Gurucan Review 2024

Gurucan Review: Features and Pricing [2024]

Gurucan is a brand new learning management system that is set to change the education sector in 2022. Find out all the details, pricing, and features here.

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GURUCAN is a customizable 7-in-1 platform for digital businesses. It helps users launch online courses, run live sessions, create webinars, sell memberships, or create mobile apps. Know more about the features, pricing, pros and cons in this Gurucan Review.

What Do I Like About Gurucan?

  • Very simplistic and user-friendly interface and browsing system
  • You can host unlimited courses, study materials, and products using Gurucan
  • You can make daily challenges and training for your students. Also, you can take quizzes and give homework.
  • With Gurucan’s automated system, you can run tests or quizzes automatically or manually check them.
  • Gurucan has built-in CRM and analytics. With them, you can easily predict which courses of yours are performing better, and you can change your business direction towards that trend. It replaces the need for barometric and smartness.
  • Gurucan makes a beautiful, interactive landing page for your courses.
  • Gurucan is the only platform that provides an app, dedicated to your knowledge business. It is built with your logo and you can change or customize it whenever you want. Moreover, the app is supported on both Android and IOS.
  • You can host live webinars and seminars. You can see the view status of those and change your marketing strategy. The automatic broadcast features an email campaign.
  • You can earn 30% lifetime commissions for referrals.
  • You can make your customers and divide them into different segments.
  • You can record activity in the Gurucan course framework for later use. This automation will later help in developing future courses.
  • Your content stays protected from any kind of video download plug-ins.

What I Don’t Like About Gurucan?

  • It cannot defend your content from screen recording.
  • You have limited options in course builder and land page builder.
  • There aren’t many design and customization options for the platform.
  • Your business app will take 30 days to be available for use.
  • Video piracy protection is only available for unlimited 4K hosting.
  • You have to create all the complementing elements of your course by yourself.

Top 5 Learning Management System (LMS) – Comparison

Tools and RatingsTop FeaturesPrice
Zenler 9.8/10
  • Powerful Course Editor – Create unlimited courses, Unlimited students, 3 sites, create assistants, support, admins, instructors ( powerful role editor)
  • PDFs, PPTs, Video, Audio, Gamification, SCORM, Assignments.
  • In-Built Zoom Subscription – Get 300-500 participants per month for 100 sessions
  • Powerful Payment Integrations – Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay (Only platform in the world that connects Razorpay – It’s an Indian Payment Gateway)
  • Create Automations by sending marketing emails, build marketing funnels that converts.
  • Built-In Affiliate tool to create unlimited affiliates for your courses.
Starts from 67$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
  • Unlimited courses and Unlimited students
  • 2 Site admin accounts
  • Create Memberships sites and bundles 
  • Trigger Course Completion Certificates
  • Advanced Customization and Priority Support
  • Zoom integration available but need to pay for zoom separately unlike Zenler
Starts from 99$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
  • An amazing platform with pretty UI/UX
  • The highest plan has unlimited courses and unlimited students and send marketing emails to your leads
  • Create membership sites with zero transaction fees.
  • Zoom integration available but need to pay for zoom separately unlike Zenler
Starts from 79$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
  • Unlimited Everything – emails, sales funnels, blogs, membership sites, file storage space, students.
  • Marketing automation with 1 click upsells and Order bumps
  • Powerful Payment Integrations – Stripe and Paypal Integration
  • Run your own affiliate program
  • Maximum of 15,000 leads which is a downside on truly unlimited unlike Zenler
  • It has a cool features – Unlimited evergreen webinars – Build your own evergreen webinars – it’s possible in Zenler too.
  • No Zoom Integrations.
Starts from 97$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
  • Unlimited students, Unlimited courses, Memberships.
  • Unlimited Marketing Campaigns Quizzes, Pipelines & Broadcasts, and Converting landing pages.
  • iOS & Android App available but not white labelled, if you want your own mobile app- you need to pay additional 299$/Month
Starts from 99$/MonthAbove Plan is the most popular plan of the platform and covers all the features. Click on the button above to create your FREE account
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  • An exclusive private marketplace to hire the best mind or list your services, you will get access premium access to for FREE.
  • Facebook Ads Course
  • Messenger Ads Course
  • Email Marketing Course
  • ClickFunnels – Three fully functional Share Funnels for Consulting, Coaching and Agency owners worth 1997$ ( Complete Funnels, Just plug and play, this is of Great Value)
  • Content Calendar For 60 Days for Social Media
  • 25+ Professional Canva Template
  • 30+ High Engaging Captions for Your Social Media
  • 10+ Email Templates for you to get started immediately

Gurucan Features

1. Interface

Let’s have a look at the admin panel of Gurucan. To access it, you have to log in to your account. The sign-in/ login/ free trial button is at the top right side of the webpage.

After creating your account and logging into it, you will be redirected to the welcome checklist in your admin panel. There you can see a screen showing buttons for many options.

Here you are offered to do the following.

  • Create your course
  • Set up your online school
  • Set up your payment information
  • Check your online school and its view

On the bottom, you have two more options. One leads you directly to Gurucan’s Facebook group. The other gets you in touch with their helpline. Their helpline is amazing. You can connect with them in minutes. But let’s not talk about it now. Rather, let us explore the admin panel more thoroughly.

If you look at the left side of the screen (marked in red in the screenshot), you will have many options for different settings. If they are not present on your screen, then simply click on the three stripes. It will bring out these options. What are they for? I have described them below.

2. Welcome Checklist

Welcome Checklist is the first page you land on after logging in. It has four options. Creating your course, setting up your online school, checking it out, and setting up payment options.

3. CRM

CRM is customer relationship management. Here you have chats, homework, and users. You can manage them all from CRM.

4. Dashboard

The dashboard is a full overview of your knowledge business. It shows the summary of your payment over any given period. You also get an overview of your students, courses, and marketing. You can use these data for your analytical works.

5. Online School Settings

In online school settings, you can set up and manage all the necessities of your school. You can manage teaching settings, landing pages, and other integration settings like quizzes and challenges.

6. Products

Here you get the overview and results of all the digital products you are selling. It includes courses, challenges, webinars, and articles.

7. Offers

Here you can build up any kind of offerings for your online business. From membership to webinars registration, everything. You can either set them for free or charge money for them.

8. Marketing

From this section, you can manage all your emails, marketing, email campaigns, automation, and push notifications.

9. My Account

In this section, you can change any option of your user account. From general settings to payment information to referrals.

10. Help Center

If you are stuck with any kind of problem, then the help centre is where you will find your answers.

If you click on the drop-down button beside your account name, you will get access to some more different options. You can directly access your dashboard from there. You can go to your web platform, and landing page and also download your brand app. Also, you can access the helpline directly from there. And finally, you have the log-out option.

Bottom line: The interface of Gurucan is very user-friendly and simple to use. The straightforward design allows you to access all settings like your online school settings, dashboard and offers with a few clicks. The best part is the accessibility of the help centre from anywhere on the platform.

Here I have explained the features of Gurucan in detail. Let’s dive in.

Gurucan Course Creation

Let us see how you can create your online course in Gurucan.

So, to create an online course, you can either click on the “Create course button” in the welcome checkpoint or you can go to product and courses and click on “Create a new course”.

After that, you have to set the course name and description and upload a cover photo. To create the course, you need to set up the payment information. If you don’t have that at the moment, you can click on save and later come back to set it up.

The payment option is, by default, set to zero. You can keep it that way, or you can set it up at any rate you want. You have the option of making it a one-time payment or a recurring monthly subscription system. Then you can click “create” to create the course.

On the same page, under the payment section, you can arrange chapters, lessons, quizzes, and workouts for your courses. Also, you can set up a course chat and set up emails that will be sent out to students of the course.

So, why not see how to add these items? Let’s begin with how to add chapters.

Simply click on the “+ Chapter” icon. It will add a chapter. You can rename it. Click on the + icon beside the chapter name to add different exercises, contents, and more. If you are not completely done editing the chapter yet, put it on draft.

To add a lesson, click on “+ Lesson”. It will take you to a page to set a lesson name, description, and cover photo. After that, the rest is similar to editing chapters. Now, how do you set up quizzes and exercises? The same way you add and edit lessons.

Whatever you add and edit, will not get published immediately. You will need to click on the gear icon of each topic and see a publish button. Click on that, and it will be published.

Bottom line: Gurucan’s course creation section is very simple. Creating and editing courses and other tasks are very easy. You can save them as a draft, decide not to publish them, and more. You have the option of setting automation emails for course starting and course purchases. One can easily create content for their knowledge business with this easy customization feature.

Gurucan Membership

Do you know what’s the best way of earning money in online knowledge businesses? Offering membership. Offering membership is better than offering just one course. Because courses may end after a few months but membership does not end. Your subscription members will get regular access to your content and premium products, and you will get that sweet recurring subscription money for that. So how do you open a membership in Gurucan?

Simply go to your admin panel and then to offer. Click on “+Create an offer”, and you will find yourself on the following page.

Here you can set your offer name, and description, set the price, and decide whether it will be a one-time payment or recurring. Upload your cover photo. Select whether it will be a temporary offer or forever.

Also, set up the things your members can get access to. You can select all, or you can change it to custom, in which some contents stay off-limits to them. Then click on save.

Now you will see a box of your offer created. It is not published yet. To publish it, click on the gear icon and then click publish.

Your subscripted members of that offer will get access to the materials you have selected for them. You can add more offers within that offer; it will all be visible in the member’s panel. If you look at the right side of the member’s panel, you will find many options like offers, courses, chats, webinars, challenges, articles, and settings.

Offers: In this section, the members will be notified about the new offerings you have published for them.

Courses: All membership courses are accessible from this section. Both free and premium members-only courses.

Chats: The member’s community chat is available in this section.

Webinars: Members can get access to the offered webinars from this section.

Challenges: If you have designed and published any fun interactive activity for your members, this is where they will find it.

Articles: If you have made an article for your members to read, such as an article on your future projects, it will be available in this section.

Settings: If members want to change any settings in their member account, they can do it here.

Gurucan Digital Products

In Gurucan, you can sell more than just courses and memberships. You can sell more digital products like webinars, challenges, and articles. How do you do that? Go to your admin panel and click on products. There you will see options for what kind of digital product you want to sell.

Adding products is easy. It is similar to creating courses. You click on the + icon and set everything. Paid or free, members-only or for everyone. After that, save it.

Now click on publish, and it will be available for purchase.

Bottom line: Gurucan is a very reliable platform for selling your digital products. Their Fort Knox protection keeps your products and contents safe from piracy.

Gurucan Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to attract new customers to your digital products. Gurucan has its own email marketing system. To access that, you must go into your account admin panel and select marketing. Then select email broadcast.

You can send push notifications or create a new email. Gurucan has a smart customer tagging system to divide all customers into different segments. They include purchased items, the course started, registered after, no conditions, task completed, an app installed, and watched webinars. You can also insert your custom tags. You can use them for email marketing. Send emails to one segment or different segments together; it’s all your choice.

To customize the email, you send out, you can go into the email template section. There you can change the subject, insert contents, and more. There is an option for creating the email from blocks, or you can insert your HTML. If you have trouble setting it up, there is a direct link for the helpline regarding email marketing.

Just like emails, push notifications can also be customized. You can change the segment of users you are broadcasting, change the title and enter your text. Push notifications will only be received by those who have your Gurucan app installed.

In addition to email marketing, Gurucan lets you promote your business through automation and coupons. Both are very easy to set up and send away.

Bottom line: Gurucan’s email marketing is reliable, and you can make do with it. However, it cannot fully replace a dedicated email marketing software like MailChimp.

So Gurucan’s email marketing is good enough to run your online business, but it may fall short of advanced email marketing.

Gurucan Design and Customization

Sadly, there isn’t much to say about Gurucan’s design and customization of the platform. This can be one of the drawbacks of Gurucan. The only visual, customizable options you have are for your online school. Other than that, you can customize emails, push notifications, and coupons. Also, courses, challenges, etc., are customizable with limited options like title, description, and cover photo.

Another drawback is that there is no single section from which you can just select a product for customization. If you compare this to other competitors like Podia, Gurucan falls short.

However, let us show you how you can customize your online school. Go to your admin panel, select online school settings, and then click on general.

Here you have options for school name, description, full description, and more. 

You can add your brand logo and banner. But you have made them separately using other software or web platforms. One of the coolest things that caught my attention is the ability to upload my favicon. If you know what a favicon is, it is the small icon that is shown in your browser tabs. You will notice that while browsing Facebook and YouTube in your browser. Imagine how cool it would be to have your favicon.

Now back to the topic of online school customization. You can also add some modules to your landing page if you wish. They include courses, webinars, chats, and others.

Gurucan has two built-in templates for your online school. Light mode to keep it all simple, and dark mode to bring out your stylish accent. You can choose any of these themes and change the colour scheme to 10 different colours.

But if you want, you can go a little further by selecting detailed colour configurations. It gives you much better control over your online school theme colour. Sadly, you cannot change the template design.

Other than that, you can set content sensitivity and email validation. You can also add a button for your Gurucan app in the footer of the webpage. And for the users to know about your term of use and privacy policy, you can either attach a link to those folders or you can add pdf files.

Bottom Line: To be honest, Gurucan significantly lacks in design and customization. You can only change the theme and color scheme of your online school. You cannot change the template. There are very limited options for modules and practically no option for widgets, only the app button.

But there aren’t any complaints from their users regarding this matter. Maybe that’s why Gurucan did not focus on adding more options for designing. We can only hope that this will be added in the future.

Gurucan Marketing Tools

What is the most essential element of a business? Is it the product, or is it the marketing? Wise people will always say marketing. The better your marketing is, the more demand your product will have and the more profit you will enjoy. Gurucan knows that, and that is why it has more marketing options than just having email marketing.

Marketing options in Gurucan:

  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications
  • Coupon

These are the main tools of Gurucan that you can use for marketing. Email marketing is highly customizable. You can choose one or multiple sections for marketing with email. To ensure its effectiveness, Gurucan sends out 5 free emails without verifying your number. If they don’t fall into the scam email list, it will work like that, but if it does go into the scam list, you will need to verify the emails.

You can funnel more money into your bank with the Gurucan affiliate program. It is very attractive. For each referral, you get 30%, and this commission reoccurs every month.

Gurucan Payment Processors

Before making any kind of financial transaction with your Gurucan account, you need to fill in your payment information. Gurucan does not allow payments to your bank account. Stripe and PayPal are accepted.

PayPal has shown some problems when customers are purchasing a membership. So, it is better to choose Stripe. Don’t worry about your customers having a Stripe account. They can always make their payment with bank cards. Usually, it takes two days for the money to reach your account via bank transaction.

Gurucan Integrations

Gurucan’s team has been continuously working on developing its integration options. As of now, they have 5 options for integration. You can access them from the admin panel. Go to the admin panel, select online school settings, and click on integrations.

The available integration options are,

  • Zapier
  • Webhooks
  • Kajabi
  • API
  • Click Funnels

It may not seem much, but these 5 integration options are more than enough to push your business to the next level. For example, Zapier, a powerful automation tool, can link up your Gurucan account with one of the best email marketing software, MailChimp. It can also link up to other essential software with Gurucan. Using it, you can also integrate with Google Analytics to keep track of your business.

Apart from these 5 integrations, Gurucan has also integrated itself with PayPal and Stripes, making financial transactions very easy and convenient. However, membership and recurring payments are done only with Stripe.

Bottom Line: Gurucan is continuously working on expanding its integration. As of now, they have 5 integration options available, and 5 of them are very useful for running an online business.

Gurucan Pricing Plans

Gurucan has two plans, and their price varies based on the billing process. The two plans are Creator and Experts. They both differ in price and features. If you want to know more, look at the screenshot below.

The Creator plan is significantly lower in price than the Expert plan. One of the different features that stood out to me is the feature of the White Label Webpage. The Creator does not have this feature. Another difference that I think is important to mention is the Classic plan does not feature any SSL certificate or any custom domain.

Now, remember I said that they are priced differently based on the billing condition? Yes, they do. The picture above shows these plans are billed monthly. Now take a look at their price if they are billed annually in the next picture.

If they are billed annually, they cost less. So, it will be wise to go for the annual pack if you want to go into a long-term online knowledge business.

Competitors of Gurucan

Gurucan has a lot of formidable competitors in the market. Here are a few of them with their short introduction.

1. Podia


Podia is a great alternative to Gurucan. Especially if you are looking for more design and customization options. It has two plans. Mover for $39/month and Shaker for $79/month.

2. Teachable

Competitors of GuruCan- Teachable

Teachable is a strong alternative to Gurucan if your goal is to only create online courses. It is not an all-in-one platform like Gurucan. But it has great features for online courses like giving out certificates, and badges, implementing force completion, and more. Their cost is $39/month. You have to pay a 5% fee.

3. Kajabi

Competitors of GuruCan- Kajabi

Kajabi can be considered an equivalent of Gurucan. It is an all-in-one platform. You can create and sell courses, digital products, membership, and many more diversified products. However, you have limited options, and that’s where Kajabi falls short. With their premium account, you can only create three products, and it costs $119/month.

Is Gurucan Really for You?

Gurucan is hands down one of the greatest platforms for setting up your knowledge business. It sets you free from the limitations of creating only a few contents like Kajabi. However, if you plan to only create online courses, there are better alternatives to Gurucan like Thinkfic. But if you want to run multiple category online businesses and sell digital products, Gurucan is your best option.

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