Google Statistics That You Should Know

30 Cool Mind-blowing Google Statistics That You Should Know in 2024

Here are the top 30 cool mind-blowing Google statistics that you should know to become a pro.

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Does your day end without visiting the google page at least once or searching for some information on google? I guess the answer will be no. Google has become an integral part of our routines. From directions to attending meetings, we use google. This blog brings to you 30 fantastic google statistics that you have to know. 

Here’s the List of Google Statistics & Facts

1. Since Google is a big firm with 100s of employees, one might think that the firm uses tons of power. Google uses 50% less power or energy in its data centers compared to other similar firms. 

2. Just like they save energy, they even recycle. Google recycles 100% of its electric equipment that leaves its data centers every day. They aim for a sustainable and pollution-free environment. 

3. Google is the most popular and visited website in the world. This is no shocker as people worldwide use google daily, even while doing their daily chores. As of June 2021, the website had around 86.9 billion total monthly visits.

Source: Statista

4. With Google being the most visited site, it also dominates the search engine market around the world with 92.23% 

Source: Stat Counter

5. Since people use Google regularly and daily. A person spends 16 minutes and 21 seconds on the site on an average daily. 

6. With so many people using Google, this google statistics can blow your mind. Google gets over 40,000 search queries on average every day. This means that they get around 3.5 billion searches each day and 1.2 trillion searches every year. 

7. India generates the most desktop traffic as of April 2021 with 95.45%, followed by Brazil with 92.58%. 

Source: Statista

8. With google receiving so many search queries, the search engine gets 15% unique search queries every day.

9. Here are a few top google searches in India

Source: Google trends

Google created a video with the top searched queries of 2020, in which we can see that questions starting with ‘Why’ are the most common and most searched.

10. ‘Near me’ is what everyone wants to know. This search term has increased by more than 100% through mobile devices from the year 2019 to 2020. To add to that, 46% of the searches that take place on google are local. Meaning finding places in a specific geographic area. 

Source: Google trends

This can indicate that google shows more apt results of near me searches than any other search engine or gives better results than others.

11. Google has its products almost everywhere. Their products are helpful in nearly every aspect of our life, from writing to music to videos. These products are used by over 1 billion people.

Source: Google

12. If people need directions, the only app that comes to their mind is google maps. And this app is the world’s no.1 navigation app or tool. Maps have 5 billion-plus downloads and up to  1 billion monthly users. 


Google allows users to explore or see the map of Mars. It has a site named Google Mars.

13. Google discover is where you get personalized content on your feed. Topics of your interest are shown, such as news regarding movies or your favorite sports. Google statistics show that more than 800 million people use this tool on a monthly basis.

14. Almost every household has at least one smart speaker. A poll was conducted in 2020 by National Public Media. The results showed that 24% of Americans have a smart speaker. While breaking it down, they noticed that 78% have speakers by Amazon, and 41% own the one from Google. This indicates that 9.84% of Americans use Google smart speakers. 

Source: Google store

15. Speech recognition is becoming popular at the moment. It is becoming more accessible for people to use and search for information. Google stated that speech recognition supports 119 language varieties in their products or services like Gboard on Android, Voice Search, and many others. The aim of Google is to bring in more native voice inputs for mobile users. This will help them gain more mobile users around the world.

16. Google drive is an accessible storage place for all. It helps people store many files. According to the google play store, this app has more than 5 billion downloads and 1 billion users. 

17. Gmail, a product my google that is used by everyone. Most people across this world have at least one Gmail account. Currently, Gmail has over 1.8 billion active users. 

18. The mobile search engine market share in India is 99.59% and in the United States of America is 94.1%. This google statistics show that many people use their mobile phones for using google services.

Source: Stat counter

19. This google statistics will show you how important and useful google AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) was for developers. AMP helps developers to produce mobile-optimized content. This will help load content instantly or faster. In mid-2020, 1.4 million users were utilizing AMP.

20. In the year 2021, the revenue that google generated was up to 183$. Google ads play a vital role in generating revenue. Out of the entire revue, google ads was 80% of it. That means google ads generated 147 billion dollars.

21. As mentioned above, google ads play a vital role for google. They are the most used by businesses as well. According to statistics, the ads show up on 41.5% of all the searches done on google. 

22. People can access any website they wish to through google. They also can see websites according to the query that they entered. This means that the search engine has many web pages indexed. Imagine the GB of the search index. Google search index size is more than 100,000,000 GB. There are billions of web pages indexed by search engine crawlers. 

23. As mentioned above Google has so many pages indexed. Google has 5.18 billion web pages indexed.

24. Google made it to first place on Alexa’s top 500 sites. This is due to the fact that sites up to 13,00,441 link to google. This again shows how popular and most visited the website is. 

25.  Being on the top or on the first page of the search engine results page matters greatly for businesses. This is because the top result results on the SERP have a 37.1% click-through rate. It is also noticed that the pages on top in the google SERP will receive 10 times more traffic that is organic than the 10th result.

26. 80% of organic clicks come for pages that are in the top 5 of the search engine results page.


Example of Top 4 results on SERP

27. Keywords are essential while writing content. They are also crucial in URLs. URLs that have keywords get a 45%higher click-through rate on google. This will help your website gain more traffic.

Source: Moz

28. Having a rating shown near your page will get more clicks. Improving your google star rating online from 3 to 5 stars will give 25% more clicks. 

29. While searching on google, users 23.98% of the time use two words, 27.71% use one word, and 19.60% use three words.

30. Mobile optimization is vital as they can drop from ranking while users view google from their mobiles. This google statistics show that only 17% of websites rank on both the devices, mobile, and desktops during organic searches. Domains drop out from the top 100 almost 8% of the time. 


While using google daily, it is important to know a few facts and stats regarding the platform you are using. These were a few google statistics, and we hope a few of them took you by surprise on how it works or how much people use google. This blog aimed to give a few insights on google, which will help you as a marketer and a user.

So yeah, these were the 30 cool Google statistics you must be knowing. More cool Google statistics coming soon for you. Until then see you!

google statistics see you then

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