal.

The Instagram account that belongs to Vikram has one million followers. To help those who were less fortunate and in need, he established a charitable organisation named “VJ Army.” According to videos he has uploaded to his digital account, he has provided poor patients at government hospitals in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, with food and medicine donations.

 In addition, he offers online gym coaching to both men and women, including creating unique diet plans and exercise routines for each client.

Click here for Vikram Jadhav’s  Instagram profile.

16. Kunal Rajput

Male Gym Model -  Kunal Rajput

One of the four Nike training coaches based in India is Kunal Rajput. Several well-known celebrities, such as Sara Ali Khan, Nimrat Kaur, and others, have cited him as an inspiration for their fitness endeavours. 

In Mumbai, where he is a growing exercise entrepreneur and a qualified Strength and Conditioning (SnC) coach with over seven years of experience, he is known as the founder of The Movement- SnC programmes. In addition, he has a degree in Strength and Conditioning (SnC).

This particular Instagram gym influencer is aware of the requirements of his audience and maintains a nearly four per cent rate of interaction with them. The mountain climbers with a twist were his most popular piece of content, with over 7,000 views and an engagement rate of nearly 30 per cent. In addition to his personal trainer work, Kunal is the author of the book “Fitness Simplified” and the host of a fitness podcast.

We believe that a company that focuses on personal exercise would be an excellent business partner for Kunal to “flex” his influence.

Click here for Kunal Rajput’s Instagram profile.

17. Rajat Goel

Male Gym Model -  Rajat Goel

Rajat Goel is an established exercise model and fashion influencer, in addition to being a bodybuilding, bikini, and physique coach on an international level.

He is the powerlifting world champion and the European champion. In addition to this, a nutrition and supplement consultant. Expert in personal and lifestyle grooming, as well as a professional instructor.

Click here for Rajat Goel’s Instagram profile.

18. Rohit Khatri

Male Gym Model -  Rohit Khatri

An expert in exercise science nutrition, Rohit has garnered 421,000 followers on Instagram. His posts on various social media platforms motivate younger people to get started on their fitness journeys and to take proper care of their bodies. Everyone can look up to him as a model.

Transformation coaching is something that Rohit offers, and he offers it in 4-week, 8-week, 12-week, and 6-month programmes. He has published multiple posts showcasing the physical changes that have occurred as a result of these programmes in the lives of his clients. 

This knowledgeable individual has motivated his followers by uploading videos documenting his 8-week and 150-day body transformations.

Click here for Rohit Khatri’s  Instagram profile.

19. Gaurav Taneja

Male Gym Model -  Gaurav Taneja

In the world of YouTube and other online media platforms, Gaurav Taneja is a very well-known face, and he is also living proof that superior health and exercise can be achieved. Gaurav, also known by his alias “Flying Beast,” is a pilot by trade and a Model by occupation. 

He ensures that he makes time for his followers, whether by posting new fitness or entertaining content on various social media sites, even though he is quite busy with the demanding aspects of his professional life. 

If you are looking for someone who can help you stay fit and fine while also providing you with simple exercise tips, then Gaurav is the person you need to follow on Instagram. If you want someone to help you stay completely fit and fine, follow Gaurav on Instagram.

Click here forGaurav Tanjea’s Instagram profile.

20. Rajesh Monga

Male Gym Model - Rajesh Monga

Rajesh is widely recognised as one of the most celebrities and VIPs who consults on exercise, and his body, which is in excellent shape, is a sight to see. Rajesh has won the titles of Mr Asia, Mr North India, Mr. He-Man of India, Mr Delhi, and Mr India on four separate occasions, so he is unquestionably the person you should be following on Instagram. Rajesh is a dedicated person who never shows reluctance to assist those in need, even though he possesses a magnificent physique. 

Because he wants to ensure that his followers learn useful fitness information whenever possible, he never misses a day posting fitness videos on his channel. If you decide to follow him on Instagram, you will not, under any circumstances, come to regret your choice.

Click here for Rajesh Monga’s Instagram profile.


The widespread availability of gym influencers across India’s various social media platforms correlates directly to the country’s growing interest in health and wellness. Some people view fitness as nothing more than a means of assimilating into the modern world. On the other hand, many people hold physique in the highest regard and worship it as a sacred practice.

Gym Model Male - Motivational Quote

The models discussed earlier are just one example of the many other GYM enthusiasts working toward making people all over the world, including those in India, more fit and healthy through the use of professional and healthy training. To live a more exciting and healthier life, you should follow the advice of the top 20 GYM Models in India listed above. Get in touch with the best and perhaps most trusted Models. Here is a list of other male gym models on Instagram in India to keep you inspired in the fitness journey!

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